The Alchemy of Responsible Reflection

Take time to reflect

As we each move through the waves of current energies flowing in and out of our lives these days, it can be helpful to understand how to navigate more easily and transmute energies more quickly.

One of these ways is the mirroring process, which we all have heard of and hear reiterated often, but if you really actually put it to practice, you will see it as one of the powerfully effective tools that it is, which can instantly shift your experiences and empower you.

Many times we avoid, repress, ignore, turn the cheek or our back on, and convince ourselves about things, while we may find excuses to have our choices superficially fill the spiritual ideals we have come to value, yet haven’t really integrated at the core.

One red flag or message that shows you you have not fully transmuted something is if it continually patterns back, either in the same exact way and from the same exact source, or from a new source, but with the same underlying story.

I know for myself, one of the most empowering ways I have learned, and am daily learning, to shift my experiences, is by actively facing the mirror. Of course we all have human feelings that can at first react, rather than respond, or simply come up for us to express. But the reason for these reactions and releases are for us to take note of their message.

If something bothers you on some level, there is something in it to learn about yourself and why that is.

Could it be that there are ways in your own life you are the same as what you are not liking in another?

Could it be that you have ignored something about yourself that you are being shown to do or express?

Could it be sharing a theme that needs healing in your life or that calls for greater understanding and compassion?

Could it be that you are needing to learn the truth of unconditionally loving detachment both of self and others?

If you are a light worker, healer, visionary, leader, etc…much of what comes up can also be about helping you to get to a new level of understanding within, so that you can be of greater service to others.

So it really can be beneficial to pay attention and look inside, re-evaluate, and create a new direction for your life.

Even if we create a superficial boundary, but haven’t truly integrated the learning, no matter where we run or go, the same things will follow just in a new way and form, until we actually take a look at the underlying meaning and deal with it. That boundary would need a healthy, core foundation in order to create new experiences.

I know this very well in my own life, that core patterns will continue to cycle around until I look within and make the necessary adjustments. And they have changed by my doing so.

And when new things come up, or in the case of a pattern, old things come up, I allow my feelings to move through me without judgment, as it’s the only way I will be able to move through them in a healthy way. It also is the way I can instantly then be present and look at those feelings and look at myself, as an observer watching through the mirror, and find out what it means for me.

And then the healing integration immediately takes place and I relate to the thing, or person, and in essence, myself, in a completely different way and with greater sense of peace and empowerment, as well as more compassion, and can communicate more clearly.

The reaction then turns into my learning to more presently respond and come from a deeper place when I do. It takes practice, but with practice it becomes much easier. And with everything accelerating, it can happen instantly.

That isn’t to mean we won’t ever come up against something else, once we do integrate certain things, as we are continually evolving and we will have new things to help us to get to new experiences.

However, our processes can completely change and become more natural and we won’t be looking at it as this thing to do or work on, but we just instantly work the magick and poof! Instant alchemy.

It’s about empowering yourself.

The only reason things seem to happen “to us” is because we aren’t taking responsibility in our own lives and realizing our ability to actively be part of our experience.

Maybe some see this as a burden and why it may feel easier to turn away from things or ignore something even in the heat of the moment.

But do realize you can shift everything “through” YOU and create more natural balance as a result.

Here is what Shakti Gawain has to share about learning from your mirrors:

Often, we are so stuck in our old beliefs and patterns that we aren’t able to see the changes we need to make. Even when we feel frustrated about our problems, we may not recognize what we need to learn to change things. That is why we need to use the mirror of life. Everything in our lives reflects where we are in the process of developing integration and balance. We can use everything that happens externally as a mirror to help us see the areas within us that need healing and development. Whenever we have a problem, especially a recurring or chronic problem, it is always an arrow pointing directly to some aspect of our psyche where we need more awareness.  

We all attract certain people into our life who have developed qualities opposite to the ones we are most identified with. In other words, they mirror our disowned selves, and we mirror theirs. These are often the most highly emotionally charged relationships. We either love them, hate them, or both! We feel very attracted to them, and/or very uncomfortable, judgmental, annoyed, or frustrated with them. The stronger the feelings, the more important a mirror they are for us. We have drawn them into our reality to show us something about what we need to develop in ourselves. The fact that we have such strong feelings (one way or another) toward them means that they are showing us a part of ourselves we need to acknowledge, accept, and integrate.

Of course, it’s important in any relationship to learn constructive ways to communicate honestly about our needs, our likes and dislikes, and so forth. However, along with letting the other person know our feelings, including ways we might wish they would change, we need to remind ourselves that we brought them into our lives to teach and inspire us to develop new aspects of ourselves. Our challenge, then, is to be open to discovering the parts of ourselves that they mirror for us, and to learn how we can express those parts of ourselves more in our own lives. Difficulties we are having in our relationships often mirror parts of ourselves that we need to heal. Such difficulties may involve a family member, a close friend, a coworker, or even people with whom we have only a brief encounter, such as a clerk in a store. If you are having difficulty with a present relationship, or if you frequently encounter certain kinds of difficult people — for example, a needy person or a person who doesn’t respect your boundaries — take a moment to look closely at what they are reflecting.

The people we are in relationship with are always a mirror, reflecting our own beliefs, and simultaneously we are mirrors reflecting their beliefs. So relationship is one of the most powerful tools for growth… if we look honestly at our relationships we can see so much about how we have created them.

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    I have been feeling prompted to repost this blog for the last few days, given what I’m picking up on and hearing in the collective field of experience. So as always, I’m listening to that nudge and sharing this again. Perhaps it will speak to you in some way needed, or will be the little reminder or click that aligns with current experiences. Wishing you clarity and balance in your relationships with self, others, and your experiences at large.

  2. yes….very good thank you

  3. Totally agree with all of this. Mirrors are such perfect tools. Our reflections are in everything. Everything we experience on the outer is a reflection of our inner reality.

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