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A Magickal Little Foursome of Crystal Friends to Partner With

I love crystals and can’t share enough how they have been such supportive friends and tools in my life, especially recently. I feel that the current shifts and energies we are in really are hearing a louder voice from these crystal beings in their wanting to partner with us.

I always love to share about crystals and stones that I find to be impactfully supportive in my life and that I come across/experience so that you can explore their metaphysical properties too and learn about these uniquely amazing beings – perhaps feeling drawn to welcome one in to your own life because it perfectly mirrors your current energies and shifting needs.

I’ve recently had an influx of numerous crystal friends cross my path and so I will be sharing about them over the next weeks so you too can become familiar with them, if you aren’t already. Exciting stuff!

I keep finding myself divinely guided to new crystals and stones in the most synchronously magickal ways. And when I’ve been led to visit the Gem Faire I am also being drawn to only the most time-appropriate crystalline beings that energetically mirror what many collectively are working through currently – not to mention drawing in more recently discovered crystals and stones that are starting to surface.

Today I have four little stone friends that decided they’d like to be introduced first, so of course I’m here to oblige. They are:

  • Quantum Quattro
  • Shattuckite
  • Red Tiger’s Eye
  • Lemon Chrysoprase

I’ve known of Tiger’s Eye, which is a pretty common stone to many people, and even Blue Tiger’s Eye (which was newer to me recently as well), but although had become aware of Red Tiger’s Eye, hadn’t seen them in person and felt their energy.

Similar holds true for Chrysoprase. I’ve seen the more common “green” Chrysoprase in person and have experienced their energy, but hadn’t seen/experienced or even heard of Lemon Chrysoprase.

However, Quantum Quattro and Shattuckite are a whole new crystal playing field to me. ūüôā

So, I thought I’d share a bit about these stones’ properties, along with photos of these little ones I picked up recently, which are available. I like to familiarize myself with newer stones and sample them before sharing them in bigger ways and quantities with others.

The four of them seem to be a beautiful balance of energies that work well together – focusing on some of the specific things we could all use more support with: speaking your truth and opening the Throat Chakra, making shifts on the deepest of levels, providing connection with your inner vision and intuitive knowingness, integrating healing physically and emotionally, living from the expansion of your Heart Chakra, grounding into your personal power with energized renewal, creative inspiration, and personal growth enhancement.

Now, that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout! ūüėČ

quantum-quattro2Quantum Quattro:

It is an unusual mineral combination of Shattukite, Chrysocolla, Dioptase, Smokey Quartz, and Malachite in a synergy swirl of mixed colors that is a recent find in Namibia, Africa. It helps to enhance and strengthen the immune system and has the ability to work within the DNA structure on a cellular level to re-polarize and magnetically open to the direct healing light and energy of the Universe. It helps to release negative patterns, supports transformation, accesses higher realms, provides insight, helps with healing of past grief and induced trauma that has been suppressed/locked within the emotional energy field and cells, and when used with peaceful meditation/sincere prayer it aligns all Chakras Рboth within as well as above and below the body Рbut is particularly associated with the quantum-quattroThroat and Sacral Chakras. If placed on the Third Eye it will also bring mental clarity in a most nonjudgmental way with personal and spiritual insight in angelic and earthly realms. It is said that if used in conjunction with the sun’s rays from 12:00 p.m. until 2:00 p.m. it will bring the greatest physical healing and if used from 3:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m. it will bring the greatest emotion healing, especially on full, new, and moonless nights. I was able to try this out with the Full Moon on Friday and will say I found much enhanced peace in my experience.


As one of the mineral combinations found in the above Quantum Quattro, here is an inside look at Shattuckite on its own and the properties it brings to the Quantum Quattro mix. It supports development of the inner and psychic vision, good for dreamwork, aids meditation, journeying, and deep relaxation, provides feelings of bliss, is a strong psychic communication stone, helps enhance intuition, mediumship, channeling, psychic knowing, and automatic writing Рall from a position of absolute truth. It will raise the vibration and communication of your connection with the spirit world to be with guides of the highest vibration and will facilitate a stronger connection with your own personal guides/teachers. In general, it will support alignment with the Divine mind and support communications reflecting the wisdom of Spirit. shattuckiteThere is also the enhancement of healing within relationships that is experienced, as well as brings about accountability and responsibility for past actions. It connects the Throat and Heart Chakra in the form of strengthening your ability to speak with love, truth, and integrity always. This can take time to develop, as hearing the truth challenges, but rest assured that Shattukite is aligning with Spirit for the highest and best good of all concerned in this process. With the vibration drawing forth the energy of your Heart Chakra through your personal expression, it will help you to live your life from the heart, to be true to yourself, and to always speak from that place of authenticity. In this way it is helping you to walk the walk and demonstrate red-tiger-eye2by example, how you are living what you say. The darker indigo Blue Shattuckite stones (like this little one shown) are excellent to use for psychic meditation, as they work strongly within the Third Eye Chakra as well to stimulate your visionary abilities.

Red Tiger’s Eye:

Aids inner and physical strength, as well as promotes greater courage and confidence, revitalizes the Root Chakra, helps to ground your energy and integrate it, as well as provides greater endurance and motivation. Associated with the element of Fire, it is a stimulating stone to help move and enhance energy, helps you to get over lethargy, speeds up slower metabolisms, increases sex drive, and provides protection while increasing inner power and success in your life. red-tiger-eyeTiger’s Eye, in general, helps to bring good luck, mind focus, mental clarity, a way to resolution of challenges experienced, stabilizes and balances mood swings and energies, imbues willpower, sense of purpose, release of tension, fear, and anxiety, while energizing. (this one pictured here has a flash of blue stripe streaking through it at the top too!)

Lemon Chrysoprase: (here has been goldtone wire-wrapped to wear as a pendant)

It is associated with the balancing of Aries and Libra (interesting in relation to our recent Full Moon in Aries/Sun in Libra aspects on Friday) and helps to liberate the Heart Chakra through balance, inspired change with positive results, and increased awareness of new perceptions. Thought to be a powerful stone to bring good fortune and prosperity, as well as business success. It is soothing/calming and can bring happiness by diminishing lemon-chrysoprasenegative thoughts and irritability, and aids positive self growth. This stone also encourages fidelity in business and personal relationships. It¬†enhances perception, encourages feelings of trust and security, instills wisdom, self-confidence, helps to release emotional stress, encourages compassion, loving acceptance, and kindness. It is used in healing and spirituality as a soothing stone for emotional pains, depression, ailments of the heart, and can help mend the body and spirit. Physically, it is good for the liver, detoxification and elimination, aids hormone imbalance, and soothes the digestive system. It is known to help increase fertility and other sexual imbalances as well. This stone can help recall trauma from childhood for release that assists the healing of your inner child. ¬†It helps with loneliness and broken hearts, while also keeping the mind more alert and aiding restful sleep. Placed next to the bed or under pillow it can help with nightmares and getting a good night’s sleep. The white to pale yellow, or lemony green, with sometimes brown veined Lemon¬†Chrysoprase polished stone stimulates creativity and draws out latent artistic and intuitive talents. Lemon Chrysoprase are found primarily in Western Australia and are the most valued of the Chalcedony variety of stones.

all-3-crystalsI’ve been guided to offer the four together in a little self-enhancement and integrative healing Mojo bag.

Three to be held and worked with (don’t they look and feel good together?), carried in pocket or for under your pillow at dream time, added to your sacred altar space…etc. and the third (Lemon Chrysoprase) to be worn in abundant positivity.

If interested in this little foursome, before I put them up in my online Etsy Shop РCrystal Illumination, they are available for $33 plus priority shipping of $5.80. РSORRY THIS SET HAS ALREADY SOLD (it seems the energy they hold is very much aligned with many people right now, so I may have to think about bringing some more forward in offering)

You can message me with your request at

And of course they will all be Reiki cleansed, lovingly charged, and personally programmed. I LOVE CRYSTALS! And I LOVE EACH OF YOU!

New Magical Stones to Create Heart Expansive Realities – ONLY 5 Days Left for 10% Off Thank You Coupon

Yes, the crystal fun and empowerment continues! I have SO been enjoying all the new crystal and stone discoveries over the last several months. There are a ton of amazing crystalline beings out there, as unique as you! And as we shift our frequencies we start to attract the mirroring frequencies in all things around us, including the kinds of crystals that now are able to come into our field of experience.

I’ve been working with a lot of magical ones and finding crystals to be one of the most potent tools to assist in the current energies and with the shifts I am making. And as always, I don’t offer specific kinds of crystals until I’ve worked with them so that I have personal experience with what they have to offer, and always energetically prepare any that I do offer – which adds to their uniqueness and the powerful love they have been nurtured with.

As promised, I am keeping you up-to-date on the latest crystal friends available and today’s new and amazing crystal sharings are a powerful fusion of magic, mysticism, shamanism, Earth and Cosmos – all bundled up in grounded, heart-expanding empowerment.

Every crystal that comes through me, to you, is heart-chosen, powerfully charged, Reiki infused for integrative healing, blessed, and specially attuned to assist you and the collective.

The crystals below are available in my¬†Etsy Shop ‚Äď Crystal Illumination¬†‚Äď where you can find the ease of welcoming into your heart, an array of unique crystal friends at affordable prices. Crystals make wonderful partners on your journey, as they are attuned to the Ancient Earth frequencies, connected to Cosmic Origins, and vibrate at the frequency of Unconditional Love.

DON’T FORGET that if you have recently made a purchase, or if you do make a purchase, you have/will receive a 10% OFF Thank You Discount good to redeem until 8/31/13 – that’s only 5 more days! So please do take advantage of this offering, especially if there has been a particular crystal you’ve been eyeing.

Crystals have been moving fast because of their resonance with the collective journey. I only have 4 of the Lemurian L.O.V.E. Seed Crystal Pendulums left – a fav for many! and only 1 crystal pendant left –¬†Diamond-Cut Rainbow Fluorite Sacred Geometry Silver Pendant. Everything is a one-of-a-kind so while more of the same family of crystals can be attained, you simply can’t duplicate the specific quality of what each carries. So once something you like is gone, it’s gone.

preseli4Strong Shamanic Merlin Energy Preseli Bluestone for Meditation, Healing, Clarity and Magic – Same Ancient Stone of Stonehenge –¬†Preseli Bluestone is the same powerful, primordial vibration stone that the ancient stone monoliths at Stonehenge are made from and come from the Preseli mountains in Wales. They are very supportive in helping to strengthen and enhance your spirituality and psychic gifts, as they connect you to the mystical energy of Merlin and his magic.¬†They work with the Solar Plexus Chakra to assist strengthening your willpower and cultivate courage. They also work with the Throat (providing a greater awareness of truth, speaking truth, and knowing when others are speaking their authenticity), Heart, Thymus and Soma Chakras (which works between 6th and 7th Chakras).¬†This crystal helps you in meditation to travel back in time to retrieve past life information from Celtic Britain and Ancient Egypt. It also has a very strong shaman energy that can help you work alchemical release from things holding you back connected to past lives….

Read and see more here: Preseli Bluestone

diopside5Green and Black Grounding, Balancing, Heart-Expanding, Portal Opening Diopside – View from the Stars that promotes Strength from Within –¬†This type of Diopside holds the opportunity to discover the magical portal that is ours to step through into the world that we search to create. Shifting appearance and temperature with no warning, it demonstrates the effortless ability to step into and out of the perceived world of the moment. It gives us the strength to gaze into the light of the Divine while allowing us to touch the shadow of our own Moon, reconnecting us with the precious Journey that is ours alone. It nurtures, feeds and expands the place in our hearts where we can “grow” the Life we desire – secure and strong. It removes us from the perils of the rest of the World’s opinion of how or what we “should” be….

Read and see more here: Green and Black Diopside

kambaba3Growth, Healing, and Abundance Promoting “Cosmic Egg” Kambaba Stone –¬†This stone is the “guardian of the forest” with an energy aligning to the power of nature and promoting growth in all areas of one’s path. Good for agriculture. Promotes knowledge and efficiency in areas of invention conception and areas of the arts, as well as abundance in results. Brings stability and calm during meditation. It assists in bringing the respect of others, material wealth, patience and stamina. Can be used to access future visions. has been used for treatments of anxiety, acrophobia, water retention, dehydration, and menopause. Good for easing pregnancy and the birthing process. Good for both water based healing projects and group healing….

Read and see more here: Kambaba Stone

nuummite6Powerful and Magical Mystical Earth Energy Nuummite for Spiritual Grounding, Protection, Inner Discovery of Power and Synchronicity –¬†This is the sorcerers’ stone and is powerfully protective and spiritually grounding. One of the oldest minerals on Earth – 3 billion years old, it is an exceptional energy tool and it offers us the gift of inner power, opening the doors of self discovery. It is a stone of personal magic that can increase synchronicity and good luck. May be used as a gazing stone, helping to move into altered states of consciousness. It enhances clairvoyance and intuition. It can help one learn the language of the elemental forces of Earth to call upon them in times of need. Assists in perceiving one’s true gifts and one’s power that has been acquired through one’s soul journey….

Read and see more here: Nuummite

Everything is intuitively chosen for the vibrational frequency each crystal friend emanates. Keep checking back, as there will be more crystal friends and sacred crystal paintings to come shortly.

If you have any questions or are particularly interested in a specific crystal you may not see in the shop, you can message me at and I’d be happy to assist in helping you find something perfect for you.

May you experience greater harmony, love, and empowerment as you journey through new doorways of experience.

A Crystal for Every Season of Experience – NEW CRYSTALS Plus How Crystal Consciousness is Mirroring Our Shifts

singing4I’m finding more and more people being drawn to work with crystals and/or are finding themselves suddenly attracting crystal friends into their lives for the first time. I get a lot of questions and inquiries about crystals and which would be good for certain things people are working on and I also hear a lot about children asking specifically for certain crystals by name (who have never been told anything about crystals in “this” life so far), and are finding particular crystal energies to be supportive for their highly developed consciousness.

The types of crystals people used to be attracted to is also changing, finding that they are now drawn to ones their body and soul are calling out for rather than mirroring the aesthetic preferences they have usually liked. And many new crystals and stones are making themselves known to all of us, that we never had on our radar before, because they are so aligned with the New Earth experience we are creating – hence becoming a part of the collective consciousness experience, as we become more aware and ready.

I also find that¬†with all of the varying stages in each individual’s unique process, a variety of crystal energy is showing up to support the different parts of the path being worked on. And this is also why we are seeing more crystals flowing in and out of our lives more than they used to, as they are only needed for short periods of time to assist with current focuses and shifts, and then are ready to move on to other keepers to help them in similar ways. Of course there are some that are our loyal partners in life too, and will likely be with us indefinitely.

carn5Crystals have a collective consciousness and so they are attuned to the greater good in their service and therefore will be happy working with a variety people. I have also found things shift in my own experience with my crystals. I used to be more protective of my crystals and keep them in my own experience to work with only. But I have in the last several months started receiving the message from them that they were wanting very much for me to share them and allow others to experience their energy and support when they are in my presence or during classes I teach.

This feels to be reflecting shifts I am making, along with how that synergizes with the collective experience.

With the ability to cleanse and charge crystals with Reiki, as well as having the ability to program crystals, I have found no need to worry about things I may have before, and to relax in trust of supporting service for the highest good of all concerned.

Things are constantly shifting and so I feel it is important to allow these shifts to flow in all aspects of our lives and not block energy, if in fact you ARE receiving nudges about things that may be different to your regular practices. The Age of Aquarius and this Age of Intuition is based on collective sharing, unconventional vision and new ideas, and trust in inner guidance, knowing it is always connected to the greater good.

citrine5In the shifts we have been experiencing, there is also a blend of high vibrational crystals coming into our experience that are powerfully transformative and pure in unity consciousness, as well as crystals that are helping us to balance, fully ground ourselves, restore our vitality, and help us to manifest all of the things we have been envisioning and opening up to energetically – assisting the creation of new realities.

There is a tendency to forget about the body temple and to work with high crystal energy stones that have the ability to take us “out of body” and in many ways “escape” life – especially something many souls subconsciously may feel drawn to do because they are not fully comfortable living here on Earth at this time, and may be more connected to their cosmic Source.

However, doing this may mean that you are unable to truly achieve your potential or remember why you came here to Earth at this time. If you feel like this, it may be beneficial to look at ways to integrate your experience, which may be by working with lower Chakra connected crystals and stones, as one potential.

This may already be happening for some of you. I know it did for me. And as you continue to trust your inner guidance, you will find how this continually shifts in terms of which crystals you will be drawn to for assistance at any given time.

By using crystals of a more “base” nature you can help yourself to fully ground into the physical, and restore your vitality, passion for life, creative power, strength, and manifesting abilities. They will also help you to draw energy through all of your Chakras in more balance, while connecting a circuit between all of your Chakras and into the Earth Chakra to connect your heart with that of Gaia’s herself.

apacheGrounding crystals of the three lower Chakra’s energy will help you to move energy through the body, which may help to enhance poor circulation, as well as may aid in the increase of your energy levels, general vitality, overall well being, and zest for living.

All of our parts are necessary and important. And so too, then, are tools that mirror all of these varying frequencies that can assist every level of our experience. These are some of the reasons I have been guided to offer a variety of crystals and stones, some many of us know well, and others that are more new to our current life experiences, along with a spectrum of lower and higher Chakra energies to assist anyone at any stage of their personal journey.

I try to also provide a spectrum of price ranges that can fit anyone’s needs, as well as created the Crystal Illuminations sacred paintings to provide meditational sacred art that synergized crystal energy with creative energy.

I continually update my Etsy Shop: Crystal Illumination with new crystals and sacred paintings, when I have time, to keep the flow moving, as crystals continue to find new keepers. I follow my intuition as to the Divine timing certain crystal energies would be most supportive to put out there.

I just added new inventory of amazing crystals (Lower, Upper, and Heart Chakra connected), as many have moved on, and will add more again in another week or so, as I have time. Some of these include a Trinity of Magical Singing Lemurian Seed Crystal Laser Wands, a stunning Fire Agate, Natural Lemurian Citrine Quartz with Rainbows, an amazing Natural Rainbow Anandalite Quartz from India, a gorgeous Carnelian, Apache Tears, and Icy Blue Kyanite.

ananda3I’m still in the process of creating the new Crystal Illuminations paintings – of which there will be 13 in total to look forward to. In the meantime, there are still a few in the shop available still.

There is potentially something new I feel percolating, which I was receiving a vision today of while at the beach. So keep checking back for what may be coming up, plus all the new I mentioned already.

Everything unfolds as is perfect always, but if something calls to you with a strong nudge, you may not want to wait too long, as I have had a few people do so and were sad to find someone else follow their nudges before they had a chance to trust their own.

Life is a journey of remembering our Divinity and what ever tools or methods you are drawn to, to support empowering that experience is perfect. Crystals are living beings that not only love, as their focus through the particular frequency they are attuned to, but also light up from the love we share from our frequency merging with theirs through conscious cocreation.

If you have any questions about crystals, or particular crystals you see in my Etsy shop, you can contact me at

Don’t forget that the Thank You Coupon Discount Code you receive with purchase for 10% Off is only good until 8/31/13 (that’s the end of this month!). So please remember to take advantage of this special discount. Also, there are only FOUR Lemurian L.O.V.E. Seed Crystal Pendulums remaining. Don’t miss out on these amazing little ones you will LOVE working with.

To view all of the crystal friends that are available to welcome into heart and home, you may visit Crystal Illumination.

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