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Surrendering into You-Alignment

Just a little reminder that I am NOT offering my sacred tattoo design services at this time, nor any other services except for Personal Sound Channelings and the Magick Stones I create when inspired.

I have continued receiving requests and the current influx, especially with designs, prompted sharing that again. I’m grateful and honored by the interest, but need to honor the energy wave dictating my current choice of path right now. I feel that is the highest choice for not only myself, but as an example of living consistently by the values I hold close to heart.

This made me think about how we may be taught to follow what is showing up in our lives and to flow with that, however, we are in times where the choice is solely based on your personal joy and heart inspiration and we create that flow as much as it shows up. This is a simultaneous alignment. So just because something shows up easily for you doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the current path for you to follow.

Sink into what the energy of your essence is speaking to you in subtle ways. These things may just be showing up because you are changing and shifting, so they are reflections of how strongly your new path is starting to root, as the other spectrum will show up as a marker of where you’ve moved from and integrated.

It might tug at the parts of you that it feels familiar to and very tempting, but again, letting go to allow for something greater and more currently you-aligned, might just be another perspective to be curious about.

Just because something is easy and comfortable doesn’t make it growth worthy nor necessarily your greatest joy potential, at least I know for myself that evolution for me means stretching outside of that comfort and ease into a state of grace with new challenges that hold immense harmony and joy I will never know if I don’t let go.

If something wants to cycle back around again into our lives, it will, but with full surrender of it we will be able to experience it in a completely new and highly inspired/infused way taking you not to the same place on the spiral with it, but at a different level of the spiral of life, meeting with it from a new perspective.

The Dreamer Creates the Dream

This is a thought-provoking post by my soul brother, Cnawan Fahey that goes hand-in-hand with this month’s “Dream Challenge” and dream theme.

This was my comment to Cnawan when I read his post:

“Powerful perspectives to ponder (hey say that 10 times fast!) 😉 Love your introspective depth and the addition of your comment on the ‘spectrum of choices’ for response that we have available. There’s such beauty in seeing the collective as dream weavers freely spinning creative webs that are entwined together, building upon each other…and then to take it further and see Source split into the dream weavers to execute the limitless joy of creating evolutionary experiences. Thank you for this post and for the quote mention. LOVE creating with you! ❤ “

Ethereal Nature


Here is one of the fascinating things about the phenomenon of dreaming – you are simultaneously creating the dream and  experiencing the dream as something new and unforeseen.  No matter how many times I ponder this, it still blows me away.

Now think upon these things:

~ how many times have we heard, à la the “Schrödinger’s Cat” thought experiment, that in quantum mechanics it requires an observer to collapse the wave function to bring a potential state into a reality.

~ So just as the dreamer creates the dream,  the Observer Creates the Observed

~ And is this not an exact parallel? How many times have we heard that this world in which we live is either literally or figuratively a dream?

Each observer co-creates the shared dream in which we live.


And now add to this these sparkling words of insight from my soul-sister Tania Marie…

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Dream A Little Dream

spider web

Photo I took in Costa Rica


You are both the Dream Weaver and the Dream Manifestor.

If you can dream it, you can create it.


Realities of Your Own Creation – My Reflections and Photo Shares from My Week Away

tania4When you begin to view life and all things having a divine order and purpose, which stems from a deep inner/intuitive knowing without the need to ego-comprehend it all the time, nor have a mapped out reasoning and proof always, then you begin to move rapidly through realities.

You make a decision every day to make something your source of authority. When you decide to stop listening to everything other than your intuitive self and decide that IT is the sacred source, then you will need no other validation.

No one will be able to validate it anyway because it is an experience that is yours alone to know.

There are many realities of experience available, which is each person’s choice.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this experience was a magnified version of your greatest opportunity?

meadow4While I was away this past week visiting family in Reno and my beloved Lake Tahoe, I experienced my own magnified version of greatest opportunity.

I believe that in every experience we have the opportunity to see what we want to see, and create what we want out of it.

I see magick all around, meaning, and purpose and even if others choose to see something different or think I’m off my rocker because of what I see and experience, it simply doesn’t matter. Worst case scenario is that I AM crazy, but guess what? I sure live joyously in the meantime and don’t seem to experience the challenges in the same way others do. That doesn’t mean I don’t have my own challenges, but because of my perspective on life that I’ve come to embrace, I’m no longer debilitated and can shift things immediately.

I spent a lot of time on my week off in deep, metaphysical conversation with my brother, reviewing a lot of things in my life, making new commitments to myself and my path, soaking in the powerful energies of this sacred area, explored a new area down in the South Lake Tahoe region of Echo Lakes, which includes Lower and Upper Echo Lake and others (you’ll see in the photos), refreshing in and being inspired by the mountains, forests, Crystalline water of the lake daily, and the medicine of the wild mustangs I intimately interacted with on three occasions.

I also picked up a couple of new crystal friends as gifts, but also a few for myself that include Nirvana Quartz (actually a male – white – and female – pink – pair that came together, which feels especially potent and poignant for balancing and activating wholeness), Black Tourmaline, and a special find I’ll share more on in another post – Auralite, which literally called out at the last minute from behind me.

trip4Spending time with the family is always powerful in layered ways. It brings out core reflections and patterning, gifts me with nurturing, and elevates and propels from the integration that takes place. Since being back I continue to integrate these shifts, but I do feel a tremendous transformation and further sense of knowing, expansion, peace, and focused understanding that is increasing as I move through things.

echo lake tania marieMore changes at hand indeed and I’m feeling even moreso on track with my natural self that continues to emerge with each layer I peel. It is also bringing about changes in my day-to-day and where my energy is feeling the need to be focused.

I know everyone is experiencing major transitions and “stuff” in a multitude of ways and within a multitude of realities. There truly is no greater gauge than yourself, but it’s helpful to have mirrors to reflect and help you to decipher who that “self” is. I know I was able to see and voice “me” even greater than ever this last week during conversations that in the past I would have been lost in or had other reactions to. It all helps me to not only have a better relationship with myself, but to also extend that enhanced experience in all relationships.

echo lake19Knowing something within yourself is the greatest comfort you’ll find. No amount of validation outside of that will make this experience better. The external simply feeds the same ego needs that want and need proof of everything always. Weeding out the influences you’re bombarded with and have come to adopt unconsciously will increase your self knowing and sense of sacred balance. This is determined solely by you.

I thought I would share photos of my time away this past week so that you might absorb the beautiful energy and perhaps receive a sense of inspired renewal too from them. They reflect a reality that lives within me and that constantly reflects its magick through the days of my life. Through these images you might also recognize a version of a reality you choose to create.

lake8Lake Tahoe is one of my favorite magickal places that always makes me feel suspended in a timeless “time out of time” space that is really high vibrational and clear. I always say it’s a “Crystalline Lake” and it’s no wonder as many of the Bays are named after Crystals – Emerald Bay, Crystal Bay, Agate Bay, Carnelian Bay – and there once was and still are many crystals in the area, which was and still is a sacred spot.

This last week was full of nature’s magick and many beautiful encounters with souls in animal suits, especially a variety of butterflies flying at and all around me and mustangs open to personal connection. While kayaking a mother duck (I’m not sure what breed) and her brood of 13 ducklings were sunning on rocks (you’ll see in one of the photos as well) and then all went for a swim, which was quite a sweet sighting and rich message.

reno backyardThe area my parents live in Reno is nestled at the Virginia Range foothills and between it and the Sierra Nevada Range that has a really nice energy and peace to it that is soothing, but potent. I love spending time in their Faery garden where we shared mornings and evenings relaxing and talking.

Every day I find more and more to be grateful for and the depth increases with each consciously present moment.

I hope you enjoy the photo collage of these beautiful energies.

Sending love to everyone as you journey through new potential realities of your own personal creation.lake tahoe reno 2014 (9)

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Surreal Made Real – Inside the Pure Imagination of Visionary Artist/Photographer Jee Young Lee

stage-of-mind-room-jeeyoung-lee-4I woke up still “imagining” from the surreal dreamscapes of photographer and artist, Jee Young Lee, and thought that her images may be a perfect way to greet your day – through the world of YOUR imagination.

Thanks to my good friend Jason for sharing her visionary world with me. As a fellow visionary artist and self-proclaimed dreamer, she had my heart immediately and reminded me of our limitless potentials where anything is possible…and with a lot of heart – probable!

Imagination is unlimited power. We can utilize our imagination to create each experience of each day stage-of-mind-room-jeeyoung-lee-5to be exactly as we desire and we can imagine our current perspectives of what we are experiencing to shift and become as we would prefer them to be as well. Imagination is your inner vision that you can intentionally decide to visualize, which will change your life in accordance with your will.

There is always evidence of your creative power at work. You just may be too busy to see it, your “conditioned” mind just might be tricking you not to believe it, or your old pains may be scaring you out of trusting it.

stage-of-mind-room-jeeyoung-lee-2Every day is an experience “I” am creating by my choices in each moment and my decisions to utilize part or all of what I have available. And every moment I create from this space, from my sovereign free will and creative power, I free myself a little more.

The man who has no imagination has no wings. ~Muhammad Ali

Abundance is imagination realized. ~Jon Rappoport

I LOVE this visionary artist’s explorative journey demonstrating the unlimited potentials of creative energy. And some of the images she created expressed my current experiences so beautifully, as well as feelings I have had. Perhaps you’ll find some that speak to you as well.

I hope you enjoy immersing in Jee Young Lee’s photoshop-free photography (at the link below) from her exhibition named “Stage of Mind” where she melds imagination with skilled precision to transform her small studio in Seoul, into magick!

So…Come with me and you’ll be in a world of pure imagination. Take a look and you’ll see into your imagination …

Jee Young Lee’s “Stage of Mind”

stage-of-mind-room-jeeyoung-lee-1And to conclude, in the words of Willy Wonka:

If you want to view paradise
Simply look around and view it
Anything you want to, do it
Wanta change the world?
There’s nothing
To it

There is no
Life I know
To compare with
Pure imagination
Living there
You’ll be free
If you truly wish to be

Time to Change and Create Your Own Reality By Example – A Channeling

Whether you believe in channeled information or not, isn’t really important. What is most important is to listen with your heart to any information that comes through, whether channeled, in a book, through a talk, a conversation with a friend, family member, someone you meet for the first time, etc. and see if the message speaks to you. You are the power in your world to weed through what feels most resonant to your frequency and what you decide to do with it. Please exercise this power and don’t be led by following what you think you should follow…rather allow your heart to be the gauge that lights up when it meets the same frequency match.

There are seeds of wisdom and teaching that can be found from everywhere. Even in messages that don’t resonate, you have been drawn to it for a reason and are being taught something simply by your hearing it and choosing how to process and integrate it. It’s always up to us what we take away from things, and letting things sit and percolate will create shifts. If something brings up a fight, ask yourself why? Are you being challenged into the evolution of your heart or are you having something mirrored to be a gauge for how far you’ve come?

A dear cosmic brother of mine shared this video of Bashar, a multi-dimensional extra-terrestrial being who speaks through channel Darryl Anka from what we perceive as the future. He has a profound, fun and poignant type of humor that cuts through things and the way his messages come through may not be for everyone, but again, listen to the message and see how it meshes or what it brings up in you.

I am posting this particular message because it happens to mirror my own beliefs and it feels very poignant for everything going on right now. It’s something I actually find myself sharing a lot with people, long before I just saw this video a couple of days ago. I only post things that resonate with me and that I feel have something valuable to teach. You can choose for yourself if you like what you hear. Again, I’m not particularly interested in “who” says something, as much as I am with, “does the message mirror my feelings?”

It’s not often I share channeled messages, as I know that people sometimes get hung up on “channeling” or who is being channeled. But when I feel a particular message has importance, then I follow the nudge to share it. I think it’s important also to learn to weed through things, not get caught in definitions of words, and to also not get hung up on following any one particular person. Everything is merely a mirror of your own wisdom and Divinity. Exercise it.


Pure Imagination – Living There You’ll Be Free…If You Truly Wish To Be

It is always interesting to consciously experience synchronicity at work, as this morning I had been inspired to write a little bit about how each day welcomes an opportunity to live from the alchemy of creation and integration and how all experiences can be rich when living from a place of empowered choice and awareness. This stemmed from the last few days of things, I had purposefully noted, supporting an increase to the breadth of my experience – something that is always happening in our lives, but the more we are conscious about it, it takes on a whole different meaning.

Every day I find myself in a multi-faceted experience of a self-created work of art. And it is consistently blossoming through the evolution of exercising my creative and free will. At least that is how I see life…as a work of art and you are the Michelangelo of your own life.

We are each involved in this every day, whether we are aware of it or not, and if you start to see life this way then you start to create different works of art than you used to.

It’s almost like I am the paint brush that jumps into the color choices and then rolls around, lays, jumps, walks, runs, flaps my wings, swims through and spreads those colors around on my life-canvas, creating an energetic imprint of what satisfies the things I am feeling and seeing on all levels and even, the result of what I come to learn in the process.

The last few days I found to represent an example of how particularly fulfilling the eclectic mix of alchemical elements I am choosing to experience can be like an artist’s palette of my imagination manifested. Everything can be body and soul satisfying on so many different levels, especially when they are coming from my own conscious choice creations. They provide me the opportunity to continually recreate a fulfilling reality from everything I have within me and demonstrate how utilizing my heart’s imagination and truth can be freeing.

Much like the subject of the reblog I just posted this morning, about creating our own realities like an artist painting their life and experiences through the canvas of their heart, intentions, and imagination, I noted how things I choose to do are reflective of brush strokes from each level of my beingness – mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual – bringing forth their colors to the canvas of my experience.

I’m still loving the quote from Jon Rappoport, “Abundance is imagination realized.”

Interesting that last evening I had a very powerful a-ha moment, too challenging to explain in words, when I was tapping into this truth in a very “clicking-in” way that took my mentalization of this quote (even before I had seen it this morning) to a whole other level of actually feeling it penetrate as an embodiment on EVERY level. And that understanding lingered with me this morning of how this idea of creative manifestation can and will be consistently natural to my experience with the continuation of exercising and “being” what I had discovered. Then when I read Laura’s post with this quote in it, it was directly in reiteration to the integration that I had tapped in to.


The chocolate case at Anandamide where you will find “products of inspired diligence” and “discover objects of immense aesthetic value, imbued with a sense of terroir, seasonality, and craft.”

Needless to say I enjoyed fulfilling all parts of myself over the last few days and valued my ability to appreciate understanding the breadth of reach these experiences have. Each experience was multi-layered, despite perhaps being viewed in more simplicity by others. I am constantly seeing the increase of integrative layers consciously surfacing through each seemingly one-dimensional thing and how they incorporate the foundations that are most important to me. It’s not that life has to be complex or that I’m dissecting it like a scientist in each moment. It has become a natural process of simultaneously seeing the multiplicity that is embodied within every experience, at the same time enjoying the presence of its singularity in the moment.

  • Conscious conversation with a friend while hiking in nature (taking note of its beauty) under the powerful sun (its heat having me exercising my abilities to regulate my body through breath and understand its processes and needs)
  • Multiple facets of work I rotate through and interacting with different people through it that constantly exercise different parts of me and challenge me to grow each day
  • Nourishing food that I ponder how each part of the whole meal is feeding aspects of myself
  • Watching, for the first time, Billy Bob Thornton’s amazing performance in his self-written and directed movie “Sling Blade” that had me deeply reflecting on the moving layers and life choices in both the bigger and little picture sense, causing me to more fully integrate themes that books like No Boundary by Ken Wilber have helped me expound upon and opening my heart and levels of appreciation for others even more
  • Kayaking through Naples, Long Beach on a beautiful and windy day with friends and contemplating how we choose to journey the waterways of our life and realizing how many hidden gems await us around each corner we have yet to explore
  • Being introduced by friends to Long Beach’s Anandamide: Psychedelicatessen – an organic, vegan and raw superfood chocolatier and confectioner that is creating true alchemy in the form of pure and potent nourishment that feeds body and soul while you listen to Willy Wonka’s “Pure Imagination” in the background – awakening the joyous wisdom of the inner child
  • Enjoying an extremely funny evening at a comedy club night for tearful laughs of joy that enliven and heal the body from the inside out and revealed a crowd of life-experiences that each have their own relative journeys those laughs are nurturing
  • A spiritually enriching day of empowerment supporting 4 new Reiki Master Teachers more fully into their paths and engaging in continually deeper and meaningful conversations to explore the core of beliefs and fears – allowing me opportunity to grow and challenge myself to remember all that is already within me so that I can trust in the unity of my soul experience being there for me always, just as it is for each and every one of us

The dessert case of “balances and explosions” at Anandamide where “you will discover constructions of the future and recreations of old childhood memories, merged into a complex network of multi-textural sweet decadence.” Includes their out-of-this-world home brewed kombucha.

All of these were some of the things that were part of the last few days and are examples of how I consciously choose to weave the tapestry of my life with experiences mirroring my inner landscape desires, and then am simultaneously valuing the layers each provides, while actively taking part in the way I utilize and continue to create more experiences that are meaningful, enjoyable, and have impact in collective ways as well.

The reality I am creating to live in, every day is increasingly being less and less affected by anything around me. Why? Because there truly is this place that exists in between all others that holds all possibilities. That’s where I choose to focus my creative power and in doing so, help to create a new reality into being along with all the other “dreamers.”

We can utilize our imagination to create each experience of each day to be exactly as we desire and we can imagine our current perspectives of what we are experiencing to shift and become as we would prefer them to be as well.

Imagination is your inner vision that you can intentionally decide to visualize, which will change your life in accordance with your will.

Everyone has imagination. Some just exercise it more than others. And one reason for this is that as we go through life, that innate sense of living naturally from imagination as children, is taught out of us. Well, good news is, you never lose anything. It’s always there, but you have to actively engage it, nurture it, and put it to action.

You can use your inner vision to see how you want your life to be and if you practice envisioning this daily with faith, concentration and love (alongside all the mindful practice of the things you’ve come to learn over time, and actively doing healing integration on deep levels), one day your life will look exactly as you imagine. Acknowledge and have gratitude for every small reflection of this, for that will increase your experiencing more through appreciation.

There is always evidence of your creative power at work. You just may be too busy to see it, your “conditioned” mind just might be tricking you not to believe it, or your old pains may be scaring you out of trusting it.

Every day is an experience “I” am creating by my choices in each moment and my decisions to utilize part or all of what I have available. And every moment I create from this space, I free myself a little more.

You don’t have to be a visionary artist by way of your life’s work, to make your life work as a vision of your artistry. ~Tania Marie

Willy Wonka knew what he was talking about. Truth and empowerment live in his words:

Hold your breath
Make a wish
Count to three

Come with me
And you’ll be
In a world of
Pure imagination
Take a look
And you’ll see
Into your imagination

We’ll begin
With a spin
Traveling in
The world of my creation
What we’ll see
Will defy

If you want to view paradise
Simply look around and view it
Anything you want to, do it
Wanta change the world?
There’s nothing
To it

There is no
Life I know
To compare with
Pure imagination
Living there
You’ll be free
If you truly wish to be

If you want to view paradise
Simply look around and view it
Anything you want to, do it
Wanta change the world?
There’s nothing
To it

There is no
Life I know
To compare with
Pure imagination
Living there
You’ll be free
If you truly
Wish to be

Becoming the Designer of Your Life – Imagine and Create!

Very powerful post I’ll let speak for itself. Thank you Laura for finding and sharing it. The message also tied back into my memories yesterday from my post on soul connections I cherish and specifically reminding me of one of the magical adventures Laura and I had when we were drawn to pick up the The Matrix at a local video store on our personal retreat in Mendocino, to review it, which led us to synchronously re-“bump” into a Druid friend – a trip that changed our lives. It also had me thinking on the line I wrote in yesterday’s post about coming to a fork in the road and creating a spiral staircase to the sky. Imagine and create, create! ❤

Laura Bruno's Blog

All I can say regarding this article is, “Eggggggzactly! Thank you for expressing what I try through humor, curiosity, questions and sheer impertinence to pass along to clients, friends and loved ones.” (Thanks also to Ann at Exopermaculture for the link.)


by Jon Rappoport

OCTOBER 24, 2012. We want to know what exists. We want to know it at the bottom of the sea and out in the stars and within our own minds and in realms outside the normal channels of perception. Of course we want to journey to those places and find out what’s there.

We search for design and pattern and structure and system, in order to reach the highest kind of knowledge about existence.

We need to add a different platform.

Design, structure, system, and shape are not the end of the voyage. They are objectives that serve lesser…

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The View from the Window – Many Windows, Same Train

Each moment of each day is in constant transition and where it used to be odd to others to experience and watch some of us constantly shifting, it is now becoming common ground for most. Even for me, who is a constant chameleon of metamorphosis, this rapid change has increased my own transitional processes. I used to be able to foresee more, but now I am much more short-sighted and moment focused than I have been. I still get overall energy and essence feelings on things, as well as can sense general directions energy is going, but I have no urge to see past today and am asking of myself only to embrace what is before me now – looking within at all the pieces and choosing consciously what is most optimal to my desired creation of experience.

It’s a very interesting time and everyone is experiencing amping up and intensities in their own ways, which includes ups and downs relative to each, while transitioning takes place. I know for myself, this is very true and I tend to exhibit the shifts and each step of the process a bit more dramatically and symbolically than most, as that is just my way. I’m used to my processes and so I don’t get alarmed or surprised by the transitions, even when I hit my own uncomfortable, more challenging, some times painful and “off” days.

I find it hard to share the things I experience, as each person’s experience is as I shared, relative to them and them only. We may share similarities, but no one can walk in our shoes and live in our skin, but us. Needless to say, we are all experiencing change and it’s just part of life. The way we embrace change, is what makes the difference. And opening our hearts and our perspectives can lead us to the magic in all of it.

There is nothing wrong with the ups and downs, as life is a full spectrum experience. That is what we are here in human form to have – an “experience.” All the levels of emotions are part of that experience and enable us to go to greater depths of our hearts and to really embrace the sensuality of humanity that is what we choose in being here.

I don’t attempt to try to explain myself or to make someone understand me. That was something I have gone through in my past processes of first learning to become an individual, after realizing who I was conditionally expressing, wasn’t a mirror of the real me. This is a process we all go through and then we come to feel at home within (regardless of what is going on without) and understand that we no longer need to rebel against something and that those “somethings” were actually gifts in reminding us who we really are and to assist us in understanding ourselves, learning to love unconditionally and compassionately, and simply are mirrors of the divine oneness that creates the experience of life here in duality.

But now is a time we can move into integration, where we see all sides and can understand from a new, uncharged perspective, how it all is just pieces of the puzzle of consciousness expressing itself, to experience and learn of itself. Only through our hearts and “real” love can we do this. Love DOES heal all.

Every day I am in constant inner reflection, as I have innately always had the drive to look deeper and discover the magic of life – and to find “my” truth. What that is for me, is and will be different than what that is for others. It is not necessary that we all share the same vision and experience.

Yet, it’s funny how once we arrive at certain experiences, understandings and epiphany breakthroughs that change our personal lives in what feels to be profoundly joyous ways, we feel this “need” to have everyone on board the same train.

The reality is, we can be on similar wavelength trains, but definitely there is no room for all of us to sit in the same seat, right? And how stifling to the unlimited creative miracle that free will provides opportunity for. There are many seats with their own windows on the train and from each, many perspectives and beauty to behold, as the train passes along its collective trajectory.

We can create the experience we want by focusing on what it is we each want to create, consistently living and being that which we desire, staying present and unconditionally loving, opening our inner heart eyes, releasing everything we ever thought we knew, and releasing attachment to others joining or even to what exactly that “has” to look like and when.

This can be challenging to do when bombarded by so many external factors swarming around us, beckoning our attention with temporal stimulation, knocking on our door to see if we will react or respond, tempting us with temporary comfort and numbness, feeding the aspects of our less than strong parts that perpetuate pattern cycles, or masking themselves as shiny new toys of the moment that “could” actually be ingenious self-sabotaging mechanisms that make us think we are moving towards what we desire, but actually are side steps to what we really want.

To top it off, we have the daily life experiences to attend to, different factors of our individual experiences that are teaching us about ourselves, conditioned and authentic elements we are weeding through and tons of energetic factors all simultaneously swirling in and around us – sometimes that can either feel like supportive gifts of opportunity to embrace or dramatic diversions out of our control, depending on our perspective in the moment.

In the end, does any of it really matter in terms of what, how and when we choose to do with what we have before us? Not really, as life is an experience and all of life is choice, and choice eventually leads us where, in the bigger picture, we need to be, where ever and whenever that may be and however that looks.

But if you find yourself complaining and unhappy and spiraling in the same exact experiences over and over that make you miserable, then perhaps there is another choice you could be making and side-stepping, which in fact would change your seat on the train and hence, the experience of the ride and the view you are seeing. It all really depends on what you want and how far you’re willing to go to make that your reality. There really isn’t any time trajectory, but your own and throughout life you can continually change seats on the train until perhaps one day you also realize you ARE the train, the conductor, and every seat and window view and then life becomes the journey.

The questions to ask yourself are: What do I want and what am I willing to do to have it?

I do this often and as I mentioned, it is why I do some dramatic shifts in my life on a more than “average” basis, to assist myself in the ways I know that work for me to help me to make the changes and create the experiences I choose to have.

The last steps sometimes can be the trickiest and for me that can mean extreme flips like the Hanged Man or looking like The Fool (in Tarot). It’s not that way for everyone, nor has to be. I only share my experience, from my seat.

I find that intuitively listening to my heart, following through in consistent action with what it tells me, being more open and detached than ever, while simultaneously more unconditional and heart open than ever, consciously doing my best to be present, authentic, and finding my own inner rhythm, balance and joy is what works best in these current energies of the now. And if I stray from any of that, that is when I find myself more challenged and “off track.”

Trains can change tracks, but there is no need for head-on collisions or mishaps when changing course. We can jump tracks and constantly maneuver from one to another smoothly and evenly in any condition presented, as long as our hearts are conducting the way. It’s a choice we make in each moment. And currently those choices don’t take long to manifest direct results – everything is instantaneous. I have seen this for myself and how there is no more luxury in terms of being able to make several of the same choices without receiving direct, instantaneous manifestation to reflect a message. It’s then STILL our choice of what we desire to do with it and what we want to create.

Life can be magic or misery. It’s a moment to moment choice and in the end, we may go through both and both may be present, as it’s all just part of the Oneness of consciousness and experience that just IS.

I am guided to write certain things at certain times based not only on what I pick up on collective energetic levels, but are also what I currently see as a theme in my own life and current transitions.

Just me…reflecting, shifting, preparing for the next phase of the journey and how that emanates from within

Right now is one of those dramatic shifts again and it has included changes and new things that are taking place, that I feel heart-guided to integrate into my life to assist my transitions in order to flow with and support the energy shifts collectively. For me it is about embodying a return to natural harmony inside and out. Some of those changes include transitioning back to 90-100% raw vegan, getting a couple of new energy tattoos to assist my next phase and to balance, bring depth, opening and closure, getting ready to make a dramatic hair style change to lighten, infuse my life with new energy and perspective, and emanate authenticity from within, going through a major closet revamping and clean-out/giveaway, detaching in big ways, while connecting with a bigger picture that I see in my heart, and flowing in each moment with the work that calls to me to do – remaining flexible and open to how it evolves…symbolic and literal changes are steps that can assist our creation intents.

A peak at my newest tattoo done yesterday on my left foot – a stylized Faery Star I designed – also known as Pleiadian Star – gateway to the Otherworld. It is still red and swollen so I shared it in black and white. Will be finalized with my next tattoo early September

The only truth is the truth that dwells within your heart and no one can tell you what that is, but you. Others can assist in helping to uncover it and reveal things that you hide from yourself, but nobody appreciates nor will change by anyone else telling them how and when to do that and what that should like.

When we try to observe another’s window view from our own, it is distorted. If we each unconditionally love each other, realizing we are sharing the same train ride and can do so in joy of all the different forms of beauty that can be seen from each window of the collective soul, then the journey will BE the harmonious miracle it IS.

I don’t need anyone to rectify my existence. The most profound relationship we will ever have is the one with ourselves. ~ Shirley MacLaine

Every relationship you have ever formed is you having a closer look at yourself. ~ Stephanie Azaria

The whole moon and the entire sky are reflected in one dewdrop on the grass. ~ Dogen

Your destiny is in your hands. Creating the life you want is only, and always, up to you. ~ Darren L. Johnson


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