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A Magickal Goodbye For Now To Colorado


We’ve spent the last several days immersed in the heart-inspiring beauty of Estes Park, Colorado and Rocky Mountain National Park…definitely a place I’d welcome visiting again, as there’s so much to explore and it mirrors the essence of all that I love. Yet, once again, our time spent was fulfilling and our experiences were soul-aligned and perfect. I leave taking with me the enchantment it awakened further within and feeling the activation of more of my essence coming alive.

bear lakeI loved this area very much and enjoyed the variety of weather shifts we experienced within each day from sunshine and warmth to end-of-Spring showers and even hail, as we ascended into nearly 10,000 elevation along snowy and icy trails.

The drive into Estes Park alone was spectacular and I instantly felt an energetic shift and lightness in this area.


We even found a cool little pizza place sitting right on the river – Poppy’s Pizza and Grill – where they had vegan cheese and pepperoni for a little indulgence at lunch.


We added yummy pineapple to ours. ūüėČ


Our home site for the days we enjoyed here was one of the most incredible with sweeping vista looking into Rocky Mountain National Park, large space to enjoy outdoor picnic table time, and beautiful sunsets, which greeted us on our first evening.

dream lake.jpg20160606_151226_resized.jpg20160606_151327_resized.jpg20160606_160221_resized.jpg

From meadows of wildflowers with streams running through them, lush forests of varied trees, rushing creeks, still beaver ponds, enchanted lakes (with cool names like Nymph, Dream, Emerald, and Bear Lake), and forceful waterfalls, to rocky, tree and snow covered peaks….pure magick.


Elk were everywhere and emerged out of enchanted sunlit forest sanctuaries, while Mule Deer sat in hidden stillness or danced along the edges of forest hills.



We even had fun with a playful and very curious little chipmunk and giggled at squirrels that kept running back and forth across our path ahead, seeming to taunt us to follow, keeping just steps ahead, disappearing and then reappearing again as they zig-zagged back and forth.20160607_171225_resized.jpg20160607_171240

More and more we feel to be communing as one with Nature and that our hearts are synergizing in the dance of life increasingly.


Rather than say too much, once again, I feel to share a photo story of our time here and allow you to immerse yourself in the energy for yourself and what it reflects for you.


When next you hear from me we’ll be in Wyoming, as this concludes, for now, our time in Colorado.

We will miss it, but the journey urges forward and all that we’ve experienced is integrated into our hearts and souls.

I continue to excite at what is next and what land will end up calling us most in the end.

In the words of Willy Wonka (and one of my favorite quotes):

“The suspense is terrible! I hope it will last!” ūüėČ

nymph lake.jpg

Keeping Centered & Balanced Helps Us Flow With Life’s Challenges ~ Nature’s Gift of Recharge

waterfall3I’ve been keeping myself as centered as possible, and doing my best to rebalance when off, in order to have the energy to take care of the challenges of life that flow in and out. Our travels and potent experiences have continued through Colorado and our way of life has asked us to be as fluid as Nature. The closer I get to her, the more I understand these natural rhythms.

When last I left off we had just arrived in the Pueblo area of Colorado. This was a mellow, more transitory stop for us to integrate, buckle down in, and also relax and unwind.

That proved valuable, as there have been trying times since, with the health of both bunnies, a lot of energetic shifts alongside their care that have been wearing on me (I learned that there has been 289x more radiation/radioactivity this week in Colorado Springs while here than there usually is), and so I’ve been more drained and needing rest to integrate it all and go through the potent transmutation.

Life will always have its challenges and the best we can do is to flow with it, realize that they are a natural part of life, and remember to nurture ourselves in order to stay balanced and in order to continue to have the energy to give.

That can be tough when you feel the demand of many things at once, but ultimately you can pinpoint what truly is most important to be placing your energy and time into, as the rest can wait.

Being someone that in the past has taken on the world, I’ve learned that the world does fine on its own and so I can focus on what’s here and now that is calling most loudly.

I’ll share more about the challenges Joy is facing, as it is still ongoing and without anything definitive right now.

In the meantime, I have focused on the beautiful things in my life, the things to be grateful for, have nourished myself in Nature, been taking each day at a time, seeing the hidden gifts in it all, and even pampered myself with things like a massage and getting a manicure and pedicure – which I never do, but needed with all my outdoor time in sandals.

So it is the beauty and inspiration that I’d like to share in this post, as that is where I derive much of my energy and support, which Nature so generously supplies. She also has the gift of recharge, which you can embrace at any moment.

The best things are free and abundant!

I’m so grateful for all of the support She is providing, which continues to show up in the dance of light and energy in photos.

I was even gifted a massage therapist that is a Reiki practitioner (unbeknownst to me until he started the massage). Almost any time I do get a massage I always seem to attract therapists that are Reiki trained – like a moth to a flame. So I received some Reiki support and was pleasantly surprised that he also was cosmically connected, as at the end of my session the room turned into one of the rooms I’ve experienced in my dream travels, and his hands became that of an extraterrestrial, with others around me all working on me.

There’s been some definite support coming through and I’m filled with loving gratitude.

Equally so for all of the continued amazing experiences we are having and for being guided to all of the perfect reflections of Nature’s beauty and nurturing that is aligned with us.

So with that I’d like to just share some of the photos of this beauty so you, too, can experience the healing and inspiration.

To help in identifying what you’re seeing, here is a brief run down.

The photos you see below are from the River Walk in Pueblo, then the rest are in Colorado Springs of Seven Falls (included on National Geographic’s list of international wonders with 224 steps to climb alongside the 181 foot cascade of water dancing from granite face to granite face in seven leaps in a 1250 foot wall box canyon), hiking trails and banks of streams surrounding Seven Falls, Garden of the Gods (which we experienced in the haunting ambiance of lightning and thunder, as if the Gods themselves had spoken), the portal of the Siamese Twins in the Garden (representing the synergy and integration of the twin energy within each of us, as well as mirrored without, of that sacred male and female in unity), Green Mountain Falls where we explored Catamount Falls and Crystal Falls ending at a lake filled with geese and baby goslings, Manitou Cliff Dwellings and the outlying area of the Cave of the Winds,¬†Seven Bridges of North Cheyenne Canon Park, and stunning view of Pikes Peak daily from our home site and from everywhere we went.

We are now beginning a new week in Golden, Colorado and have quite the line up while here for exploring outlying areas, as well as managing things with Joy’s condition and appointments upcoming.

I’ll be continuing to do my best to balance life and feel some videos will be coming, as much has been percolating to share and it’s an easier way for me to do so.

Sending much love to each of you and wishing you sweet balance in your life.

20160524_180144_resized20160524_180139_resized20160525_143321_resized20160525_143456_resized20160525_144223_resized20160525_144137_resized20160525_145424_resized20160525_145652_resized20160525_145901_resized20160525_150141_resized450 year old ponderosa pine20160525_145840_resized20160525_151813_resized20160525_152656_resized20160525_162837_resized20160525_152823_resized20160525_155258_resized20160525_164319_resizedtania320160526_150328_resized20160526_151320_resized20160526_153315_resized20160526_170629_resized20160526_165929_resized20160526_153922_resized20160526_154152_resized20160526_154922_resized20160526_160857_resizedsiamese twins portal 420160526_161310_resized20160526_161531_resized20160527_151419_resized20160527_151431_resized20160527_160729_resized20160527_160945_resized20160527_161221_resized20160527_160522_resized20160527_162321_resized20160527_162536_resized20160527_162704_resized20160527_162712_resized20160527_162722_resizedgoose20160527_171206_resized20160527_171202_resized20160527_171647_resized20160527_171733_resized20160527_172549_resized20160527_173000_resized20160527_174020_resized20160528_135132_resized20160528_140526_resized20160528_143544_resized20160528_154856_resized20160528_155055_resizedrv view pikes peak

Moving In Between Worlds & Into New Realities ~ Change Takes Root In Unknown But Welcome Ways

As we prepared to leave this incredible little mountain town haven, known to some as the Switzerland of America, nestled between the snow capped San Juan Mountains (a mountain range within the Rocky Mountains) in a river valley at nearly 8,000 feet, I’m feeling the rooting of another shift and the opening of that new door that has invited me in.

This is the first time I feel a bit of sadness to leave a place (yet full in heart), as although we’ve only been here three days, Ouray has been the epitome of our nurturing Mother Earth reflecting the realm I adore that is most reflective of the world from which my roots grow.

It has definitely been a place of relaxing and purifying, as well as opening to receiving the communication and inspiration from that magickal otherworld I needed.

The natural hot springs that feed the town pool at center, offer the therapeutic cleansing and renewal to wash away and release so that one can receive more clearly the messages and callings.


Ouray is named after the Ute Indian, Chief Ouray, who is said to have visited the pool often, holding ceremonies in the local vapor cave.

The area is surrounded by quaking aspen and evergreen scrub oaks, which I can only imagine would be amazingly brilliant in autumn, so it’s no wonder people would be drawn here in each wonderfully shifting season.

Since we came in between seasons (seems fitting to the in between worlds I will speak of more), arriving just as things opened – May 1st was the official RV park opening – it created a sanctuary of solitude to renew in and explore all to ourselves. Not to mention, was a perfect transition from one reality to another.

And with the on and off rain, river, and waterfalls, it has been pure flow that matches my Pisces nature, bringing me more into alignment with my essence.

As we keep a mental, heart, (and actual paper) note of the things we love and how we feel in each area, this place helps me to know clearly what I am looking for and needing in our home landing spot at the end of this journey.

There is definitely a sacredness here in Ouray that speaks to that other worldly part of me that felt closer to that realm with doorways all around to slip in and out of.

And that in fact happened on several occasions, but most tangibly when Black Fox slipped through.


I mentioned her in a previous post, and shared photos in yesterday’s photo blog, but I feel to draw attention to her once again here briefly, as she ties in to the messages received and a Tarot card I pulled yesterday that summed things up for me.

Seeing and connecting with Black Fox was a mystical encounter that still brings chills to me each time I look at the photos I was able to capture of her.

black fox

She ran directly across our path – a path, mind you, that we had first taken, but then doubled back to take a different one, as the one we were on we discovered would have added another hour or two, to our already 6 miles, that we decided we couldn’t do in order to get back for things. The trail says it’s only 4.2 miles, but that turned out to be misleading, as it wasn’t the full loop.

Anyway, we had started ascending again to the last part of the loop when we decided to turn around and right before getting back to the other trail where it forked, that’s when Black Fox caught our attention by crossing our path. A meeting created by our shifting paths at precisely the right moment.

I figured she’d run off, as they normally hide and camouflage themselves. And being night creatures, usually are seen at dawn and dusk, so in the middle of the day was unusual.

But when I looked to the right, there she was by a tree, curiously hanging out and not in the least bit interested in leaving. The more we looked at her and connected, the more she sat there and peered into our eyes.

She was so magickal and hauntingly beautiful with those piercing eyes peering from her all black body with only a white-tipped tail. Her fine features and large pointed ears stood out, as she watched from the shadows of her tree.


As mentioned in my earlier post, they are very rare and said to be a genetic flaw that dates back hundreds of years where the red fox stays black (pups are darker when born).

She was mesmerizing and definitely other worldly with a subtle aura glow all around her.

This was no chance experience, but a deliberate encounter from this shape shifter who had emerged from another realm, indicating a cross over between worlds and dimensions had opened, and was accessible – bringing me back to the Dwarf door in the mountain that was inviting me in the day before.

The world of magick and every day realities had crossed paths and this creature of the in between times and places is a guide into the Faery realm and beyond.

Her black coat spoke of deep mysteries and the hidden shadows revealed, of the Cosmic Abyss, shamanism (which has been at the forefront these days), working with the benevolent powers of both light and dark, and knowing oneself in the truest of ways.

The message she had was, and still is integrating, but when I pulled my Faery Oracle card yesterday, things became more clear.

Here’s the card and message:


Well, that was so on point with what I’d been experiencing and feeling, not to mention Unicorn has been around a lot too.

And things are not always what they seem, as our “eyes” can be deceiving.

Black Fox was a counterpart to Unicorn…her white tipped tail indicating the cross over and connection, not to mention the small white orb that appeared in one of the photos by her white tipped tail.


When we see with our true inner eye, the answers are there.

I’ve read that many see the Black Fox as both an omen of misfortune/”bad” luck AND an omen of “good” luck and magickal things.

One must look in their own heart to receive the truth, as all things edge on the reality of your perception.

This also felt connected to Cosmo, his being black and white, and his feeling to be the integrating factor needed also for what is channeling through.

He’s an integrating energy connected with Nestor and Joy as a Trinity as well….and a Trinity of energies between me and Joy too.

His recent illness of pneumonia has also been a timely process of sharing the message of not forgetting our parts in order to take in the full breath of life…to nurture and cultivate the feminine within is to also nurture and cultivate the masculine, and vice versa. It is not an isolated journey.

Cosmo has been like a missing link I needed, as he personifies the new Sacred Male in Divine partnership with the Sacred Female, reminding us not to forget his importance in this Great Cosmic Romance.

I have had my own built-in challenges and judgments over time with the Male, but it was from the old conditioning and DNA programming, but not from a place of true grace and reverent understanding.

After coming to know the true Sacred Male through my relationship with Cosmo and his to Joy and life itself, I have seen HIS power in how he brings forth and supports the Sacred Female into HER true power.

It is NOT just about the feminine, but the harmony dance and sacred song sung together with the masculine…it is both and beyond both, but to know the beyond one must know each in their true and pure power.

Back to the Faery Oracle card, it¬†talks about how Unicorn is going into the etheric realms to ask the creatures too long in hiding to come forth (Black Fox) and let themselves be known again and that they are safe with the “maiden” – me – and vice versa…so that we may share in the work together and meet in the in between places to communicate.

I also had mentioned recently that my creative¬†project – writing – had taken a pause for a while, as there has been a lot to integrate and receive, and I’d felt challenged with the message, unable to do it justice, feeling I was still needing to go through my personal experiences in order to access what’s next, and unclear until a new door appeared where I would be led and then back in writing flow from this new unventured place of pure channeled inspiration I would only know when I was there.

It didn’t feel right in Utah to continue writing but I had this sense that somewhere in Colorado would provide the doorway, which it has.

An initiatory process has been taking place and after the time spent at the ruins in Mesa Verde, a vision quest had resulted in retrieving a key to that door.

And opened it has, here in Ouray…and like the waters flowing abundantly all around me while staying there, I can feel the inspiration flowing and I’m ready to receive the channeling of insights and communication from my magickal friends near and far.

The card shares that the Unicorn brings the power of the written word and communicates the tale to be told and that their original language is pictorial – which is how I work in visions and creative windows of artistic expression.

The card continues to say that if it has appeared to you while embarking on a creative project like writing and had felt a hindrance that Unicorn will help if asked, to fill you with inspiration and guidance, as well as is help to connect with your magickal free spirited self. Unicorn is a symbol of ancient magicks rising and I did say that magick was afoot with Black Fox appearing, not to mention the ancient energy experiences at the Anasazi ruins.

And so this reiterates what I’d felt so strongly in Mesa Verde when I had the crown chakra expansion and opening (likely preparing me for this new line of communication for another level of channeling needed) that change was upon me again.

It had been slowly building, but hit me with that deep cellular release as to what was going to be necessary for this next leg of the journey.

And the card continues to share that a purification is taking place within and without…that has been unfolding indeed. And increased with the crown chakra opening and my time in cleansing Ouray.

A detoxifying of my environment, which to me feels to speak to needing to withdraw some more to follow my life path. This also connects with the message of being a peaceful activist for change that the card heralds and this journey we’re on in the Magick Bus as a way to spread that peace and healing to the Earth in the way that I can.

The card’s message includes helping and purifying the environment, which is something I do energetically, with sound and Reiki, as well as creatively by creating tangible works and more aligned personal embodiment that reflect the reality I want to experience and a beautification process of returning to natural origins and harmony.


Synchronously, yesterday we took a stroll along the river walk just out front of our RV. It was raining and the river was rolling. We walked about two miles, although it extends longer, feeling refreshed, and by the end our outer clothing completely soaked with that cleansing.


Along the walk there were interpretative placards that shared about the river restoration that the city of Ouray has been implementing to bring it back into abundance and harmony for the wildlife and surroundings.

20160510_173942_resized20160510_173647_resized river restoration

That reflection felt symbolic of my own soul restoration back into natural harmony taking place.


We each have our roles and parts to play and mine is definitely as an “as within, so without” process in constantly holding that mirror up to Nature and the world at large to make those adjustments in reflection.

The doors between worlds are growing wider and wider, the message continues in the oracle card, and that feels accurate, as where the veils were thick and life seemed a struggle, there is greater ease in walking between those realms, not just through dream and meditation time, but as a tangible reality.

This card literally speaks to what is unfolding and felt to be a messenger of reiteration and support that my feelings were accurate on what is next.

I’m going to be a little more “in between” worlds myself now¬†again, as I am needing to go to places more fully to receive what the open door is ready to channel through.

Ouray felt for me to be the symbolic and literal reflection of this in between world, transitioning me into a new and unknown, but familiar realm in order to receive knew learning and wisdom I will be humbled student and channel to.

And like the Sibyls, from which the ancient heritage within me is rooted, who lived hidden and out of reach in order to filter the energies that accessed them so they could remain devoted to the sacred purity of their connection with Mother Earth and the Cosmos through sound, there is a place within me calling for that path….

moving in and out, at times unreachable, and yet ever more connected.

While I am not fully removing myself, like I did on my 3 month sabbatical, I am removing myself much more than I’ve been in the last several months since returning and do feel I’m in a form of sabbatical indeed with this Magick Bus journey in totality, but the form just keeps shifting as to how that looks.

I have been sharing a lot of the journey to assist, inspire, and reflect any resonance and support for others on a pretty much daily basis, but this will be shifting to a limited sharing.

I do not have any official number of times I will post or not, but likely will be something like one – two times a week only so that I can spend more time in the other world for the time being in order to create what feels soul necessary.

But know that while I am here or there, I am fully present.

Which reminds me of a quick conversation via text I had with Laura this morning where we were reflecting on how our physical forms have shifted from our waif forms and partially-here-presence to much more solid, heavier bodies of natural form that enable us to truly be in this world and richly Earth connected, yet still not of it.

I commented that we were not fully embodied, although ancient and knowledgeable…the wisdom through integration is only now starting to truly shine forth, as it does for everyone who deepens into what it truly means to actively know and live that knowledge. And it will continue to deepen and shine the more it is fully integrated.

She said it was like we were “seeds with unlocked potential” to which I replied, “yep, seedlings into trees, grounded and rooted, but also expanding out and beyond.”

And isn’t that what we all are and how this journey is unfolding for us all?

As above, so below.

And so in my own life I have seen how the energy needs to shift and while I am not removing myself from connection and communication altogether, in many ways I will not be as responsive and do have to place more boundaries on my time and energy exerted in answering all the emails and messages received. As well as need to monitor my energy and time diligently.

I love you all dearly, so much so that I know this is what is most supportive right now in the bigger picture to do and so even though at time it feels odd since it is different than what others or even I might think this time of my life might be like, especially in terms of being in a personal #1 year, I in fact am doing what that is about, which honors the essence of new beginnings in all ways.

So while I’m not cutting things off, I will be more silent and I will not be as accessible physically/visually speaking for an unknown period needed.

I will still post blogs, but on a limited basis.

I will still share video inspirations and sound channelings on a limited basis, as well as still be offering the personal sound channelings I shared are available to those who are called.

But I’ll only be available on a limited, as needed basis, and will limit blog shares.

For anyone on Facebook, the same applies there, although will seem more dramatic, as the only shares will be blog updates that post there automatically and only important updates.

I thank all of my beautiful friends and supportive community for your continued understanding and love. I know I do things a bit differently and not logically so I appreciate your compassionate hearts you’ve always extended.

sun clouds peak

This morning before we headed out of Ouray to our new location in Montrose near Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, the sun rose lighting up the tip of the beautiful snow capped peak outside my desk window, with little peach clouds above it in the baby blue sky.

sun rise on the peak

The tip of the peak lit up between the dark mountains beside it, creating a valley or chalice-like effect (vessel of life both empty and full), and also two triangles overlapping (like the Merkabah) felt symbolic of light within the darkness and darkness within the light…and the healing waters that pour into this valley via waterfalls – the creative impetus and spark of new life and essence purification.

There is much hope and much promise….and the door has opened to let the floodgates of newness in.

I was reminded of this path I chose for our journey in the Magick Bus.

I didn’t need a catastrophe, health crises, break down, or shove up against a wall this time to know what my heart and soul needed and what changes were necessary in the bigger picture of things.

You can choose a different more aligned path at any moment with heartful trust in every part of the unfolding.

Support and expansion is there when you do.

So while it might seem more logical to make changes when there’s a challenge, I say it’s quite empowering to make them when there aren’t.

For this reason I have understood why some people thought I might be going through a challenge of some sort to make decisions like I have, but the decisions are based on choice alone from an inner knowing only I can feel.

On our ride to Montrose from Ouray we passed an old bus parked in the yard of a house along the road. We passed too quickly to stop, plus that’s not so easy in a big RV, but it was long enough to see the bus said “Magic Bus” on it.

Was it a sign post that all things are in flow and alignment and symbolic of leaving an old reality behind, as we walked through the door of new potentials opened to us in Ouray?

It felt to be an indication of a new reality and moving in between worlds…in mine there is Magick – the new reality…in the other there is Magic – the old reality, but they are counterparts to the whole…the water of the chalice.

It didn’t seem surprising that we literally pulled in to our new spot at 11:11 am. That portal of 1’s keep showing up big time recently at the 11:11 and 1:11 hours.

While I do share a lot, there is much unsaid and much I am not able to share, but what I do share is done so others don’t feel alone and crazy, and so that you might find some thread of connection in your own experience, or receive an “a-ha” to light the way where you might have also felt lost, as I have at times.

Feeling so much love for you.

No Words

20160509_165937_resized20160509_144330_resized.jpg20160509_150659_resized20160509_150826_resized.jpg20160509_151316_resized.jpg20160509_153446_resized.jpg20160509_154344_resized20160509_154353_resized20160509_154429_resized.jpg20160509_154311_resized.jpg20160509_154643_resized20160509_154654_resized20160509_154718_resized.jpg20160509_154811_resized.jpg20160509_154825_resized.jpg20160509_155132_resized.jpg20160509_155252_resized.jpg20160509_155436_resized.jpg20160509_155454_resized.jpg20160509_155624_resized.jpg20160509_155714_resized.jpg20160509_160545_resized.jpg20160509_160656_resized20160509_160604_resized.jpg20160509_160732_resized20160509_160750_resized20160509_160835_resized.jpg20160509_160856_resized.jpg20160509_160915_resized20160509_160942_resized.jpg20160509_161007_resized20160509_161119_resized20160509_161139_resized.jpg20160509_161147_resized.jpg20160509_162212_resized20160509_163216_resized20160509_163315_resized.jpg20160509_163550_resized20160509_164238_resized20160509_154733_resized20160509_164831_resized20160509_164927_resized.jpg20160509_164951_resized.jpg20160509_165009_resized20160509_165042_resized20160509_165100_resized20160509_165156_resized20160509_165154_resized.jpg20160509_165551_resized20160509_170304_resized20160509_170309_resized20160509_170334_resized.jpg20160509_170348_resizedblack fox20160509_170406_resized20160509_172903_resized.jpg20160509_173154_resized20160509_173234_resized20160509_173207_resized.jpg20160509_174105_resized.jpg

Spruce Tree House, Petroglyphs & Wild Horses ~ Ancient Potency Hits Me Physically

20160429_182119_resized_1.jpgIt rained most of the day yesterday, but stopped just as we began our explorative hike we chose for the day to see the petroglyph wall in Mesa Verde National Park and to get a look at Spruce Tree House cliff dwelling ruins. It was our intro to the amazing ancient energy and history here, which we took to great heights today – more on that in the next day or so, as it’s a lot of potent energy to let sink in.

But our time yesterday got us prepared, as we first took a walk through the museum to see and learn about the peoples and the land of this sacred area and then made our way down to the trailhead where we were able to get a look at the amazing Spruce Tree House – the third largest cliff dwelling.


The ancient peoples of this village lived there 700 years. It has 114 rooms and thought to have housed 100 – 150 people.


This is a well preserved ancient cliff dwelling of the Ancestral Puebloans (also referred to as the Anasazi – a Navajo word that has been translated as “the ancient ones”)¬†who are said to have occupied the Four Corners from approximately A.D. 1 to A.D. 1300 -some say as early as 100 B.C. The earliest inhabitants were nomadic peoples who lived here from at least 10,000 B.C.


You can’t visit this cliff dwelling right now, as there has been falling rock that makes it too dangerous, so it is blocked off, but you can still feel the amazing energy from it and the area, which whispers of this civilization throughout this ancient land and echos through the cliff dwellings and petroglyphs still standing the test of time.


The hike is quite wonderful and skirts around the canyon and up and down stone steps cut into the trail, as well as narrow rock passages.


You see wonderful views.


Pass other ruins and sacred areas.


Get to see the amazing petroglyph wall that speaks of the different clans that passed through.


See indentations from where they sharpened their arrows and axes.


And with the interpretative trail guide, you learn of the vegetation and more in this area.

I have been a bit obsessed with flowers on our hikes and found many lovely little ones along the way.


Also some incredible large cocoon houses filled with caterpillars inside and some still entering, which I have never seen before. They were laced throughout the bushes in this one area….little caterpillar dwellings I imagine will transform into a bunch of beautiful butterflies. Incredible!


There is just such deep, rich symbolism and reflections everywhere!

Interestingly, which I wonder if it was the energy there that affected me, I got a touch of my hypo-glycemia symptoms, which I can get at times, but haven’t in a while. So I was a bit shaky and depleted, unsure how well I’d do on the hike, but yet still managed to do the whole thing.

However, it did put me in an odd state, a bit wobbly at times, and in a different in between vision place.

At one moment we were going through a narrow rock pass and I saw something/someone pass quickly in the opening ahead. There were no other hikers around.

And as we arrived at the petroglyph wall, I stood at the edge of a rock to get a full view and suddenly felt knocked back and started falling back…luckily I had the thought to reach out and grab Dave’s jacket, or I would have fallen. I did not feel faint, so again, was it just the energy here I was experiencing strongly that was affecting me physically?

The trail loops around and back to the museum where you start and not a drop of rain came down while we explored.

On our way back through the park to our home site we saw a Peregrine Falcon fly in front of the car and then were stopped by a wild horse in the middle of the road, drinking the little bits of rain water in the cracks on the pavement she could find.


Her herd was to the right and this was a welcome surprise, but also felt to give me back my strength again in seeing and connecting with them since horse medicine is powerfully intimate and potent for me.


I later googled about the wild horses in the park and learned some disheartening information about them and how they are labeled as “trespass livestock” that have been banned from the park since 1908. Or at least that’s what this article described along with labeling them as feral instead of wild:¬†Mesa Verde Wants Feral Horses, Cattle Out


“The animals are legally considered feral because they‚Äôve eluded domestication and, therefore, do not qualify for protections under the Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act, which designates an area for the Spring Creek herd in Disappointment Valley.”


Seems there’s a bit of controversy around the wild horses and you can draw your own conclusions and opinions from the article.

To me, they were wonderful to see and experience, and being that they’ve been there for over a century, they are part of the history and natural landscape. I’m glad there are people pushing to protect them…and apparently that was just to be our introduction, as today we saw the same herd of seven again, three more times.


Tomorrow will also be another day of visiting ancient ruins, as the last two have been, so there’s a lot of energy integration that is taking place and I felt myself doing some sound channeling a bit today.

Grateful for the rain that continues on and off, as it feels to be softening the energy, letting it flow, and also working on the deep watery feeling level, which is the trickiest, but most potent when worked through for shifting things fully.

Getting Acquainted with Colorado


As you know, if you’ve been following along, we are now in Colorado – one of the states we intuitively feel called to as a potential landing spot at the end of this journey.


Since this journey is about moving the energy in our lives in a big way, exploring the beauty of North America, doing sacred work where ever we land, deepening into our essence, focusing on new projects and creative endeavors for the next phase of our lives, AND finding our next home, we also spend time feeling out the energy, receiving, and literally looking at the areas, land, and homes to see where we’re drawn to most.


And yesterday, as is done each time we land somewhere new, we spent our time getting acquainted to and settling in at our new spot.

Since it’s a travel day and there’s time needed for that, setting up, and then getting a handle on things to explore, we just had enough leisurely space to take in a quick two mile hike inside Mesa Verde National Park, which is basically our new home since our home sits directly across from it with an expansive view of both Mesa Verde and surrounding green hills and trees all around, as seen below.


When I went to check in, which is my role when we arrive while Dave unhooks our tow car, I was so warmly greeted at Ancient Cedars (love the name!) and they ended up moving us around and giving us the best, private, and premier view spot in the park.


It’s quite a contrasting environment from the stunning high desert sculpted rocks of Utah that we’ve called home for the last six weeks. And we are very excited to be in the mountains and trees again, reminding us of Lake Tahoe where we met and bringing us into the environment that we love in terms of a full time home.


We’re currently at around 7100 elevation at our home grounding spot (higher when we ascend into the National Park) – we love us high altitudes! So it is also crisp and colder here right now, but oh so refreshing.


I could literally feel the energy shift and got butterflies in my tummy of excitement about all we have to explore here, as there is so much amazingness!!

We were given a bunch of helpful brochures at check-in and then also went to the visitor center right away so we could get some more and make a special tour reservation to see one of the ancient Pueblo cliff dwelling ruins that you can only do by reservation and it just opened for the season. More on that after we visit it Saturday!

Here’s a cool sculpture that is very symbolic and sits out front of the large visitor center.


But there are¬†incredible sacred sites, cliff dwellings, ruins – from 600 AD to 1300 AD in age – some of the most notable and best-preserved in the U.S. here that I can’t wait to explore. I’ve already been downloading some ancient sound channeling that I’m sure will emerge during our time here.

Good thing we’re here for 10 days, as there’s so much to see and experience between hikes, mountain biking trails, ancient sites, Mesa Verde National Park, Canyon of the Ancients National Monument, Aztec Ruins (only by name, but really Pueblo), Anasazi Heritage Center, cool towns like Durango where the railroad is, and lots of history….

As always we like to just touch in with the area and energy to make our introductions upon first arrival, so we had time after getting everything settled to do a short hike with beautiful vistas. 


It was called Knife Edge trail, which leads to breathtaking views of the Montezuma Valley and was loaded with different fresh deer tracks following our path.


It is an interpretative hike with 32 markers to teach you about the vegetation, the large sandstone boulders, which were once under the ocean and had evidence of a special type of shrimp that created the crevices in the rocks, and also pointed out things in the vistas before us.

We even saw Rabbitbrush. ūüėČ Although it and many of the plants here haven’t bloomed yet – seems they are on a bit of Winter delay still with the colder temperatures.


So only a few little blooms were found.


One of my photos captures a black area, which my sweet friend Dawn pointed out (after I had shared it on Facebook) looks like an animal or something other than a shadow, which we both first thought it must be. It could still be, however, it’s so oddly placed and when I look at it on my full screen and zoom in, it looks as if it has velvety texture. I don’t know, but it’s just kind of strange.


But something I DID find a lot of along the path was sparklies!! My Faery eyes always pick up this kind of stuff and was drawn to the crystalline sparkles in some of the rocks lining the path that sparked a glint in my eyes.


I felt welcomed and embraced into this new land when a sweet little Cottontail showed up in front of me on the way back down the path to the car.


Being the day after Nestor’s 8th anniversary of transition, this also felt very symbolic – especially given the video message I’d recorded on that day.


This little Cottontail was incredibly sweet and alert, but not afraid. She wanted to connect and be seen and actually came closer and was curious.


The more I talked to her, the more she moved in.


She reminded me of Joy and Nestor. The Cottontails are much more like them and the Jackrabbits are much more like Cosmo.


Anyway, I was so delighted by this enchanting little rabbit who had quite a soulful look.


And so we hung out for ten minutes, as I talked and she listened. I snapped a few photos and took a quick video for myself right before she left altogether, realizing we were leaving ourselves.

I’d say that was a beautiful blessing of our being here and feel a lot of magick awaits and is afoot.

And to end the first day off beautifully, we enjoyed this wonderful sunset view from the Magick Bus last evening all around us with soft bursts of apricot splendor.

Life continues to unfold magickally.


We’ve finalized our travel path between now and August 7th, so I’ll likely share that shortly in case it aligns to connect with any of my friends in the areas for a hike or meal while we journey through.

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