Creating Our Own Wonderly

This road trip has been one of exploration, flow, and freedom. It’s solidified the power of perspective, response, and empowered anchoring. It’s also reiterated the value of imagination, innocence, and the power of creative energy.

Embodying what ever it is we would love to experience is the way to experience it. Kind of like the reverse of that old saying, “I’ll believe it when I see it,” which we’ve come to understand the flip side of is actually where the point of power is…. The transformation lying in its shadow…. “I’ll see it when I believe it.”

And so, too, does that apply to experience across the board.

This trip has also increased the need for opening to even more potentials than we may have entertained before and seeing where we’re led for the highest good. We’ve been exploring options in light of what we find all around us, and I’ve been feeling more need to amp my energy up than ever, as I sense the intensities abound.

And while I’m increasingly unsure of what the future will be, I’m equally more detached from any outcomes.

Yet a fun thing that was prevalent involved an underlying energy running parallel to everything. I’ve noticed a lot of childhood memories merging through and inner child wonder beaming bright as ever. Even Dave has had his own version of this, which is fun to see.

In fact, on a recent river walk we found maple tree seeds, which I’d never seen before, and he told me a story of how as kids he and his friends would split the seed and press it on their nose with the sticky part gluing to it and run around with maple seed nose helicopters, that to me are witchy or Pinocchio noses. So we did it.

I often remarked, with a giggle, how anyone nearby, especially on explorative hikes and walks, were getting blasted by this energy wave from me and witnessing quite the show, as I would unabashedly blurt out oos and awes and exclaim things like, “Oh my goodness! That’s so magickal! Look at that energy! It’s the most amazing thing! Wow!” etc. along with me lighting up and flitting around like a little faery.

It’s been “wonderly” – my new word I created on this trip that merges wonderful and lovely, but also is my way of saying something is abundantly present with wonder and delight.

And that’s been the main theme showing up, regardless of the rest – the value and impact of living from that space of innocence, imagination, creative expression, and greater flow with anything and everything that shows up.

Being oceanside has increased that feeling, while supporting a carefree energy and vibe through and through.

We began our explorations on the coast of Northern California bringing me full circle to 2009’s Mendocino shifting adventures there, and journeyed to our furthest point of Astoria, Oregon – home of the Goonies – for any of you kindred fans like my brother and me. Hehe!

I’m a huge 80’s fan and 90’s holds close hands with that too. The mid 80’s is when this film came out and I’ve since seen it more times than I can count and in fact recited much of it to Dave along the way (along with other childhood favorites). I, of course, had to take a photo of the famous Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach to send to my brother while we ventured through.

None of our trip was planned. We just followed intuition and air quality, literally day-to-day. They both proved to be aligning us for the highest good and also aligned me with deepening peace, as I was able to relax, release, and rejoice on this journey even more fully.

We did actually end up hitting four states on this road trip, although briefly while traversing. Beginning in Nevada, into California, on up through Oregon and dipping ever so slightly (merely a drive-through) over bridges into the Southern tip of Washington on our way back through Portland, and an unknown next stop before onward home.

The Pacific Northwest was actually going to be the last leg of our Magick Bus RV adventure, but we ended up stopping our trip shorter than we thought, as we followed our gut instincts to anchor. In fact, I had the whole trip mapped out, as I was the navigator of the journey and the one making reservations and plans for all our campgrounds. I researched all the cities and best routes and had us exploring the whole country through the spots that stood out to me and followed the weather patterns to have us in the right place at the right time to enjoy the best of each season.

So, this mini two week road trip – mostly up the Oregon coast and dipping in a bit – knocked out part of that journey we would have done back then. It also provided feedback on much and confirmed things for me.

As always, these little journeys end up being great for us to reflect on upcoming changes we are feeling drawn to implement, to activate new energies, and to infuse inspiration to bring back and integrate into our lives. I’m excited for what’s in the works.

I can’t tell you how many instant alignments unfolded over the course of the trip, nor how many treasures I kept finding along the paths we took. This included another enchanting bird nest and an abundance of feathers and ocean treasures galore!

My latest major find was a Great Blue Heron wing feather – the first I’ve ever discovered. Its appearance felt tied into a dear soul friend who had just before our trip asked me if I had a Great Blue Heron feather. I, of course, told her no and she proceeded to tell me that was why she had received the message from her sacred GBH spirit of the feathers she’d been gifted that one was to go to me. She actually sent a small, lovely wing feather to me before my trip and it’s waiting for my arrival home. I felt that this energetic portal she opened through communicating with GBH spirit led me to find this new one as an accompanying partner to work with the one she gifted me. I had seen both Great Blue and White Heron on this trip, so the energy was prevalent.

Everything that happened, no matter how one might view it, always proved harmonious. That anchored way of viewing all things as simply experience went a long way. And being the peace influenced how it flowed.

There were also countless encounters with nature that oscillated between life and death including the sweet white faery butterfly above (saw 2 dead raccoons to add to the 2 dead possums and also a dead doe – came upon an osprey nest with two young osprey crying out to mom and dad for food and watched them get fed, several bald eagles on a distant bank, a variety of cormorants, brown and white pelicans, great blue herons to add to the great white heron and so much more) and responded to instant communication spoken literally or telepathically.

One such was with bald eagle. We were on one of our drives between destinations and stopped for a sign indicating an eagle sanctuary. It was merely a turn-off with platform overlooking a waterway and sand bars across wetlands. I noticed several large bald eagles on the bank way across the water, but Dave was having a hard time seeing because his eyes and glasses aren’t as crisp and they were in fact very tiny to the naked eye. We waited there a while, but without binoculars, it was going to be useless to get him to see. We got into the car and I drove on slowly, watching the eagles on the bank. Gently messaging them, I hoped one would come our way so Dave could see. And what do you know?

One suddenly took up flight. I stopped the car and asked Dave if he could see him. It was still hard, but the eagle looked to be aiming straight back toward where we were and wasn’t stopping. I said, “oh, he’s coming this way!” And in fact he did keep flying toward us and then making a large turn when near so that we got full, undisputed sight of him from the side view as he passed.

I turned to Dave and said, “he came just for you because I told him my love can’t see…can you come closer.” Dave could of course now make him out clearly and smiled touching my knee and said, “you’re the eagle whisperer.” I said, “maybe it was random, and maybe it was intention, or maybe random and intention met each other to create alignment.” In either case, things like this increasingly kept happening and turned many an unknown into an adventure of trust, peace, and harmonious unfolding.

Another also came through osprey again, after seeing the nest family. One sat perched on a branch and Dave again wasn’t seeing her clearly. We approached, but then a tree was in the way and my intention was for him to see her well like I could, as her head and feathers on it were so amazing. Next thing I know, she takes to flight and is circling overhead. Her circles got smaller and closer, so that she ended up just above us and when she was basically above and making the tiniest circle possible so that she appeared to be hovering, she then cried out an acknowledgment as way of greeting us and to let us know we’d been seen and honored in the same way. Then she took off into the distance.

The same day I ended up having quite the encounter with a squirrel after having saved him from a raven. The squirrel then ran up to me just a foot away, standing up on hind legs peering at me deeply, and communicating his thanks. We did this little dance together for a few minutes, as I talked to him. A way of sharing reverence for each other, as Dave watched from afar.

I’ve noticed this trip has been full of magickal energies revealing themselves along the way and a different me to go along with it all. I can’t explain it except to say I feel more connected to everything than I already thought I was. Everything happening instantly and like a faerytale novel in many ways with all the varied characters and fantastical, epic, mythical, mysterious, and even eerie energies of light and dark elements weaving a story. At times I felt like I was reading a story and just being a character journeying through the character arcs.

But mostly I’m feeling the simultaneous writing of that story and how it increasingly becomes real, the more I actively and whole heartedly invest myself into it.

The vistas along this trip and little pocket realms have been inspirational and also confirming.

Today’s blog will be the last while I’m away, but I’ll return again after I settle back home.

I mostly want to share the energetic themes I’ve been moving through so that you might connect dots, water seeds, or find something you’ve been exploring by reading this, but also to share inspirational images I’ve captured, how they made me feel (as you can see in the photos), the abundance of portal energies opening and aligning everywhere, and simply wonder and beauty for you to immerse in, as seen through my eyes.

I hope you enjoy gazing upon these vistas and the little wonders that called out to me along the way.

It was so lush in areas, I looked like a tiny faery immersed in the dense rain forest at times.

We especially loved the Multnomah Falls area and all the pockets of wonder there. But one was our favorite ever, as you’ll see below.

One of my favorite spots was Fairy Falls – I had no idea I’d be at a place called this – where literally the energy shifted, danced, butterflies were fluttering all about and hadn’t anywhere else on this hike, and pure magick just beamed through. And it all had me lit up from the inside out!

It was a world between worlds where everything felt possible.

One of the photos caught what appears to be a white butterfly in motion (see red circled area on bottom right and then close up), but it sure could look like a faery too.

We also came across this incredible web and just look at those light beams streaming through – the architecture of the Cosmos in energetic codings!

We were both full of wonder and delight indeed.

Wishing you a wonderly day and journey ahead!

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. Wonderly Tania! I’m glad you’re enjoying your adventures in the NW. Oregon is a beautiful state. I lived there for 1 brief year in 1991.

  2. The butterfly on your nose was magic.

  3. Wonderful catching up on your magical travels Tania… enjoy and receive my love❤️

  4. Desiree Bergeron

    “Wonderly!!!” I absolutely love your new word…..
    And it truly means so much— you sharing all of you and Dave’s Magickal/special/incredible adventures! There’s so many layers that enter deep into my heart portal when I see what you’re experiencing—again I say, it’s so healing and activating!
    Btw— Goonies is an all time fav of my brother’s and I too!!!! He he—What d’ya know?? Lol
    Fairy Falls and everything there renders me speechless when I see those pics! Can’t get over them. All your sacred experiences with the creatures and insects— too full of endearing layers and meaning……!
    Sooooo excited that you were sent another GBH feather! So meant to be. xx Cannot wait for you to hold them both together in your hand!!
    Love you Eagle Whisperer!!!
    I love the pictures of you and Dave!

    • Hehe! I had a feeling you’d chime in with giggly resonance 🤭 I’m happy to hear you feel all the layers and enjoy the journey with us. It’s always fun to share and read about your mirroring experiences too!! I’m LOLing about our Goonies parallels too!! That’s so awesome! I could picture you dancing around too at Fairy Falls! 🧚‍♂️ and I’m so grateful for the GBH portal you opened!! Thank you so much!! 💓 lol I’ve never had a huge connection with eagles as much as I do hawk or osprey, but lately a new layer of messengers and communication seems to have opened and it’s spanning across realms into new ones! Thank you for flying with me!!! Love our shared avian connection!!!!

  5. The butterfly is mystical and part of that elemental queendom~ very much alive and real….do love to see the splash of colors from the water rainbows…delightfully enjoyable~ Thank you for another day in the forest~ hugs

  6. First of all, it’s such a delight to read your blogs. You fill numerous emotions,of mine, such as, Wonderment, enchantment, love, compassion, hope and stability. I am from an older generation, and our parents, taught my older brother and I, guildlines to help us be good and responsible adults. 1) Treat everyone, with respect no matter who they are. 2) Be kind, whenever possible, help those less fortunate than you, and are in need of help. 3) very important, be honest and always tell the truth. I have lived my whole life by these guildlines and they have served me well. Today, I went shopping and afterwards, I stopped by our favorite Mexican restaurants, to pick up something for dinner, when I notice a man inside, that looked confused and disoriented, one of the lady employees was talking to him, he was out here from Tennessee, he was lost and had no money, he wasn’t asking for anything, he just needed to know where he was. If none of you know, what’s it like to be homeless, let me tell you from experience, it can be devastating. The man walked outside, I followed him outside and stopped him to see if he was ok, he wasn’t, It as obvious, he hadn’t eaten for a while, I reached in wallet and gave him what cash I had, you could tell he was speechless. I told him if there is any place you need you go to, I will drive you there. The lady, that worked there, came out and handed him some cash, that she had collected from the other employees, (now you know why this is our my favorite restaurant). It gets better, a young girl from inside, was observing everything that was going on and when she left the restaurant, she went over to the man and also helped out. Tears started flowing down my cheeks and my heart was filled with such emotion, to see, that there are people still willing to stop and help a fellow human being in need. It gives one hope, that there is still love and compassion in the world. Your blogs, give insperation, guidence, compassion, hope and love. This is the common thread that connects all of us together.

    • i can’t thank you enough Carl for your beautiful message and sweet, sweet words. the guidelines your parents taught are key elements to living a gracious life indeed and are timeless. ❤ i can't thank you enough for sharing this beautiful and touching story. it's these kind of experiences that foster hope and inspiration and are the ones i believe we should be focusing our attention on, rather than all the rest that fosters fear and hopelessness. where we place our attention is what will grow. just like our gardens. there is a lot of good out there and i'm grateful that you are helping to be that change in the world. much love to you!!

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