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Answers About Sacred Tattoo Designs For While I’m Away

Eric Sacred Tattoo Design

This last design I completed feels like the perfect send off before heading out for activating and igniting new beginnings from the core essence within.

I’m sharing it along with some answers to questions that I’ve been receiving, so that hopefully things will be clear while I’m unable to assist.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about sacred tattoo designs in these last weeks before I head off on my 3 month sabbatical, even though I’ve posted several messages on it.

So just to help clarify things for everyone, as likely timing hasn’t aligned for everyone to see the messages, I thought I’d share details again.

I will not be available for questions, emails, and messages regarding tattoos beginning tomorrow.

That said, while I am away between September 1st and November 30th you can still place a deposit for a tattoo design at my website here:

Life Changing Tattoos 

There is a waiting list that has already started for when I return, which will be December 1st.

I can maybe squeeze in one more December client, if you’d like a design done by end of the year, but we’re really looking at January of 2016 for booking.

Don’t wait until I return to schedule a design, unless you don’t have any time restraints on when you need it, as people will have continued booking on the calendar while I’m away and so you’ll be placed next on the list, from where ever I’m booked out at that time.

There is likely going to be a rate increase when I return, beginning 2016, so if you place a deposit between now and December, you’ll lock in the current rate.

If you have a budget, we can work around that to ensure supporting your needs, but just be aware that this limits the size and detailing possible. I have been able to successfully stay within budgets when that is provided.

Size and detail will determine the amount of time it takes so I can only provide guesstimates on this from my end. So if in fact you have a budget, just let me know that when you place your deposit in the comments and we will discuss details when I’m ready to begin working on your design.

I create designs. Your tattoo artist will do the inking.

I only work in pencil. Color will be chosen between you and your tattoo artist.

Consulting is part of the process so when you place your deposit, we will then discuss all details when I get to your design, as I do them in order of deposits received.

I work in flow of the energy presenting itself and sometimes even time scheduling may shift slightly, as I can’t determine how things will progress with the channeling, how long the consulting will take, and when I hear back from clients. It ALWAYS, however, and I mean ALWAYS, aligns perfectly.

Any other questions likely are answered at the link above in the comments about the process.

Please read the details so you understand how it all works, as chances are, the answers to your questions can be found there if you take the time to read through them.

Thank you so much to everyone for your interest in my design work. It is something I am very passionate about supporting people with in co-creation and I look forward to continuing that journey when I return!

The Uniqueness of Sacred Tattoo Designs ~ Reflecting the Colors of the Rainbow that We Are

Sharing a couple more recent sacred tattoo designs I’ve had honor to co-create with some incredible souls.

While again, I’m not sharing the intricacies of the symbolism, due to lack of time, but also feeling that the images speak volumes for themselves and allow people to get what is meant for them to receive in their own way when viewing them, I did want to share these two together.

I’m finding that less is more and wanting to empower people to tune into heart and intuition in partnership with mind, to find their own messages and answers, rather than focusing solely on left brain and mind alone.

And afterall, a picture paints a thousand words.

These two pieces are both powerful in their own ways, but oh so different in style, reflecting the unique souls they are created for, showing you how beautiful each spectrum of the rainbow we all are, providing richness to the whole by authentically shining the light of our uniqueness.

The first is an incredibly large, epic piece that will cover my client’s full back – he happens to be 6’6″! It represents who he beautifully is in essence and all that was, is, and is to come. Wow is all I can say!Jim Sacred Tattoo Design

The other will grace my client’s right upper arm/shoulder and curve all the way down towards her lower inner arm, where another design we created already sits. So I was working with an enhancement to that one to reflect a branching off of a new path along her journey. This one has a graceful Maori tribal influence that spoke to her essence and life path, mixed with a little personal and organic flair to symbolize specific things – magickal!Lynne Sacred Tattoo Design

I can’t express enough the honor I feel to be a part of these channeled co-creations. It is a gift that keeps on giving and has aligned me with soul family connections that are so valued.

I’ll be sharing another shortly, but for now, just a quick update on sacred tattoo designs,as I approach going offline beginning September 1st – just one more full day remaining tomorrow!

I’m pretty much booked for December in terms of sacred tattoo designs. I might be able to squeeze in one more if someone really needs a design done by end of this year.

Otherwise, we’re looking at January of 2016 for scheduling designs.

Again, although I’ll be offline and unavailable for questions beginning this Tuesday, September 1st, you will still be able to place a deposit and schedule your design for when I return, which is a good idea to do rather than wait until I’m back, as the calendar will continue to book up.

For support with co-creating a sacred tattoo design please visit this link for details and how to schedule yours: Life-Changing Tattoos

If you have any questions, please inquire before September 1st, as I won’t be available for emails for 3 months starting at that time. You can contact me here: Contact Tania Marie

The Evolution of Tattoos Mirroring the Evolution of Life – Inspirational Support for Tattoo Artists Embracing the Path of Spiritually Sacred Tattoos

As things keep shifting in the world, this reflects and dominoes out into all realms creating a transformational revolution of consciously empowered living and loving that is infiltrating all nooks and crannies of life. The more your awareness heightens and you embrace new perspectives and experiences, realizing you can choose more freely, creatively and with empowered intention, the more you start to shift focus and choose more authentically and start letting your beautiful gifts out. The journey becomes one of magical self-creation in every moment, rather than doing things, both reflective or nonreflective of yourself, but not knowing why.

I am seeing these shifts in many realms, but since I have specific focus in certain areas with the path I am on, these are ones I specifically take extra note of and am really excited to see the infiltration of conscious movement in.

One in particular is the realm of sacred tattoos and seeing how people are moving more into desiring spiritually conscious, integrated and symbolic tattoos. I receive a lot of emails with questions about spiritually sacred tattoos, not just from those seeking tattoos, but from tattoo artists as well. There are some wonderful spiritually focused tattoo artists out there, and I am so happy to see that more and more are embracing this as their next stage of evolution in their journey to offer and start channeling through their trade.

What I offer in supportive words to those on this path – tattoo artists especially that are embracing this new direction – is simply this:

It pleases me greatly that you are feeling moved in this new direction with your work and life. If you are feeling this call, it is likely that you have always experienced and possessed natural healing abilities and spiritually rich experiences in some way in your life, but perhaps had not given them much focus, yet it would be a natural process for you. Likely you have experienced and been in touch with these elements and been utilizing them much already in your life. Now is the time when these decisions to shift into new experiences can happen swiftly. It is very empowering when we actually embrace our innate gifts and put them into conscious use as service to others. I love that you are feeling the nudge to go this direction and support your choices. Know that you are not alone. There are other tattoo artists out there that also specialize in this and I feel, more and more will be moving into this direction. More and more people are looking for and in need of these specialized services and so the timing is divine in your feeling this call.

I am not a tattoo artist, but am a sacred tattoo designer and visionary artist, as well as have many sacred tattoos in my own personal body art collection and have had the opportunity to work with artists to create them and to understand this process and how empowering and sacred it is over the 14 years of being involved with this art. This is what led me to share my book, Spiritual Skin, which has been supporting many people to embrace a whole new personal journey and perspective with tattoos. If you feel called to, you might find this book inspiring to your journey – Spiritual Skin

But for now, my advice would be to follow your heart and those intuitive nudges you have and learn to trust them with your work and life. Seeing the body as a sacred temple and understanding the significance of potent symbolism, placement, chakras, researching ancient civilizations and cultures’ symbols and images, and allowing your visionary creativity to integrate with these from your heart and in connection with your intuitive healing guidance, etc. is helpful.

If you start putting this energy out and focusing on this more, you will start attracting more clients looking for you for this exact thing. You can also start helping them in this vein with their tattoos by helping to ask more questions on what they want to achieve with the tattoo, bring into their lives, symbolize, empower, etc. and do research into symbolisms that would help benefit that. This is a beautiful co-creative experience that can have powerful effects both for artist and client.

Many blessings on your journey.

Spiritual Skin for a Spiritual Life – Transforming Your Life One Tattoo at a Time!

“I feel so much peace from your tattoos when I look at them….I can feel the energy coming off of your tattoos. Wow, it’s powerful!….I have never liked tattoos, but I feel drawn to yours and find them to be so beautiful….they are like nothing I’ve ever seen or felt.”

The tattoos I wear are a continually profound, transformational experience that affects not only my own life, but the lives of others who experience the energy intention imbued within each creation. I hear and see it time and time again (was just reminded today by a businesswoman who stopped me in a store to express her feelings) and it moves me deeply to be able to create a mobile, living work of art, that simultaneously has personal and collective healing to share, as well as to be able to support others to do the same for themselves.

A new paradigm of transformative body art has evolved and is being revealed like never before. Ancient meets modern day potent integration! Sacred tattooing is so deeply a passion for me, which I find to be extremely and positively transformative on all levels, that the knowledge I’ve acquired would be a disservice not to share. I can’t help but do what I do and share what lovingly channels through.

Spiritual Skin is a book that has been a deeply mystical journey to bring forth – an unveiling of many rich layers intended to support many on their own empowering explorations into artistic self-expression, deeper awareness, ancient understanding and integration, spiritual healing and conscious compassion for the now. And, in the words of Tattoo Artist, Siva – “A book whose time has come!” It’s truly about creating personal portals of positive and inspirational impact.

“…The specific images and symbols you choose in a tattoo can help enhance specific things in your life, strengthen energy that is operating at less than its potential, open points that feel blocked, enhance and create potency to specific chakras, convey healing energy to specific regions, reveal your essence to others, heal karmic energy, connect with past lives, and tap into your subconscious and latent gifts. All of this can be done through the ancient art of tattooing, a means of rewriting your soul’s history, empowering your experience through “spiritual skin,” and creating an auric resonance to the energy of your choosing.” – excerpt from Spiritual Skin.

If you haven’t already heard, I am honored to announce that my book, “Spiritual Skin – Sacred Tattoos: More than Skin Deep,” is available in print on Amazon. You can now have this one-of-a-kind book at your finger tips.

“This is the BEST book about tattoos I have yet to come across!…A must read…I HIGHLY recommend this for any spiritually inclined tattoo collector and/or enthusiast!” Siva, Sedona-based Tattoo Artist. For more reviews and information please see this link:

You can now purchase Spiritual Skin directly on Amazon here: or simply visit or contact me at with any questions or to commission tattoo design services or consultations.

With Love and Creative Magic!

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