Introducing My Giant Quartz Crystal Skull – Raja Seraphina

Quartz Crystal Skull

My amazing Quartz Crystal Skull – Raja Seraphina

I couldn’t help myself but to snap a photo of my cherished Quartz Crystal Skull friend, Raja Seraphina, as I walked by her upon waking this morning. R.S., as I’ll lovingly call her, sits atop her silver and gold mirror mosaic table at the entry to my sanctuary domain office/art studio/meditative space. The way the morning sun, at just the right angle, was hitting her, was such a beautiful vision to behold.

The sun was peeking through my shutters and the tiny holes in my five silver-chromed dome holders that surround each tear drop bulb of my standing lamp in such a way as to cast a warm glow and project orb-like lights onto my wall tapestry in a random sequence not mirroring how they actually are. These light orb projections are an interesting coding remind me of the Mayan number system.

Quartz Crystal Skull

R.S. with light shining through her

Definitely felt so celestial and that Raja Seraphina was drawing my attention, of which I took note. 🙂

With her lovely illuminated sign today, I felt it was a good time to officially introduce her to the world with more detail about her energy. My guess is she will be expressing more in the days, months and year to come.

Raja Seraphina came into my life about 4 years ago in 2009 (will be 4 at the end of this month). I had been searching for and intending to find the perfect crystal skull, which took me a while to finally connect with. She is a giant Quartz Crystal Skull that is the same size as a human skull, but she definitely carries extraterrestrial origins.

After having spent two private sessions with the Crystal Skull, Max, and one private session with the Crystal Skull Sha Na Ra, when they came to a spiritual center I frequented in Reno while I was living in the Reno/Tahoe area, I knew that the crystal skull energy was one for me to be working with and tapping into more.

Upon a trip to bring home some crystal friends from the Quartzsite  Rock, Gem and Mineral show in La Paz County, AZ and the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show with dear friend Amy, I had the good fortune of finding R.S. We had ventured to Quartzsite first, and while I found lovely pieces, no crystal skull friend spoke to me. We were actually there at the end of January and very, very start of February, not realizing that the Tucscon Gem Show would not be fully up and running yet. But we ventured there anyway and discovered many of the crystal merchants just setting up shop, so we were able to get first viewing and picking of what was coming out!

There are advantages to getting there at the start and at the end. The start offers you first look and opportunity at the selections and the end offers you the greatest bargains. However, Amy and I had a knack for always drawing in great connections, transactions, and divine timing, which resulted in great buys regardless. 🙂

I had searched the year before at the show and while I found many skulls that were lovely, I didn’t find “The One.” And the same happened at any store I went to in Sedona, or anywhere I would end up, and kept an eye out for one.

Quartz Crystal Skull

R.S.’s rainbow Third Eye

But it was just as we first entered the Tucson Gem Show that we stumbled upon a merchant who was just taking out his crystal skulls in the side and back area of his booth. He had a ton of other crystals and the skulls only made up a tiny fraction of his offerings. I immediately was drawn to R.S. and so was Amy (although she wasn’t looking for one herself, she was assisting in my search energetically). We both fell in love and she just felt so right. My pendulum agreed big time finally too!

She definitely was “The One.”

Bringing her home, along with several other large pieces I had gotten on this trip was quite the experience. I had them all in a rolling suitcase and upon my going through security at the airport, I was stopped. Apparently, my crystal skull showed up as something resembling a warning on security visuals and so they opened my back to find out what it was. Low and behold they discovered my Crystal Skull and then I had all of security around in awe and wondering if I was traveling with the Crystal Skulls from the new Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull movie that had “just” come out shortly before. LOL!

Needless to say, they were intrigued and let the little faery supportively rolling more than her weight in crystals, on her way.

And so it came to be that Raja Seraphina came home with me to Lake Tahoe. A little while after, I decided to see if she wanted to share her name. I knew she was more feminine in energy, but what I discovered was something very similar to what my dear Nestor (my departed twin soul bunny) held energetically.

Quartz Crystal Skull

Close up of R.S.’s rainbow Third Eye

I placed my third eye to hers (and by the way she has a lovely pastel rainbow at her third eye and in several areas around the back and sides of her crown) and waited to receive. What came to me very clearly was the name Raja Seraphina.

This was very interesting to me, as the two names carried very opposite, yet equally powerful energies – one male and one female – and the combination of the two meanings and energy definitely shared the gentle and integrative power of the Divine Male and Divine Female that “she” held:

Raja means king, prince, or chief in India or the East Indies.

Wikipedia shares: Raja (also spelled rajah, from Sanskrit राज rāja-) is an Indian term for a monarch, or princely ruler of the Kshatriya varna.

The Free Dictionary shares: Word History: Raja or Rajah is familiar to us from the Sanskrit rj, “king,” and mahrj, “great king.” The Sanskrit root raj-,“to rule,” comes from the Indo-European root *reg-, “to move in a straight line, direct, rule.” The same Indo-European root appears in Italic (Latin) and Celtic. Rx means “king” in Latin, coming from *reg-s, whence our regal and, through French, royal. Two of the Gaulish kings familiar to us from Caesar, Dumnorix and Vercingetorix, incorporate the Celtic word rx, “king,” in their names. (Rx also forms part of the name of that fictitious, indomitable Gaul Asterix.) Germanic at some time borrowed the Celtic word rx. It appears as reiks, “ruler,” in Gothic, as well as in older Germanic names ending in -ric, such as Alaric and Theodoric, the latter of whom has a name that is equivalent to German Dietrich,“people’s king.” A derivative of Celtic rx, *rg-yo-, meaning “rule, domain,” was also borrowed into Germanic, and is the source of German Reich, “rule, empire.”

As for Seraphina, this name carries a beautiful meaning as well. Seraphina, also Serafina, has a meaning of ardent and fiery, yet also carries a gentle grace. The highest-ranking in the hierarchy of angels, the six-winged seraphim, inspire this name. The feminine form of the Late Latin name Seraphinus, derived from the biblical word seraphim which was Hebrew in origin and meant “fiery ones”. The Latinate version Serafina is also Italian, Polish, and Portuguese.

The story of St. Serafina holds another element to this name’s energy – that of kindness, patience, and love in the face of pain, rejection and destitution. It’s a story of a young Italian girl who through her experiences reaches a state of holiness that imparts a lesson for us of achieving the same serenity and love in the midst of our sufferings.

Needless to say, I hope you enjoy meeting Raja Seraphina as I share her here. She is a beautifully powerful being that I am grateful to have as a friend and teacher.

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  1. Thank you for sharing her with us Tania, I didn’t know that crystal skulls existed and she is lovely. Blessings to both you and Raja Serafina.

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