Marriage of Divinity – A Walk Between Worlds Inca Sacred Tattoo Designs

Sacred Tattoo Design

It has been a very event-full 10 days or so with all of the astrological influences and potent energy swirling. There’s been a lot going on and shifting here and as always, it seems to align with potent sacred tattoo designs I’m working on that really stir up and activate energy into motion.

It’s also been really hot here for this time of year and for being near the coast – 95 degrees for the last few days with warm Santa Ana winds. I’ve actually enjoyed it, as I’m always cold 🙂 and it provided me good reason for a late afternoon beach stroll a few days ago (bringing Dolphin and Osprey magick into my experience), but it has definitely been part of the interesting energetic influences.

Alongside quite a bit going on (which is why the process of these tattoos has been on its own timeline and is taking a bit longer to get through them than usual), one of the things experienced here has been the opening of a portal at the house that created access to another parallel timeline happening in this house. This was something both Joy and I have been in the midst of and it became obvious that a few things were the reason for this opening, one being my channeling and creating these sacred pieces you see featured here – hence the title that not only reflects the designs created, and my Inca painting, but also of what my experience has been in living in different realities at once.

These symbolic designs are very connected to collective energy, as well as the individual energy they are being created for. They act as activation keys and do shift things on many levels, especially when aligned with other energetic influences, the symbols being worked with, the intentions and energy behind them, and where I am at in the process of creating them too.

It’s a very potent process that can’t be explained in a way that may make sense to most people, but it undoubtedly is experienced. So needless to say, a slip-through took place here that brought down veils between timelines and it actually affected my rabbit incredibly, who acts as a guardian to our own gateway here. We had to work to create a boundary to the timeline opening so that we could ground and balance things here, which involved energetic work and calling upon a Guardian associated, synchronously, with these designs. It’s a tricky thing to be living and moving forward in a different reality being created, but still being in the one here, which does need a balance of boundaries maintained. Powerful stuff!!

And now these pieces will be personal portals for my client to access parts of him and to activate new experiences he desires to create.

Anyway, it’s always so interesting to see how these designs come to be and I was so grateful to be working with the powerful energy of the Ancient Incas for my client. It wasn’t since my painting, “A Walk Between Worlds” that I had been so focused in these energies and it seems so perfect since I have been working on the upcoming sacred journey to Peru for this year and my client is also going to Peru in a couple months for his first time.

I love the journey of how these designs come together. It’s as if the stories they have to share, write themselves by my tuning in to their essence.

The messages are collectively woven, although personal, since they contain collective symbolism that will speak to each in a unique way beyond what words can say.

It’s always too hard to try to explain the energy of the pieces and as I’ve shared many times, I do prefer to have them reflect whatever you pick up from them, but I do provide some pointers in intention.

These are actually two separate, but cohesive design pieces created for my male client who will be wearing one each on both of his inner forearms from wrist to crease of elbow. The Chakana will be on the outside of the inner forearm, half way wrapping so that a half is on the face of the inner forearm when arm is held with palms facing up. And when the two forearms are brought together, each of their halves will create a new, unified, and integrated Chakana, as well as a whole story that they are each integral to.

I won’t detail all of the symbolism of every aspect of the design, but the essence focuses are that of being present, focused, aware, fearless, free-flowing, openness, transparency, authenticity, love without restrictions, surrender, higher mind and heart, transmutation, activation, connection with nature spirits, earth, and cosmos, integration of shadow, and balancing organic sensuality, flow, and instinct of life with higher mind consciousness and clarity within the sacred geometry present.

The left design is for the right arm, which is connected to male energy, but working with the Divine Male. The right arm contains Jaguar, Serpent, Chakana, Moth, small Seed or Flower of Life symbolism, Tumi – Sun God/good luck, DNA double helix, organic leaves turning into spirals, Sun wheel portal in Chakana, stars and planets, pyramid design like a sacred eye within, and radiating energy like wings.

The right design is for the left arm, which is connected to the female energy, but working with the Divine Feminine. The left arm containis Condor, Hummingbird (Nazca symbol), Chakana, Inca Star within it with a labyrinth portal center, organic leaves turning into spirals, Calla Lily, Full Moon, stars and planets, Seed or Flower of Life symbolism, radiating energy like wings.

The left arm has the energy flowing “in” and up through the wrist, as with feminine energy, we receive. The right arm has the energy flowing “out” through the serpent, as with male energy it is action of what is guided by the feminine. But I also have some energy flowing up and down on each, to create balance when in that Divine space where each does actually have its own way of giving and receiving.

I was drawn to create a Star Chakana for the Divine Feminine side. The symbol is of an Inca Star I came across in researching and then added a spiral center portal to it. I love how the middle is like a labyrinth of life that winds and spirals, but the effects are clear and focused as the points of the star in all directions of life. I wanted the star to be balanced with male energy, and the points and precision feel like that to me, but the spiral center adds that the source of guidance and direction to the focused male come from the female core. I did add the Full Moon on that arm, as it speaks to new beginnings and the Divine Feminine in its wholeness, while flowing with the cycles of life.

I was drawn to create a Sun Chakana for the right to balance the Moon energy, but to equal the Star energy, as the Sun is also a Star, but a different essence of one. It lies center of our Solar System. And I wanted this sun to have an organic feminine feel to balance the male energy of it, hence the softened petal like flames and a portal center. At the very center there is another small Sun, which to me represents the individual’s inner core Sun that burns from within the vortex of you and the center of the Solar Plexus to bring forth.

Hummingbird completed the Serpent, Jaguar, Condor energy my client was drawn, of the four directions. And the Nazca Hummingbird (Nazca symbols were something my client was drawn to) was perfect to bring a bit of native beauty with an otherworldly feel to that upper area that is very higher consciousness.

Calla lilies symbolize purity, sensuality, resurrection, chastity, virtue, abundance, elegance, grace, and magnificent beauty.

I positioned the 4 animals – Serpent, Jaguar, Hummingbird, Condor, in their realms. (as you see in my painting “A Walk Between Worlds” I linked above). The serpent carries the DNA strand, which is activating a transformational shift at the core, into more of my client’s empowered wholeness in mirror to the shifting energy experienced and being integrated/embodied collectively – helping to bring him into a higher version of himself.


Moth I found on the tree in backyard

The Moth at the top of the left arm came to me out of nowhere and I was waiting to confirm it was to go in this design, but I had felt it strongly and had been guided she was for my client. I just knew. Then, just  two evenings ago, I went out back for a moment of fresh air after working on the designs and on the tree in the yard a giant Moth appeared. It was so big! Like nearly three inches and I got chills knowing it was a guide for my client that had come to support the process, and indeed wanted inclusion in the piece. And so I created a magickal Moth at the top with a flower of life below it and its wings in motion of fluttering, which is creating the waves of energy and activation.

Moths are nocturnal. They symbolize dreams, shadows, otherworldliness, secret knowledge, higher awareness, psychic awareness and enhancement, inner knowing to navigate through the darkest hours of our lives, faith in uncertain shadowy times, vulnerability, determination, wise and balanced use of concealment – blend in when necessary and adjust and adapt when needed, attraction, subtlety and subtle allure, intuition, determination, navigation by lunar energy and light (feeling), vigilance in following your path of light, keeping your vigilance, adjusting your course accordingly to indications sensed rather than drive forward without heeding signs…

I wanted both arms each to have some mirroring qualities, to connect them, which is apparent in the design. And they are a marriage of organic, Earth, nature and flow with otherworldly, Cosmic, clarity of focus, and consciousness. Some masculine and feminine aspects can be found within each, for balance and integration, although have a central focus of energy.

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