In the Forest We Merge ~ Mirror of Nature

The forest is such a huge part of my life, so I’m grateful we continue to have so much of it around us to immerse in while we’re away at the ocean. It creates a bridge to connect to our home on the forest, while adding rich layers to help anchor the abundant water energy we’re held in here. I find forests nourishing on many levels and full of mystery that stirs the cauldron within. They also embody an exquisite and clear reflection of micro and macro woven cycles.

The forests here embody their own frequency, and therefore look and feel very different than our high altitude ones.

Moss covers nearly everything in sight and evening moisture, as well as morning fog, leaves canopies dripping with dewdrops.

Here, the light has to search for ways to beam rays through, as the density creates a womb experience.

Back home, most of the woods are drenched in liquid Sun.

Indeed, everything is about wet here and so this can be enchanting or foreboding, depending on the way one integrates that kind of watery depth.

Each aspect of nature where we currently are has a mirroring quality to what is integrating on the inner realms for me and giving rise to greater wholeness.

It’s also the force for undercurrents being unleashed like the Kraken in the collective, although opens the door to shift from warrior to magician in our approach towards unity.

The water element provides opportunity to do the subconscious and shadow work so that one merges these parts into greater wholeness and fluidity. It’s not an easy realm to wander, and most prefer not to or find it extremely challenging to look it in the eye. And yet, it moves through our veins and calls us out at every chance it gets.

I was moved to share the forest magick today, as just like with the sunsets and sunflowers there is a frequency here meant for anyone who finds themselves landing on this page.

These are from recent days of the flora and fauna we’ve wandered through and marveled at.

Mushroom beauties still marking the faery paths.

Many of them are covered in brown and white, thick velvet skin, which is just dreamy and adds to the rich layers of experience.

And then there’s jewels like this one. Blue seems to be a theme with breakthrough finds, like the magickal little sea star.

Banana slugs galore in brown, green and yellow – the most either of us have ever seen. We’ve come across several dozen camouflaged on the forest floor.

They’ve been added to my save list, as I will gently move them off trail away from eyes that may not see them. Every time I DO see one, I immediately flash to images of little saddles and reins of golden thread, forest twine and leaves atop them with faeries gliding along.

(Interesting side note: To date, we’ve saved 66 starfish/sea stars, found 66 whole sand dollars, and saved 6 jellyfish…there’s a 6 harmony theme going on)

Lovely palest violet to vibrant fuchsia blooms continue to line Summer’s path into the change of seasons.

And then there’s the light frequencies pouring through. Sometimes they’re seen by the eye, but always they’re felt with the heart when one walks through, as in these images I captured of Dave traversing a lush, green tunnel of richness surrounded in rainbow brilliance.

And sometimes they appear on film alone, as a way to convey the unseen that travels alongside us even when we think nothing exists beyond meets the eye.

Check out the bottom left corner energies in the above photo and the pure magick that takes my breath away in this next one. I literally stopped in my tracks to snap this shot, as I could feel the energy dancing in this one spot next to one of my favorite trees on this hike we do quite a bit. This is pure enchantment to my faery heart.

The day after the Virgo New Moon, Dave took these next photos of me on one of our favorite hikes in the mossy forest. The intent was to use one for our meditation and mindfulness group, as it’s gone through its own evolution.

What I later discovered upon viewing them, was a lot of stuff was happening, which we could both feel and now was apparent. So, in the window of the New Moon energies this exchange took place between Nature, myself, and the Cosmos.

Take a look at the stream of energy that changed and increased in the following five consecutive images, as I shifted mudras.

The stillness I dropped into was experienced like a merging with everything within and without.

When I saw some of the photos like these two below, I immediately felt our Earth Mother, Gaia (or Terra as I also lovingly also call her), making herself known through them and perhaps even having a message my own vessel might support conveying.

I went into a deep space of being and expanding my energies and connecting them outward, while receiving inward.

There’s a feeling of morphing and dropping away boundaries so she and I became one. It was sweet to see this captured as a reminder that we are all a part of her, each other, and All That Is.

We have yet to tap into all of the powers innate within us and to move beyond concepts of understanding our connection and reach into actually knowing, experiencing, and directing these. And yet the door is there for us to walk through.

The earthy richness abound and immersed in was the perfection Virgo essence for this New Moon.

What is streaming through speaks to me of energy streams we have available to us and how much support and love IS all around us. They also reveal the depth of creative energy in motion and weaving new threads of potential.

AND, there is the reflection of the power and grace available when we drop into the essence of who we are in partnership and harmony with nature. The two become one and the possibilities are unlimited as to what we can create.

Ultimately, pointing toward a sacred partnership that will easily be understood when we nurture and cultivate that relationship of parts within us first. And from there, our approach to life will experience a profound shift.

Speaking of big shifts, yesterday on 9/3 I experienced quite a large and deep one on all levels. I mention it in case others felt some kind of change or energy on this day as well. I may share a bit more on that upcoming and, separately, also share images from the exact day of the New Moon as another potential visual spell.

Until then, may today’s images work their wonders on the inner realms, while you enjoy one of my favorite artists. I’ve shared the song and video below in the past and couldn’t think of a better reflection both visually and in essence that partners with the energy and images of my own. I marveled at the very first image in the video, nearly matching one of mine and the title is a perfect reflection too.

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. In the third photo from the bottom, there is very clearly a nature spirit sitting like Buddha at the base of the Bodhi tree. Amazing photos! So LUSH!

    • I see! And confirm also with chills 🙂 Being in this forest is like that…seeing, feeling and hearing all the spirits. We’ve done it later in the day as well when it’s darker and takes on a different experience. There are two forests we feel especially drawn and return to quite a bit – this is one. There’s another that is much more shadowy essence and asks of a certain vibration to move through. I can definitely feel the boundaries though, as to where passage is granted and where it is tread lightly or not at all unless prepared. SO much energies to support learning how to work with them.

    • Btw, did you experience/feel anything big yesterday too?

  2. Thanks for another beautiful post Tania. I love the video and photos of you meditating with the shifting light energies. Normally, I attribute those to light refractions and the camera, but clearly something was going on with you and the light. I love and admire how you commune with nature. It reminds me two books by Michael Roads; Talking with Nature & Journey into Nature. Hugs..🧚🌳🌎

  3. Once again, these are incredible photos! I can feel your peacefulness in your meditation. Clearly the light is being playful with you. Your faery spirit is in tune with the mossy forest. Where is this located? I have been longing to live in NZ where the beach and the forest meet. Where is this?

  4. Desiree Bergeron

    Oooooooooooo Sistar!! I was so floored by the unbelievable energy and Light Codes in those AMAZING photos……😱 To the point of my heart and soul receiving downloads of pure healing and joy……my jaw may or may not have completely dropped open!! Just WOW. And I’m so grateful you shared them!! BIG, BIG, BIG, BIGGIE expansion here too happenin’ !!! LOTS of releasing old stories//DEEP visits into the Shadow Realms to call back//retrieve//ALL my personal power//creating a new story…….and taking HUGE steps towards ‘Embodying My Divine Sacred Authenticity’ As you know—I made my Sacred Tattoo submission to a tattoo artist, (!!!) I also set up an appointment to receive 2 new piercings…….one for my navel—(that is, my belly button), to support this huge rebirthing process—and one on my upper ear rim—a Helix piercing, because it’s soooooo darn beautiful and Goddess-like!! So……it’s a special//sacred celebratory commemoration for flowing through all this excruciating chaos to meet a new re-birthed, authentic ME, (AND, because I CAN!! 😮🫢🤗)
    Feeling incredible!!
    LOVE YOUS xxxXXxx
    P.S. Started a new painting too!! 🙌🏻💓💓🌟🌟💞

    • Was thinking of you and feeling the extra layers of your change. You always make me giggle at the same time feel such strong stuff. Thank you!! 😊 all of these action steps along with your courage are truly amazing and inspiring for all! You go girl! All sounds perfectly you and yes you certainly can! No more rules.. you own your own body, heart and soul now and always. Can’t wait to see the painting and all the new. Love you too!! 💗

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