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Getting Acquainted with Colorado


As you know, if you’ve been following along, we are now in Colorado – one of the states we intuitively feel called to as a potential landing spot at the end of this journey.


Since this journey is about moving the energy in our lives in a big way, exploring the beauty of North America, doing sacred work where ever we land, deepening into our essence, focusing on new projects and creative endeavors for the next phase of our lives, AND finding our next home, we also spend time feeling out the energy, receiving, and literally looking at the areas, land, and homes to see where we’re drawn to most.


And yesterday, as is done each time we land somewhere new, we spent our time getting acquainted to and settling in at our new spot.

Since it’s a travel day and there’s time needed for that, setting up, and then getting a handle on things to explore, we just had enough leisurely space to take in a quick two mile hike inside Mesa Verde National Park, which is basically our new home since our home sits directly across from it with an expansive view of both Mesa Verde and surrounding green hills and trees all around, as seen below.


When I went to check in, which is my role when we arrive while Dave unhooks our tow car, I was so warmly greeted at Ancient Cedars (love the name!) and they ended up moving us around and giving us the best, private, and premier view spot in the park.


It’s quite a contrasting environment from the stunning high desert sculpted rocks of Utah that we’ve called home for the last six weeks. And we are very excited to be in the mountains and trees again, reminding us of Lake Tahoe where we met and bringing us into the environment that we love in terms of a full time home.


We’re currently at around 7100 elevation at our home grounding spot (higher when we ascend into the National Park) – we love us high altitudes! So it is also crisp and colder here right now, but oh so refreshing.


I could literally feel the energy shift and got butterflies in my tummy of excitement about all we have to explore here, as there is so much amazingness!!

We were given a bunch of helpful brochures at check-in and then also went to the visitor center right away so we could get some more and make a special tour reservation to see one of the ancient Pueblo cliff dwelling ruins that you can only do by reservation and it just opened for the season. More on that after we visit it Saturday!

Here’s a cool sculpture that is very symbolic and sits out front of the large visitor center.


But there are incredible sacred sites, cliff dwellings, ruins – from 600 AD to 1300 AD in age – some of the most notable and best-preserved in the U.S. here that I can’t wait to explore. I’ve already been downloading some ancient sound channeling that I’m sure will emerge during our time here.

Good thing we’re here for 10 days, as there’s so much to see and experience between hikes, mountain biking trails, ancient sites, Mesa Verde National Park, Canyon of the Ancients National Monument, Aztec Ruins (only by name, but really Pueblo), Anasazi Heritage Center, cool towns like Durango where the railroad is, and lots of history….

As always we like to just touch in with the area and energy to make our introductions upon first arrival, so we had time after getting everything settled to do a short hike with beautiful vistas. 


It was called Knife Edge trail, which leads to breathtaking views of the Montezuma Valley and was loaded with different fresh deer tracks following our path.


It is an interpretative hike with 32 markers to teach you about the vegetation, the large sandstone boulders, which were once under the ocean and had evidence of a special type of shrimp that created the crevices in the rocks, and also pointed out things in the vistas before us.

We even saw Rabbitbrush. 😉 Although it and many of the plants here haven’t bloomed yet – seems they are on a bit of Winter delay still with the colder temperatures.


So only a few little blooms were found.


One of my photos captures a black area, which my sweet friend Dawn pointed out (after I had shared it on Facebook) looks like an animal or something other than a shadow, which we both first thought it must be. It could still be, however, it’s so oddly placed and when I look at it on my full screen and zoom in, it looks as if it has velvety texture. I don’t know, but it’s just kind of strange.


But something I DID find a lot of along the path was sparklies!! My Faery eyes always pick up this kind of stuff and was drawn to the crystalline sparkles in some of the rocks lining the path that sparked a glint in my eyes.


I felt welcomed and embraced into this new land when a sweet little Cottontail showed up in front of me on the way back down the path to the car.


Being the day after Nestor’s 8th anniversary of transition, this also felt very symbolic – especially given the video message I’d recorded on that day.


This little Cottontail was incredibly sweet and alert, but not afraid. She wanted to connect and be seen and actually came closer and was curious.


The more I talked to her, the more she moved in.


She reminded me of Joy and Nestor. The Cottontails are much more like them and the Jackrabbits are much more like Cosmo.


Anyway, I was so delighted by this enchanting little rabbit who had quite a soulful look.


And so we hung out for ten minutes, as I talked and she listened. I snapped a few photos and took a quick video for myself right before she left altogether, realizing we were leaving ourselves.

I’d say that was a beautiful blessing of our being here and feel a lot of magick awaits and is afoot.

And to end the first day off beautifully, we enjoyed this wonderful sunset view from the Magick Bus last evening all around us with soft bursts of apricot splendor.

Life continues to unfold magickally.


We’ve finalized our travel path between now and August 7th, so I’ll likely share that shortly in case it aligns to connect with any of my friends in the areas for a hike or meal while we journey through.

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