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A Magickal Goodbye For Now To Colorado


We’ve spent the last several days immersed in the heart-inspiring beauty of Estes Park, Colorado and Rocky Mountain National Park…definitely a place I’d welcome visiting again, as there’s so much to explore and it mirrors the essence of all that I love. Yet, once again, our time spent was fulfilling and our experiences were soul-aligned and perfect. I leave taking with me the enchantment it awakened further within and feeling the activation of more of my essence coming alive.

bear lakeI loved this area very much and enjoyed the variety of weather shifts we experienced within each day from sunshine and warmth to end-of-Spring showers and even hail, as we ascended into nearly 10,000 elevation along snowy and icy trails.

The drive into Estes Park alone was spectacular and I instantly felt an energetic shift and lightness in this area.


We even found a cool little pizza place sitting right on the river – Poppy’s Pizza and Grill – where they had vegan cheese and pepperoni for a little indulgence at lunch.


We added yummy pineapple to ours. 😉


Our home site for the days we enjoyed here was one of the most incredible with sweeping vista looking into Rocky Mountain National Park, large space to enjoy outdoor picnic table time, and beautiful sunsets, which greeted us on our first evening.

dream lake.jpg20160606_151226_resized.jpg20160606_151327_resized.jpg20160606_160221_resized.jpg

From meadows of wildflowers with streams running through them, lush forests of varied trees, rushing creeks, still beaver ponds, enchanted lakes (with cool names like Nymph, Dream, Emerald, and Bear Lake), and forceful waterfalls, to rocky, tree and snow covered peaks….pure magick.


Elk were everywhere and emerged out of enchanted sunlit forest sanctuaries, while Mule Deer sat in hidden stillness or danced along the edges of forest hills.



We even had fun with a playful and very curious little chipmunk and giggled at squirrels that kept running back and forth across our path ahead, seeming to taunt us to follow, keeping just steps ahead, disappearing and then reappearing again as they zig-zagged back and forth.20160607_171225_resized.jpg20160607_171240

More and more we feel to be communing as one with Nature and that our hearts are synergizing in the dance of life increasingly.


Rather than say too much, once again, I feel to share a photo story of our time here and allow you to immerse yourself in the energy for yourself and what it reflects for you.


When next you hear from me we’ll be in Wyoming, as this concludes, for now, our time in Colorado.

We will miss it, but the journey urges forward and all that we’ve experienced is integrated into our hearts and souls.

I continue to excite at what is next and what land will end up calling us most in the end.

In the words of Willy Wonka (and one of my favorite quotes):

“The suspense is terrible! I hope it will last!” 😉

nymph lake.jpg

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