Personal Sound Channeling

I’ve been sharing my gift of sound channeling in a more public way since we’ve been journeying in the Magick Bus and experiencing the ancient energies of the land.

However, this is not a new expression for me, as I’ve been doing it all my life AND LIVES, as well as on sacred journeys and retreats and even focused an intro class on the subject on one of them.

Recently, I knew it was time to reveal it, as it is the essence of who I am and the way to step into embodying that more.

So with vulnerability I have been sharing my voice through several videos and at the start of the year had furthered my studies with intuitive sound channeling, which just reiterated, intensified, and empowered this expression and foundations even more.

If you’d like to learn a little bit more about “sound” here is a blog post I wrote a year ago on the subject:

The Power of Sound ~ The Power of Your Song

And if you’ve like to explore the recent videos, to just get a taste of this, here are a few videos you can listen to (each has a paragraph description of how they came about at their links under the video):

Calling Up The Wind

Channeling The Ancient & Womb Earth Energies

Song of the Forest Spirits

Releasing The Crimson Dragon

Whale Song

So this all leads me to the new offering I spoke about in my May Newsletter this month.

Down the road I may teach more in depth on this subject, but for now the most resonant thing for me feels to be able to offer this gift to others and is currently the only service I am offering (other than the spontaneous creative inspiration like the Magick Stones that pop up as guided) since it feels most aligned at this time.


I am offering personalized sound channelings for individuals.

These will include a video share with your sound healing message, which can be for a specific focus/intent in your life, or simply as a current signature resonance to support you into more fully embodying your essence and moving through challenges to get you to the next step along your journey.

It could also be for specific help with things like opening, clearing, and balancing a particular chakra, channeling the essence of elements in Nature or Cosmic frequencies, deep cellular shifts with traumas, supporting a new path you are trying to manifest, opening you to more creative inspiration, clarity, or courageous commitment and strength, receiving nurturing and love needed from the reflection of your inner child, working through releasing, tapping into your ancient soul, etc.

You simply bring to me your desires and we’ll tap into the essence reflection of that via sound.

I tune in to the essence of your energy and allow sound to move through me that is at the frequency needed to help support the shifts.

This will shift, as you shift, and no two sound channelings will be alike, although may have similarities due to frequency resonance…as sound is ever-evolving from creative impetus and power of the now reflective moment.

At times this can be musical, other times more like toning, or a combination. Sometimes it may sound like another language or chants. And it isn’t always what you think of as “beautiful”, although always comes from a benevolent and pure expression of All That Is moving through me to you…to help awaken and activate the latent pieces of your soul and DNA.

What you receive from me is a personal sound video, which you will be able to listen to over and over, as needed. This could be one song…or may need a layering of more than one. I will ascertain that when tuning in. I may have crystals or other shamanic accompaniments, which will be explained in either the video or an email you’ll receive from me with your video that may feel to be part of creating the field of energy to support the channeling. And as always, Reiki energy and a lot of love will be woven and infused into the sound offering.

So in summary, Personal Sound Channelings help to:

  • integrate healing on deeper levels
  • strengthen your self-empowerment
  • support movement of energy to the next step or leap
  • open portals of experience
  • activate, clear, and balance your chakras into more alignment with your essence as an expression of All That Is
  • move through blocks and challenges
  • channel the essence of elements in Nature or Cosmic frequencies you’d like to connect more deeply with
  • create deep cellular shifts with traumas
  • support new paths you are trying to manifest
  • open you to more creative inspiration, clarity, or courageous commitment and strength
  • receive nurturing and love needed from the reflection of your inner child
  • work through releasing and letting go
  • receive a reflection of your signature soul song to remember who you are
  • tap into your ancient soul
  • and more…

In the future, I may make available MP3’s and/or CD/DVD’s of sound channeling for specific energy frequencies and meditational or facilitation purposes.

To receive your own personalized sound channeling and signature songs to help you to integrate healing on deeper levels, strengthen your self-empowerment, support movement of energy to the next step or leap, and open portals of experience that activate and balance your chakras into more alignment with your essence as an expression of All That Is, you may partner in this offering here:


Personal Sound Channeling ~ $111

Buy Now Button with Credit Cards


Once I have received your sound channeling request, I will email you to discuss the intent for your personal sound channeling. So please make sure to include the email address you’d like to be contacted by, in your order or in the comment section of the invoice.

You may also gift these to a loved one, in which case, please provide me any needed information on that request in the comment section of the invoice as well.




“Wow … Heart wall breaking rhythms that remind me of a distant Celtic past. Astounding! Gonna meditate on this again because I felt a lot of shifting … your voice has magic in it.” Titus, Calgary, Alberta

“WOW! Watching you but listening to you sing I did not see the mountain behind you. What I saw was you walking through a lush green magical forest but wearing a Celtic gown. Your voice is so beautiful and angelic for it sent me to another place in time. Thank you for sharing, but you also help me unblock my creative side of writing my blog today. Self love from within my soul but also remembering my grandmother’s love for my grandfather..Thank you Tania” ~ Candy, California

“The sound that came from you, while you were in the sarcophagus of the King’s Chamber, is something I will never forget. I’m getting vibed right now. What came out of you was magical, mystical, angelic……. Words fail to pain the experience. I’m truly honored for the experience.” ~Michael, Arizona

“That is really lovely and healing. It touched my heart and head (chakras). Like being wrapped in my mother’s arms and held with all the love there is. Thank for sharing these wonderful morsels of your gifts.” ~Dawn, Arizona

“I’ve heard almost all of your sound channeling but this was something so much more. The sound that came from you radiated your fullness and wholeness in the powerhouse that you are and the depth of love that you hold. You sent your beloved on her journey with such love, tenderness, support and freedom to do what awaits her. I felt like I heard her come through you as well. Supporting and loving you through the depths of her soul. It was amazing to hear and feel.” ~Dawn, Arizona

“When you were Singing, it was one of the most Wondrous and Powerful things I witnessed the whole trip on our sacred journey in Peru–WOW! The energy you were bringing through was so Pure and Beautiful. You were definitely the pinnacle of the Triangle that day! I am Honored to have been able to support you in that moment. I am still filled with Gratitude and Awe for everything that happened!” ~Christopher, Montana

“Very Soulful and Powerful!” ~Julie, Maui

“Wow!! OMG..this is very powerful!!” ~Eric, Montreal

“So beautiful, so amazing. The great power and then softness in your voice is so incredible. Thank you so very much for both of these Tania, my heart is full.  I feel so much inside me right now, I’m trying to find the words to say, but they aren’t there, but the feeling inside of me is huge.  So much love, peace and gratitude.” ~Kathleen, California


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