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There’s More To Creating Than The Law Of Attraction

Prompted by an article post by Laura and Jon yesterday, as well as what I continue to see and feel in the collective field, this article felt important to circulate back around again about the “loose ends” of The Law of Attraction that are being overlooked, as it continues to be a feeding ground for many as an unsustainable, quick-fix that in many cases is applied out of fear. My post goes hand-in-hand with Laura’s insights and Jon’s article, which you can read in full here: Why the Law of Attraction Fails.

Everything we’ve come to know – even if it seems spiritually-based and feels to be new, doesn’t mean it is the end-with-all in answer. Keep an open heart, as you explore the depths of your own truth before fully adopting the next spiritual “Secret” just because its prevalent in the community. There are a lot of great insights and tools out there, but the fullness of answers will come in your own exploration, as many just scratch the surface and become new doctrine. I can’t express enough how important it is to go within your own heart and use that barometer to align with what matches your personal frequency.

Tania Marie

mirroring swans I shared a short post on Facebook about this subject a week or so ago, but the topic was something I felt I would later be elaborating on, as I felt it to be important. Today is that day. 🙂

What I’m finding is that there are a lot of “key” pieces that have been overlooked in the processes we have been undertaking with our awakening evolutions. I’ve written on some of these other topics and shared posts from others as well, on things like full integration, walking the walk, acknowledging and releasing the root and core of patterns – not just scratching the surface with things like focusing on only “positive thinking” to reprogram the new.

“When it’s time for a breakthrough, virtually nothing – no amount of mental and emotional density – can stand in the way of a soul whose time has come! …. What’s necessary will…

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There’s More To Creating Than The Law Of Attraction

mirroring swansI shared a short post on Facebook about this subject a week or so ago, but the topic was something I felt I would later be elaborating on, as I felt it to be important. Today is that day. 🙂

What I’m finding is that there are a lot of “key” pieces that have been overlooked in the processes we have been undertaking with our awakening evolutions. I’ve written on some of these other topics and shared posts from others as well, on things like full integration, walking the walk, acknowledging and releasing the root and core of patterns – not just scratching the surface with things like focusing on only “positive thinking” to reprogram the new.

“When it’s time for a breakthrough, virtually nothing – no amount of mental and emotional density – can stand in the way of a soul whose time has come! …. What’s necessary will keep reappearing until you engage it fully. ~ Penney Peirce

There just isn’t the luxury of “I’ll do that later” or denying with “That’s not me” anymore, nor will we be able to ignore and repress things without very large wake-up calls experienced, which include effects on our health, as well as emotional and mental landscapes of well being – not just what we manifest, both wanted and unwanted.

And that brings us to another very popular topic – that of the “Law of Attraction”. The information shared below, however, may not be so popular in comparison to what has been taught on this subject, or perhaps less touched upon, but like with many things we are starting to see more of the “whole” picture now, rather than just pieces. So, while you may already have felt frustrated in reprogramming and reconditioning into the new thoughts and teachings you’ve been practicing, remember life is a constant evolution, so there will always be more to integrate and more being revealed when we are ready for the next pieces.

No need for frustration, as you have already shown you can shift old thought patterns, now we’re just going to do the deeper work to really help your “new” to solidly hit the ground and make greater, overall impact.

Here are some thoughts to ponder before delving into greater detail:

Forcing something will show you where you are out of harmony with flow.

There are many reasons why something you want may not happen. Just because you want something and think positively with intention for an invested amount of time, doesn’t mean you automatically get or attract the thing you want. Some underlying reasons for this are that it may not be needed as part of your soul’s plan, it may not be for your best nor the best solution, it isn’t the way your soul has decided to learn and grow since getting the thing may take away from that or negatively impact/harm you (yes your soul has the inside on the future), or you may be using too much willpower to “try” to create and control the process, which is being out of harmony and missing key points.

Pushing toward an end result with willpower or any form of controlling energy (even if you “think” it’s not) will result in your field of experience stalling you in direct equality of overextended amount you’ve invested, until it can recalibrate back into a natural flow pattern.

Penney Peirce, author of “Frequency – The Power of Personal Vibration” so eloquently elaborates on this and I found her words to be in exact mirror with my own feelings and thoughts. I would like to share these excerpts from her book because they are so well explained on the topic of there being more to creating than the Law of Attraction:

At a time when society’s transformation process is hovering around stage 3 (emptying Pandora’s box, or the subconscious mind), stage 4 (retrenching, resisting, and resuppressing subliminal fears), and stage 5 (old structures breaking down and dissolving), many of us are strenuously trying to avoid the chaos caused by loss and letting go. We want control over our lives and think money and possessions are the answer. To date, the law of attraction, which actually addresses a principle of spiritual growth, has been skewed a bit too much toward overcoming insecurity by attracting material success and relationships – and that means the principles are predominantly being applied out of fear. To progress into the more advanced stages of transformation, you’ll need to penetrate further into the frequency principles that underlie the law of attraction.

One of the hallmarks of having passed through stage 6 of the transformation process – where you stop, recenter in your soul’s love, and let your home frequency reprogram your personal vibration – is that you discover a new world based on unity. You experience yourself as energy and part of a unified field of vibration. You directly experience how everything exists in the present moment as a superposition, or potential reality and how all beings cooperate to materialize the world according to the highest, most current vision moment to moment. This new perspective means your goals need contain no desperation, and a high-frequency life or destiny, where soul expression is easy, is your birthright. As a result, your understanding of the creation process and success changes dramatically.

I don’t know about you, but the more I learn to maintain the new perspective of the Intuition Age, the easier it is to hear the false notes. (I so agree with this!) Some days I feel bombarded by the rather forced cries of the “marketeers” hawking internet sales strategies, coaching-for-success services, get-rich-quick schemes, and one-of-a-kind seminars that will change my life. Many of them advocate law of attraction principles without having moved very far through the transformation process themselves. If I’m not alert it’s easy to become exhausted dealing with society’s need for celebrity, fast money, and material possessions. I find myself rebounding off the strained voices and gravitating to the peaceful ones who radiate joy of creating with each other for the pleasure of expressing themselves harmoniously from their home frequencies with win-win-win outcomes. One way screeches, the other makes beautiful music. There’s a challenge here: to see past superficial success; find our way into our destiny as a new kind of success, and to understand materializing and dematerializing as a normal part of our awareness repertoire.

… you believe things occur is the inner blueprint beneath the blueprint of what you want to occur. If either blueprint is misaligned with higher truth, you’ll experience snags and distorted results. Thinking that you need to “attract” material abundance, for example, is a slightly outdated model containing a few inherent misperceptions.

in unityFirst, material abundance may or may not be your soul’s real goal. Second, in the holographic way of perceiving, you and the thing you want are in the same moment and space, so you can’t actually attract it because you already have it. Attraction is an idea that comes from the linear mindset of separation: what you want is “over there,” and you must make it come to you with will and cleverness. (I must note 1111 was the word count at this point) In a unified world, instead of attracting something, you notice it already existing in your reality, and you keep paying attention to it. No effort required. Third, because you use will when attracting something, no matter how happy you make your personal vibration, you instantly disconnect from the experiences of unity, love, being provided for, and how the universe is always win-win-win. When willpower surfaces, the ego is back, thinking it’s running the show, reinforcing the idea of isolation and difficulty. It’s a setback for the soul because this subtle willfulness means that you’ve stopped trusting that the soul is bringing exactly what you need. Therefore, energy is wasted in protesting, overriding, and trying to change what you have before you fully understand the perfection of why it’s there.

Penney goes on to further detail and thoroughly explore this subject that she, like myself, is quite passionate about. But here is her summary, in her own words, of what she shares, and you can explore more in her book if you find her thoughts of interest, as I do (I’ve quoted her a few times in my blog):

When using energy and your personal vibration to help materialize and dematerialize things in your life, use holographic models based on unity rather than linear models based on separation, because this makes the process faster and more accurate. Ideas materialize not because you attract them, but because you notice them already inside your field and invest attention in them until they become real to your body and normal. The soul is responsible for the first level of materializing your important growth lessons and circumstances, and your feelings and mind are secondary, serving to either block or assist the soul. You can intentionally focus on things you want to create, and they will materialize if they serve the soul’s purposes. There are a variety of frequency-based reasons that things do not materialize when you want them to, such as using too much willpower, not feeling the result as real in your body, or the soul knowing something about a negative future impact of the result that wouldn’t be on purpose for you.

You do not create alone but as a function of the cooperation of particles, waves, and other souls. Luck is a state of awareness in which you trust the soul, the moment, the perfection of the way your needs are being met, and the timing of events. In the Intuition Age, we need to see success as being more than material wealth and superiority over others and be cautious about who we partner with, as the hidden time bombs in people who have attained success through methods based on a belief in separation are likely to explode and cause failures soon. Your destiny is your high-frequency life, and you can help materialize it by clearing unhealthy feeling habits, choosing what’s choosing you, and engaging fully with what you already have.

Becoming the YOU-nicorn

unicornI was talking about Unicorns on  a beach walk Thursday with my friend and since then Unicorns have been on my mind – their significance as our higher potentials and boundless possibilities.

Yesterday I had been led to a perfect expression from Penney Peirce in her book, “Frequency – The Power of Personal Vibration” and having her book in the foreground of my thoughts, I remembered her reflection about Unicorns as the mirror of purified vibration when you love and make space for your Higher Self to Be.

I loved the essence of what she stated, directly mirroring the concepts that had been stirring from Unicorn revealing herself to me the other day. And so her thoughts evoked this message from my own heart, which expound upon some of the para-phrased expressions she shared and end with the sonnet she quoted that so eloquently conveys these thoughts.

There is nobody else that is going to do the things you need to do or make the changes for you, except you. Likewise, we can’t make others change. So instead of waiting for something/someone to help, improve, or shift the experience, remember that it is YOU who needs to do it. YOU need to love yourself enough to commit responsibly to integrative action.

If you are experiencing challenges and triggers all around you, find it in yourself to be grateful for these Collective Consciousness gifts that are messaging and nudging you, out of love, to take notice of. Everything may seem like some grand devised plan to sabotage and punish you, yet I assure you it is NOT. If we feel this, it is our own beliefs that is making this so.

The Universe has no judgments. The Universe operates by Free Will and Cause and Effect, but not in terms of bad or good, right or wrong. It is all an evolutionary experience and like Nature, we will go through our seasons of change, as well as deaths and rebirths, both literally and symbolically. Yet, consciousness is eternal and all-encompassing.

That being said, there is nothing wrong with having ideals and to intend toward your highest. This is a natural flow of your highest visions vibrating through you. During the course of your life you will have many experiences to provide the depth you’ve chosen to learn for the soul purposes set out before entering this particular expression of you.

There are many other probable realities of you, and will continue to be, but for now you have chosen to focus on this version and with it there are daily experiences, tasks, and reminders you will grow through.

But no matter what you focus on at any particular moment or on any particular day, your real work is to demonstrate, expand, and be love in the highest way relative to your given focus.

Every second you are recreating yourself. As you read this, you have already journeyed through a new cycle of vibrational experience. We each help each other – the Collective – by holding and keeping our vibration at the highest frequency possible, always, and by realizing the connectedness of why this is so important not just for yourself, but for All.

We are all each a thread of the web of life and of consciousness itself. Yes, YOU are an integral and significant part of Everything, regardless of knowing or believing that. But when you do actually realize this and start living from that realization, you will actively and responsibly feel a greater inspiration and passion towards everything you think, feel, and do.

It all DOES matter. YOU matter. And as you are me, there is never anything we are doing in isolation.

We are all helping each other with every choice that we make. To say your choices don’t matter and that you are just one person whose voice and actions are meaningless, is a huge misunderstanding. Every one of you is a light in this world and the more you shine that light, the more reflections of it you will see in domino-effect within your circles of relationships AND across the globe, and this will return to you in greater experiences of actualized abundance.

Gone are the days of talking about what you DON’T want and perpetuating these old, stuck stories. NOW are the days of holding only the vibration of what you envision for yourself and maintaining that wholeness of vibration. You will find that when your emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and actions are all aligned and operating at high frequency, this will be the change you desire.

When you come to love and have gratitude for every piece of your experience and make room for the possibilities you choose to seed, a new reality within you will blossom forth that reflects this vibration and takes you into the the wild beyond.

We are each growing in exponentially amazing ways and are always recreating in ways we never could have imagined, as well as will continue to expand beyond the fears and blocks we DID once imagine – all of this manifesting into the stuff dreams are made of and yes YOU are that dream, dreaming itself alive.

The realization that we are of the One Universal Heart is becoming a more widely felt experience, and the new and true reality. You are waking to the you that always was, in what ever way relative to each. And experiences will directly reflect that relative choice.

And, like the magickal and mystical Unicorn in Rilke’s sonnet below, your ideal, Higher, unified, pure, expansive, true….Self – in the realization of All That Is and You Are – just may come to be through the open-hearted love you embody and by your allowing space for its expansive wholeness to emerge.

O, this was the animal that never was.

They did not know, but loved him anyway:

his smooth neck, graceful movements, 

and the quiet light in his eyes.

True, he never was. But since they loved him,

a pure creature came to be. They made space for him.

And in this space, so clear and free and unbounded, 

he easily lifted up his head and barely needed

what we call existence.

They nourished him, not with grain,

but always with the possibility of Being.

And this endowed the creature with such power

that a horn grew out of its forehead. One horn.

He went to a virgin, glistening white – and there,

inside a silver mirror and inside her, he was.

~ Rainer Maria Rilke, Sonnets to Orpheus 2/4

translated from the German by Rod McDaniel

Reaching the Magickal Turning Point May Not Feel So Magickal

ashes and snow

One of the stunning images from “Ashes and Snow” by Gregory Colbert

Today, after reflecting on the energy and themes of experiences circulating with people I know directly or indirectly, I had the inspiration to want to share some supportive words for anyone going through that turning point – the pivotal and transitional period in their life where things may not feel so good in the moment while the beautiful and perfect process unfolds.

Like anything, the words shared can trigger a shift, sometimes fully promote change if we are at that ready-stage, or are a stepping stone to further integrative healing to process, as we DO want to hit all the levels to the core of things, right? Not just understand mentally and regurgitate it verbally.  😉

I had the intent of what I wanted to say and yet was guided, instead, to go to my home library of books to see if anything wanted to channel through as a message. I do this now and then for myself and in general. I love to see what is perfectly reflected.

So I went to the shelves and asked to be led to the book that had some inspiring and supportive words for people on this topic and theme of finding peace within the chaos of clearing from old to new.

I then pulled out “Frequency – The Power of Personal Vibration” by Penney Peirce and just opened it to a page. What I found there was the same message I held intent to share, and in perfect expression. Gotta love synchronicity! 😉 

I felt to share what Penney has to say on this topic, for the people I know that are going through this, and for anyone else currently experiencing similar, as I fully resonate with her words here. Couldn’t have said it better, so I’ll let her words speak for themselves.

They can help shift how you are perceiving your current experience and from there, the curiosity and commitment to explore the real you can lead you to the next steps of creating anew.

The page was talking about reaching a “magical turning point” (she spells it magical rather than magickal, but given Wednesday’s post I think you know which meaning it is meant to express). 

Sending harmonious energy to your hearts.

Here is the excerpt from “Frequency”:

You’ve Reached a Magical Turning Point

You’ve been clearing your unhealthy feeling habits and learning to raise the frequency of your personal vibration. As you reach the crescendo of this clearing phase of the transformation process, life can become intense and chaotic and sometimes look hopeless. The old isn’t working; you may feel self-sacrificing, unimaginative, and unable to move forward. You’ve shifted the emphasis just enough from fear to love that your old reality has destabilized and the new reality of your soul is starting to break through. At this point, your life may malfunction and you may have to let go of goals, possessions, people, or parts of your lifestyle. You may lose whole aspects of your identity, your motivation and direction, and your comfortable habits. It’s important not to backtrack into more fight-or-flight reactions. What’s really happening is that your soul is saying, “You are not this old, limited self anymore. It’s time to discover who you really are and what you can do.” This is the point where the phoenix lights itself on fire and mysteriously turns to gold. It’s where you come face to face with the choice of who you really want to be.

How do you find your new identity? Should you be like your favorite hero or heroine? Don’t worry – you won’t need to copy anyone because your new identity will be uniquely yours, and it will fit you perfectly. But you won’t find it outside yourself. The answer is encoded in your home frequency, and if you live in your home frequency, your new identity will uncurl like a new leaf. While your outer world has been cracking and crumbling, internally you’ve been rebuilding and renewing yourself. Your invisible inner infrastructure is almost complete. The magical turning point in the transformation process happens when you stop paying attention to your old world, with all its hectic busyness and clutter, and shift your full attention to how your soul might recreate everything. The challenge here is that from your point of view within the hectic busyness, it looks like if you stop or let go, you’ll lose everything, fall into a void, and possibly fail and die. This of course, is the ego’s crazy, desperate view, not the soul’s. When it seems like you’re facing emptiness, you’re really about to find yourself again in a new and better way.

It’s Time to Relax and Let Go

Life compassionately gives you a connecting link, a phase between the old and the new. Like a ship going through the Panama Canal, you, too, will move through the “locks” of consciousness, gradually changing from a lower level to a higher one. To experience this period, all you have to do is relax. You don’t have to know everything about what your future will be or how your transformation is going to work. You can exhale, be less concerned with externals, and stop pushing. You don’t owe other people a description of your likes and dislikes, successes and failures, or plans for the future. You can be like your dog or cat: perfectly real, perfectly happy, and perfectly undefined. You’re a mysterious force peering out from two beautiful liquid eyes and radiating out from a happily vibrating body. You can be yourself without maintaining an ego. You’re not going to go Poof! and disappear if you let go.

Certainly, you’ll face moments when, as endings loom, your ego will precipitate various kinds of clever ploys to keep itself in control. The idea of pausing and “letting the fields lie fallow” for a short time begets cries of: “But I can’t stop! If I don’t do X, I’ll be alone,” or “I have bills to pay and people depend on me,” or “I’ll go off the deep end and drown.” Your ego will convince you to go back to an old job you’ve outgrown just to be secure or to become the flailing, out-of-control victim as your new identity. Your ego will always paint letting go as a black-and-white situation in which both options are about suffering: “Either I sacrifice myself by doing something that’s no longer right for me or sacrifice everything I have by falling into the void.”

Letting go is simply about a return to Being.

When done right, it’s about centering.

Letting go is not about sacrifice, nor does it breed lazy inactivity; it’s simply a return to Being. It is a shift from an assertive focus on action and results in a softer, intuitive state where you will “be with,” notice, and appreciate what’s in the moment with you. It’s about moving from noise into silence. When done right, letting go is about centering, and it always leads to your home frequency. 


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