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Keeping Centered & Balanced Helps Us Flow With Life’s Challenges ~ Nature’s Gift of Recharge

waterfall3I’ve been keeping myself as centered as possible, and doing my best to rebalance when off, in order to have the energy to take care of the challenges of life that flow in and out. Our travels and potent experiences have continued through Colorado and our way of life has asked us to be as fluid as Nature. The closer I get to her, the more I understand these natural rhythms.

When last I left off we had just arrived in the Pueblo area of Colorado. This was a mellow, more transitory stop for us to integrate, buckle down in, and also relax and unwind.

That proved valuable, as there have been trying times since, with the health of both bunnies, a lot of energetic shifts alongside their care that have been wearing on me (I learned that there has been 289x more radiation/radioactivity this week in Colorado Springs while here than there usually is), and so I’ve been more drained and needing rest to integrate it all and go through the potent transmutation.

Life will always have its challenges and the best we can do is to flow with it, realize that they are a natural part of life, and remember to nurture ourselves in order to stay balanced and in order to continue to have the energy to give.

That can be tough when you feel the demand of many things at once, but ultimately you can pinpoint what truly is most important to be placing your energy and time into, as the rest can wait.

Being someone that in the past has taken on the world, I’ve learned that the world does fine on its own and so I can focus on what’s here and now that is calling most loudly.

I’ll share more about the challenges Joy is facing, as it is still ongoing and without anything definitive right now.

In the meantime, I have focused on the beautiful things in my life, the things to be grateful for, have nourished myself in Nature, been taking each day at a time, seeing the hidden gifts in it all, and even pampered myself with things like a massage and getting a manicure and pedicure – which I never do, but needed with all my outdoor time in sandals.

So it is the beauty and inspiration that I’d like to share in this post, as that is where I derive much of my energy and support, which Nature so generously supplies. She also has the gift of recharge, which you can embrace at any moment.

The best things are free and abundant!

I’m so grateful for all of the support She is providing, which continues to show up in the dance of light and energy in photos.

I was even gifted a massage therapist that is a Reiki practitioner (unbeknownst to me until he started the massage). Almost any time I do get a massage I always seem to attract therapists that are Reiki trained – like a moth to a flame. So I received some Reiki support and was pleasantly surprised that he also was cosmically connected, as at the end of my session the room turned into one of the rooms I’ve experienced in my dream travels, and his hands became that of an extraterrestrial, with others around me all working on me.

There’s been some definite support coming through and I’m filled with loving gratitude.

Equally so for all of the continued amazing experiences we are having and for being guided to all of the perfect reflections of Nature’s beauty and nurturing that is aligned with us.

So with that I’d like to just share some of the photos of this beauty so you, too, can experience the healing and inspiration.

To help in identifying what you’re seeing, here is a brief run down.

The photos you see below are from the River Walk in Pueblo, then the rest are in Colorado Springs of Seven Falls (included on National Geographic’s list of international wonders with 224 steps to climb alongside the 181 foot cascade of water dancing from granite face to granite face in seven leaps in a 1250 foot wall box canyon), hiking trails and banks of streams surrounding Seven Falls, Garden of the Gods (which we experienced in the haunting ambiance of lightning and thunder, as if the Gods themselves had spoken), the portal of the Siamese Twins in the Garden (representing the synergy and integration of the twin energy within each of us, as well as mirrored without, of that sacred male and female in unity), Green Mountain Falls where we explored Catamount Falls and Crystal Falls ending at a lake filled with geese and baby goslings, Manitou Cliff Dwellings and the outlying area of the Cave of the Winds, Seven Bridges of North Cheyenne Canon Park, and stunning view of Pikes Peak daily from our home site and from everywhere we went.

We are now beginning a new week in Golden, Colorado and have quite the line up while here for exploring outlying areas, as well as managing things with Joy’s condition and appointments upcoming.

I’ll be continuing to do my best to balance life and feel some videos will be coming, as much has been percolating to share and it’s an easier way for me to do so.

Sending much love to each of you and wishing you sweet balance in your life.

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Spruce Tree House, Petroglyphs & Wild Horses ~ Ancient Potency Hits Me Physically

20160429_182119_resized_1.jpgIt rained most of the day yesterday, but stopped just as we began our explorative hike we chose for the day to see the petroglyph wall in Mesa Verde National Park and to get a look at Spruce Tree House cliff dwelling ruins. It was our intro to the amazing ancient energy and history here, which we took to great heights today – more on that in the next day or so, as it’s a lot of potent energy to let sink in.

But our time yesterday got us prepared, as we first took a walk through the museum to see and learn about the peoples and the land of this sacred area and then made our way down to the trailhead where we were able to get a look at the amazing Spruce Tree House – the third largest cliff dwelling.


The ancient peoples of this village lived there 700 years. It has 114 rooms and thought to have housed 100 – 150 people.


This is a well preserved ancient cliff dwelling of the Ancestral Puebloans (also referred to as the Anasazi – a Navajo word that has been translated as “the ancient ones”) who are said to have occupied the Four Corners from approximately A.D. 1 to A.D. 1300 -some say as early as 100 B.C. The earliest inhabitants were nomadic peoples who lived here from at least 10,000 B.C.


You can’t visit this cliff dwelling right now, as there has been falling rock that makes it too dangerous, so it is blocked off, but you can still feel the amazing energy from it and the area, which whispers of this civilization throughout this ancient land and echos through the cliff dwellings and petroglyphs still standing the test of time.


The hike is quite wonderful and skirts around the canyon and up and down stone steps cut into the trail, as well as narrow rock passages.


You see wonderful views.


Pass other ruins and sacred areas.


Get to see the amazing petroglyph wall that speaks of the different clans that passed through.


See indentations from where they sharpened their arrows and axes.


And with the interpretative trail guide, you learn of the vegetation and more in this area.

I have been a bit obsessed with flowers on our hikes and found many lovely little ones along the way.


Also some incredible large cocoon houses filled with caterpillars inside and some still entering, which I have never seen before. They were laced throughout the bushes in this one area….little caterpillar dwellings I imagine will transform into a bunch of beautiful butterflies. Incredible!


There is just such deep, rich symbolism and reflections everywhere!

Interestingly, which I wonder if it was the energy there that affected me, I got a touch of my hypo-glycemia symptoms, which I can get at times, but haven’t in a while. So I was a bit shaky and depleted, unsure how well I’d do on the hike, but yet still managed to do the whole thing.

However, it did put me in an odd state, a bit wobbly at times, and in a different in between vision place.

At one moment we were going through a narrow rock pass and I saw something/someone pass quickly in the opening ahead. There were no other hikers around.

And as we arrived at the petroglyph wall, I stood at the edge of a rock to get a full view and suddenly felt knocked back and started falling back…luckily I had the thought to reach out and grab Dave’s jacket, or I would have fallen. I did not feel faint, so again, was it just the energy here I was experiencing strongly that was affecting me physically?

The trail loops around and back to the museum where you start and not a drop of rain came down while we explored.

On our way back through the park to our home site we saw a Peregrine Falcon fly in front of the car and then were stopped by a wild horse in the middle of the road, drinking the little bits of rain water in the cracks on the pavement she could find.


Her herd was to the right and this was a welcome surprise, but also felt to give me back my strength again in seeing and connecting with them since horse medicine is powerfully intimate and potent for me.


I later googled about the wild horses in the park and learned some disheartening information about them and how they are labeled as “trespass livestock” that have been banned from the park since 1908. Or at least that’s what this article described along with labeling them as feral instead of wild: Mesa Verde Wants Feral Horses, Cattle Out


“The animals are legally considered feral because they’ve eluded domestication and, therefore, do not qualify for protections under the Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act, which designates an area for the Spring Creek herd in Disappointment Valley.”


Seems there’s a bit of controversy around the wild horses and you can draw your own conclusions and opinions from the article.

To me, they were wonderful to see and experience, and being that they’ve been there for over a century, they are part of the history and natural landscape. I’m glad there are people pushing to protect them…and apparently that was just to be our introduction, as today we saw the same herd of seven again, three more times.


Tomorrow will also be another day of visiting ancient ruins, as the last two have been, so there’s a lot of energy integration that is taking place and I felt myself doing some sound channeling a bit today.

Grateful for the rain that continues on and off, as it feels to be softening the energy, letting it flow, and also working on the deep watery feeling level, which is the trickiest, but most potent when worked through for shifting things fully.

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