Traveling the Inner Waters of Creation and Healing Love – Larimar Activations for Art and Heart!

My raw, natural Larimar collection

I have been reconnecting with my Larimar friends lately – they have been one of my top 5 favs for quite a while (revolving back around to #1 when that energy is calling me like right now!) I just recently acquired (and gifted) a new Larimar heart ring to add to my collection of rings and necklaces I have adored wearing. Not only for their stunningly beautiful energy that so feels at home to me, but for their amazingly gorgeous variations, color (aqua – my favorite color since I was a wee one), and vibrational resonance of a special number (another fav since the childhood days).

I love how synchronicity is consistently at play, as I’m also currently working on the same vibrational energy with my new painting of dolphin, ocean, Atlantean energy (should be completed in a few days) and have been starting to plan a Bimini Reiki and Dolphin retreat to offer hopefully late this summer.

Raja Seraphina – my Crystal Skull

So, yes, my lovely Lemurian friends have taken center stage in assisting the energy. Interestingly though, so has my amazing Quartz skull – Raja Seraphina. She (a balance of female and male energy creating an integrated and strong Divine Feminine Energy) is feeling very active right now and oh how I love her and crystal skulls!! I tried to take a good photo of her, to capture her amazing rainbows (one at the third eye and many in her crown), but no sun was out to do so. But here she is on center stage in my studio sanctuary on her little pedestal and stand that lights up with my Larimar ring again, expressing the love I have for her. She faces my easel where I paint.

Anyway, needless to say, I’m traveling in ocean energy currently and yesterday while painting the emotional watery abyss, the depths of energy triggered quite an activation in my Root Chakra that put my injured tailbone, from a fracture several years ago, into a tizzy. My tailbone (amongst other things) has been overly active for the last several months as energy shifts. Rooting and balancing the new energy, as the old receives loving release.

For those not familiar with Larimar or who would like to know a little more here are some of the properties to explore and see if the energy calls to you!

Larimar Properties:

Opens creativity through the throat chakra, aids and strengthens self-expression, patience, acceptance, gives wearer mysterious ability to communicate and transmit messages, ability to channel healing energies to the Earth, enables one to overcome self-imposed restrictions, helps one to view events from a different perspective, softens, enlightens and heals physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, draws one’s soul mate (soul mate stone), heals negative karma between soul mates and lovers, aids clear communication and emotional strength and stability to speak from the heart, facilitates inner wisdom and outer manifestation, balances 3rd eye, crown, throat and heart chakras, provides a strong sense of peace, eases stress and anxiety, calming, brings tranquility of water, sea and air to heart and mind (it is from the Caribbean), soothes and uplifts hurt, fear, depression, pain of life, opens mind in the face of change, supports patience, acceptance, simplicity, creativity, artwork, cools, promotes serenity, relaxes and soothes the emotional body, draws out inflammation, uplifts the heart, radiates healing and love, vibrates numerologically to master number 55 to help access Higher Mind and channeling it through your individuality, is a direct line to the Universal mind and akashic records, it calls upon you to responsibly harness and direct the knowledge that is attainable now and signifies change and responsible choices. Larimar is known as the Atlantis and Dolphin stone, as it helps channel energetic connections with the ancient civilization and also aids communication with sea creatures.

Looking for a lovely Larimar pendant that can support more balance in your life? You can commission a custom piece by contacting me at or check out our collection of crystal pendants at Joyful Earth Crystals to see if another crystal calls to you. A pendant of any crystal you desire can be created. New crystal pendants coming soon!

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