Innovating & Creating Change Outside Our Comfort Zones ~ Aquarian Moon Illuminations

I’ve been laying low since we returned home, integrating back, spending extra time with Astrid, and getting a lot of things accomplished. That’s why my friends on Instagram haven’t seen me there yet, as I’m building my energy reserves for what’s at hand.

We’re sitting in the middle of fires surrounding us on three sides, one of which is pretty much fully contained and the other two little to not at all, and spreading. So the air is literally ominous with ash, smoke, red glowing and hazy Sun, and cooler temps, but also energetically ominous with the undercurrents of everyone’s feelings I am picking up all around. There are many losing homes, and many more animals losing lives and homes, as well as forests going up in smoke by the acre.

I’m using all my energy right now to maintain my own equilibrium and peace amidst it all, while sending out supportive and protective energy constantly. When not doing that, I’m trying to stay focused on creative things to help fuel energy into other directions and to help create new possibilities. I’m envisioning, over and over, what results I would like to experience and matching my emotions, energy, words, and actions the best I can to that. I’m also focusing on building the steps toward beneficial changes in my own life, even if they’re things I wouldn’t have seen myself doing in the past.

It’s time to do the unexpected.

I’m grateful to bring back the feelings and experiences I had on our journey to assist with keeping me balanced when I feel outside anxiety trying to pull me off my center. I can only be of assistance to others, and at my best in my own life, if I’m managing my energy, tending to my well being, and being mindful of what’s mine and not mine. I also work at reclaiming parts I’ve given away so that it doesn’t have to show up so dramatically outside of me.

It’s far too easy these days to invest energy into everything we see, hear and feel around us and while it’s balanced to be aware, it’s also balanced not to let ourselves get sucked into where the energies want to take us. It’s far more effective to use our time to create and embody the energy of the things we want to see and feel. It’s far more effective to act with kindness even when we’re scared or stressed ourselves, reminding ourselves that everyone’s going through their own version of things.

Yesterday’s 8/22 Aquarius Full Blue Sturgeon Moon was the second Aquarius Full Moon of 2021. This is an astrological Blue Moon and being in the sign of Aquarius (the innovator and visionary) amplifies change in a big way, encouraging the new that you’re being messaged about and inspiring action to stretch outside your comfort zones. Other energies around this Moon may support some of you to find clarity around ideas and decisions if you’ve been doing a lot of work around it already, while others of you might find it better to let things percolate a bit more so it really anchors. Reflection will be of benefit, but with a Leo Sun, this adds courage and creativity to the mix so that you can go for it with fresh gusto once you feel things click.

Trust what’s coming through those Cosmic energy streams, as they’re on high with this Moon, helping you to see with fresh eyes, expand hugely, and create that gray between the finites. Even the most unusual or seemingly surprising ideas for change will ultimately benefit you if you can trust your instincts and stay authentic. Full Moons illuminate truths and help reveal the hidden, so be ready for revelations that can be life changing.

I feel that this one has the ability to be pretty profound for many. Even if you don’t see it yet, something will come from this in the months ahead.

I felt this Moon quite a bit and found myself with a lot of energy the couple of days leading up to it. I was so amped up that I didn’t feel tired when I went to bed the two nights before it and I woke at the precise minute of the peak of the Full Moon on the morning of the 22nd.

All I’ll say for now is that change that’s been in motion in my life was supported by our recent time away and this 8/22 Moon’s energy, clicking in its anchoring with the fluidity of the ocean, rivers, and waterfalls we were journeying. It made what would have felt in the past to be someone I wouldn’t want to dance with, now feeling like a welcomed partner and the puzzle piece for the Middle Way evolution I’m traveling into 2022.

I see a 22 Master number theme connection showing up.

I also find it interesting that Great Blue Heron showed up so many times on this trip, after my friend sent me one of her sacred GBH feathers that ignited me finding my own large GBH wing feather, and Bald Eagles did as well – finding their feathers too. Both of these sacred birds are predators of the juvenile sturgeon, which links to this Full Moon being known as a Sturgeon Moon. There’s another link to this as well, but I’ll save it for another time.

So, things really feel aligned and perhaps my Aquarian placements are being highlighted and strengthened, so I do feel ready to ignite innovation in even greater ways.

How are current energies and this Moon affecting you?

I know there’s a ton we’re all trying to navigate out there, but Aquarius energy can be a guiding force in our lives to think humanitarianly for the highest good, while we activate our unique and visionary authenticity within the change we aspire to create.

I shared this inspired message on Instagram four days ago, before I took a little break. I’m guided to share it here again.

Even if you feel your voice is not the popular opinion, it’s never been more important than now to embody it.

However that plays out for you, empower your personal energy signature – your vibrational frequency – and stand in the purity of that.

Encourage, support, celebrate, and love others to be exactly who they are and not who you want them to be.

Nurture vulnerability in yourself and others to reach deeper for creative expression and feel the power of transparency and compassion.

Fear is the only thing that separates us and this isn’t a fear of others, but a fear of what others reflect about ourselves and the conditioned perceptions we hold.

If we each did our part to stretch our capacity for growth, courage, acceptance, and love toward self, we would meet each other on the side of a clear mirror, rather than a distorted one.

We would reach through that glass and find who we thought was our enemy was in fact our friend in wolf’s clothing.

Unclothed, we’re all just vulnerable beings awaiting love’s embrace to see beyond the illusions and stories.

We all want to be loved for the essence of who we really are.

About Tania Marie's Blog

Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency โ€“ in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. Sending love and prayers for rain all around you and your beautiful home. โค

  2. Welcome home, I bet Astrid was thrilled to have you back, along with the kitties and you them. All continue to be in my prayers. I keep seeing in my minds eye people doing what they love to do and that brings them joy in their homes. I keep seeing the wildlife and the forests pulsing with life and frolicking, redolent with lovely cool temps, a fine mist drizzling over all, clear beautiful skies and gratefulness for it all. Love you.

    • Thank you sweet D ๐Ÿ’“ yes she was so so happy I was back and so was I to be reunited with her. The kitties were too although Boojum seems to love on anyone who’s around and enjoys being spoiled by the sitter lol. The girls are more sensitive. I love your visions you’re holding. Thank you so much for sending your support to everyone. I’m envisioning with you. Love you too ๐Ÿ˜˜

  3. Welcome back Tania. The photos from your trip were wonderful. I like your bottom line; we’re all just vulnerable beings looking for love. Big hugs! ๐Ÿงก

  4. Sending blessings to all going through dis asters….hoping that like a star many will rebuild and love will deepen and all humanity will shine brighter. Doing my part as well to maintain a level of charity and peace to our planet presently….and to foster good will. So much is occurring, staying focused with visual acuity toward awareness to being impeccable. Many are being vaccinated against their own will and are healthy and staying so….it is difficult to reconcile what is best etc…for so many. Create that bubble of joy with everlasting hope~

    • Thank you for adding your supportive intentions too Sherry! I like that metaphor of the star for everyone and everything, as we are made of stardust and this is our potential. I’m with you on creating that joyous hopeful bubble. ๐Ÿฅฐ

  5. Welcome home Tania, Anett and I will be sending a lot prayers and visual protective imagery, for all those in your area. I really enjoyed your blog and the photos, you were in our neighborhood, we live just accross the Columbia river, in E. Vancouver next to Camas WA. I have been all over the gorge,and on many of trails you explored… Calm, pease and love to you and Dave…

    • Thank you so much Carl!! and please send my love and gratitude to Anett as well! You are both so appreciated โค I so enjoy your reflections and am glad you found joy in seeing the shares along our journey. So wonderful to hear that our energies were in close proximity…a sweet smile to know that and how we were sharing some of your favorite explorations along the way. Thank you again so much for your prayers and calming, loving energy sent our way and to everyone experiencing the fires. Much love to you both!

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