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Realities of Your Own Creation – My Reflections and Photo Shares from My Week Away

tania4When you begin to view life and all things having a divine order and purpose, which stems from a deep inner/intuitive knowing without the need to ego-comprehend it all the time, nor have a mapped out reasoning and proof always, then you begin to move rapidly through realities.

You make a decision every day to make something your source of authority. When you decide to stop listening to everything other than your intuitive self and decide that IT is the sacred source, then you will need no other validation.

No one will be able to validate it anyway because it is an experience that is yours alone to know.

There are many realities of experience available, which is each person’s choice.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this experience was a magnified version of your greatest opportunity?

meadow4While I was away this past week visiting family in Reno and my beloved Lake Tahoe, I experienced my own magnified version of greatest opportunity.

I believe that in every experience we have the opportunity to see what we want to see, and create what we want out of it.

I see magick all around, meaning, and purpose and even if others choose to see something different or think I’m off my rocker because of what I see and experience, it simply doesn’t matter. Worst case scenario is that I AM crazy, but guess what? I sure live joyously in the meantime and don’t seem to experience the challenges in the same way others do. That doesn’t mean I don’t have my own challenges, but because of my perspective on life that I’ve come to embrace, I’m no longer debilitated and can shift things immediately.

I spent a lot of time on my week off in deep, metaphysical conversation with my brother, reviewing a lot of things in my life, making new commitments to myself and my path, soaking in the powerful energies of this sacred area, explored a new area down in the South Lake Tahoe region of Echo Lakes, which includes Lower and Upper Echo Lake and others (you’ll see in the photos), refreshing in and being inspired by the mountains, forests, Crystalline water of the lake daily, and the medicine of the wild mustangs I intimately interacted with on three occasions.

I also picked up a couple of new crystal friends as gifts, but also a few for myself that include Nirvana Quartz (actually a male – white – and female – pink – pair that came together, which feels especially potent and poignant for balancing and activating wholeness), Black Tourmaline, and a special find I’ll share more on in another post – Auralite, which literally called out at the last minute from behind me.

trip4Spending time with the family is always powerful in layered ways. It brings out core reflections and patterning, gifts me with nurturing, and elevates and propels from the integration that takes place. Since being back I continue to integrate these shifts, but I do feel a tremendous transformation and further sense of knowing, expansion, peace, and focused understanding that is increasing as I move through things.

echo lake tania marieMore changes at hand indeed and I’m feeling even moreso on track with my natural self that continues to emerge with each layer I peel. It is also bringing about changes in my day-to-day and where my energy is feeling the need to be focused.

I know everyone is experiencing major transitions and “stuff” in a multitude of ways and within a multitude of realities. There truly is no greater gauge than yourself, but it’s helpful to have mirrors to reflect and help you to decipher who that “self” is. I know I was able to see and voice “me” even greater than ever this last week during conversations that in the past I would have been lost in or had other reactions to. It all helps me to not only have a better relationship with myself, but to also extend that enhanced experience in all relationships.

echo lake19Knowing something within yourself is the greatest comfort you’ll find. No amount of validation outside of that will make this experience better. The external simply feeds the same ego needs that want and need proof of everything always. Weeding out the influences you’re bombarded with and have come to adopt unconsciously will increase your self knowing and sense of sacred balance. This is determined solely by you.

I thought I would share photos of my time away this past week so that you might absorb the beautiful energy and perhaps receive a sense of inspired renewal too from them. They reflect a reality that lives within me and that constantly reflects its magick through the days of my life. Through these images you might also recognize a version of a reality you choose to create.

lake8Lake Tahoe is one of my favorite magickal places that always makes me feel suspended in a timeless “time out of time” space that is really high vibrational and clear. I always say it’s a “Crystalline Lake” and it’s no wonder as many of the Bays are named after Crystals – Emerald Bay, Crystal Bay, Agate Bay, Carnelian Bay – and there once was and still are many crystals in the area, which was and still is a sacred spot.

This last week was full of nature’s magick and many beautiful encounters with souls in animal suits, especially a variety of butterflies flying at and all around me and mustangs open to personal connection. While kayaking a mother duck (I’m not sure what breed) and her brood of 13 ducklings were sunning on rocks (you’ll see in one of the photos as well) and then all went for a swim, which was quite a sweet sighting and rich message.

reno backyardThe area my parents live in Reno is nestled at the Virginia Range foothills and between it and the Sierra Nevada Range that has a really nice energy and peace to it that is soothing, but potent. I love spending time in their Faery garden where we shared mornings and evenings relaxing and talking.

Every day I find more and more to be grateful for and the depth increases with each consciously present moment.

I hope you enjoy the photo collage of these beautiful energies.

Sending love to everyone as you journey through new potential realities of your own personal creation.lake tahoe reno 2014 (9)

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No Limitations

May all possibilities be open to you…..


Photo by me in Reno from my parent’s home, of the sun setting over Mt. Rose & Sierra Nevada

This Month’s Newsletter Sharings & Opportunities Before I Head Out to Reno & Lake Tahoe

This is just a short post to share that when sunrise and the birds make their debut tomorrow morning, Reno will be in sight for the 8 hour drive ahead. I will be away for the next week, 1/26 – either 2/2 or 2/3 (driving provides options 🙂 ) and during that time will still have email and web access, but will not be able to take on any work until I return.

Looking forward to time with my family, my mom’s 70th birthday (she so looks and behaves 20 years younger – go mom!), lots of time up at Lake Tahoe (my very missed and loved previous home before returning back to my roots in Southern California), playing in the magickal snow filled forests, fields, and mountains, visiting my favorite crystal shop there (with coupon they sent me in hand!), seeing a couple of friends, and being creative with painting and designing.

I will be back in full action on Monday 2/4, but likely will still post a couple of blogs while away.

In the meantime, I wanted to share my latest newsletter I just sent out last evening, which includes some “Tania words” for the month to share 😉 and all of the exciting things to look forward and that are going on including the upcoming art showcase extravaganza in Los Angeles, the approaching New Jersey Reiki and Yoga Workshops, an opportunity to host a workshop event and receive FREE Reiki training, group discounts on local Reiki workshops, this year’s Bimini retreat to save dates for, a Valentine’s Reiki Healing Attunement Promotion at 34% discount, and more!

The Reiki Healing Attunement discount is good until 2/14/13 and is only $33. Regular price $50. Savings of $17.

bird love

Here is the newsletter link: Love, Creativity, Manifesting & Flow ~ A Powerful Year of Opportunities & Fun

Wishing you all a magick-filled week! xoox!!

A Journey, Closure, New Energy, Higher Hearts and Rooted Bodies, Unification and Integration, and a Beautiful Message for 2012

Chamuel - my Master Lemurian Seed Crystal

After literally “just” returning from a whirlwind, very mission-focused trip to the Reno/Tahoe, Nevada area (my previous home of 3 years) I am feeling the energies of everything really taking root. I had returned to Nevada to finalize some business and pick up the last of my things from my parent’s house that they had been storing, which comprised of my original paintings (the In Lak’ech series of potent 5 included) and other items, as well as a few crystals – one of which was my giant Master Lemurian Seed Crystal I had been guided to leave with my mom, a few years ago, to work with and to anchor and grid in Reno. This Master Crystal revealed its name to be Chamuel, as it channels the energy of Archangel Chamuel, the Archangel of Unconditional Love. For information on Archangel Chamuel here is a cool link:

I was grateful to have my sweet friend and business partner, Allison, join me for the journey – a perfect reflection of co-supporting and co-creating with no more isolation. It was her first trip there, so it was too bad we weren’t able to do more, but we did complete the mission and having her with me was a valued gift. From the moment we arrived we were greeted by a very strange and ominous sky that looked as if lava was flowing in the clouds. None of us had ever seen

Our grounding veggie feast my mom made us the only full day we had in Reno - rosemary potatoes, herbed mushrooms atop roasted veggies and salad with squash...mmmmmmm

anything like it. Dark grayish purple clouds with channels of blood red flowing through. Very odd. Then the next day a huge fire raged not far from my parent’s house that had already taken out 10 homes and was threatening many more. This all preceded the storms that were about to roll in. Many very interesting signs and unfoldings that were definitely sending a message. We were able to enjoy a partial day of some work and then explored the crystal shop, Stone Age, and returned from the 80 mile an hour winds and smoky air, to a cozy home and meal courtesy of mom (pictured left).

But with a little intuited trust, we sped up the trip, changed our plans and grabbed our rental truck a day early (the next morning) to get out while we still could, without getting snowed in. Some of the roads had already been closed due to the fire and snow, but luckily the 80 out of Reno, only met us with torrential rain storms, fog and impending storm clouds. We learned that last evening, after we took advantage of the intuited window, the electricity went out where my parent’s lived and the snow came in as promised. This would not have bode well for us driving a 17 foot truck, where closed roads and chains would have been quite the challenge, if not dangerous.

Some of my new friends from Reno, and old, in their new home on my desk. All attuned to specific energy I am working with currently. And of course my dear Nestor's photo and ashes that are always with me.

But, we did manage to make it to one of my favorite crystal shops to pick up some intended crystal friends to help ground in the new energy we are working with and that I would be utilizing in my new magickal crystal elixirs. (I intend to keep you posted on these, as they are brewing) And I also managed to finalize some business and put to closure things in Reno, to fully move into the new back in California. Since returning, the energy feels very different here at home with my new crystal friends, in listening to where they wanted to go and hanging new paintings in the house that all together make for some really nice energy and Feng Shui. Gaia, my Russian tortoise, and Joy, my lop eared bunny, are both in my room with me today (Gaia only comes in my room on certain occassions, as she’s usually busy working the rest of the house) anchoring in the new energies of our crystal buddies.

It just goes to show you that it is important not to hold to ideas and plans and to always listen to your inner heart guidance, as well as to be in tune with the Earth. Our bodies and the planet mirror each other and this is a time for a return to natural harmony, which begins with flowing with, rather than fighting the shifts within and without.

This is also a time of really grounding and rooting everything that we have been working towards, which equates to bold action, or as one of my favorite things to say is: Do it! We are creating a new template of being and it involves integration – another of my favorite words. (I have several if you haven’t already noticed) Many of us have spent a lot of time developing higher aspects of ourselves (as in our upper chakras) and spirituality, while forgetting our bodies and the need to always be in communion with our base aspects (lower chakras). This is where our heart chakras (or the emerald bridge, as I like to refer to it as) comes into play, in supporting that integration into present and heart-full living with trust, knowingness and honor of your feelings on all levels. The heart chakra lies center of the upper and lower chakras and will be a guiding force of authentic expression and unification within ourselves, with each other, and our relationship with earth and cosmos.

I’m really excited about the new directions, energy and clarification on what is unfolding. It’s always so cool to get loud reiteration of the nudges and things you were already doing or starting to incorporate and be guided towards. It is very empowering to realize your intuitive heart always knows what is best for you, even if you weren’t conscious of the specific understanding or details of why or how it was all taking place.

So a journey comes to closure and a new one begins. I am loving my new crystal friends that will be co-creating with me and I am feeling the click of the pieces of the puzzle all coming together with what I have been focused towards for most of my life. I know others are also feeling it. We’ve been on a journey from one polarity aspect, moving towards another to balance out the imbalance, but we have created another imbalance by staying put in that new polarity with continual focus and in many cases, denial or charge against the other. The journey back to center integration is taking place now rapidly for many of us, as we unify our parts through our higher hearts.

This is a nutshell of information that I have been working with and all of this, which I spent several hours talking about with my brother in the limited time I was in Reno (as we often spend hours doing when together), and which I had been formulating and processing beforehand, was beautifully essence-captured in Lee Harris’ visions for 2012 that my dear friend, Laura Bruno, posted today on her blog. It is so PERFECTLY mirroring of my own channeled feelings and visions that I told Laura I had to repost it.

Some of the key things that stood out from Lee’s sharing that I loved are these:

Trust what you choose. Live as you feel.

this is a year of action

Begin it. Become it. Do it.

…no more isolation

…a new template is needed – become an ambassador of loving silence and space…this creates a shared template


the heart is always required

a time to be in our highest hearts…when heart, throat and third eye unify so that you speak from your heart and see with spirit

we must remember our base/grounding energy

get into your lower parts of the body – this is very important and will allow those that have worked on the higher parts to bring things together

be bold in what you share

I hope you enjoy reflecting on Lee Harris’ visions:

Celebrating, Honoring and Loving the Earth Mother Energy – My Personal Journey to Integrate Balance for Grounding the New Energy

Gaia by Tania Marie

With a Mayan Tzolkin Sun Sign of Caban/Earth (Keeper of the garden of Earth) and Capricorn rising (Earth sign), I am one who has always been deeply connected with Gaia – our beautiful Mother Earth – and with all of her exquisite gifts and children she shares with us, I am both greatly affected, AND simultaneously supported, by integrating with her energies.  I have devoted a partnering commitment to natural harmony with her and the Cosmos, which is the focus of much of my service I share and the basis of many of the life choices I make whole-heartedly.

Like her, I experience the earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanoes, blizzards and seasons of life that can rock my world with powerful and transformative energy. When I can embrace and flow naturally with the changes, things are far easier than if I fight or get caught up in the panics and fears. It can mean the difference between vibrant health and abundant flow or major life-shaking challenges and short-circuited life outages!

Lately life has been quite a ride that hasn’t always been very comfortable, to put it gently, and with that has come the necessity to rely on my intuition and heart guidance, which has proven to be very telling, even if at first I have had challenge listening to it. I love when synchronous reiteration comes when I ask for messages, signs, or to be led to the right support. It really helps to be able to have your feelings mirrored back, when you are feeling not quite at full throttle capacity and less than your empowered self due to temporary interference.

What I’ve been hit over the head with like Tower Tarot Card lightning is how much our lovely Earth Mother energy has been an integral force, seen or unseen, in my life. Every where I turn, earthy energies are abound and are a much needed part of my life ever more so currently. Having reached a stage of short circuiting my amped and evolving new energy, due to the huge expansion I’ve been working towards with many others, and DNA changes, the constant message that I am being reminded is the need for grounding.

I have found myself for a while now attracted to different crystals and stones I didn’t used to be, all of which are grounding, earthy and root chakra connected – like red coral and black tourmaline. I have also been drawn to all of the very earthy and grounding foods – like squash, seaweed, yams, brown rice, etc. more than others – and switching more to cooked from my usually high raw diet. I have also been enjoying more low impact exercise like easy hikes and walks on the beach, just to get out and feel the earth beneath my feet. Not to mention, spending tons of time with my little ones, especially Joy – my lop eared bunny – holding her and communing with her earthiness.

I also have felt the importance of taking extra care and attention to my physical body due to all the shifts and challenges I’ve going through and to getting medical intuitive support to understand how to better assist my overall well being. The latter really being a key and very helpful eye-opener to help make the needed adjustments to get things back on track in an even more efficient and beautiful way. Thanks Laura Bruno for your support and loving friendship!

The message in it all has been focused on the NEED TO KEEP BALANCED and GROUNDED. Integration, one of my favorite words, is so important and vital. As we progress in one way or the other we need to be mindful of the other side of the coin and to do things to keep that balance in tact otherwise you can topple over completely.

I’m so grateful to get these beautiful reminders and reiterations, as it really has helped to shift things, simply in the realization of the importance to my life this is. I tend to be an extremist and have been working so hard towards expanding myself in large ways, but the true magic comes when all of our parts are operating at optimal. The real magic takes place when we have all of our parts working with us in equal partnership.

Interestingly, I have currently been working on a new painting – the first in SO VERY long – and it is also associated with this energy. It is called “Gaia’s Gift.” And yes, what a beautiful gift Gaia is to us and what immensely valuable gifts she has to offer. I just love all of the signs that have been around me that I was following intuitively, but the real difference helps in consciously understanding how it all fits together so that every moment can be a very present and mindful one.

The photo on this post was an old painting I did for fun of Gaia, so I thought it would be fun to post it, while I’m transitioning into a new creation of her as we speak.

My parents are visiting right now from Reno and I can’t tell you what a gift it is to have my mother with me. It is almost like having a real vacation in my home because she treats me like a guest in my own house. How grateful and lucky I am to have her. And what beautiful timing amidst all of this beautiful Earth Mother energy, which my mom possesses most lovingly. Having Virgo rising, it is no wonder she is quite the epitome of a nurturing earthy mother.

And I will be off to Reno in just a couple of days! Reno has always been a very grounding and healing place of stability for me and I cannot wait to return there, but especially to my beloved Lake Tahoe to really take in the needed earthy energies of her magic. I look forward to sharing this experience with my dear girlfriend and new partner on several new creative offerings we are collaborating on, Allison Jacobson.  Will be fun to see things through her eyes and I sense some new friends will be coming through on this journey. Not to mention inspiration from the earthy recharging that is much welcome and needed.

Yes, I am in deep celebration, honor and LOVE for Gaia and her beautiful Earth Mother energy that is so powerfully supportive to us all. It is so vital to our shifting new energy, to be in communion with her even more than we ever have and in deeper ways than ever before.

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