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Sacred Tattoo Design Update: Waiting List & New Client Limit

Spiritual Skin Cover


I’m immersed in some pretty amazing tattoos these days with some pretty amazing clients. And, it’s like a vortex of powerful symbolism and codes over here that are opening all kinds of portals, as I work day in and day out on the back up of designs, due to my being away a lot over the last couple of months.

I want to extend my appreciation to everyone for your patience, as this is work that truly benefits on all levels from not being rushed.

As you know, there is a waiting list for design work, and since a lot of the pieces have been amping up in size and breadth of involvement, it’s recently become necessary to limit the number of new clients I can take each month, in addition to the clients I already have.

This also helps me to be able to turn work around more efficiently.

That said, I can only take on 6 new clients per month alongside the current waiting list.

When you place your deposit to hold a space, you will also be scheduled into the calendar and provided a week that we’ll be co-creating your design in.

If you need your design before the date provided, due to a tattoo appointment you have scheduled, or energetic needs, please let me know upon contacting me. Rush jobs that must take place in a certain time-frame are subject to my availability of working off-hours, which would equate to a higher rate fee, reflectively.

Design work books up quickly, so if you’re interested in getting on the schedule let me know.

For more information and to place your deposit for a space in the schedule please visit:

Spiritual Skin


Skin That Tells A Beautiful Life Story – Senior Citizens Show Us What Tattoos Look Like At Age 70

senior citizen tattoos2

I often hear people share their worries over what their skin might look like one day when they’re older, if they were to embark on the path of getting tattoos. A lot of this stems mostly from conditioned societal beliefs and judgments about it and what is deemed “acceptable” and “appropriate”.

I happen to be adorned with my own “Spiritual Skin“, as I call it, and feel that like scars (which I visibly have at my left brow bone), that these are marks of my personal soul story in this life and beyond, that express a richness of depth that emanates without the spoken word.

Although I grew up in a strict household and with grandparents that were very religious, I just knew this was my personal expression and never thought about how I’d be seen in my aging years with it, as who I am is what I believe will speak for itself.

senior citizen tattoos

Whom ever so chooses to see something else has every right to do so. It will not change who I am.

And I can no longer imagine who that is without the tattoos that are a part of the temple body that I cherish.

I also happen to have tattoo design clients in their 50’s and 60’s that are getting their first tattoos, if not adding more to their already beautiful tattoos and they all look amazing!!! There’s something about a confident and empowered soul that knows who they are.

At the link below you’ll find more, of what I consider to be, uniquely beautiful images of 70 year-young souls proudly wearing their life stories on their skin.

Senior Citizens Show Us What Tattoos Look Like At Age 70


Spiritual Skin for a Spiritual Life – Transforming Your Life One Tattoo at a Time!

“I feel so much peace from your tattoos when I look at them….I can feel the energy coming off of your tattoos. Wow, it’s powerful!….I have never liked tattoos, but I feel drawn to yours and find them to be so beautiful….they are like nothing I’ve ever seen or felt.”

The tattoos I wear are a continually profound, transformational experience that affects not only my own life, but the lives of others who experience the energy intention imbued within each creation. I hear and see it time and time again (was just reminded today by a businesswoman who stopped me in a store to express her feelings) and it moves me deeply to be able to create a mobile, living work of art, that simultaneously has personal and collective healing to share, as well as to be able to support others to do the same for themselves.

A new paradigm of transformative body art has evolved and is being revealed like never before. Ancient meets modern day potent integration! Sacred tattooing is so deeply a passion for me, which I find to be extremely and positively transformative on all levels, that the knowledge I’ve acquired would be a disservice not to share. I can’t help but do what I do and share what lovingly channels through.

Spiritual Skin is a book that has been a deeply mystical journey to bring forth – an unveiling of many rich layers intended to support many on their own empowering explorations into artistic self-expression, deeper awareness, ancient understanding and integration, spiritual healing and conscious compassion for the now. And, in the words of Tattoo Artist, Siva – “A book whose time has come!” It’s truly about creating personal portals of positive and inspirational impact.

“…The specific images and symbols you choose in a tattoo can help enhance specific things in your life, strengthen energy that is operating at less than its potential, open points that feel blocked, enhance and create potency to specific chakras, convey healing energy to specific regions, reveal your essence to others, heal karmic energy, connect with past lives, and tap into your subconscious and latent gifts. All of this can be done through the ancient art of tattooing, a means of rewriting your soul’s history, empowering your experience through “spiritual skin,” and creating an auric resonance to the energy of your choosing.” – excerpt from Spiritual Skin.

If you haven’t already heard, I am honored to announce that my book, “Spiritual Skin – Sacred Tattoos: More than Skin Deep,” is available in print on Amazon. You can now have this one-of-a-kind book at your finger tips.

“This is the BEST book about tattoos I have yet to come across!…A must read…I HIGHLY recommend this for any spiritually inclined tattoo collector and/or enthusiast!” Siva, Sedona-based Tattoo Artist. For more reviews and information please see this link:

You can now purchase Spiritual Skin directly on Amazon here: or simply visit or contact me at with any questions or to commission tattoo design services or consultations.

With Love and Creative Magic!

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