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Ask Astrid Fridays ~ The Rabbit’s Corner: Nurturing, Love & Recognizing the Connection

astrid and amethyst

Astrid has been both extra loving outward AND open to and willing to ask for extra love for herself these days. And while she has been demonstrating this, I’ve noticed myself turning even more attention to self-nurturing than I already do and hearing from others who are finding circumstances and cycles making it essential that they, too, turn the love light back on to themselves as well.

The above photo shows her giving to, and receiving from her calming and powerful master amethyst rabbit friend. She spends a lot of time tuning in with, giving velvety tongue kisses to, and laying next to her crystals, to include the three giant quartz you see to her right – the golden and pinky lilac quartz from Tahoe and the smaller one in front from Montana – found right after Joy transitioned, on one of the most magickal Faery hikes ever not far from her place of departure.

Nurturing is a vital element of well-being, growth, productivity, and ability to thrive. There is much our hearts long to do and give out, but we simply can’t only be flowing energy in one direction. We know this concept, but do we put it into action?

If we don’t slow down, many times we find ourselves forced to.

If we get stuck in our heads, our hearts will cry out.

If we’re tired, but keep pushing, our bodies give out.

If something needs our attention, it’s sure to get it.

If we overextend our energy, the boundaries we haven’t exercised become strict teachers drawing the lines for us.

If we simply need a pause or extra softening to ensure well-being, our emotions may feel extra sensitive so that we nurture more tenderness to ourselves.

While Astrid and I have been re-evaluating and redirecting ourselves, I’ve noticed that both the changes that are formulating and my own body’s rhythms are needing extra attention that involves even more self-care and self-love.

As I get closer to 50, hormones are shifting, more solidity in myself is forming, and more questions come up as to the life I/we want to create for the time remaining.

This creates more reflection and sensitivity that desires a lot of love be directed within and Astrid is mirroring this with the evolution of her growth as well. This brings the two of us in even stronger bond together, as we navigate this new cycle we’re stepping into.

A new level of awareness and embodied response seems to be in motion.

I find myself implementing more self-care routines, listening to my body’s needs, and creating greater clarity of alignment.

Sleep has always been important to me on many levels, but lately I find myself so enamored with that time of day when I lay my head on my pillow. Although the day is full of enriching things, I so look forward to that time of restoration and dream work at night. It feels like it’s own elixir and healing supplement.

As I have been writing this, Astrid has been to my left suspended in a state of meditation – quite literally. I’ve never seen her do this before, but she was in a position where her head was bowed down in a curve fully toward her heart, like the neck of a graceful swan, and has held it there for minutes on end, with eyes in a tranced deep state and her not budging.

Her shape also creates the effect of one half of a heart.

Synchronously, I was feeling how she and I seem to have been expressly made for each other as a reflection and other half, while I then noticed her in this suspended position.

She always knows what I’m thinking – or rather, she simultaneously sends me the message that becomes my own thought.

We are definitely two halves of a shared heart.

And that seems to be her message to me.

We are mirroring the needs and awareness our hearts speak.

And all of the love and special nurturing and understanding I extend to her, ultimately is about touching my own heart that she reflects.

I believe her message is simple.

We may think we are only feeling strongly compelled to give to and nurture others and what touches our hearts out there, but even if we don’t ever want to look further into what anything means, ultimately the connection we share to everything is glowing brightly from our heart within.

Perhaps that’s why so many healers, therapists, counselors, teachers, creatives, visionaries, activists, etc. are compelled by helping others or a cause.

Some call it the wounded healer, but it’s simply a desire to love ourselves as the reflection we love out there.

And when we love out there, to realize how much we love what’s in here.

It’s walking through life with full open heart, flowing in and out.

It shifts how we respond to life simply carrying the awareness of connection.

I See An Angel

To the reflection I see in you…..each and every one of you:

I honor your blossoming journey and the sweet fragrance of your soul.

Every day your delicate petals unfurl a little bit more, revealing the essence of who you are.

What do you see when you peer deeply to the core of you?

I see an angel recognizing their reflection for the first time and awakening into the embodiment of that grace.

Every day is opportunity to deepen into recognition and reverence of the individual journey… the unique frequency signature of each soul, and the beauty and richness that diversity brings to our lives and our growth.

Within each soul seed lies unlimited potential for expansion and creative enrichment within and without.

Let us sink gently into our hearts so that we may soften our relationship with ourselves, others, our animal brothers and sisters, Earth’s gardens, the here and beyond.

There is no threat to an open heart…only more love to be discovered beyond the lines you’ve chosen not to cross.

dave and tania.jpg

Update on Joy & Reflections of the Bonds Shared


While we’ve been exploring, creating, and living life where life finds us, my focus has also been on the little ones and ensuring their lives are as rich as ours. Joy and Cosmo are in their golden years at 10 and 12 years old – equivalent to being 100 and 120 in our years – so they have special needs and have recently each had health challenges that simply mean a weaving in of reflective care has been necessary to become a natural part of our lives like everything else.

I shared about Cosmo recently having gone through allergies that turned into pneumonia and how we got him back to balance again. He continues to do well, and I continue to do my best to keep his allergies at bay, which has been successful. He continues to need me more and more, but he’s happy, spirited, loving as ever, and a healthy little ancient one.

I was just commenting recently on how his fur has evolved since his being with us for nearly a year and a half. When he first came to us his fur was much more coarse and, of course, dirty and matted. He now has beautiful velvety fur nearly matching Joy’s and even his back end he lays on is so clean in comparison and I’ve learned to manage his cycles of matting to keep him looking beautiful. It’s amazing what good care, diet, and nurturing love can do.

And the same has been true with Joy and her recent challenge, in how the right care can make all the difference.

I mentioned in a previous post that she had a health issue come up right after I got a handle on Cosmo’s and he was balanced out again.

I thought I’d share more in detail about that, as I’m always wanting to help others out there with rabbits in understanding and caring for their little ones, as best as possible, through the things that I experience with my rabbits and that I learn. Plus, I like to share how our animal companions reflect so much for our own journeys.

So, I’d noticed Joy had started being more silent…that may sound funny since rabbits don’t make noise, but that doesn’t mean they don’t communicate in their own way. And she had been more internal, spending time off by herself, and just huddled, although was still eating and acting normal in other ways when not off on her own.

That immediately put me on alert to observe and keep an eye on her, as she is an extremely sensitive one and she also tends to process a lot.

Since that has been the case with her, in terms of needing her own space and time and going through things energetically, I allow her that space and don’t just jump on taking her to a vet just because she needs time to herself. As long as she eats and eliminates, I’m not on major alert, although energetically support what she’s going through best that I can.

Sometimes she, or we all, just need a little quiet time to work through things.

But when I started noticing her having difficulty eating…moving food around in her mouth, rolling it from one side to another, and spitting some out, half chewed…I knew something was up.

And since rabbits can get severe issues with their teeth – since they constantly are growing and can grow the wrong way (up or down into the jaw), can grow points and sharpness if not properly gnawed down through their hay eating, and can develop infections, and abscesses that then affect everything else, especially their delicate digestive systems and GI tracts…this was a red alert for me.

If there was a teeth issue, she’d potentially need dental surgery. And putting a rabbit, let alone an elderly rabbit, under is always sketchy.

So, I watched this for a day and she was able to eat a little, was still eliminating, but since she couldn’t get all of her food in, I got her on her critical care food right away – something to keep on hand if you’re a rabbit guardian, as it provides all the needed nutrients, but is a mixture that looks like ground flax that you combine with water into an apple sauce texture so that they can still eat easily.

We followed the instruction on the back in terms of amount per weight to provide, but later found out we could have given her even more.

And I started calling around to find a rabbit vet in the area.

This took place while we were in Colorado Springs on a Thursday…we were leaving to Golden on Sunday. It also happened to be right before Memorial Day.

So you can imagine I had quite the challenge getting her an appointment. I called about 15 places…half in Colorado Springs, a quarter in Golden, and the rest some ER places.

Every single place was booked until later the next week or had no rabbit doctors on duty at all. I was sent from one place to another each time I called.

In the end, I got an appointment for the following Wednesday in Golden and in the meantime just focused on managing any pain she had with Reiki, pumped her with Echinacea, and fed her the critical care food to see her through. I monitored that she was eating and eliminating, as if any of that stopped, I would have taken her to any ER or vet, regardless of having a rabbit doctor or not, as that would be a dangerous condition that couldn’t wait.

I tried to stay as positive as possible and not fall into any worry spiral that wouldn’t be supportive for her. This may be challenging in times like these, but staying as balanced as possible is the best thing we can do since our animal companions will take on exactly what we’re feeling.


I gave her my crystal rabbit and tortoise statue that are connected with Nestor and Gaia, to provide her tangible support from her dear friends so that she could feel them close while they were helping her energetically from afar.


It’s tough when you are sitting there waiting and feel somewhat helpless, knowing your loved one is going through pain. But it’s a test of having peace within chaos, as we can create different realities with the power of our centeredness.

I was seeing her start to lose her balance and fall a lot, indicating an infection, as well as frantic for food, despite my feeding her the critical care. I noticed her losing weight, but she still was eating and eliminating and still actively doing things like engaging with me and Cosmo and cleaning herself.

Then we left Colorado Springs and got to Golden. I started to see her improve. Her balance returned and she was able to eat her pellets and some veggies again, alongside her critical care.

I made a connection to the much higher than normal radiation in that area that had also affected sensitive mom, feeling much more drained while integrating that energy, as a transmutational process.

Joy is the ultra energy sensitive one and immediately picks up on energies, as well as tries to work with them with all of the powerful gifts she has for the greater good. But like Nestor, her fragile body isn’t always realized since her energy is so big and boundless, and so it doesn’t always support the things her soul are committed to doing.

So either the radiation was the trigger to the challenge, or she had a challenge that the radiation intensified, as her symptoms were also those of one affected by this.

Anyway, we finally made it to her appointment day, thanks to a lot of Reiki support also from a few friends that were sending her some at the same time, and keeping her eating and staying focused on the positive.

Long story short, we met with the female doctor who was very knowledgeable, once again, and we received her prognosis.

She was able to examine her thoroughly, which she remarked on being rare, but Joy allowed her to fully explore her mouth like no other rabbit she’d examined. This identified no issues there.


She said her teeth were healthy and beautiful, without points, and the two potential issues of either growing up or down into the gums was not apparent in the easy ways to determine these.

Her heart sounded great, her eyes although blind in one and cataracts in the other were healthy, and nothing else apparent.

But she felt that since I mentioned her losing her balance, that indicated likely an ear infection, which would also cause nausea. In her case, not an outer infection, since the outer ear looked healthy, but rather an inner one.

This can’t be seen except maybe with a high power xray – not recommended for her age since she’d have to be put under for it and doesn’t always show up regardless – and so she felt we should treat the inner ear infection since that was safe and either way would take care of that, and in the interim we decided on a thorough blood testing to run two panels and check on everything including her organs.

In the meantime, we also gave her subcutaneous fluids for her dehydration due to the extreme weight loss, bringing her to only 3 pounds.

That was the sad part, as that nearly week of waiting and not knowing we could give her more critical care, plus her not able to eat other things until the last two days that her ability to do so returned, got her way down in weight.

No doctor would provide info over the phone when I called during our waiting, since they didn’t know her status and that was understandable since they could be liable for misdiagnosing, however also frustrating since there was no outside help.

Makes one turn within and call upon their own resources, which is always a powerful thing.

I was sent home with pain meds for her – the same Cosmo is on – and medication for her infection while we waited on the tests.

This now put us on huge regimes for both bunnies between each of their special needs and regular and special feedings, while I worked on trying to fatten Joy up.

joy and cosmo care.jpg

And so, I am basically running a bunny nursing home these days with all that my dear ones are in need of in their older age.

This last vet we visited said she usually tells people that rabbits live until about 8 years old (only because they require specific care and attention that isn’t common out there), so at 10 and 12, she said mine are like 100 and 120 years old.

Ancient ones indeed, but ultimately these two are tough ones and although there are challenges that call for my time and energy, it’s a gift to be able to live out their golden years with them and support them with their paths. I love them with ALL of me.

We were supposed to hear on the blood tests the next day, but somehow Joy’s blood had gotten lost and hidden on a shelf.

The doctor did call once or twice each day to check on Joy, but it wasn’t until he third day that we received the results.

The doctor was not happy at what had happened so not only did she give them a piece of her mind, but gave me a $100 credit back for the mix up, which was unexpected, but very kind of her.

What we learned was twofold.

The first panel indicated things connected to dehydration so that was normal and we had addressed already.

The second panel showed a bit low white and red blood cell counts, which indicated one of two things.

The doctor is focusing on the one which would be association with infection.

The other one could possibly indicate cancer.

She’s not going there nor am I since she’s eating and doing better.

Plus, to put energy and focus there would be as toxic as cancer itself and create a reality that may not otherwise be there or would not support a spontaneous healing if in fact it was this, because we could be feeding it rather than simply seeing her in her wholeness.

So we treat the infection and watch her. If she stops eating or losing more weight we need to look further.

I’m happy to say she continues to eat well and doing all the normal things we’d want her to do.

The only challenge right now is getting her back on her hay, which is good for her teeth and digestion – the only thing rabbits really need in their diet, as the rest is like icing on the cake or yummy indulgences.

Joy has become addicted to her critical care food, which isn’t bad since it has everything nutrient-wise she needs, but to return her back to her regular diet would be good.

She’s eating her pellets, greens, and berries too and no more balance issues present.

So I continue to try and although the doctor said I could cut back on some of her critical care feedings, I also don’t want to starve her when she is still underweight. I tried for a couple of days, but she refused and so I find it more important that she is strong and perhaps will have to find other things for her to chew on if she decides critical care food is the new regime.

But this experience has revealed other things and may have had multiple purposes.

I’ve noticed Joy increasingly opening and being more vulnerable. She has learned from Cosmo about licks of appreciation and messaging. So she gives me tiny licks now and then, which is something new for her and a sweet reflection of her affection.

She continues to lean into Cosmo more, opening her heart so vulnerably to him and showing how much she does really need and enjoy the comfort of his love, which is so heart warming. I often find her not only energetically leaning into him, but physically she exhibits this by letting her weight fall into him, her head hidden in his fur, and simply just wanting to be as close as physically and energetically possible.

All of this is such beautiful expansion for her and learning to feel safe by exposing herself in this way and opening the walls of fear around her heart to letting someone in.

Something mom has learned too, and along with her.

And I also feel this experience has been partly a manifestation of her wanting and needing more nurturing, or at least voicing to me that she’s ready for more again. Whereas she’s always been self sufficient and not wanting to burden me (at least that’s how she would have seen it), she’s asking for help and she’s liking what she sees Cosmo receive with the extra physical attention due to his needs. So I feel she’s wanting some of the same.

That also reflects to me her opening to her own needs of love and self love, rather than just always being of service. Again, great reflections of the same mom has and is going through.

They both continue to keep me focused in the moment and on what’s truly important and of value in life, as those precious moments of caring for them, although can physically ask a lot of me, are true streams of giving and receiving out of pure unconditional love.

They have also taught and continue to teach me so much about rabbits and now to include elderly and special needs care, which may prove as training for the potential vision I have with this in a possible future to come.

They also continue to reflect all of the important things my soul desires to learn, and mirror my personal processes, as well as play out potential realities to spare me of the same, by my learning through their living it out for me so that I can consciously embrace the message. That’s how connected and heart bonded we are.

They continue to help me understand deeper levels and access the information for my writing, as my cocreators and partners in that dance.

And in the times each day where they are snuggled together and I place my head in the middle of them with hands and arms around them, we realize the power of love through the trinity of alchemy we bring together through our hearts.

But it is the looks of complete bliss on their faces, the way these two fragile, but powerful beings lean into me and each other, and the simple tender licks they give and reflect back during our group huddle, that makes me feel invincible, eternally and endlessly flowing in the power of love.

Being a Truth Mirror

As I’ve been exploring Arches National Park in Utah and all of its window portals, I’ve been reflecting on how some people embody the energy of being walking mirrors for others in a deeply profound way.

True, we and all things are mirror reflections to learn from, but there are some souls that hold this energy in a dramatic way that can be challenging for both the person carrying it and those that experience it.

It is to you – the truth mirrors – that I share my loving support and this simple, quick message, knowing the challenges of this path, letting you know you are not alone and that your embodiment of this truth mirror is a powerful gift once recognized and embraced.

For a little background on how this video became inspired, you might find it interesting to read my previous post: Walking the Path of the Cosmic Serpent in Devils Garden


Honoring the Goose Within Me


So, this was just too synchronous and fun not to share, as it goes along with yesterday’s post: Sacred Geese ~ Guiding Us Through the Cycles of Life

Just a few hours after I posted about the symbolism of geese yesterday and their meaning in my own life, we met Dave’s brother, wife, and daughter Violet whom you may remember from my ballet post: Dancing My Way To A Rebirthing Of The Light, after which we took them to the lake for a quick walk before they headed back south and home.

Two deer again showed up, I’ve now seen 15 in the same spot on three different occasions – today’s were prancing about a field next to two horses, which was super cool to see.

Deer help us to walk the path of gentleness, unconditional love, compassion, and to be in the presence of wonder, sensitivity and grace in all we do. Being with the horses felt extra potent, infusing deer’s gentleness and grace with the power, strength, and freedom of horse.

Yes, it is about gentle power. One does not have to be harsh to be empowered and voice yourself, your truth, and your boundaries.

Yet it was at the lake that the funny thing took place (and when I say funny I mean it was just so deliberately perfect and synchronous I had to laugh inside), which felt directly connected to my having spent time reflecting on geese and feeling their importance in my life.

The second I got out of the car after we parked, I heard the geese loudly honking.

And as I walked to the back of the car I then saw a geese couple at the end of driveway making their way over.


This was a different couple than I had photographed the last time (and that you see in my post from yesterday). The previous couple was gray and very calm, other than the honking.

This couple was ivory, white, and brown and full of energy. They were much more active and displaying the need for action in life, once you receive the message and understanding.

So the previous couple had been the first indication of message and this couple was now the ones to drive it home with “oomph!”

Both had been quite incessant with their communicating, but this couple came quickly towards me, as if on a mission. They weren’t afraid to take action – hint, hint! Action speaks louder than words. 😉

Everyone else had gotten out of the car by now, as these two geese (a male and female) were only about five feet away at this point.

The male seemed very protective of the female, as they do watch out for their own. He displayed a lot of affection with her as well and I was completely absorbed with them and all of their behaviors, especially after having written about them in the morning.


It may also be that breeding season is approaching, as I also did see one species of duck mount another in the water the same day. Lol!

So there also seemed to be a theme around partnership, couples, and communion being messaged – a lot around teamwork, communication, and compassion being key – big yes! as we had just discussed this around challenges people we knew having and were reflecting on how we have continually and diligently worked on this ourselves and how grateful we were that we had the ability now to be effective with communication that we once did not.

Our conversation made us appreciate what we had, whereas so many have a huge challenge in this department.

(In the photos below you can see the two ducks I was referring to. I immediately knew he was after her and as soon as I said that he mounted her. After he pursued her, he was on top of her so much that only her little head is popping out of the water. Then he releases her and she flutters her wings and follows after him. )


But back to our geese couple… could also have been that he was caring for her or trying to get attention to help her because she seemed to appear to have a odd bulge on her neck that didn’t seem normal. Reiki on the way….

In any case, he was exhibiting boundaries since they are very territorial – a great reiteration of the message about boundaries being important and that has constantly been a message collectively, as well as something I continue to exercise in bigger ways myself. I also consistently find myself giving this message to people I know, clients, and students. We are taught to believe in oneness, which is inherently the case of our collective nature, but one must know healthy boundaries in order to operate fully and empowered, as their piece within the whole.

And, maybe he wanted to also let me know that everything I had surmised from my reflection was accurate. 😉

He wanted to drive the message home so I would not forget about timing and alignments with the transitions I’m making and in fact it IS NOW, beginning immediately, just as I’ve felt and how things have lined up to free me. This all commencing tomorrow and fully kicking in Monday once we’re settled in our new temporary home.

So he continued forward toward me, but by this time everyone was out of the car, and so with her just behind him or to his side, he began lowering his neck and coming faster, now just two feet away.

At this point of my not being alone, the message or reflection became one of a group dynamic rather than mine solely, as after I had received his message and stepped out of the way without fear, he went toward the others.

When the head-forward display where they hold their head low and point it toward you or anything takes place, they are in fact feeling an increased threat of some sort. He never went into the bent-neck display, nor did he hiss or open his wings – sure signs of an attack about to follow. He simply kept charging forward.

I loved his standing in his power and creating a firm boundary.

Oddly, I was the only one who did not seem to have fear about this.

He actually got between one to two feet away from me at one point, since he moved fast, until I moved out of his path.

I don’t feel he actually wanted to attack. I feel he simply wanted to give a message.

I felt that he was reflecting a powerful stance of which I am also taking in my life, and reminds me of the dream where I met Neptune and rose to the occasion with standing in my power fully turned on.

I felt he was also exhibiting a reflection for the others with me, given their current journeys right now of which I am aware of.

But since I saw them first and he approached me first, I really had to giggle inside since I’d literally been immersing myself in geese reflection just a few hours before.

Perhaps this understanding of mirrors, geese symbolism, and my awareness around my life shifts helped me to be at ease and find the humor in this timely experience of perfection, not feeling fear, although also not making foolish moves.

I honored the goose and what he was standing up for, as well as respected our mutual journeys that had crossed paths in reflection.

While I did not take an attack stance back, which others did, I also didn’t just turn a cheek to the potency of the experience.

I looked it full on and honored the goose energy within us both, so there was no need for defense, but simply to flow in harmony with Nature once I received the message.

And so I freely and safely moved on to my own path, after the meaning of our convergence was received, so that the goose could continue on his.

There was mutual respect and understanding between us.

I found Nature, once again, to be such an amazingly wise and synchronous friend who always provides the answers if we are present enough to receive and integrate them.

The Alchemy of Responsible Reflection

I have been feeling prompted to repost this blog for the last few days, given what I’m picking up on and hearing in the collective field of experience. So as always, I’m listening to that nudge and sharing this again. Perhaps it will speak to you in some way needed, or will be the little reminder or click that aligns with current experiences. Wishing you clarity and balance in your relationships with self, others, and your experiences at large.

Tania Marie

Take time to reflect

As we each move through the waves of current energies flowing in and out of our lives these days, it can be helpful to understand how to navigate more easily and transmute energies more quickly.

One of these ways is the mirroring process, which we all have heard of and hear reiterated often, but if you really actually put it to practice, you will see it as one of the powerfully effective tools that it is, which can instantly shift your experiences and empower you.

Many times we avoid, repress, ignore, turn the cheek or our back on, and convince ourselves about things, while we may find excuses to have our choices superficially fill the spiritual ideals we have come to value, yet haven’t really integrated at the core. One red flag or message that shows you you have not fully transmuted something is if it…

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The Alchemy of Responsible Reflection

Take time to reflect

As we each move through the waves of current energies flowing in and out of our lives these days, it can be helpful to understand how to navigate more easily and transmute energies more quickly.

One of these ways is the mirroring process, which we all have heard of and hear reiterated often, but if you really actually put it to practice, you will see it as one of the powerfully effective tools that it is, which can instantly shift your experiences and empower you.

Many times we avoid, repress, ignore, turn the cheek or our back on, and convince ourselves about things, while we may find excuses to have our choices superficially fill the spiritual ideals we have come to value, yet haven’t really integrated at the core.

One red flag or message that shows you you have not fully transmuted something is if it continually patterns back, either in the same exact way and from the same exact source, or from a new source, but with the same underlying story.

I know for myself, one of the most empowering ways I have learned, and am daily learning, to shift my experiences, is by actively facing the mirror. Of course we all have human feelings that can at first react, rather than respond, or simply come up for us to express. But the reason for these reactions and releases are for us to take note of their message.

If something bothers you on some level, there is something in it to learn about yourself and why that is.

Could it be that there are ways in your own life you are the same as what you are not liking in another?

Could it be that you have ignored something about yourself that you are being shown to do or express?

Could it be sharing a theme that needs healing in your life or that calls for greater understanding and compassion?

Could it be that you are needing to learn the truth of unconditionally loving detachment both of self and others?

If you are a light worker, healer, visionary, leader, etc…much of what comes up can also be about helping you to get to a new level of understanding within, so that you can be of greater service to others.

So it really can be beneficial to pay attention and look inside, re-evaluate, and create a new direction for your life.

Even if we create a superficial boundary, but haven’t truly integrated the learning, no matter where we run or go, the same things will follow just in a new way and form, until we actually take a look at the underlying meaning and deal with it. That boundary would need a healthy, core foundation in order to create new experiences.

I know this very well in my own life, that core patterns will continue to cycle around until I look within and make the necessary adjustments. And they have changed by my doing so.

And when new things come up, or in the case of a pattern, old things come up, I allow my feelings to move through me without judgment, as it’s the only way I will be able to move through them in a healthy way. It also is the way I can instantly then be present and look at those feelings and look at myself, as an observer watching through the mirror, and find out what it means for me.

And then the healing integration immediately takes place and I relate to the thing, or person, and in essence, myself, in a completely different way and with greater sense of peace and empowerment, as well as more compassion, and can communicate more clearly.

The reaction then turns into my learning to more presently respond and come from a deeper place when I do. It takes practice, but with practice it becomes much easier. And with everything accelerating, it can happen instantly.

That isn’t to mean we won’t ever come up against something else, once we do integrate certain things, as we are continually evolving and we will have new things to help us to get to new experiences.

However, our processes can completely change and become more natural and we won’t be looking at it as this thing to do or work on, but we just instantly work the magick and poof! Instant alchemy.

It’s about empowering yourself.

The only reason things seem to happen “to us” is because we aren’t taking responsibility in our own lives and realizing our ability to actively be part of our experience.

Maybe some see this as a burden and why it may feel easier to turn away from things or ignore something even in the heat of the moment.

But do realize you can shift everything “through” YOU and create more natural balance as a result.

Here is what Shakti Gawain has to share about learning from your mirrors:

Often, we are so stuck in our old beliefs and patterns that we aren’t able to see the changes we need to make. Even when we feel frustrated about our problems, we may not recognize what we need to learn to change things. That is why we need to use the mirror of life. Everything in our lives reflects where we are in the process of developing integration and balance. We can use everything that happens externally as a mirror to help us see the areas within us that need healing and development. Whenever we have a problem, especially a recurring or chronic problem, it is always an arrow pointing directly to some aspect of our psyche where we need more awareness.  

We all attract certain people into our life who have developed qualities opposite to the ones we are most identified with. In other words, they mirror our disowned selves, and we mirror theirs. These are often the most highly emotionally charged relationships. We either love them, hate them, or both! We feel very attracted to them, and/or very uncomfortable, judgmental, annoyed, or frustrated with them. The stronger the feelings, the more important a mirror they are for us. We have drawn them into our reality to show us something about what we need to develop in ourselves. The fact that we have such strong feelings (one way or another) toward them means that they are showing us a part of ourselves we need to acknowledge, accept, and integrate.

Of course, it’s important in any relationship to learn constructive ways to communicate honestly about our needs, our likes and dislikes, and so forth. However, along with letting the other person know our feelings, including ways we might wish they would change, we need to remind ourselves that we brought them into our lives to teach and inspire us to develop new aspects of ourselves. Our challenge, then, is to be open to discovering the parts of ourselves that they mirror for us, and to learn how we can express those parts of ourselves more in our own lives. Difficulties we are having in our relationships often mirror parts of ourselves that we need to heal. Such difficulties may involve a family member, a close friend, a coworker, or even people with whom we have only a brief encounter, such as a clerk in a store. If you are having difficulty with a present relationship, or if you frequently encounter certain kinds of difficult people — for example, a needy person or a person who doesn’t respect your boundaries — take a moment to look closely at what they are reflecting.

The people we are in relationship with are always a mirror, reflecting our own beliefs, and simultaneously we are mirrors reflecting their beliefs. So relationship is one of the most powerful tools for growth… if we look honestly at our relationships we can see so much about how we have created them.

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