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The Path I’ve Been Walking

This was part of May’s newsletter message I shared and today with things I’m processing, I felt to share it via my blog as well.

This month I’m feeling the increased importance of embracing the entire journey – both bitter and sweet, of loving the light AND the dark, of walking the middle path, and more deeply embodying harmonic resonance.

My own journey the previous six weeks through Utah’s National Parks has been one of rich exploration that has taken me to the depths of ancient Mother Earth womb energy, and catapulted me through portals of expansiveness.

I’ve been daring to go further and at times feel pulled back like an arrow in order to shoot forward with focused intent. This has also activated the very cells within my body and the latent DNA strands that we all have awaiting our unlocking.

It hasn’t all been easy, as greater levels of vulnerable courage have been needed to expose myself, to reveal the essence of pure, unabridged energy at the well of my essence, and to be okay with holding the energy of misinterpreted darkness for others to reflect and throw energetic arrows at, while I stood in my truth as the only deflection – a deflection that courageously allows the arrows to penetrate the core so they can be alchemized before returning.

I have humbly walked the path of the Ancients, receiving their guiding wisdom for the new and unknown journey ahead, and have assisted with the release and integration of energies through sound channeling.

I have felt the loud silence within and without that can be deafening and also beautifully penetrating.

I’ve communed with the harsh realization of collective belief systems and conditioning residing in my own DNA and made better friends with them.

I’ve stumbled and I’ve gotten back up.

I’ve spoken the truth of my own fear of not being able to do justice to the message I’m being guided to channel through my own expressive embodiment.

I’ve seen the other side of blind faith, as I’ve walked through doorways, bent time and reality, and made new breakthroughs that were miraculous in nature.

I’ve received the gift and messages of so many animal spirit guide encounters and of Spirit itself within the elements and every living part of Earth I come in contact with.

I’ve channeled new expressions of creative energy – always and only when inspired and guided to do so.

And I’d like to add, which was not in my newsletter, I’ve unearthed grief and known both tiredness and freshness with life – realizing the power in all of it and how every emotion is potential alchemy.

And all of this is a continuous journey that will further unfold as we continue traveling in the Magick Bus and I open to the energies each place reveals and draws forth.

I don’t know what I’m doing or how I’m going to do it anymore, until I do it.

Perhaps many of you can relate with that.

Life is all about the eternally present NOW unfolding and being willing to experience it as such with faith and humbleness of learning all things from a clean slate where nothing applies that you once did or knew.

To add another element that was not in my newsletter, there’s simply nothing more powerful to do in challenging situations than to trust, as no level of anxiety and worry will see us through. Trust in the highest good for all always unfolding, regardless of how that ends up looking. Remember that we are conditioned to judge the human condition, but there is always a bigger picture at play that we can believe in beyond reasoning. Our resilient hearts will understand, when our limiting thoughts step out of the control seat.

I am holding the vision of your wholeness and do all that I do with intent of the highest good of all concerned always at the forefront of my fullest possible expressions of personal embodiment in each moment that I can embrace.

Your Belief In Yourself Matters

bird wings and trust


Self-sabotage is more powerful than anything that can happen to you. Why? Because it is self-inflicted, self-defeating and will predetermine how everything else plays out, as a direct reflection of it.

Since you create your own reality, which starts within yourself and your feelings, thoughts, and beliefs, then everything you tell yourself becomes the master template for your life experiences.

When you believe in yourself with unwavering faith, you have the power to overcome any challenges and obstacles, move beyond perceived limitations, and create unlimited opportunities.

You create doorways where there weren’t any before, and wings to fly when your feet can no longer support you.


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