Rabbit Shenanigans ~ Just Me Being Silly

rabbits are my people.jpg

Rabbits Are My People

Simply for fun here’s a montage of whimsical captures from last weekend after I received some new winter rabbit beanies in the mail from a sweet friend, fellow artist and bunny mom I connected with via Instagram. One is as you read above, and the other is rabbit art she made and titled, Rabbit Sleeping. I don’t know what it is about these beanies of hers, but they inspired some silly wabbit shenanigans and because I’m all about reminding people of their inner child, I don’t hesitate to wear my silliness on my sleeve. In fact, I love making people laugh and I laugh to tears about so many things. Poking fun at myself is a way I hope to invite others not to take life and yourself so seriously and to find the humor and playfulness in things.

I wish I could retrieve the photo I posted as my temporary story on Instagram (this is like a snapshot that only stays up for 24 hours where you can share quick things). It was a photo of me in the field you’ll see below where I looked like a Sasquatch (Bigfoot), the way my body was caught in motion. And that’s exactly what the caption was “Sasquatch sighting. Oh wait….that’s just me!” It not only made me laugh so hard, but many others as well who in fact told me they had to return to look at it several times because it made them feel good laughing.

And that makes me happy!

Anyway, these photos from last weekend on two different 7+ mile hikes in my winter rabbit beanies inspired short and sweet rabbit captions. I also found some interesting symbolism that showed up in some of the photos (can you find them?). The photos tell their own mini story with another layered story (likely with more personal symbolism to things in my life currently) and led up to yesterday’s New Moon in Sagittarius and big snow storm that started then and continues through tomorrow.

The last photos happened to be up at the higher elevation where some snow still lingers from previous snow fall, but foreshadowed a long Winter’s nap settling in now with an entire Winter Wonderland we currently have with a couple of feet of snow already.

I hope these bring a smile to your face.

Wishing everyone a hoppy, warm, sweet, and fun Thanksgiving. I’m grateful for each of you!

And don’t forget our Magick Rabbit Mega Holiday Sale started today with sweet ornaments as your gift with purchase. Now that’s also something to make this rabbit faery do binkies about!

rabbits gone wild.jpg

Rabbits Gone Wild


Leaping Lagomorphs!

rabbit running

Loping Lapin


Balanced Bunny


Rabbit Sleeping


Solstice Slumber

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  1. Gorgeous winter fun photos, thank you!😊

  2. Warm hugs back to you and the bunnies πŸ™‚ 😘

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