Sacred Geese ~ Guiding Us Through the Cycles of Life


Alongside the most deer I’ve seen all at once at any given time this last week, geese have also been prevalent in sharing their medicine – very loudly in fact! 😉

Goose symbolism is quite inspiring, to include loyalty, forging ahead with bravery and confidence, teamwork, comradery, protection, clear communication, determination, dedication, fellowship, fertility, and fidelity.

They mate for life, just like swans, raising and protecting their offspring together, while also looking out for one another throughout the lives they share. In this way they may symbolize your finding a soulmate or your desire to have that mutually supportive kind of partnership that is a soulful union acting together as a team.

They are known to be compassionate keepers of the community, are examples and guides for us to know when it is time to lead or follow, and they embody the sacred circle and sanctity of the cycles of life.

Reverence for geese goes way back to include their place as a sacred bird in the Roman temples of Juno, as sacred totems of Winter Solstice for Native American Indians, as well as symbols of the North Wind in Greek Mythology.

They have a very distinct “voice” and this loud “calling” seems to be a persistent reminder and message of telling us that it’s time to step up, take action, take the lead, and begin your soul’s quest that has been awaiting your attention.

“Now is the moment,” they seem to say. “Come, step into your power and truth.”

And if you still ignore the message, they will not forget to keep reminding you.


They seem to also reflect transition by way of their migration patterns leading them from their home to new destinations. They are also the space in between…the void…the potent percolation that happens from one point of the process and journey to another. And they only stop along the way to regroup and feed.

This perfectly mirrors my own life shifts right now, whereas I’m transitioning into a new time period of my life and a new level of expression of my essence. I have an immediate transition happening and a longer term transition, as I am in a consistent and continual migration for an unknown period of time – perhaps a couple of years – as I/we journey from one destination to another on our RV adventure.

So there will very well be a lot of transitions happening before I fully return “home”. For now home is what I carry with me in flight, as home truly is within the heart.

The process involves knowing that it’s all about the journey and anywhere I am is a place I can commune with others, gather and retrieve the necessary tools, support, ingredients, and integration, and communicate/express the energy moving through me at any given moment.

Geese leave to migrate in Autumn to discover, explore, and search out new experiences, worlds, and dimensions, which also is a direct mirror of my journey since we began our RV journey on October 13th (already 4 months now) at a time of major transitions in my life.

Autumn is a time of change – literal transition, release, reflection, taking stock of our inner bounty, inspires with the glow of color changes in nature’s cycles, and reminds us to balance the light and dark.

The geese then return in Spring, as a fulfillment of new beginnings. Spring is about renewal, awakening, the splendor of new life and all things fresh and vibrantly full of color radiance, refreshment, and stepping out in a big and bold way like never before.

As mentioned, I feel I will have smaller seasonal cycles of this migration of life experiences during our time living in the RV, but also a larger one at the end of our RV journey.

So there are spirals within a larger spiral taking place and I imagine geese will be continually calling to me at those potent moments I am ready and soulfully needing to take flight on the next leg of the journey to where I’m heading.

Their unrelenting and loud honking calls us on a spiritual journey and alerts us to embrace the timing and alignments necessary and most beneficial to support where we are headed and towards the things we are creating and here to live out and embody.


The way they fly and migrate is also very mysterious and mystical.

They consistently shift their formations in the sky, which creates easier wind drafts for the geese behind them to have an easier flight.

This reflects something I constantly impart to others about how when we focus on our own journeys, it is never isolated to an individual experience, but in fact always is connected to the collective in how our discoveries and growth helps pave the way for others to do the same more easily and efficiently.

This is also why service is truly about realizing this inherent connective thread that just IS taking place without contriving how that needs to look. When you are you and expressing your essence and soul energetic signature, then that IS service.

Geese fly in a v-formation which is both a fertile symbol and a potently focused one – like that of the chalice or an arrowhead. It both opens us and points/directs us to new beginnings, ideas, and possibilities.

A blend of yin and yang. A balance of feminine and masculine energies in harmony as one.

They also never block one another when they fly in formation. Each individual in the flock always has a clear view in front of them, so they know the power of seeing the path ahead, being alert and aware, having clarity and staying focused, but also of not obstructing or getting in the way of others, but rather taking our place alongside one another and supporting clarity for all.

Another beautiful and compassionate expression of geese is how their natural way of being is about being who they are as a part of the greater whole. Their communal instincts on a bigger picture level guides them to never leave behind an ill or wounded fellow member of their collective family. It’s simply a natural part of their way of being.

And their instinctively knowing how to balance leading and following is also a beautiful part of their teaching. They know when it’s time to step up and to also allow others to step up when they are in transition.

Members of their flock will alternate in these leading and following roles, which exhibits to us the importance of balance and harmony within our own and nature’s rhythmic cycles. This removes any elitist attitudes and ideas and teaches that leadership is a shared experience that provides opportunity for growth to the greater good.

I’ve seen this in my own evolutionary experience with teaching, as my role has shifted more into a balance of outwardly active teaching when necessary, coupled with inwardly stepping back to allow others to be empowered and take the lead.

I facilitate and energetically create a space for others to step up, while I observe and energetically encourage people to lead and teach.

And I know when the times are that I need to then step back in again.

It’s a balancing act of presence to the energetic streams, where we learn more and more to be guided by intuition and the higher self, rather than ego.

Geese also happen to be vegan and if they are showing up a lot for you, they may signify introducing more fruits and vegetables into your diet, or perhaps are messaging you about your relationship to food and your individual sensitivities to the animal world.

I’ve created such a new relationship with geese that has moved far beyond what I’ve known and experienced of them in the past.

It’s interesting that we often hear and use the phrase, “silly goose”, which in fact to me indicates that the journey can be light, joyous, childlike, and humorous, but geese are in no way “silly” within their knowledge and experience of life.

Perhaps in this way that they’ve come to be known by many actually indicates their role as the Fool, in Tarot – one of my favorite cards and symbolism – which is that inherent wisdom within innocence that goes unseen when we aren’t engaging full awareness of the depth and mystery potently awaiting discovery.

I also find it fascinating that I call my little bunny loves “geese”. I’ve been doing this for the last year, since Cosmo came into our lives. I don’t know where that came from, but I constantly refer to them as little geese, baby geese, my little goose-lings (instead of gosling), geese-lings, and goose-a-ling and geese-a-ling LOL!

They do in fact represent the divine masculine and feminine and have that harmonious partnership and way about them that balances leading and following.

It’s so interesting to observe the way things show up in our lives when we simply listen to the messages within.

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  1. “There are no wrong turnings. Only paths we had not known we were meant to walk.”

  2. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    I’ve been away for a bit. For our anniversary, Bill and I went to the Bosque del Apache, a wildlife refuge we frequent. It’s about 41/2 hours away. Guess what we were taking pictures of! You will never guess. You did! You guessed right! Geese! Hahaha! 🙂
    Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤

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