Honoring the Goose Within Me


So, this was just too synchronous and fun not to share, as it goes along with yesterday’s post: Sacred Geese ~ Guiding Us Through the Cycles of Life

Just a few hours after I posted about the symbolism of geese yesterday and their meaning in my own life, we met Dave’s brother, wife, and daughter Violet whom you may remember from my ballet post: Dancing My Way To A Rebirthing Of The Light, after which we took them to the lake for a quick walk before they headed back south and home.

Two deer again showed up, I’ve now seen 15 in the same spot on three different occasions – today’s were prancing about a field next to two horses, which was super cool to see.

Deer help us to walk the path of gentleness, unconditional love, compassion, and to be in the presence of wonder, sensitivity and grace in all we do. Being with the horses felt extra potent, infusing deer’s gentleness and grace with the power, strength, and freedom of horse.

Yes, it is about gentle power. One does not have to be harsh to be empowered and voice yourself, your truth, and your boundaries.

Yet it was at the lake that the funny thing took place (and when I say funny I mean it was just so deliberately perfect and synchronous I had to laugh inside), which felt directly connected to my having spent time reflecting on geese and feeling their importance in my life.

The second I got out of the car after we parked, I heard the geese loudly honking.

And as I walked to the back of the car I then saw a geese couple at the end of driveway making their way over.


This was a different couple than I had photographed the last time (and that you see in my post from yesterday). The previous couple was gray and very calm, other than the honking.

This couple was ivory, white, and brown and full of energy. They were much more active and displaying the need for action in life, once you receive the message and understanding.

So the previous couple had been the first indication of message and this couple was now the ones to drive it home with “oomph!”

Both had been quite incessant with their communicating, but this couple came quickly towards me, as if on a mission. They weren’t afraid to take action – hint, hint! Action speaks louder than words. 😉

Everyone else had gotten out of the car by now, as these two geese (a male and female) were only about five feet away at this point.

The male seemed very protective of the female, as they do watch out for their own. He displayed a lot of affection with her as well and I was completely absorbed with them and all of their behaviors, especially after having written about them in the morning.


It may also be that breeding season is approaching, as I also did see one species of duck mount another in the water the same day. Lol!

So there also seemed to be a theme around partnership, couples, and communion being messaged – a lot around teamwork, communication, and compassion being key – big yes! as we had just discussed this around challenges people we knew having and were reflecting on how we have continually and diligently worked on this ourselves and how grateful we were that we had the ability now to be effective with communication that we once did not.

Our conversation made us appreciate what we had, whereas so many have a huge challenge in this department.

(In the photos below you can see the two ducks I was referring to. I immediately knew he was after her and as soon as I said that he mounted her. After he pursued her, he was on top of her so much that only her little head is popping out of the water. Then he releases her and she flutters her wings and follows after him. )


But back to our geese couple…..it could also have been that he was caring for her or trying to get attention to help her because she seemed to appear to have a odd bulge on her neck that didn’t seem normal. Reiki on the way….

In any case, he was exhibiting boundaries since they are very territorial – a great reiteration of the message about boundaries being important and that has constantly been a message collectively, as well as something I continue to exercise in bigger ways myself. I also consistently find myself giving this message to people I know, clients, and students. We are taught to believe in oneness, which is inherently the case of our collective nature, but one must know healthy boundaries in order to operate fully and empowered, as their piece within the whole.

And, maybe he wanted to also let me know that everything I had surmised from my reflection was accurate. 😉

He wanted to drive the message home so I would not forget about timing and alignments with the transitions I’m making and in fact it IS NOW, beginning immediately, just as I’ve felt and how things have lined up to free me. This all commencing tomorrow and fully kicking in Monday once we’re settled in our new temporary home.

So he continued forward toward me, but by this time everyone was out of the car, and so with her just behind him or to his side, he began lowering his neck and coming faster, now just two feet away.

At this point of my not being alone, the message or reflection became one of a group dynamic rather than mine solely, as after I had received his message and stepped out of the way without fear, he went toward the others.

When the head-forward display where they hold their head low and point it toward you or anything takes place, they are in fact feeling an increased threat of some sort. He never went into the bent-neck display, nor did he hiss or open his wings – sure signs of an attack about to follow. He simply kept charging forward.

I loved his standing in his power and creating a firm boundary.

Oddly, I was the only one who did not seem to have fear about this.

He actually got between one to two feet away from me at one point, since he moved fast, until I moved out of his path.

I don’t feel he actually wanted to attack. I feel he simply wanted to give a message.

I felt that he was reflecting a powerful stance of which I am also taking in my life, and reminds me of the dream where I met Neptune and rose to the occasion with standing in my power fully turned on.

I felt he was also exhibiting a reflection for the others with me, given their current journeys right now of which I am aware of.

But since I saw them first and he approached me first, I really had to giggle inside since I’d literally been immersing myself in geese reflection just a few hours before.

Perhaps this understanding of mirrors, geese symbolism, and my awareness around my life shifts helped me to be at ease and find the humor in this timely experience of perfection, not feeling fear, although also not making foolish moves.

I honored the goose and what he was standing up for, as well as respected our mutual journeys that had crossed paths in reflection.

While I did not take an attack stance back, which others did, I also didn’t just turn a cheek to the potency of the experience.

I looked it full on and honored the goose energy within us both, so there was no need for defense, but simply to flow in harmony with Nature once I received the message.

And so I freely and safely moved on to my own path, after the meaning of our convergence was received, so that the goose could continue on his.

There was mutual respect and understanding between us.

I found Nature, once again, to be such an amazingly wise and synchronous friend who always provides the answers if we are present enough to receive and integrate them.

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