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The View from the Window – Many Windows, Same Train

Each moment of each day is in constant transition and where it used to be odd to others to experience and watch some of us constantly shifting, it is now becoming common ground for most. Even for me, who is a constant chameleon of metamorphosis, this rapid change has increased my own transitional processes. I used to be able to foresee more, but now I am much more short-sighted and moment focused than I have been. I still get overall energy and essence feelings on things, as well as can sense general directions energy is going, but I have no urge to see past today and am asking of myself only to embrace what is before me now – looking within at all the pieces and choosing consciously what is most optimal to my desired creation of experience.

It’s a very interesting time and everyone is experiencing amping up and intensities in their own ways, which includes ups and downs relative to each, while transitioning takes place. I know for myself, this is very true and I tend to exhibit the shifts and each step of the process a bit more dramatically and symbolically than most, as that is just my way. I’m used to my processes and so I don’t get alarmed or surprised by the transitions, even when I hit my own uncomfortable, more challenging, some times painful and “off” days.

I find it hard to share the things I experience, as each person’s experience is as I shared, relative to them and them only. We may share similarities, but no one can walk in our shoes and live in our skin, but us. Needless to say, we are all experiencing change and it’s just part of life. The way we embrace change, is what makes the difference. And opening our hearts and our perspectives can lead us to the magic in all of it.

There is nothing wrong with the ups and downs, as life is a full spectrum experience. That is what we are here in human form to have – an “experience.” All the levels of emotions are part of that experience and enable us to go to greater depths of our hearts and to really embrace the sensuality of humanity that is what we choose in being here.

I don’t attempt to try to explain myself or to make someone understand me. That was something I have gone through in my past processes of first learning to become an individual, after realizing who I was conditionally expressing, wasn’t a mirror of the real me. This is a process we all go through and then we come to feel at home within (regardless of what is going on without) and understand that we no longer need to rebel against something and that those “somethings” were actually gifts in reminding us who we really are and to assist us in understanding ourselves, learning to love unconditionally and compassionately, and simply are mirrors of the divine oneness that creates the experience of life here in duality.

But now is a time we can move into integration, where we see all sides and can understand from a new, uncharged perspective, how it all is just pieces of the puzzle of consciousness expressing itself, to experience and learn of itself. Only through our hearts and “real” love can we do this. Love DOES heal all.

Every day I am in constant inner reflection, as I have innately always had the drive to look deeper and discover the magic of life – and to find “my” truth. What that is for me, is and will be different than what that is for others. It is not necessary that we all share the same vision and experience.

Yet, it’s funny how once we arrive at certain experiences, understandings and epiphany breakthroughs that change our personal lives in what feels to be profoundly joyous ways, we feel this “need” to have everyone on board the same train.

The reality is, we can be on similar wavelength trains, but definitely there is no room for all of us to sit in the same seat, right? And how stifling to the unlimited creative miracle that free will provides opportunity for. There are many seats with their own windows on the train and from each, many perspectives and beauty to behold, as the train passes along its collective trajectory.

We can create the experience we want by focusing on what it is we each want to create, consistently living and being that which we desire, staying present and unconditionally loving, opening our inner heart eyes, releasing everything we ever thought we knew, and releasing attachment to others joining or even to what exactly that “has” to look like and when.

This can be challenging to do when bombarded by so many external factors swarming around us, beckoning our attention with temporal stimulation, knocking on our door to see if we will react or respond, tempting us with temporary comfort and numbness, feeding the aspects of our less than strong parts that perpetuate pattern cycles, or masking themselves as shiny new toys of the moment that “could” actually be ingenious self-sabotaging mechanisms that make us think we are moving towards what we desire, but actually are side steps to what we really want.

To top it off, we have the daily life experiences to attend to, different factors of our individual experiences that are teaching us about ourselves, conditioned and authentic elements we are weeding through and tons of energetic factors all simultaneously swirling in and around us – sometimes that can either feel like supportive gifts of opportunity to embrace or dramatic diversions out of our control, depending on our perspective in the moment.

In the end, does any of it really matter in terms of what, how and when we choose to do with what we have before us? Not really, as life is an experience and all of life is choice, and choice eventually leads us where, in the bigger picture, we need to be, where ever and whenever that may be and however that looks.

But if you find yourself complaining and unhappy and spiraling in the same exact experiences over and over that make you miserable, then perhaps there is another choice you could be making and side-stepping, which in fact would change your seat on the train and hence, the experience of the ride and the view you are seeing. It all really depends on what you want and how far you’re willing to go to make that your reality. There really isn’t any time trajectory, but your own and throughout life you can continually change seats on the train until perhaps one day you also realize you ARE the train, the conductor, and every seat and window view and then life becomes the journey.

The questions to ask yourself are: What do I want and what am I willing to do to have it?

I do this often and as I mentioned, it is why I do some dramatic shifts in my life on a more than “average” basis, to assist myself in the ways I know that work for me to help me to make the changes and create the experiences I choose to have.

The last steps sometimes can be the trickiest and for me that can mean extreme flips like the Hanged Man or looking like The Fool (in Tarot). It’s not that way for everyone, nor has to be. I only share my experience, from my seat.

I find that intuitively listening to my heart, following through in consistent action with what it tells me, being more open and detached than ever, while simultaneously more unconditional and heart open than ever, consciously doing my best to be present, authentic, and finding my own inner rhythm, balance and joy is what works best in these current energies of the now. And if I stray from any of that, that is when I find myself more challenged and “off track.”

Trains can change tracks, but there is no need for head-on collisions or mishaps when changing course. We can jump tracks and constantly maneuver from one to another smoothly and evenly in any condition presented, as long as our hearts are conducting the way. It’s a choice we make in each moment. And currently those choices don’t take long to manifest direct results – everything is instantaneous. I have seen this for myself and how there is no more luxury in terms of being able to make several of the same choices without receiving direct, instantaneous manifestation to reflect a message. It’s then STILL our choice of what we desire to do with it and what we want to create.

Life can be magic or misery. It’s a moment to moment choice and in the end, we may go through both and both may be present, as it’s all just part of the Oneness of consciousness and experience that just IS.

I am guided to write certain things at certain times based not only on what I pick up on collective energetic levels, but are also what I currently see as a theme in my own life and current transitions.

Just me…reflecting, shifting, preparing for the next phase of the journey and how that emanates from within

Right now is one of those dramatic shifts again and it has included changes and new things that are taking place, that I feel heart-guided to integrate into my life to assist my transitions in order to flow with and support the energy shifts collectively. For me it is about embodying a return to natural harmony inside and out. Some of those changes include transitioning back to 90-100% raw vegan, getting a couple of new energy tattoos to assist my next phase and to balance, bring depth, opening and closure, getting ready to make a dramatic hair style change to lighten, infuse my life with new energy and perspective, and emanate authenticity from within, going through a major closet revamping and clean-out/giveaway, detaching in big ways, while connecting with a bigger picture that I see in my heart, and flowing in each moment with the work that calls to me to do – remaining flexible and open to how it evolves…symbolic and literal changes are steps that can assist our creation intents.

A peak at my newest tattoo done yesterday on my left foot – a stylized Faery Star I designed – also known as Pleiadian Star – gateway to the Otherworld. It is still red and swollen so I shared it in black and white. Will be finalized with my next tattoo early September

The only truth is the truth that dwells within your heart and no one can tell you what that is, but you. Others can assist in helping to uncover it and reveal things that you hide from yourself, but nobody appreciates nor will change by anyone else telling them how and when to do that and what that should like.

When we try to observe another’s window view from our own, it is distorted. If we each unconditionally love each other, realizing we are sharing the same train ride and can do so in joy of all the different forms of beauty that can be seen from each window of the collective soul, then the journey will BE the harmonious miracle it IS.

I don’t need anyone to rectify my existence. The most profound relationship we will ever have is the one with ourselves. ~ Shirley MacLaine

Every relationship you have ever formed is you having a closer look at yourself. ~ Stephanie Azaria

The whole moon and the entire sky are reflected in one dewdrop on the grass. ~ Dogen

Your destiny is in your hands. Creating the life you want is only, and always, up to you. ~ Darren L. Johnson


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