A Message From Neptune ~ God of the Sea

Last night I had an interesting dream of meeting Neptune – God of the Sea.

Not surprising, since I’ve been so immersed in the depths of water energy recently with all of our oceanside RV sites we’ve been stationed at, along with the abundance of rain and sea life to accompany it.

Seemed this was foreshadowed also when the RV next to us pulled out while in Avila Beach and I caught its name in the side window – Neptune.

The dream took place after I’d woken in the night, hearing a downpour of rain outside and sea lions barking in the marina.

In my dream I was staying at a very large, sprawling hotel by the ocean. I originally was in one room, but for some reason they wanted me to move rooms and they provided me two new keys.

I ventured off feeling led to try the key to room #287 – an 8 in numerology, which is a power number of balancing the material and immaterial (spiritual) worlds – first.

It had a long gated entrance with plants and looked different from the other rooms – separate and like its own dwelling. It was free standing and had very tall, dark wood walls, seemingly with no windows.

I opened the door and looked around.

Indeed there were no windows. It was mostly bare and dimly lit.

I saw only a couple pieces of clothing and shoes on the ground, as if someone had just left them there.

Sensing they may still be there, I slowly and quietly made my way to the door.

That’s when he appeared.

Silvery white hair and beard, large build, and piercing stark, ice blue eyes. He was likely unclothed, but I only focused on his eyes, face, and bare, strong shoulders – not removing my gaze he had me locked in.

I felt his power, although it appeared that he had shifted into a mortal form living in this hotel room by the ocean.

His eyes gave him away, as they were electric like the lightning storms that take sailors to their detriment and carried the power of the ocean.

It was as if he was waiting for me.

I did feel uncomfortable and some fear took over, as I was not sure of his intentions, his power was great, and here I was inside his domain with no one knowing I was here.

Everything between us was in silence, but telepathically understood.

He knew my trepidation and rather than make me feel more comfortable, he turned on his power even greater. It was as if he knew the best medicine for me was to show up larger and not coddle me. (Much like what I always share that the best way to support someone is to stand in your power rather than meet them in their story, as that provides them authentic choice and a bridge to meet you in their own power, or to remain where they are and choose the story)

And so he stood between me and the door and his eyes became literally electric, glowing and charged, all his power coming through them and his pupils white at center of the icy blue. He turned it on and sent it piercing through to me.

It was not his intention to hurt me, but to show me his power and to test me.

It was then that something was triggered inside and I rose to the occasion.

Suddenly a power built inside of me and I faced him straight on and pierced his eyes back with my own, full steam…my own eyes in penetrating force sending the power within me through to him…hitting him hard.

I remember telepathically sending him the message, “Don’t you dare pull your power on me again or you’ll have this to reckon with.”

His eyes smiled with delight.

It wasn’t a vicious energy between us at all. It was more like a playful exchange between old friends calling each other out…or a master with his disciple who has now turned the tables and both are pleased with the outcome finally achieved through the hard work.

It was as if he was taunting me to reveal myself and not cower before anything or hide in any way who I really am. He was wanting me to dig into the watery depths of my own Pisces soul and bring forth who I really was.

After I turned on my power, I then quickly left.

The dream went on a while, and he seemed to follow me when I left the room to try to get a different room. There was a sense he did not want me changing rooms and wanted me to stay with that one. He even shape shifted into the manager of the hotel at the desk I’d gone to to try to have things changed. And so I never did, although was trying to shake him from following me.

It was evident that he would not leave me be until I fully grasped the seriousness of his message, fully integrated and embodied it, and kept “me” turned on consistently.

Synchronously, this morning I pulled one of my Faery Oracle Tarot cards and the message seemed to reiterate the dream:

“If you are courageous, you can now become who you truly are on a magickal level. When you accept this part of who you are, and accept that this magick you have experienced is natural and good, you will grow stronger, more fearless, more calm, more effective and you will draw to you the people who can echo back to you these truths you have found.”

Being a Pisces, Neptune’s energy is very familiar to me, although can also be some of the trickiest because it is all about the subconscious, the shadow, the depths of feelings below the surface…. and now he is asking of me to bring forth the depths of who I am in an even bigger, bolder, constantly visible way.

Seems he will be sticking around and working with me to ensure that I do. 🙂

Avia Venefica has a great page on Neptune symbolism if you’re interested in exploring the energy more:

Neptune Symbol and Symbolic Facts About Neptune

I have received Neptune’s message to heart, as his eyes continue to stare into my soul and I know will haunt me with his fatherly, disciplined love of which I am grateful.

I will be continuing to integrate the depths of what this means for me and how I want it to manifest, as I approach a new cycle come my birthday and as I reflect on today’s illuminating Full Moon in Leo.

My question to myself is do I dare turn my power full on?

My question to you is do you dare turn your power full on?

We cannot afford to live less than who we really are.

Me/You, my/your loved ones, the Earth, the collective, the Cosmos needs you to remember and be, without veils, without masks, without sugar coating, without false power, without illusion, without fear, without denial and repression….

Arise and meet yourself eye to eye today.

I’ll be there with you doing the same.

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. Goosebumps, Tania! What an amazing dream, and I love your reflections on it and your knowledge on how to apply the message to your life in the physical. Strong water energy, and especially Pisces (but water signs in general) can really transform through refining and owning their power. I have some strong Neptune aspects and lot of pluto/scorpio influence (which has been inviting me to step into my power in a proportionate way) and have felt a similar message coming through in various ways for the last several months. So your dream share here really lit up for me in a synchronistic way. Thanks!

    • thank you! it was really a powerful one and i understand why it stays with me so much…not one to forget and just move on from…yes so agree…all water signs, and anywhere really that we have water energy in our charts, as you shared….how awesome you’re getting the same messages! that’s always a cool reiteration of truth for ya ❤ you're welcome. thank you for sharing this also with me.

  2. That was a powerful dream, I’ve not had anything like that for a long time.

  3. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    Wow, wow, wow! What a powerful post! I know Neptune, a bit, having spent so much time in the sea, swimming with dolphins and turtles and a couple of whales. But never an encounter up close and personal like that! Mostly through other beings, and I have definitely felt him around. So cool, you met him eye to eye that way or shall I say I to I. Way to stand in your own IAM Presence!

    Lovely, lovely post, Tania! I love it!
    Love and Light!

    • yes! i was like wow too when i reflected this morning upon wakening. i love that I to I!! perfect. i was pretty proud of myself for doing that, as it could have gone another way. i’m glad his eyes are strongly imprinted now and will remind me to continue as such. much love!! thank you mary!

  4. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

  5. Hi desr Tania,

    Yesterday i read this post which really struck a chord in me.. Especially being a piscean as well.. Although i hold greater connection to Oxum and Ganga – mothers of white waters in brazil and india.

    Today i woke up and chose two different Osho tarot cards. Both were number 8!! One for the mind the other for emotions..

    I immediately remmebered this post and that your number had also been 8.


    Do you know of a website that i can easily learn about numerology and the significance of esch number?

    And as always thank you for your posts. Your blog is the only one i follow and it truly feeds my heart!

    Much love from Mamma India,

    Sent from my iPhone

    • oh i’m so glad you connected with this piece and it offered a different perspective of energy than the connections you have. cool on the 8 for you too showing up! i don’t have a particular website for numerology, although there are tons out there that provide insight to each of the numbers. sometimes when i want further info, i just google numerology and the number of interest…or the symbolism of each number and explore sites that come up for greater detail. it’s something i got into back 20+ years ago and read some books at the time for some basic understanding. i suggest either googling and seeing what your intuition draws you to, or looking for a book on amazon or something that speaks to you. it’s a very rich subject with a lot you can delve into if that becomes of interest…or you can simply learn about the meaning and energy behind numbers, how to calculate your personal numbers, etc. for instance i just googled and here is a site that will give you an idea of how extensive you can get into this: http://www.astrology-numerology.com/numerology.html

      i’m so grateful that you find my shares enriching…that means a lot. thank you pavi!! much love and warm hugs to you ❤

  6. Reblogged this on Tania Marie's Blog and commented:

    In the theme of dreams, but more importantly, in the theme of rising to your highest potential, not being afraid to bring forth your gifts, and ending the pattern of hiding your power, this blog about my own transformation with this that took place in dream time with the powerful God of the Sea, Neptune, felt important to share. It also synchronously ties into the energy of a wand I am just completing that integrates Neptune and merfaery energy, so feels particularly timely to share in honor of this embrace. As I wrote, “we cannot afford to live less than who we really are.”

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