Nostalgic Curiosities ~ Time Travels in Motion

Everything has felt very soft and flowy the last few days since start of our journey, even though I know we’ve been swimming in deep and ancient subconscious energies with the ocean, rocks, and Redwoods.

Between moving from an 1878 historic hotel with old vintage furniture and decor, to a suspended tiny house within the forests that was nearly a treehouse with skylights to the stars and Moon and even a star and planet dusted ceiling that lit up with black light at night if we so desired, I’ve felt between realms and timelines.

And today we will cross state lines, as well. So, I wanted to share these reflections and images while they were fresh in heart.

What was once latent is becoming the norm once again. There is no need to distinguish or define things and no reason to pass judgment as better or worse. It all simply is, no matter how it unfolds. This I’ll expound upon in an upcoming post.

Anytime I see myself, I also feel like I’ve stepped out of a different space and time, all adding to this sense of all things blurring into one and past and future all happening now. I’ve recalled stories of what’s been and sensed visions of what’s to come.

I’ve moved between lifetimes, ages, and vast galaxies like a time traveler journeying in the blink of an eye.

And alignment continues to be our shadow walking with us and calling up reflections of it all.

We even found a lion painting next to our bed in the treehouse and an ethereal lion-like cat that visited us the night of the Leo New Moon Lion’s Gate, which also happened to be the 13th anniversary of Dave’s most beloved cat companion’s transition. He was quite the large, lion-like feral tabby with thick paws like this cat. Check out those glowing green eyes though!

We also enjoyed two brother kittens who came around and hung out outside our door as well.

So much Leo energy – RAWR!!!!

I kept discovering owls in different corners of the room, echoing a white cosmic barn owl dream I had the night before leaving on our trip and continued finding treasures and feathers galore every time I stepped outside. These were the latest big finds.

Animal spirit messengers have been plentiful as well with a couple of giant hawks, five deer (does and fawns), a Great White Heron, fun cliff squirrels, a giant red dragonfly that kept shimmering and was hard to clearly capture, and many others of the avian clan.

I also baked us some delicious muffin cakes from the wild blackberries we picked before landing here, adding some sliced almonds and a touch of vanilla. Every bite was a mouthful of scrumptious wild yum!

They came out amazing given I measured everything out by eye since there were no measuring cups, I mixed them up in a stovetop pot, and baked them just in large cupcake liners, as there were no muffin pans…that’s why I call them muffin cakes, as they created little mini cakes without the pans, rather than perfectly shaped muffins.

This, too, created the nostalgic memories of foraging off the land, baking without all the tools or to-do’s, and creating a cozy richness that enveloped sweet experiences of another time and place.

We moved from ocean-side to river and deep forest and I remarked how walking through the Redwoods was like time stood still.

While so lush and full of life, it also felt as if life stopped.

I was so drawn in by all of the incredible roots of these giants, more so than anything other than the Otherworld portals I discovered all around me.

They are a work of art themselves, but felt especially nurturing to me and reflective of Cosmic architecture deeply hidden under Earth’s blanket until ready to be revealed.

It was a strange feeling of neither here nor there and as if the Earth stopped breathing. It was very quiet, not an animal or sound, and the essence was prehistoric – transporting us once again.

What I did note, however, was the very magickal little Faery realms hidden along the base of these giants.

Doorways upon doorways into the Otherworld and mini kingdoms thick with whispers and peering eyes no one would ever notice unless they walked in wonder themselves.

Check out how both Dave and I seem to be partially in this world and not of it, as we shift into emergence from within the dark doorway of these giants.

Curiosities around every corner showing up now and then in a dance of energies caught on my camera.

I’m unsure where I am right now and where this journey is taking us to, but in every way I feel myself morphing into the in between and in some ways perhaps becoming invisible like the Unseens whispering through from the open veils.

Nostalgia isn’t just about memories of times before, but also of remembrance of times that already have been that you are right now. I find myself walking a fresh path where all timelines are merging and my experience of existence has been turned upside down from what we were taught… becoming more fluid like I remember. And more free than they would have wanted us to understand.

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. Both the redwoods and ocean look very inviting. The giant redwoods are amazing to experience and of course, you found the fairie realms too. 😍 Enjoy!

  2. Spectacular, I always have seen the aura’s of trees and you have captured them….blue…., also the cats are precious and the green eyes so vibrant. Love the place you are staying at and the woodland creatures….thanks again for the orb, the sunlight and beauty of it all~

    • you’re so welcome! i love what shows up in the photos when i view them later. there’s more to come, so stay tuned. some pretty amazing stuff! i’m so happy you felt and enjoyed it all through these shares. life and nature truly are incredible! ❀

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