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Portal of Peace


This dove feather was one I found at the doorsteps of the Magick Bus upon arrival on the edge of a farm in Nebraska while making our way to Lake Tahoe, and when I looked up there was also a dove sitting atop a tree greeting us. While so many feathers have found their way to me over time and on this journey, receiving this new gift felt to herald a period of divine grace we’d be entering and supported with, along with a message of peaceful surrender that, if embodied, would see us through the next part of our ever-evolving “plan.” And that’s just what has taken place by our balancing intent with flow and action with surrender.

The next morning after arrival, doves were ALL around, cooing beautifully in the stillness of the golden sunrise as we prepared to head out to Cheyenne. Their song holds the deepest kind of peace that resides in the depths of your heart and speaks to the soul of hope during life transitions, promise of renewal, and supports a return to harmony at the cellular level.

I found it synchronous that I’d felt called to share a sound channeling where the doves were prolific, as if their song had taken a hold of my soul and inspired the music of my heart to come forth.

I find it also auspiciously prophetic that I was holding my Golden Selenite Blossom during this channeling, which literally feels to have foreshadowed this new era, transmutation, expansion, and shattering of the old into the new, as you’ll learn in an upcoming blog.

I shared that sound channeling already and you can listen to it here if you missed it:

Our embrace of the energy flow has seamlessly guided us to our next step unfolding, of which we just heard word on today. And there is great peace and joy around this new phase that has come to us like a gift dropped from the wings of an angel, just as this feather was.

Yet, it has come with embrace of the process, aligning with divine timing, and following instincts based on the energy we have felt.

I shared yesterday on Facebook that “I get the sense that a good majority of people are at a hugely transformational tipping point in their life and so close to having a huge flip take place, but aren’t sure what to do next. You’re feeling excited. You’re scared. You’re ready, but unsure.”

Dove gently coos her way into your life to share that it’s a time to embrace the integrity of your natural self and purity of your creative spirit to nurture imagination and follow your own true path, as you cultivate continued hope for the new.

Clear vision, or that prophecy I spoke of receiving, are carried in message by dove, which can provide little glimpses into things to come, that assist you enough to know what things are “on path,” but not too much as to take away your creative power to continually imagine new ways while also aligning with the most supportive ways showing up for the highest good and in synergy with Mother Earth.

Healing and gentle self-nurturing are possible on all levels when dove appears, and that comes with the surrender of all things past, future, and now that you hold onto with anxiety. Her presence promises a calm peace that is possible with this release.

It may be that there will be a void time to journey through, of unknowns, as dove also symbolizes the “between times,” but also heralds how the physical and spiritual are more rapidly merging with the thinning of veils that arrive with your willingness to see more clearly.

I don’t always know in the moment what something in totality means in the bigger picture, but the essence carries with me on a cellular level by way of my consciously taking the time to acknowledge what is showing up and keeping it in my back pocket, so to speak, percolating behind the scenes.

Dove has been with me since the feather gift and so many doves surrounding the Magick Bus that day – more than I’ve experienced all at once of her presence.

It has impressed upon me always having that “peace” of mind and heart no matter what presents itself….peace within chaos will see you through.

And she also inspired the potential imaginative seed that my feathers I’ve found over time may one day be incorporated into some kind of shamanic, faery, cosmic portal activators later.

For now, dove’s feather has already been an activator in assisting this new portal entrance.

Surrendering into You-Alignment

Just a little reminder that I am NOT offering my sacred tattoo design services at this time, nor any other services except for Personal Sound Channelings and the Magick Stones I create when inspired.

I have continued receiving requests and the current influx, especially with designs, prompted sharing that again. I’m grateful and honored by the interest, but need to honor the energy wave dictating my current choice of path right now. I feel that is the highest choice for not only myself, but as an example of living consistently by the values I hold close to heart.

This made me think about how we may be taught to follow what is showing up in our lives and to flow with that, however, we are in times where the choice is solely based on your personal joy and heart inspiration and we create that flow as much as it shows up. This is a simultaneous alignment. So just because something shows up easily for you doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the current path for you to follow.

Sink into what the energy of your essence is speaking to you in subtle ways. These things may just be showing up because you are changing and shifting, so they are reflections of how strongly your new path is starting to root, as the other spectrum will show up as a marker of where you’ve moved from and integrated.

It might tug at the parts of you that it feels familiar to and very tempting, but again, letting go to allow for something greater and more currently you-aligned, might just be another perspective to be curious about.

Just because something is easy and comfortable doesn’t make it growth worthy nor necessarily your greatest joy potential, at least I know for myself that evolution for me means stretching outside of that comfort and ease into a state of grace with new challenges that hold immense harmony and joy I will never know if I don’t let go.

If something wants to cycle back around again into our lives, it will, but with full surrender of it we will be able to experience it in a completely new and highly inspired/infused way taking you not to the same place on the spiral with it, but at a different level of the spiral of life, meeting with it from a new perspective.

Embracing My Truth

My last video share from the Sedona area, as we leave Sunday. This expresses a personal shift and how that reflects in more changes I’m implementing.

Details will be upcoming in April’s newsletter and likely also a blog share.

Below the video you’ll find photos of the ruins I spoke of in it (you can see the perimeter of each dwelling), the ancient springs pond that sits behind where I got the massage I just received right before making the video while I sat in the meadow waiting for Dave to receive his after me, and the piece of ancient pottery and perhaps arrowhead or some other sacred object I found, along with a little piece of crystalline, sparkly sweet, cosmic magick I also found on the ground while here in Sedona.

Grateful to be retrieving more parts of myself.

Wishing you peaceful transitions into embodying your own truth that nourishes your essence.

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Surrender, Release, Renew

Surrender to the Courage of Your Wild Heart


At Machu Picchu

Surrender to the guidance of your heart and take courageous steps to be more vulnerable and connect more intimately and deeply with yourself, others, and all of life around you. Your life will shift immensely in reflection to these commitments.

When the heart is continually being conditioned by the mind, its voice and inspiration become stifled and confused, even when you actively try to engage it for its direction.

When you allow the mind’s influence to overpower the heart’s, you place limitations on the extraordinary source and well-spring of energy, vibrancy, guidance, intuition, and inspiration it can provide naturally. Not to mention, you hinder the joy and extraordinary experiences that could infuse your life if you had a clear path to your heart.

A wild heart is one that operates naturally, instinctively, and freely, providing direction from your authentic self and from the deepest passions and desires that stem from that truth. This is hidden between layers of “ideas” you have about yourself and the conditioned “desires” that you have come to learn.

Your wild heart will lead you back to your essence, and toward real liberation, satisfaction, harmony, and balance that stems from the core of your being.

Part of what is needed is to be willing to face and lovingly let go of old mental and emotional patterns, and the conditioning that reins you in from experiencing your own wild and free heart – taking time to repattern yourself back to who you really are.

It’s not a simple journey at first, but it does become increasingly more easy when consistently and actively engaged.

Afterall, it IS simply you returning to natural harmony. That may seem like a foreign experience right now, but it is the most natural experience there is. You’ve simply forgotten this.


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