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Are You Her New Crystal Skull Guardian?

20170104_113627_resized.jpg2017 has already been starting off with several welcome, but unknown surprises, and one of them that really took me off-guard pertained to my Crystal Skull, Raja Seraphina. I thought that she was one of my forever crystal companions, but it appears that she has other plans in store and after thoroughly reviewing with her, I can understand why she is wanting to move on to a new Crystal Skull Guardian.


She has been with me since early 2009…actually it will be exactly 8 years in just a couple of weeks. Indeed working alongside me during the most potent years of my life. And, since I am now headed off on a new personal journey, I realize why her message that I’d been feeling from her the last few weeks is anchoring.

And no coincidence, as a new crystal being is about to enter my life here shortly for the next part of my path.


I’ve shared a little bit about her and how she came into my life in this post “Introducing My Giant Quartz Crystal Skull – Raja Seraphina” and have shared images over time of her and her connecting with my rabbit, Joy.


Crystal Skulls are like ancient computers or historians/librarians filled with knowledge and wisdom of the ages that is said to help heal our Earth and to unlock the truth within our DNA and true soul ancestry.

They can help activate latent DNA and help you to align with, and retrieve, your true origins, while assisting the collective into raising the overall vibration that activates original harmony.

They are particularly drawn to Shamans, master healers, guardians, Children of the Law of One and are of the Highest Order.


Many of you may know the story about the 13 Ancient Crystal Skulls and how Crystal Skulls you may have as friends with you now are connected to the collective family of Skulls and tap into that network of energy and knowledge in their own way.


Coupled with the energy of the particular crystal they are carved from, they will each have their own focus. They reflect what is in the heart of each individual and the expanse of each soul.


The Skull is symbolic of the mind, leading to higher awareness, spirituality and psychic abilities. It can receive and transmit information and energy, amplifying, storing and transmuting them, and can help to increase one’s focus. A Skull also represents, for obvious reasons, change, which is inevitable and would benefit you to embrace in order to enable and empower your growth and greater embodiment of wholeness that you are.


Crystal Skulls are very useful companions for anyone exploring the metaphysical realms and call to the person whose energy resonance induces its activation.


Being a Crystal Skull Guardian is not for everyone indeed, but they will be great teachers, friends, and lead you on a journey of multi-dimensional discovery if you are.


Raja Seraphina has very unique energy that feels symbolic of the New Sacred Feminine. Again, you can find info about that and her in the link I shared above.


I’ve received from her that she will be ready to move on come my birthday this year 2/26 and until then will finish out her work with me, I’ll prepare her for moving forward, and that will provide time for the new Guardian to prepare energetically to receive her.


It may take longer for the right person to come forward for her, but if in fact that person presents themselves, then come 2/26 she will be released to you.


I am not posting much more than what I already have about her, but am posting some new photos (in different lightings to reveal some of her hidden gifts) I’ve taken of her that showcase some of the amazing rainbows she has throughout (more than I even caught in photos), including one very special one at her Third Eye, which is very unique.


I also included a photo of Raja Serphina with Joy and an energy capture of her when she was part of a Crystal Bowl Sound Healing event at the Reiki Retreat I hosted in Laguna Beach, CA.


If you feel that you are her next Keeper and are devoted to the sacred knowledge she holds and has access to, I welcome you to message me and we’ll go from there.

Serious inquiries only, please.

I will be consulting Raja Seraphina as to who of anyone that steps forward to be her Guardian, she feels most aligned with working with.

Payments are available, but will need to be completed by 2/26 if in fact the aligned soul steps forward for her before then. If no one does by/before 2/26, then we will revisit a payment plan timeline at that time, if one is needed.

You can message me here if Raja Seraphina calls to your heart and soul and you feel a sacred contract as a Crystal Skull Guardian:

Tania Marie

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