Revolving Doors ~ Walkers of the In Between

The revolving door of cyclical shifts spins rapid shedding and renewal, round and round again. And the axis point to that rotation is our heart center that provides a resilient anchor and beacon for our journey home.

Autumn Equinox is upon us shortly, or Spring Equinox for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere, and the golden glow that befriends the shadows stretching across the land is the wisdom keeper who reminds us we are powerful walkers of the in between. With outstretched fingers, bare and aged, the limbs of months gone by still hold memory of the trees that stand resilient through impending storms of then, now, and yet to come.

Changes have come quick and changes have come hard, yet like the stones of yester years, the sands of time soften our edges and reimagine new forms that may one day even be the crystalline promise we forgot we gave to ourselves upon setting foot on the ground.

Hope and dreaming are secret powers – untouchable and yours alone.

Hope helps you remember that there’s more than this or that version available.

Dreaming helps you imagine and create the new and preferred versions.

On Astrid’s birthday – the 15th – I had another exchange with a dying sea lion on the sands of this sacred ground the indigenous once lived. We hadn’t been to this biking spot for a little over a week and as we approached, I wondered what sea lion might be awaiting – and there she was. Without going into full details, I had a long and layered exchange with the sea lion that aligned with my path on this day – grateful that what I’d processed with the others had anchored a significant change that enabled me to just be the bridge for fluidity to move through. We held deep gaze the entire time. I could see puffs of mist flow from her deep, releasing breaths. She turned belly up in vulnerable display to openly receive and give through the exchange. A vision of a tall, luminous female being in blue appeared, after starlight flowed into the sea lion and then materialized.

Alongside some personal messaging that included it was time, there was also this short message:

All is fading. Everything is changing. Be in the wonder of who you are.

It’s likely I may not share another blog post until we return home, as I’m diving into the next phase here, so I wanted to leave you with this one and my warmest wishes as you enter the Autumn doorway of your preferred version of the journey. So much has taken place in this ocean vortex of six weeks that it seems lifetimes ago since leaving home. I’m curious about the me who will return and what I’ll be returning to.

That’s pretty much all that I’m called to share in this post.

The rest I’d like to convey through music and images, as well as these short poems:

rebirth by Alex Elle

there will be moments when
you will bloom fully and then
wilt, only to bloom again.
if we can learn anything from
flowers it is that resilience is born
even when we feel like we are

The Beautiful Changes by Richard Wilbur

One wading a Fall meadow finds on all sides   

The Queen Anne’s Lace lying like lilies

On water; it glides

So from the walker, it turns

Dry grass to a lake, as the slightest shade of you   

Valleys my mind in fabulous blue Lucernes.

The beautiful changes as a forest is changed   

By a chameleon’s tuning his skin to it;   

As a mantis, arranged

On a green leaf, grows

Into it, makes the leaf leafier, and proves   

Any greenness is deeper than anyone knows.

Your hands hold roses always in a way that says   

They are not only yours; the beautiful changes   

In such kind ways,   

Wishing ever to sunder

Things and things’ selves for a second finding, to lose   

For a moment all that it touches back to wonder.

Here is another of my favorites from Narsilion for you to enjoy, as you gaze through the visual spell of coded dreamscapes captured on the Virgo New Moon, which we didn’t realize coincided with this doorway until we returned home from the immersion. The photos are storytellers of my experiences (listening, communicating, wondering, imagining, singing, dancing, merging, traveling, being) in these magickal spaces and throughout our time away in this in between. If you listen and look with your heart you will receive them. All of the photos in this post are from that day, although the forest portals will dance with the musical frequencies and the others with my and the poets’ words above. I chose this video version that doesn’t change visuals so that my own visuals I’ve threaded in can be the backdrop for the overlay of enchanting voices and music. I love that the visual the video does land on, mirrors the forest spaces I found myself in, as I moved through the portals from realm to realm. May they help you drop into the essence of your own richly woven being.

About Tania Marie's Blog

Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. Beautiful. Just beautiful. I have no words.

  2. Such a magically beautiful post. All of it. So powerful as well. You almost seem to be floating all through it, no resistance, yet grounded as in bbn part of the earth. Also you are there but not there. you become part of the whole. The whole of the new becoming. Truly breathtaking ❤🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️. thank so much for this share. Love you.

    • Aw thank you D! You’re so welcome ❤ I'm really touched by your descriptions, as you have such depth in seeing/feeling/experiencing that goes beyond words and I can always get the expanse that you share because of the power of your energy and feeling behind it. I noticed so much of what you stated here and this reflected how I felt as these were taken, where I've been shifting into, and yes…where the collective is moving into as well. Some really profound things have taken place here for me, to which I'm super grateful and amazed at the same time by. Love you immensely! ❤

  3. That’s a gorgeous outfit! In some shots it looks like a top-grade piece of Larimar (blue pectolite or Atlantis stone.) 🙂

    • Thank you so much Kieron! You are absolutely right…it is VERY Larimar! I happen to have tow pairs of Larimar earrings with me on this trip and it is one of my favorite stones for sure. So grateful you shared that. You always have an eye and feel for things from very cool perspectives that I love hearing about ❤

  4. Desiree Bergeron

    FIRST……This song that you chose, was so perfect and fitting for all you shared! It’s ethereal quality just expanded the depth of it all!! The unique ways that you show others (all of us!!) the many beautiful, multi-layered dimensions and possibilities that are always presenting themselves to us//to the collective, is really special: the stunning visual captures, the impressions and messages of your first-hand experiences and how you present their richness and potency of them through your writing, all of it, sets a tone that is very opening to all my senses and perceptions!! I love dearly, how you are able to do this!! I loved with all my heart, your powerful experience with seeing that Star Being…….😮🫢🤭😌🌟🌟 I love too, that there is someone with whom I can share all the joys of being connected to the unseen realms and the Cosmos…..that it’s completely understood that this is ‘a normal, daily conversation//interaction with the mystery,’ and that this is everyone’s’ true essence and birth rite— it really floods me with happiness!!
    LOVE LOVE and more LOVE
    Thank you for this beautiful post!!!

    • THANK YOU! I’m so happy you loved the song too and felt the threads interwoven between it and the visuals. I’m in deep appreciation of all that you feel, see, share, and connect so similarly with me on. Such a gift indeed to know someone experiences the unseen as we do. It’s like we’re (all) dreaming the dream alive when we do have and share these experiences…and build upon them together. Such potent creativity we are weaving for the new! I love to share through my creative heart. We all have different ways of expressing things, and this is one that feels most natural to me. I’m grateful you find value and richness in it. I feel that when we are truly expressing ourselves, it penetrates more than we will ever know and ever experience any other way but as our essence. Thank you also for your words about the sea lion and Star Being…these experiences of transitions have been profound. A lot to integrate, but grateful it’s been fluid. Grateful for all you are integrating too…people who come to know your story will be floored…and even if they don’t, just being in your frequency as you are is powerful beyond words. Love and gratitude for your brave showing up at this time in the world. Big hug!!

  5. Pictures are simply magic! I’m not sure where you are, but everything looks so wild and untouched by humans. The waterscapes have different flow and different mood, but are just as gorgeous.
    The door to the fall season is open now. It would be great we had more warmth here in Ontario. It’s so chilly today, cannot have enough sweaters on.
    you are certainly a dreamer and somebody who knows the words which open other dimensions. Well, great post. Wishing you all the best until you return home!

    • I’ve been away on the Oregon coast for a while and the forests here are very dense and lovely…with little traffic, which makes it wonderful. I’m happy you enjoyed the photos and immersing in the beauty and wild for a bit with me. A way I can share the energy with you across the miles. I so appreciate your reflections, warm wishes and encouraging words. Best to you Inese and a warm hug ❤

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