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Energy Update: Divine Action & Major Collective Healing

I agree with Linda of Litebeing Chronicles that this Energy Update from Lee Harris expresses important key dynamics and perspectives for personal and collective understanding and change in these now times. Finding YOUR balance is key, regardless of the imbalances experienced abound. As Lee shares, nothing can be guaranteed in terms of outcome in any way, but you CAN shift your own experience of things with your own relative and conscious actions. And like many of us have been sharing, you CAN create your own reality. Perhaps, as Lee shares, it’s time to invite yourself into your OWN NEW PARADIGM. I only ever share that which feels resonant and in consistent alignment with my own perspectives. Maybe this will have resonance for you.

The Power of Observing ~ Paving Your Own & New Way

“The Indian philospher J. Krishnamurti once remarked that observing without evaluating is the highest form of human intelligence. When I first read this statement, the thought, ‘What nonsense!’ shot through my mind before I realized that I had just made an evaluation.” ~Marshall Rosenberg

I am a constant observer of life, of consciousness, of everything in and around me. It’s something that came very naturally to me from the onset, as an introvert. Perhaps many of you can relate.

Although I was always very quiet, I was actively very present and it wasn’t the kind of quiet that disappeared and shriveled back into the corner of a room, but a quiet that held a strong presence because I was fully engaged with everything and everyone around me, just not engaged in speaking much.

I was observing and listening, which continues to be my preferred experience of life.

So people were still very aware of me and actually to the degree where they would think I said things, when I simply was standing in my own energy, energetically conveying more than words alone can.

Of course that changed over time to involve more speaking, and communicative engaging, hence my stepping into a guidance/teaching role, but that constant observer has only increased over the years and I still would consider myself quiet, speaking only when the energy and experience moves me to.

The last few years has increased this observational experience for me and lately I’ve noted that I’m doing it 100% of the time in a heightened way. It’s not something I tell myself I’m going to do, or that I need to do…it simply just happens.

“Nothing has such power to broaden the mind as the ability to investigate systematically and truly all that comes under thy observation in life.” ~Marcus Aurelius

Observing, to me, is being very present, paying attention, watching, listening, and feeling all that is going on, on and under the surface, and doing it all without attachment or need to judge and evaluate what’s being seen in those moments of observing. It’s just really about opening to the experience of what is going on without interference.

And I find that when I truly am in that place of unattached observing, it expands my experience to such a degree that I then shift into the multi-dimensional me and it completely alters my reality.

I’ll then continue by exploring this and open to the unlimited potentials of perspectives, as well as feel into how things make me feel, what gets brought up from the other parts of me, and allow myself to go into each part to see what truly aligns with the nature of who I know myself to be as an expression of Source and with the experience I am moving into.

I felt called to bring this up, as lately while I’m moving into a new experience of myself, things around me have been calling my attention to observe very deeply, which includes the messages I see and hear that people are sharing and promoting, how others, especially prominent figures, are engaging their current roles, and keeping an eye on the wave of positioned dynamics along the spectrum of shifts taking place.

I experience what I feel it to be telling me about where things are headed collectively and since everyone is a reflection of me, especially so if there are people directly in my experience I’m experiencing regularly, how what they are expressing aligns or not with the experience I’m feeling led to transmute into. At the same time, feeling into any triggers and what those have as message for me…much of the time I find it teaching me to go deeper into my observation and to remain unattached and unconditional, and also reiterates to me what my personal role and path is in response to what these represent.

I feel for the shared undercurrents and I feel for the diverging streams.

I listen to the messages that even may have one time been my own, and how the now calls for expanded creative evolution.

“People’s minds are changed through observation and not through argument.” ~Will Rogers

So I will use everything/one as gauges to what I do and don’t feel to be personally resonating with the current energy frequency I feel in my experience, so that I may then find the gifts within all of that to both weed and seed.

I find that takes place a lot within the realm of the more spiritually focused, “new-agers”, yet I’m always observing all, as integration of everything is key to me.

That includes nature, animals, weather, events, people, emotions…you name it.

In some ways I feel this particular realm has come into the spotlight a lot because I’ve sensed the complacency of it, feeling that a destination has been reached when there is no actual end, and also expansion into more of the same keeps happening – just wearing different clothing.

It’s a realm I had also felt very comfortable in for a time, but feel I personally need new clothing, as the ones I had (quite literally and symbolically, as I’m getting rid of my actual wardrobe for my upcoming move) don’t “fit” me anymore.

I also feel the tension of duality, where more has not been realized possible.

It is the realization of that more, the incredible connection to imagination, that fuels my heart.

And perhaps that is simply my own journey and experience, but all I can share is MY own experience.

So, I remain an observer, riding the waves of consciousness, knowing that many of my ideas and feelings don’t sit well with the human heart and mind all of the time, but that has become a peaceful place to be for me now.

No longer do I feel isolated, alone, disheartened, or swayed by this, as it would have affected me in the past.

It’s part of the reason for my taking three personal months off, after having gathered much through observation, coming to understand what messages and energies I do and don’t resonate with, what I do and don’t feel is right for me in how to be and show up in life, or even how I share myself with others, and listening to the guidance that now is the time to turn that observation inward ever more so.

One can end up going so deeply within that you emerge without – in a new reality.

So observing includes being an observer of myself always (which is why I usually have several voices of dialogue in my head at any given time), and realizing always that I want to pave my own way where the only gauge is the presence of observation to All That Is within the truth of me.

I’ve realized that when everyone seems to be getting on a particular bandwagon (which I’m seeing much of), that’s indication, if I haven’t already, to get off the bandwagon.

Tipping the Value Scales Within Our Current Monetary Framework ~ This Shift Has Hit the Fan

An interesting little shift click took place this week that was beyond an individual experience, but truly spoke to something collective that is and has been happening.

It touches on a topic I expound upon a lot in my workshops, as it comes up often as a challenging one for most people and it’s that of money, creating your passion as your life’s work, energy exchanges, and helping to create a new paradigm that supports all the visions and ideals you have, have been working towards manifesting, and have invested your time learning about intellectually for the path of work that you are choosing.

So, this week I had to take a little time out of my work flow to focus on getting my taxes done. Yes, that usually dreaded thing that comes up for us all, and yet while I don’t believe in taxes, and don’t buy into the whole system, I also have a peaceful and playful way of approaching everything that doesn’t create a tug-o-war within me when engaging in things NOT me.

And in fact, I’ve also found a way to have gratitude for the sheer ability to be able to pay my taxes through what I choose to do as extension of my life’s work. And like everything else where I have a magick bubble around me that I journey in always through life, I simply play the “Fool” card and see the whole process as a game where I’m inputting puzzle pieces and codes that ultimately are supporting a new paradigm I’m helping into reality by my creating an equality to the work I do in solid compliment to the work others have deemed more valuable – until now.

A little background – I’ve worked quite hard at building the life I choose to have and to be able to do what I know I’m here to do. And that hasn’t come easy. I’ve held a variety of “regular” jobs in my past, including office jobs in the insurance and investment sectors of business, but ultimately through my life’s journey, came to know that I cannot deny who I am and what ultimately is the most natural and healthy expression for me to be channeling in this regard.

And although I was always being of service in all of my interesting positions and jobs I held, it wasn’t until I made peace with that and blessed it all without charge, that I was able to walk away and move into what for me was most personally satisfying.

That also took a lot of work and time to build and streamline into being, to get to a place where I could actually support myself and pay my bills with doing what I love and what simply IS ME.

And that didn’t come without running up against energetic struggles with conditioned patterning, beliefs, and fears I had instilled within me not just passed on by my parents, but by society, and the collective at large, past past and present life past.

I remember each time I quit my “regular” office jobs, how I was told back then by my parents that it would be the biggest mistake of my life. They, like many, came from the old-school way of thinking you should go about earning your money and what is and isn’t possible – you couldn’t possibly do what you love and make that work, nor were they going to try it because of this instilled fear.

However, I did A LOT of personal work before I left my very last “regular” office job, not only creating such a peaceful and beautifully supportive send-off from that job where they even hired me thereafter to do mural work for their lobby, but I also did NOT come up against my parents’ antagonistic and disapproving remarks. In fact, they were quite supportive and excited, due to the way I approached it all and my process with it. So, although they had some old beliefs and fears still, there was no negative reaction.

That said, it’s still been a journey on energetic levels to shift things at even deeper core levels, and not just for myself and them, but collectively, as I see that everything I/we do is so integrally important in shifting what takes place for ALL.

I’ve felt that until we’re able to shift things within the current framework structure, we can’t simply turn our back on it and think we can create something new and grounded in lasting foundation, as there’s still a core old foundation working behind the scenes.

I feel that we need to work to shift what is, by doing the underlying and deep work with it, and THEN we will see the new suddenly seem to magickally light up, but it’s not because of abandoning the old, but in cultivating it with transmutational alchemy.

So, we temporarily look like the Fool, while we play in the old framework, dancing our way through it and infusing our magick with each step to transform things in a way that will benefit the greater good and they don’t even have to know that it’s happening.

This all really fully came into deeper, brighter light for me this week while I was doing my taxes and upon completion when I was talking to my parents, whom have since all these years completely undergone their own shifts because of the way I’ve been doing this process behind the scenes.

They’ve had a chance to see me build a life and my life’s work into being something of value beyond the scope of simply paying the bills. And little by little, it has helped, especially my dad, to realize what IS possible, that I’m actually doing what I said I would, it’s not “pie in the sky” talk, and anyone/I/he could actually pursue their dreams if one so chose to.

But this week was a huge click that I felt ripple out collectively. I’ve been seeing and hearing this happen all around by others I know who also have been doing similar processes and brought their life’s work into recognized equality and value to all that has previously been deemed as such.

When I completed my taxes, I realized that I had actually hit a milestone. Although I’ve been making a living from my work and paying the bills, as they say, I didn’t realize until I did my taxes that I had actually surpassed income I’d ever made at so-called “regular” jobs my parents had once said I’d regret leaving, which until now had still been holding that title.

It was such a huge epiphany click in the moment, where symbolically and literally a “tipping of the scales” had taken place.

I’d seen it as this so far: the old paradigm of “jobs” and “work” used to tip the scales in perceived and actual value the collective held it as, and all other things like the creative arts, healing arts, spiritual pursuits, and anything others would have deemed “hobbies” rather than the actual life path passions they were, were invalidated and not held as equals in value.

Little by little, I’ve seen how we as a collective have been working at shifting that, slowly creating more balance and equality, as we all get back in touch with our innate gifts and essence, and channel that forth with more self love, validation, and courageous belief.

After all, these passionate pursuits had at one time actually been invaluable, but were cut down by shifts in consciousness.

That’s why I celebrate and support people putting any time they possibly can into supporting their gifts and passions, and believing in themselves, as this is very important in order to have this shift take place, not to mention creates greater essence wholeness within each individual that brings more well-being overall. And of course, I’ve been doing my part.

We’ve been bringing the things people want to deny, push aside, fear, or degrade, into the light, by shining our lights, and thus more and more we will create a balanced equality.

Unfortunately, right now that equates to demonstrating this under the current framework of our monetary structure, since that is what is collectively being embraced. And once it is equalized and fortified under this guise, it can then turn into a whole new paradigm where different frameworks can operate that utilize other forms of energy exchange, which money simply is one of.

So many people have paved the way to enable myself and others to be able to experience this now, and for them and all of the struggles, courage, and challenges they faced to support this into being, I am eternally grateful. I promise to continue to do my part in honor of your sacrifices and contributions, as well as in honor of doing only that which I know how to do – follow my truth.

And although others have already created their pieces of this energetic framework, it isn’t until I experience it firsthand for myself that I share about it, as I’d rather speak from having done than just knowing what is possible.

So, when in my own life I saw myself “tip the scales”, which actually created an energetic shift within the conversation I had with my parents and in general that I could feel, it was to me a sign that it IS happening and KNOW that it is a possibility for everyone who chooses to experience this.

The things that don’t fit into the mainstream structure are no longer energetically “alternative”, but rather are equal. They always have been in the eyes of the All That Is and in the inner recesses of our truth connected to that infinite wisdom, but we are continuing to experience that truth in the very fiber of our daily lives – NOT JUST in theory. And I feel this is going to continue in very large ways increasingly, as if so many before me/us, and now I and many others are experiencing this, that means it will soon become “mainstream” for many, many more – the ripple effect at its best.

I literally felt a click happen in that moment this week and in my talking to my parents. Just like the click that happened the day I finally was ready to quit my last “job”. And to say it was exciting is an understatement. I even heard the click in the resonance of my parents’ voices. A vibrational shift took place that shifted things to a new level that sounded and felt harmonious and there is a new dynamic in play within our family framework, my personal framework, and the collective framework that kicked in with all the others on this same trajectory.

And that’s huge!

It’s not about being a millionaire, and I’m in no way what some may deem as “rich” monetarily, but what I and many others have achieved is truly a collective gift that I will continue to foster and nurture both in myself and others because I do believe this “shift” has hit the fan and will, as it has been, just continue to rapidly explode in interesting and amazing ways for everyone.

Co-Creative Connections – My Toronto/Montreal Journey & Thoughts On This New Paradigm of Togetherness

Shonna, John and TaniaAs you know, I was away for a week teaching Reiki certification workshops in Montreal, but also spent some extra time on both ends of the weekend in Toronto and Montreal in order to connect with some incredible souls in my life. This was my first trip to both, as I have only visited the British Columbia areas of Vancouver and Victoria Island a few times.

The weekend of Reiki was incredible, as it always is, bringing together the perfect synergy of souls as we journeyed through all three levels as a family. It is always amazing to watch what unfolds in terms of not only who is drawn together for the workshops, (which is a fascinating, fine-tuned, natural kaz practicing reikiprocess), but also in terms of what becomes the energetic focuses to explore and support. Every workshop is always different, depending on the energy of the group and what it is I can reflect for them.

And the days leading up and concluding the weekend were equally beautiful. While I had the chance to see a few things, the focus of my time was really about making the in-person connections, as all but one of the 7 soul friends I spent time with outside of the workshops, I had never actually met in the flesh. They have all just been very dear connections that transcended time and space and when actually meeting in person, these soul bonds just blossomed to another level kaz and me at mount royalfrom where they already amazingly were.

I have always been one to feel the depth of connection regardless of distance. This is not because of Reiki, although Reiki definitely helps one to understand and experience this deeper (or in some cases, for the first time if you haven’t already), but it is because of my ability since young to understand experiences of transcendence. This is why many of my dearest friends/family are not local and never once have I experienced a feeling of separation or distance with them. I also no longer feel loneliness that at one time I had evolved into feeling when I was out of sync with my own natural eric and kaz lake picnic dinner montrealrhythms of how my cosmic connecting innately is for me. I came in feeling so connected and it was later, as I worked through unauthentic aspects that had evolved through conditioning, that I returned to that place of wholeness again in terms of experiencing the collective.

Needless to say, more and more I am so loving the magical soul connections that are rapidly revealing themselves and aligning. I believe that we are in a time now of awakening together and that we have the opportunity to learn from each other, support one another, co-create in service, and to journey together, as we create new realities.

high park, torontoThere is meaning and purpose to all of the igniting that is taking place and for all of the meetings of minds and hearts to take form.

There are times when we must go within and process and explore the inner realms of our experiences, but the truth is that mirror work is important and powerfully can help us shift in ways that we cannot do alone. It is also for this reason that I do not shy away from experiences that may seem of a different energetic nature than myself. It is in these experiences that I learn a great deal and can truly put to practice the work I have been doing in a very practical, active way that brings knowledge into true experience.

magickal tree in high park, torontoThis is a time when the old ways of doing things are shifting. Not only are things speeding up and can be done rather quickly and sometimes instantaneously, whereas it used to take longer, but it’s not all about doing things solo anymore either, nor that that is the only way. There is a balance with this, as in all things, in terms of personal and collective work, yet realizing the simultaneous cohesion that takes place with it all – nothing is isolated. There are times to turn within and there are times to be of collective heart experience.

In this community Age of Aquarius, powerful shifts into co-creating, learning how to work together, ask for help, be vulnerable, have intimate connections in terms of lifting the veils, doing mirror work, and understanding collective evolvement and the connection our part plays in the totality of All That IS, are becoming the new focuses. This is a time for innovative and unconventionally visionary ways with the highest good of all as the focal point.

thousand islands3That being said, we are all on individual journeys and have different timings with things and in which case, multiple diverse realities will be experienced and created and can be dipped in and out of, at will and by choice.

We are creating new ways of being and working together in this new paradigm, which includes more intimate unions of relating on all levels with each other and doing so with maturity, wise discernment, deep reflective calmness, and a serenity of being that can help you to be reveal your truth and release the fears.

chocolate-cake-at-aux-vivreThis all was reiterated in my time away this last week, sharing very deep connections with others in service, fun, sharing, mutual honoring and supporting, as well as co-creating. The reason for the magical experiences was because of this very thing – a willingness to flow with personal truth in a way that serves the greater good, as well as a presence of supportive community awareness with unconditionally loving and compassionate heart and mindfulness.

vi-and-me-first-time-meetingThe souls I had opportunity and honor of sharing time with this week, I have known a very long time and only now was meeting up with in person. For the most part it has been anywhere from 2 – 9 years that we have had friendships via long distance between us (only counting this life of course). Some amazing stories could be told about all of them and how they came to be, how they have evolved, where they are now, and what is yet to come in terms of co-creating with some of them.

One particular connection is really quite amazing in terms of the distance that was transcended in bringing us together. An incredible celebration of connection with my dear friend for the first time in six years. A connection that began between California and the small island of Mauritius now climaxing in Montreal amidst a table of four old and new Reiki Master Teachers. It’s amazing what the vi-and-meinternet has provided us the ability to do – that is, until we access our innate abilities more to do the same work it is assisting us with 🙂 But it is because of this that what started out as supportive client work, turned into an amazing friendship that unfolded on this journey where our paths had chance to merge in the flesh.

This and the other beautiful and unique stories all came to a head in very synchronous ways and I had the chance to meet some new friends as well, and discover more depth to the current connections that were revealed in our time together. I’m very excited about what some of us will be co-creating together and to experience what will develop in divine timing with it all.

me-at-lake-with-my-shellLife is a gift and the experience is a blessing. When we flow with what shows up, as water rolls over rocks and solid surfaces, we will find a state of harmonious being that can always be attained from that center of balance we know is always our source.

Be mindful not to let your energy be wasted, nor to let the negativity of others around you drain you of your valuable energy from a higher source. You are the master of your own divine temple and consciousness. When you assume the responsible role of this leadership you create a powerful partnership with your I AM presence. Be aware of your thoughts, words, emotions, and actions, and the power of each of these energy channels. Become attuned to how they shift in varying experiences and how you can bring them back into balance through your conscious awareness.

In order to achieve this wholeness and alchemical mastery you will learn to be in this world, but not of it, wherein you will be able to rise above the battles and find harmony rather than taking sides. There is perfection in the process.

in-the-pyramid-vortexAnd perfection of the moment is what this last week’s experience was in all ways. We all got time to learn from and support learning in each other, opening us all to another level of experiencing and new perspectives.

I find that the timing of these kinds of connections lends to an activation and downloading that take place, as well as a lighting up of certain collective frequencies by the coming together of certain soul energies in a given space and “time out of time” moment.

My journey began in Toronto and concluded in Montreal, getting time with several friends in each of the areas and having chance to sample a ton of incredible raw vegan and a couple of vegan restaurants along the way. So exciting to try and explore the food delicacies of different areas, so of course desserts and samplings of appetizers along with meals was a must in most cases! (something I don’t do while home, but you just kind of have to when you’re trying new stuff on travels).

picnic in high parkIn trying things I discovered a lot of great food and finds, and what had to be the best raw vegan cinnamon roll I have ever had at Feel Good Guru in Toronto. OMG!

I also got a chance to see the area while driving through from Toronto to Montreal. These are some of the things I did have chance to do:

  • I visited High Park in Toronto where I shared a raw vegan picnic lunch
  • Explored one of the local Farmer’s Markets and met new friends
  • Enjoyed meals at places like Rawlicious and a small vegan find in a food court called Karine’s (serving all day vegan breakfasts and Middle Eastern dishes, along with gluten free and soy free options)
  • Stopped to enjoy Thousand Islands for a little meditative nature time on the journey to Montreal
  • Had a picnic dinner and walks along Lake Saint-Louis upon arrival and departure in Montreal
  • Enjoyed/shared meals at places like Aux Vivres, Crudessence, The Green Panther, and Chu Chai Thai Vegan in Montreal
  • Visited Mount Royal and took in the view of Montreal, as well as spent time in the park where I shared magical time with a little squirrel and raccoon
  • Got a chance to see two of my paintings in their new home  – Celestial Birthing and Through the Stargate (my heart smiled knowing that my creative channeling would be assisting another visionary’s creative channeling)
  • Explored Montreal’s Botanical Garden and the Mosaicultures Internationales horticulture exhibit on the grounds – spectacular! —– If you happen to be in Montreal or traveling through between now and September I highly recommend visiting the Mosaicultures Internationales at the Botanical Garden. These, almost 50, mosaiculture sculptures from Asia, the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East are masterpieces set along a 2.2 km circuit, under the theme “Land of Hope”, which perfectly reflects current energies of me-and-mother-earththe new beginnings we are co-creating. Set among the gardens, you will enjoy a full day exploring a synergy of nature and humanity. I recommend a day’s visit, perhaps take a picnic or enjoy one of the many restaurants on the grounds and take your time to “be” in the energy of these horticulture creations. I was so moved and inspired by these creations and there were some amazing energy captures that emanate what I was feeling that I hope you enjoy in the photos I’m sharing in this post.

All of this and more (as these are just some of the things we did), along with perfect company, great and conscious conversations, fun, laughs, and reflective time. I didn’t get my usual amount of sleep, as when you’re in the presence of souls you haven’t seen in ages, it’s part of the fun to absorb all you can – pajama parties I like to call them.

I can’t thank everyone enough for the hospitality shared and for helping to create the feeling of home where ever I was. You are all so lovingly giving and uniquely incredible.

the earth our homeI hope you enjoy a glimpse into the connections and experiences of this shared week, along with photos of our time and some of the other things I didn’t mention.

I am now officially back in creation mode with everything so I am available for all regular services once again and will be sharing a bunch of new things including events and creations, as well as upcoming retreats you may feel inspired to join.

Happy Friday and a beautiful weekend to each of you! Create each moment in the fullness of your heart’s reflection!



2013-08-06 15.27.04

2013-08-06 15.02.33artist's workbirdhouses along the lakebridgecelestial birthingchinese garden and ray of lightcrudescencecoventinagiant butterfliesgiant-sunflower2giant-sunflowergreen-man-and-boarsholding the energyhope and odyssey2horseskelp at farmer's market, torontolake flowersmeeting of the four nationsmontreal city view from mount royalmontreal stadiummother earthmother earth2mother earth3mother earth hand and horsesmother-earth-fullnotre-dameraccoon6raccoon4raccoon5raccoon-friendrainbow energy butterflyrock and rainbow energysea turtle pianosquirrel2squirrel funsun energy on tree of birdstree of birdstree of birds with sun peeking throughwater-faucetthrough the stargatesunflowers-and-violet-ray

Shedding Our Way to New Experiences

shedding skinShedding skin is a symbol of rejuvenation and new life. Snakes and other reptiles like lizards, periodically eliminate the old by the shedding of their skin and emerge stronger, larger, and healthier. The ancients received insights about life through nature and observing the animals and cycles. They believed that there was a wisdom that each life form held, and that snakes, in particular, knew the secrets of “death” that leads to rebirth.

This does not have to mean an actual physical death, but can merely be a symbolic death of everything that once was being released in order to emerge through a new, expansive doorway of experience, unencumbered by anything.

“The old skin has to be shed before the new one can come,” says Joseph Campbell, famous teacher of mythology, as he refers to the snake symbolism of shedding skin as a metaphor for inner growth. “If you want resurrection, you must have crucifixion…We must be willing to get rid of the life we planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.”

This can be a challenge for some and currently this is the process we are all simultaneously experiencing – a deep inner house-cleaning of all that no longer serves the new paradigm of you and the collective new reality birthing.

Letting go completely allows the next stage of growth to flow in. Sometimes you know this is upon you and you willingly engage the process. And at other times, it erupts like a volcano, seeming to come out of nowhere and yet still it is reflecting what you desire and have asked for. You just forgot and didn’t realize what was all entailed in the process.

snake-skinI recently shared about coming upon a full snake skin on a hiking path a few weeks ago. This felt very profound and it made its way home with me, in following guidance it was a gift to use in sacred practice. And just yesterday a full lizard skin was gifted to me. We have a lizard friend that likes to take refuge in the garage and yesterday morning I discovered its skin left fully in tact (which I’m cleansing right now), entwined in some wire gating material. It appeared as if a hologram of the old lizard was left behind, as it was caught in an action position, as the new lizard went freely on his way.

So, now I have two full shedded skins and this feels to speak powerfully to the depth of layers and multiple “deaths” I’m experiencing in rapid time.

I know that there is a very clear distinction between what people are feeling and going through right now. Some are beginning to access that intensely magical, next leap in the possibilities of experience we have been talking about for some time now. While, others are experiencing an intensity of what the new means for them in their life, the choices that will need to be made, and perhaps struggling with letting go of some of those really deep things, or having challenge in shifting perception.

I can’t walk the experience for you, but I can walk the embodiment of my own experience as fully as I possibly can, to support an energetic bridge of access. In our holding that space of wholeness to the best we each can, we mirror the wholeness in each other. This is the clearest connecting path to that.

I love riddle messages that challenge me to expand my ways of perceiving and being. There’s been some “key” things coming through lately that are so subtle and almost undetectable in shifts of perspective that are quickly eating away at everything. I am loving the experience of living alchemy that is creating a dimensional shift of embodiment to take place. I know many of you understand what I’m at loss for words to share, but a little more each day that experience unbinds into the greater experience of the “all” right now.

Yes, major change is upon us. It is each of our choices what that change feels like and manifests as. I can only share from my own experience and perspective that the shedding of skin process is well worth the rebirth that takes place. Keep the faith, challenge yourself one more step each day, and realize that it all has the ability to shift at any moment in reflection to you. Remember that we are all in this together and we each have the same access to new doorways of experience. We just have different ways and timings that support our highest good into that embodiment. There is no right or wrong or judgment on how or when that unfolds or even if that is your desire to unfold.

Ask yourself how you feel about the journey each step of the way, how best you can align to support yourself into feeling what you desire, and be willing to follow the answers you are guided in action to take.

I’ll leave you with some words from Will Barnes, author of The Expansion of the Soul:

“In the voyage of your worldly existence, the sails at which your life float upon, are tethered by the thoughts and emotions that which you harbor. Expand.”  

“Centered, open, and diverse, the universe’s correspondence to your hopes and dreams is the deliverance of your foremost thoughts and actions. Energetically you can create and destroy your immediate set of circumstances under the same laws. Posed as friends and foes, you will have obstacles, ones in which you must go through, over, under and aside sometimes to overcome. These are the stepping stones to your future reality. Overcome that which has weakened your state of mind and conquer the thoughts and actions that you have let lead your life.”

“When the world turns and we operate at our own personal vibration, it is in our power to withhold our dignity and integrity at the highest possible frequency, with this as an active force, we can command our reality in the physical realm. Justly, we shall take all the opportunity that manifests itself in arms reach. To be one, and to have and do what we dream is concurrent only on a high wavelength, and operative to those who seek a higher sense of self. Are you ready to expand to these levels of operation? Have you taken the steps? Step forward and release all your fears.”

“When you combine desire and faith to that it is in which you aspire to, you send a proactive force into the universe that creates a wave of energy, thus activating energy particles which then begin the manifestation process, kind of like a magnet to iron. The bigger the desire equaled with faith, the higher likeliness of materializing what it is you strive for. Stop living a life in which you are not in control of and join forces with the universe in which we are all a part of. Expand your consciousness and be grateful for every instance in the physical plane, it is what you must decide if you want to live the life that you want.”

Spiritual Skin for a Spiritual Life – Transforming Your Life One Tattoo at a Time!

“I feel so much peace from your tattoos when I look at them….I can feel the energy coming off of your tattoos. Wow, it’s powerful!….I have never liked tattoos, but I feel drawn to yours and find them to be so beautiful….they are like nothing I’ve ever seen or felt.”

The tattoos I wear are a continually profound, transformational experience that affects not only my own life, but the lives of others who experience the energy intention imbued within each creation. I hear and see it time and time again (was just reminded today by a businesswoman who stopped me in a store to express her feelings) and it moves me deeply to be able to create a mobile, living work of art, that simultaneously has personal and collective healing to share, as well as to be able to support others to do the same for themselves.

A new paradigm of transformative body art has evolved and is being revealed like never before. Ancient meets modern day potent integration! Sacred tattooing is so deeply a passion for me, which I find to be extremely and positively transformative on all levels, that the knowledge I’ve acquired would be a disservice not to share. I can’t help but do what I do and share what lovingly channels through.

Spiritual Skin is a book that has been a deeply mystical journey to bring forth – an unveiling of many rich layers intended to support many on their own empowering explorations into artistic self-expression, deeper awareness, ancient understanding and integration, spiritual healing and conscious compassion for the now. And, in the words of Tattoo Artist, Siva – “A book whose time has come!” It’s truly about creating personal portals of positive and inspirational impact.

“…The specific images and symbols you choose in a tattoo can help enhance specific things in your life, strengthen energy that is operating at less than its potential, open points that feel blocked, enhance and create potency to specific chakras, convey healing energy to specific regions, reveal your essence to others, heal karmic energy, connect with past lives, and tap into your subconscious and latent gifts. All of this can be done through the ancient art of tattooing, a means of rewriting your soul’s history, empowering your experience through “spiritual skin,” and creating an auric resonance to the energy of your choosing.” – excerpt from Spiritual Skin.

If you haven’t already heard, I am honored to announce that my book, “Spiritual Skin – Sacred Tattoos: More than Skin Deep,” is available in print on Amazon. You can now have this one-of-a-kind book at your finger tips.

“This is the BEST book about tattoos I have yet to come across!…A must read…I HIGHLY recommend this for any spiritually inclined tattoo collector and/or enthusiast!” Siva, Sedona-based Tattoo Artist. For more reviews and information please see this link:

You can now purchase Spiritual Skin directly on Amazon here: or simply visit or contact me at with any questions or to commission tattoo design services or consultations.

With Love and Creative Magic!

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