We All Could Use A Little More Wonderland ~ A Dose of Daily Down the Rabbit Hole

The Merriam-Webster definition of Wonderland is: “an imaginary place of delicate beauty or magical charm.”

The Collins COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary says, “Wonderland is an imaginary world that exists in fairy tales.”

Webster’s New World College Dictionary’s definition of Wonderland describes: 1.  an imaginary land full of wonders 2.  any place of great beauty, strangeness, etc.

Your Dictionary says Wonderland is: “An imaginary or real place full of wonder or marvels.”

What ever Wonderland is for you, perhaps at the least it is a place of possibility.

I know, for me, it is where my soul dwells, my innocence thrives, and my heart goes wild with boundless abandon.

I noticed that the more the world outside has shifted, the more my world has increasingly gone Wonderland.

You may have already noted my new word, “wonderly,” but my shared creative space with Astrid (do you see her mirror reflection above left? hehe!) has increasingly become an actual daily dose of “down the rabbit hole.”

It seems no coincidence that things naturally transformed so much in this vein while my current transformations have hurled me into greater need of creating and embodying a different reality than the one being presented to me.

This will be a short-worded post, but full of glimpses into the world of my imagination come true.

This is where I am able to focus on creating what I want, rather than what others want for me.

It’s where I feel nurtured to keep on believing, dreaming, and expanding – drinking from my own cup of wonderly tea (do you see my “Drink Me” teacup above right?)

It’s where I find ways to strengthen my innocence so that my heart stays open and can do the alchemy it was meant to.

It’s where I talk to rabbits and faeries and every being in between.

I feel we have enough of the current stream of information overload going on, so if for even just one moment these images can help transport you into the world of imagination and childlike wonder, then that’s reason enough to confirm why I feel to share them.

I believe this is where our power lies and more of our creative potentials will be discovered.

You may even feel inspired to start writing your own story a little bit more each day.

Or, even more fantagickal would be experiencing yourself feeling more comfortable being just who you are. (There I go making another new word combining fantastic and magickal weeeeee!)

I present these windows into wonderly things to ignite your own curiosity, activate portals of possibility, and perhaps help you to believe in “as many as six impossible things before breakfast” too.

Things are evolving here quite rapidly in many moving parts and so I’m not sure when I’ll hop in again, or from where I’ll be when I do.

But know that no matter where I am, or where you are, Wonderland is a place your heart and imagination can always take you to.

You simply have to be curious enough to enter or mad enough to dream a wish upon a dandelion star.

Open the door and let the magic(k) in.

And the second you let your mind wander, you just might slip in.

Welcome to Wonderland.

We’re all mad here.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Endnote Curiosity:

I’m so completely off my head that I fall into rabbit holes like these with magickal alignment, and so can you!

On the last day in Portland of our recent adventure before we headed toward home, we were led in twists and turns back and forth over bridges and in circles, finding every place we navigated to was closed, all to have us land at this delicious and only open spot that just happened to have the address of 555 – my favorite number repeated in the message sequence my rabbit family in the other realms send me when they have something important to tell me or confirm.

I will never have enough of Wonderland.

Hope to see you there!

About Tania Marie's Blog

Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. Thanks for the smiles, beauty and charm of your wonderland Tania. Your decorations are delightful. Clearly, you enjoy creating a space to feed your playful wonderings. 🧚🔮🧙

  2. Desiree Bergeron

    I LOoooooVvveeeEe it!!!
    Brought the hugest-est smiles to my face this morning. xx
    Yesterday evening I nearly took a pic to show you, of this series on Gaia channel it’s a series called….
    …… wait for it….. “Down the Quantum Rabbit Hole” !!! So reminded me of you, also that adored part of my sacred tattoo!! And, it shows a drawing of a Bunny bun’s bun as the Rabbit heads down a ‘Rabbit Hole’ !!!! 😮😮😮🤭🤭
    I love your wonderly ways! xx

    • Thank YOUUUUU! I’m so happy to hear that it put a smile in your heart today! YAY! And of course I love the continued synchronicities 🤗🤭 too much fun weeeeeee! You’re so Wonderly and Fantagickal!

  3. Awww sweet T you have really transformed you and Astrids specialcoal place. We should take a que from you two. The more hard and ugly things get do exactly the opposite to support who you are and what you want to see and create. I love the magic, the whimsy and the fact this is you and Astrid. No mistaking it at all. ❤ we can all do this for ourselves and create so much magick. Love you 😘🥰❤

    • I’m so tickled you love it my dearest D!! It really has taken on an energy of its own and I didn’t even set out to do it… it just kept naturally unfolding step by step. So fun! I love that it makes Astrid happy and that she has all the things she loves and deserves too to create the realm of her dreams. I always love how you reframe and describe things. Love you so much! Wrapping you and Mir in hugs and snuggles and healing love ❤

  4. WOW! What an incredible display of enchanting, whimsical, wonderment you have created. I could spend days surrounded in such delight. Thank you, for taking all of us, on a magic carpet ride, through your astonishing abode.

    • You’re so welcome and thank YOU so so much Carl!! 💓 I love that we share this resonance and adoration for all things whimsical and full of magickal delight… and bunnies too 🥰 I so appreciate you and Anett!!

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