Garden Friends, Nature Portals & Purple Frequencies ~ Some of My Favorite Things for Daily Harmony

As we head into a big Fourth of July weekend, celebrating Independence Day, I’ll be starting a long weekend away from work with a kick-off hike to a special place today. It’s been extra busy lately and this month is no exception, but it all feels very productive for change. I thought I might share some of the things on the sidelines here that add balance and an extra infusion of joy to my busy days. I feel that anything we can do that helps us experience joy, peace, connection, and inspiration in some way is vital with all that’s going on in the outside world.

Nature is always my go-to, and that has included my garden. I always have a lot of little forest friends to share it with and recently new friends have joined the family to include a little frog named Atreyu and a lizard named Fantasia.

Atreyu is the guardian of the garden, making the Garden Tower his home where he surveys everything from the highest tier. I shared about him on Instagram and here is his story:

My frog friend is always there each day to greet the morning and give me a peaceful rush of wise energy when our eyes meet. This dear little one is so bold and courageous, although so tiny. He isn’t afraid to come near and share a conversation over the aroma of herbs wafting through the air. He welcomes a bath when I water the plants and hops right back out as if to say, thank you. He even stretches his legs and demonstrates his bravery, as he surprises me with his calm demeanor hanging over edges and swinging down into the tower holes below.

Most of all he sits peacefully watching over his realm. I often catch him shifting gaze to the sky and then inward to explore the vastness of his soul. A couple of days ago I asked what his name was and he gave me Atreyu. “Really?” I smiled in my heart when hearing his reply. I add, “That’s from one of my all-time favorite novels and movies ever – The Neverending Story – the one who follows the Middle Way.”

My mystical frog friend just looked at me wide-eyed, still, as he breathed in and out with certainty and a kind smile. I could see the stardust swirling within his eyes.

The heart-shaped spot on the top of his head mirroring the bridge between all worlds – where the path of the Middle Way lies. I looked up the name after our exchange, while Atreyu returned to his lush herbal sanctuary. The book says, Atreyu means “son of all” because he’s an orphan raised by all members of his village. Greek mythology shares the meaning to be “fearless”. Upon further investigation other meanings include “bold guardian,”  one who is virtuous and saintly, who often does the unexpected, and a person of unmatched confidence who strives to better himself. My sweet little frog friend might be tiny, but his soul is immense. He is the guardian of the garden, the one who will always tell me the truth, and who has no fear to walk the Middle Way.

Fantasia is a rock and crystal dweller and loves to hang out by the old stumps along the garden pathway and sit atop the raw quartz. She also explores the garden and the potted plants, equally enjoying a conversation with me when I come through. She’s one of the biggest lizards I’ve seen around the Forest Portal – very wide and thick around the middle, making me wonder if she’s pregnant. It’s around that time, so it wouldn’t surprise me and the symbolism of that would be telling of things birthing in my own life.

She, like Atreyu, is also very brave and curious. She listens intently when I talk to her and will come closer to cock her head with understanding. Yesterday, I asked her if she liked all the new things in the garden and I could swear she smiled. She’d been watching me place a new addition and it seemed to please her. I’ve seen her play with other lizards and one, half her size, who appeared to court her, but when she’s had enough she lets them know. She’s kind, but strong, and the others respect the power she embodies.

She’s the queen of the rock dwellers and takes much pleasure in the simple things, but she’s no fool. Fantasia tells me her name is inspired by the enchanted garden I’ve created here – a fantasy dream come true for her, as much as it was for me. She then gives me a wink, adding that it might just also speak to the enchantress that she is, but that’s a story for another time. 😉

Alongside my friends that keep me happy here, I continue to enjoy watching the garden and yards shift with the seasons. July is always when the wild blooms really start to pop all over, so the meadows and forests are enjoying the colorful burst right now.

Our yards are now full with lush clover and clover blossoms and tons of wildflowers lining the edges, as well as peeking here and there. And all the rest of the plants are continuing to cycle through bloom-time. As one group ends their flowers for the season, a new group begins. And my garden plants are growing larger by the day. I think they will be late bloomers in August and September, with some of my perennials coming in this month.

The new addition Fantasia was happy about, is this butterfly, solar light wind spinner.

It is a gift from my parents that I picked up from them yesterday and it really has added the perfect touch.

Every time I can’t think of how else I could make things better, it shows up. Just like the his and her Faery stump seats you saw in a previous post.

I always envisioned some for the garden and last Sunday at the trailhead parking where we hiked there was a composting site being gathered of stuff cleaned out from yards and from forest fire clearing they have to do here regularly for safety, as well as clearing near powerlines and thinning, etc. and they had a few perfect stumps so we picked these two up. Even though life cycles are normal and they choose dead and decaying trees it’s still sad.

So I’m happy to repurpose and be giving these sweet stumps a home full of love in our garden sanctuary where the animals and faeries can enjoy them too and their life-giving energy can be celebrated. Going to find them their perfect place, but for now they are soaking in their new home vibes at the edge of the forest.

I have iron butterfly and dragonfly beauties in the garden, orbs, faeries, rabbits, gnomes, faery doors, mushrooms, crystals, and owls. There are both white and colored little flower solar lights that light up at night alongside the solar lanterns. And of course we have the high and low water stations for the animals, a bench for me to share with them, and a faery arch.

There are several portals in the garden, but the animals, faeries, and I keep those secret. They are available to anyone with an open heart to discover.

And Queen Astrid is definitely aware of those portals. She’s been extra reflective these days. This is where I’ll find her, after partially awakening from her nap under or atop her castle tower. I say partially awake because she’s in an in between place when she sits here. She’ll sit gazing out upon the garden, the sunlight may have just hit an angle to lay upon her, or is just about to. Her fur puffed out around her face and even if I come near she is content not to move. Is she tuning into life just outside the door, or much more? Sometimes I can feel her leave, as she journeys. Her eyes deepen and become windows to the cosmos. Wherever she is called, wherever she does her work, I’m always grateful she decides to return and that she chooses to be here with me too

All of these things round out my days with simple pleasures of joy and peace. I don’t allow myself to do all work and no play. I also cut myself slack on things, as well as take breaks in between everything, even if just to go water, say hello to my friends, lay in the sun for a half an hour to soak in vitamin D and invigoration, or go on a walk or hike when I think I can’t.

And in addition I’ve been really drawn to different color frequencies, revolving them out on a daily, monthly, or seasonal basis.

Vibrant color is something I am drawn to very much and right now I’m feeling purples so I just created some bouquets for the house filled with only lavender and purple tulips.

Not only is the fragrance so lovely, but the deep mauve purple of the tulips feels mysterious, creative, royal, and luxurious alongside the feminine grace and tender beauty of the lavender.

Together, there’s a magick emanating and the opening for greater spiritual wisdom, peace, independence, and empowerment brewing.

These are just some of the ways I infuse well being and harmony into my days and life. Of course, Astrid plays a big role in that for me, the sanctuary indoors and outdoors I create, the food I make to nourish my soul, the choice of adornments I wear or products I use on my body, the people I share my life with, the activities I engage in, the work I do, and the dialogue I run in my mind to match my heart’s truest depths.

Are you feeling stressed or thrown off your equilibrium right now?

What are some things that set your heart a flutter that you could use more of in your life?

And how might you commit just a bit more to bringing that forward to enjoy?


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  1. How lovely to spend some peaceful time wandering through your quite magical garden Tania… I just love all your friends, nonphysical too! We have our own family of geckos 🦎 here on our spanish balcony. Isn’t it so wonderful to adorn ourselves with all life’s goodness, keeping ourselves well and stable to ensure we flow through this great time of transformation in all ease and grace… birthing NewEarth with each breath❤️ Lovely to catch up with you again🥰 much love Barbara x

    • aw thank you so much barbara!! it’s a joy to me to have a garden where i can create a sanctuary for all the little animals of the forest here. i promised the land when we got the house that i would take care of it and all that inhabit here. ❤ your gecko family sounds so sweet! i agree, it really is the way to well being i feel and how to keep us grounded and nurtured while we are changing rapidly. so wonderful to hear from you sweet friend! so much love to you ❤

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  3. Desiree Bergeron

    What a joy to read this beautiful share! I love your garden and the Magick it holds… And the connection/bond you are experiencing with Artreyu— my word, this especially touches my heart! Thank you so much for everything you do. Your ripples of light flow out in immeasurable depths!! xx love you.

    • hehe!! thank you desiree! i know you experience so much of the same with your beautiful land there and forests. it’s fun to share through the portals with you. i actually just came in from watering and giving atreyu a bath 🙂 he loved it. it’s so so special he’s really made this home too. and fantasia was there by the garden saying hi as well! my family! thank you for your sweet words. i know you understand this kind of connection and how giving to nature is the breath of life for you. love you! xoox!

  4. I love your gardens, friends, and magic realm you’ve co-created with nature. And yes, the butterfly wind/sun spinner is a fun addition, and your kitchen is gorgeous. Will you and Dave adopt me? 😊 Enjoy your weekend of play. 🙌

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