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Nature’s Blessings Abound: Wandering the Trails of San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary

cosmic jammies

Perhaps my cosmic jammies are inducing the collective and expansive dream journeying? 😉 (moon, star and spiral $5 jammie pants from CVS and my Super Love Tee combo)

full moon beach walk

Full Moon beach walk

This weekend was packed full of Spring beauty in Nature and potent Moon energies, not to mention the continued wild dream journeys. I hope that you had a chance to immerse yourself outdoors a bit and soak up some of the invigoration.

full moon over griffith observatory

Full Moon over Griffith Observatory

los angeles city scape at night

Los Angeles city scape by night

I was actually amazed that there were hardly any people at the beach or sanctuary enjoying the beautiful weather, but there were in fact a ton of people lined up to get to the Griffith Observatory on Saturday night.

Was hoping to see a cool show they were putting on there that evening, but due to the line up of cars, was satisfied to soak in and get a view of the Full Moon over the Observatory and a city scape view of Los Angeles by night since the line up made us miss the show. Everything happens for a reason, and coming home earlier than planned provided a good night’s rest, as well as snuggle time with the babies beforehand.

But in the day on Saturday a visit to the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary in Irvine proved magickal. This sanctuary has nearly 300 acres of wetlands that extend into 12 miles of trails with over 200+ bird species. It’s a truly peaceful place in the middle of the city to get lost in Nature.lake reeds

And not only is that what took place, wandering the trails and taking turns by whim, literally on the “Lost Trail,” but tons of powerful encounters and magick was afoot.

The first thing that took place at onset of starting off was that I found a tiny, sweet, round baby bunny laying physically dead (with no apparent clue as to how it died) on the side of the trail sticking out from the bushes. Given that a couple of hours before I had posted the photo with words “I am not an Easter Toy” with tiny baby bunny on it, on my Facebook page, AND had just had a conversation at lunch before hitting the trails about how I was thinking of and sending energy to all the baby bunnies out there this weekend who may find themselves as Easter gifts with the potential of being abandoned later…this poignant sign felt to be a loud and clear message reiterating my thoughts and the path of supporting bunnies I know that I have.

I took a moment to honor this little one and all of the rabbits, focusing on transmuting the sadness into holding the energy of wholeness and love that comes from the conscious awareness.

Then the journey continued on this tranquil day, exploring the sanctuary. And that’s when the magick unfolded, or at least is magick to me because that’s how I view life.

dragonflyThe next encounter was a turquoise Dragonfly – just gorgeous. He flew past our heads and landed on a nearby tree, sitting there in display of all his glory and welcoming me to come closer to look him in the eye and capture a portrait of his handsomeness.

Dragonflies are magickal creatures that are both of the air – symbolizing change – AND water – the subconscious, dreaming mind, and mutable nature. The Dragonfly symbolizes prosperity, good luck, strength, peace, harmony, purity, but also change, change of perspective, going beyond the surface to the deeper meanings of life, power, poise, maturity, elegance, grace, defeat of self-created illusions, clear vision into the realities of life, discovery of your own abilities and your true self, removal of doubts, self-discovery, removal of inhibitions, living in the moment, living to the fullest, and ability to see beyond human limitations.

I don’t know if it was this same Dragonfly, or another, but one just like it, not long after joined us as we stopped to look out over the large pond and danced and played in front as I talked to him. I put my arm and hand out in welcome, as I talked, and he would fly just short of my hand, back and forth from the water’s edge to my outstretched arm…talking and playing with me. And when we turned to walk away, he was like, “where are you going” and came to the edge of the pathway to peek out and say farewell for now.

Then it was the Lizards that were really bold today. The first one running out quickly across the path, grazing our toes. This “crossing our path” started to become a thing, as not only did more lizards keep doing this, but some amazing birds did too. The animals felt to really be wanting to greet us very deliberately and making a point of bringing our attention to the energy they were carrying across our path that we are being gifted with the merge with at this time.

snowy egret

Snowy Egret

As the path wound and meandered, we came upon a smaller Snowy Egret. She was waiting at the edge of the piping for fish to come through from the connecting pond (this sanctuary is created by the Irvine Water Company) and she sat there peering at us with one eye and another on her fishy friends below – the power of having all your senses aware to take in everything in your environment at once, and make wise discernments, as well as be able to act quickly when necessary. But she was calm and waited patiently.

great egret

Great White Egret

Not too long after Snowy Egret and a Great White Egret suddenly appear and flew directly across our path just 10 feet in front of us – so beautiful! I’d never seen a Great White Egret and the feathers on him were so ethereal at his tail, like peacock feathers almost when he fanned it out. It was such a gorgeous sight to see him fly so closely and then land in the pond to our right where he displayed himself to us, again all of these animals seeming to invite us into their intimate moments. They didn’t seem afraid and they were wanting us to experience their beauty and power – reflecting our own.

great egret3

Great White Egret

I read that when the Great White Egret comes into your life that he signals a time for change and is brings the teachings of peace, respect, stability, harmony, grace, directness, tact, awareness, good luck, and working in unity for the greatest good.

I’d been to the sanctuary before, but this was the first time we wandered more deeply and had no idea where we were going other than letting our intuition and hearts guide us. There was no thought process to it…just feeling it out, as we went along.

the lost pathThis brought us to some very pretty trails with lovely ponds and denser trees that created tunnels lining the waterways and dirt paths.ponds2ponds

I then came across this lovely heart leaf that was SO perfect, I knew it had drawn my attention. I felt like Mother Earth and all of her children were sending loving support through this leaf message and all of the encounters.heart leaf

It wasn’t long after we’d gotten on the “Lost Trail,” and I started saying that all these tunnel paths and meandering were reminding me of being Alice in Wonderland and journeying the rabbit’s hole, with amazing creatures that would show up and have a symbolic story and message to share, that Great Blue Heron arrived.great blue heron4

She flew directly on our path, just ahead of us maybe 20 feet. We were walking and out of no where she grandly flies in, in all of her majestic grace.

She was not afraid and just slowly strolled along the path, stopping to make sure we were following. She seemed to be waiting and wanting us to and then would stroll leisurely ahead, stopping again to have us catch up.great blue heron

She then turned around a corner where the path widened into an open area toward one of the ponds and waiting just on the other side of the trees, peeking through them, waiting. I gingerly came closer and closer, getting around to the open side where she then looked me in the eye a while.

It was as if she wanted this close encounter, which truly was magnificent being so close and in connection, eye-to-eye, with such an amazing creature and soul.

great blue heron8Then I could tell she was ready to part, as she slowly readied herself and feathers and then spread her large wings and glided across the pond, to the left, and out of sight.great blue heron10great blue heron9

It was truly magick! And I’d never been that close to a Great Blue Heron, able to really deeply connect and be in its presence in such a way.

“According to North American Native tradition, the Blue Heron brings messages of self-determination and self-reliance. They represent an ability to progress and evolve. The long thin legs of the heron reflect that an individual doesn’t need great massive pillars to remain stable, but must be able to stand on one’s own. Blue Herons have the innate wisdom of being able to manoeuvre through life and co-create their own circumstances. Blue Herons reflect a need for those with this totem to follow their on unique wisdom and path of self-determination. These individuals know what is best for themselves and need to follow their hearts rather than the promptings of others. Those with the Medicine of the Great Blue Heron may sit until the rest of us loose patience. And, when they follow the promptings of the heart, they are one of the most magnificent when they choose to soar.” (T.Andrews, Animal Speak)

Wow, beautiful!

And to add to that, I love, love, LOVE the symbolism Avia Venefica so beautifully and thoroughly expresses in her article on Meaning of the Heron and Symbolism of the Heron Totem to further explore the messages of the Great Blue Heron. These resonate with me quite deeply.

But everything that kept taking place was magickal and I kept saying what a blessing and gift we are being given today with these deliberate encounters. If not for following inner guidance and making turns along the path away from where one might go, at times, these encounters would not have aligned.

And each one had its own significant purpose and meaning.

You might ask yourself why I share such experiences and stories, to which my answer is simply to bring presence and awareness to our daily lives – that there is magick to behold, embrace, and embody daily all around us.

I also share to inspire greater connection with all creatures, great and small, and with all of life, and our amazingly giving Mother Earth.

There is so much beauty and so many gifts awaiting our hearts and inner eyes to awaken to them.

Life CAN be, and IS, a seamless cohesion of connectedness where there is a constant dialogue of co-support through every reflection. 

And the more we engage each experience as such, the more we are let in on the dance that no longer will be a secret only others experience, but that you too will be handed the dance card to when you accept the invitation.

Celebrations of Connection & Integrative Healing – Earth Day & Beyond

tania marie

Me on the sanctuary grounds doing the nature walk with the attendees

I’m always reminded of the unification we share as a collective through synchronous events and experiences that take place. This has been a constant reflection in my life, which I carried through to yesterday’s APRL Earth Day Celebration (Animal Protection and Rescue League) with a healing meditation I led.

When I was first approached about the event I felt right away that I wanted to be part of it and knew what I would like to bring as my contribution to the group – a healing meditation of connection, unification, and integrative healing from the inside out. It was a way I felt I could support others to connect mindfully with their center, the Universal Source, and the Earth, by grounding and anchoring within and without, while sending and receiving healing love in partnership with each other.

My weekend, like most, was spent out in nature and focused on nature…taking a beautiful hike Saturday, which ended in a picnic lunch and relaxation to the sound of the waves at the beach, and then concluding with a nature walk at the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary yesterday, which was on the grounds where our Earth Day event was held.

great blue heron

Great Blue Heron at the sanctuary

The event also included inspiring and educational talks by the speakers of the day – all focused on ways to live with conscious awareness, compassion and honor for the Earth and each other, an inside look at Dave Simon’s eye-opening, upcoming book, “Meatonomics,” a preview trailer of the amazing upcoming movie, “Unity” – a film for all who hunger for a deeper meaning to existence, and a more unified way of living with one another, with all expressions of life, a vegan spread of contributed dishes by all that attended, and concluding with a healing meditation I contributed to seal the resonance of unification.


vegan potluck at the APRL Earth Day event

Today, I join in energetically with everyone in continuing my own personal Earth honoring and am happy to see and feel so many others connecting collectively in celebration of our beautiful Gaia’s gifts of life. On our own we can powerfully affect change by embodying the change, and yet together the bar is raised to our limitless potentials. Every day is opportunity to live in awareness and to continue our consistent presence of being the change we dream and desire.

Right now, the house here is infused with fragrant aromatic scents from tangerine blossoms from our garden, and peppermint and oregano plants (gifts from yesterday’s events provided to the speakers) which takes me away to the outdoors and visions of wild fields where animals and faeries spread their magick freely. My desk and studio/office is filled with crystals, stones, and shells from the Earth and my animal companions. The kitchen counter baskets are overflowing with organic fruits to make a fruit salad with (including our last harvest of tangerines), and the sun is shining warmly through my window.

flowers and herbs

My tangerine blossoms, peppermint and oregano plants

I can find my connection and be aware of all the natural, free, and simple Earthly beauty that surrounds me daily, realizing and having gratitude for the gifts that my human senses provide me in tangible and pleasurable ways. And alongside them, gratitude for my personal heart and soul feelings and beliefs that provide me inner peace and need not any proof beyond their connective experiences, regardless if that experience is mine alone.

I’ve always been one to pay attention to the visions, messages, signs, and voices I receive, especially when they seem random, as those are the times I’ve learned to trust even moreso, despite there being no rhyme or reason to them, or despite nobody around me feeling the same way. Following through with the intuitive nudge has been a process of supporting, and the more I have and do, the more the fluidity of meaning and threading of the tapestry of life, seamlessly melds together.

My waking and sleeping dreams and visions are always very lively and powerful, revealing integrative messages. And it seems more and more people are having the veils drop between waking and sleeping life as well, and bridging the subconscious and conscious through dreams remembered and revealing what has been hidden. More people are connecting via dreams, working with and supporting one another, and are experiencing unity consciousness.


flowers on the sanctuary nature walk

Whenever I dream of people, many times about people I’ve never actually met in person in this life, or people showing up after years of no contact, or out of the blue without any conscious thought about them, in my experience it always has a message for the person or pertains to their needing support that is taking place in my dreams, or in some cases, is a cry for help that I hear. Through what some may call my Piscean dreamy state I find my channels of connection to more easily meld into receptivity with everything and everyone that is around me.

An example of this happened just a few nights ago when a dream revealed a friend I haven’t seen in maybe 6 years, and only keep in touch with sporadic emails. I couldn’t remember the very involved dream after I woke up, but what I was left with upon waking was a very strong imprint of him and the feeling, which prompted a need to check in on him, which I did.

Sometimes it may seem silly to us and make no sense, causing a feeling of doubt, or we end up brushing it off because of fear of our power or what it might mean to really be “in tune.” However, in time we learn to trust there is a reason for things and to support that, as later the meaning always reveals itself, even if not immediately, sometimes in very big ways as well.

In my trusting and simply saying hello and wanting to check in on my friend, I learned he had actually put out a cry for help, of which by my simply acknowledging the connection and following through with it, made a difference to him. He responded,


Great Blue Heron flying

“WOW, what connection you have. Your email came at at time when I needed it so much. I usually don’ t get into the needing, but I fell into that trap lately with life overwhelming me with having to face new directions. I have been doing OK up until recently, then fell into a lower consciousness. I sent out a spiritual ‘help’ call that night, since I was needing some uplifting and support. You are so wonderful to have connection with and received my message. THANK YOU so much for responding and lifting me up so I can get back on a higher level. You remind me of where I was and where I am going. Thank YOU.”

Things like this remind us that we are not separate and our ignoring the connection we have to everyone, every being, and everything, doesn’t change the fact that it is true. What it can do, however, is affect change in varying ways, depending on our choice to listen or not. My experience is that when I listen it has a life-enhancing effect for all concerned. And this “listening” pertains across the board to all of our choices we make to act and be consciously aware and unconditionally compassionate. When we embrace this way of living, we open the channels to receive and experience the abundance of life and the fulfillment that comes along with it for the highest good.

I know many others experience the same kinds of things, as the dream experience I shared, and that even more than admit it actually do, but likely don’t note and/or sometimes even acknowledge it. We are all so connected and when we open to the truth of this and are ready to receive and give the flow of that clear channel that is available always to us, the more our experiences reveal an inter-connectedness and synergy that starts to make greater sense, as well as deepen our feelings of inner harmony despite not having a clear explanation of things – it just clicks. It also allows us to be of service and to support one another and co-create with greater channels of understanding and clarity of communication.

AND, it will also allow us to start to hear the voices of the “voiceless.” We begin to understand the ways that animals communicate nonverbally and what they have to share that is valuable to the cycles of our life journey. Then, too, do we start to hear all of the plants and all consciousness that is sharing this experience with us. Our sensitivities heighten in a way that will support the changes we dream of, as we come to recognize the reality of our connection and what that means.


Ducks at the sanctuary comfortably resting and unafraid

I was just reading a Buddhist teaching, which spoke a truth I share, regardless of what line of thinking and belief it stems from, as it is a Universal way of being in my eyes and heart. It talked about the life of all beings – human, animal or otherwise – as being precious and all having the same right to happiness and that all the creatures of this planet are our companions that we share this world experience with. I was sitting with this in my heart feeling how simple life is to me and feeling that unity of connection.

Right at that moment two large ravens landed outside my window and starting chattering loudly and after a minute of getting my attention they flew off.


bee friend doing his thing

Ravens powerfully speak to the crux of esoteric secrets and understandings becoming exposed to the light of our own consciousness through consistent unveiling of inner depths and active utilization of inner drives. They are powerful teachers of mystery and magic. Their intelligence and speaking ability has led them to being legendary ultimate oracles as well as are known to be messengers between heaven and earth, relaying messages back and forth from other dimensions and planes of existence. They help to reveal meaning from within the darker places and shadows that are misunderstood so that we can become aware and create the change needed within that will reflect in change externally as well. Their incredible perception helps us to change the perspective from which we are viewing ourselves and our challenges, when we feel perplexed by knowing what to change. You can learn to understand the meaning of symbols and messages buried deeply in all that surrounds you by working with Raven energy. People have come to fear the Raven guide at times because it causes us to take responsibility, dedication and persistance at greater depths to develop strong willpower, embrace transmutation, and exercise intention.


squirrel saying hello

Introspection, Self-knowledge, Courage, Magic, Mysteries, Shape-shifting, Creation, Divination, Wisdom, Truth, Answers, Secrets, Messages, Instruction, Change – all part of Raven Medicine.

Raven is a beautiful example of “being in tune” with the deeper meanings and messages and how we can bring things to light and together when we connect the importance of our inner and outer “nature” reflecting each other.

I believe we all have access to these wells of understanding, feeling, and experiences that bridge the separation between any and all duality. On days like today, when a day of celebration comes into the awareness of many, it is a reminder of the power that unification can be and helps drive home the message that integration is our means to wholeness, from the inside out.

We are all connected and our living, breathing Earth beats to the same rhythm of our hearts, as does the life force energy in everything embodies a consciousness that Universally has no boundary.


the ripple effect 🙂

Yes, “be the change that you wish to see in the world,” as Gandhi so beautifully expressed. Truly embody that change daily, walk the walk, and watch the ripple effect that inevitably follows. Open your heart to receive and to give to yourself so that you may give to and receive more fully from others. This includes gifts of abundance on all levels, being able to hear and supportively respond to each other, and even to be able to receive and hear the Earth and Cosmos in totality when they resonate their tones and frequencies that take our presence and consistent awareness to hear.

Celebrating Universal connection and exercising the power of integrative healing is a moment to moment, integral experience that is invaluable to practice on this beautiful Earth Day and beyond.

Remember the life you have chosen…..

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