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A Shifting Trip & Full Circle Updates

taniamarie (2)

As we’ve settled back in this week after our time on the Pacific Ocean, I’ve felt another shift of energy grounding subtly, but profoundly in. I just realized today that it was four years ago at this time in August that we were exploring Alaska for nearly 2 weeks and that seems fitting since it was upon returning from that journey that I knew a big life shift had to happen, and now another is organically kicking in that will change everything once again.

We just returned from 10 days away along central and southern California’s coastline, and while it was a very nurturing trip, we could sense its full circle energy, as well as its helping to reflect and integrate the new upcoming.

Like when we returned from Alaska, I knew Orange County was no longer our home and in revisiting there at the end of this trip, we no longer felt any heart ties to even the few places we had once loved and helped us while we were there. We felt a strong closure and it also offered us time to explore, in thought and imagination, the new opportunities and possibilities we’re feeling into and that are presenting themselves.

We always loved Crystal Cove, and while it still is a magickal place, it offered us a chance to seed intentions, as it had in the past, but this time as a portal door only.

We did enjoy seeing some of our dearest friends while visiting and of course, having some vegan food indulgences at some of our fav restaurants just around the corner from our then house.


Yet, like the weddings that both started and ended this trip, there was a solidification of commitment to another level of experience, life, and relationship to ourselves and each other that seemed to get kicked up a few notches. We found ourselves dreaming bigger and feeling into new choices.

On our first full day back we went to the beach here and both felt a much stronger resonance to our Lake Tahoe waters and the peace and energies most resonant to our new lives, to be flowing through this mountain air.

Interestingly, while we were away, the smoke in the Tahoe Basin from the immense fires in California was sadly the worst it had been. It started clearing a few days before our heading home and is hugely better now than it was. If not for an upcoming Reiki workshop I’m teaching this weekend, we had actually considered gathering up the fur babies upon return, and heading out somewhere else again until the smoke cleared. Something about that and its timing is meaningful. And even while we were at our favorite Crystal Cove, the nearby fire had created an ominous sky of smoke that merged an interesting portal of two worlds.


The energies shifted along the journey as well, where we were relishing in the relaxation and all of the Faery beauty and ocean magick, but nearing the last few days we were already ready to go home.

38454907_10216333972929126_378108042903814144_n.jpgfaery garden.jpg38421290_10216333973289135_1360819512533843968_n38462398_10216344950803566_1211792952045600768_n38253857_10216345020805316_1860301978307919872_n.jpg38290558_10216333974689170_2540390954204921856_n

Yet, there was much natural beauty and enchantment experienced that immersed us in Faery and vegetable garden delights, took us wandering along gorgeous coastlines, connecting with so many ocean creatures and cetaceans, discovering moonstones, tons of feathers from the amazing pelicans, seagulls, and hawks, and other sparkly quartz sea delights to create portal connections without needing to be physically there, and lots of yummy vegan food that included a very special, pampered evening with a friend who shared her new vegan cheese line with me, a gathering with friends, and some sweet time with Dave’s dad and stepmom.

It was no coincidence there were so many portals, abundance of blossoms, plants, and animals, water and faery energy, fountains, and even a wishing well….all perfect to activate new seeds of intention and reflect the promise of new.


And all of the ocean time coincided with a book I was reviewing for another author, set in Atlantis, that awakened more seed memories. I just sent in my endorsement review for the novel yesterday, which seemed to be a potent day for not just myself and Dave, but others, with things clicking in and setting the tone for another new cycle.

My Take-Away From the Last 10 Days:

Indeed there’s yet again another shift taking root, but each one is so mutable these days that it’s never about reaching any finalized stage or end result, yet truly about being most flexible and open to your highest joy and potential at every corner.

With Mercury Retrograde ending on the 18th, this all feels timely with the reflections, curiosity, explorations, solidifying – and for some – the intensity, around this time period, but also points to some leaps into new immersions just around the corner.

I feel another life-changing time period is kicking in for Dave and I, both individually and together. In many ways it does remind me a bit of the time period right before the Magick Bus adventure living in the RV for a year and a half traveling about. This took place after the impending changes following Alaska and the seeded intentions that were inspired. And while different energetically, there is a similar whole-new-start-vibe and more choices for how it all unfolds.

This Fall and Winter feels to involve a lot of focus, commitment, and work to solidify that change and catapulting to come in 2019. A lot is happening all at once and I feel that like the last couple of years, we will look back a year or two from now and be amazed at what was accomplished.

In many ways our trip was both surreal and like being in another world, as a bubble of magick always enveloped us, but while grateful for what it offered, we are happy to be home and so is a certain bunny, named Astrid, very happy about that too.

My Evolving Relationship with Astrid:

I had two dreams about her while we were away, so we were in contact, and since returning, our relationship has also kicked up several notches. We are the closest we’ve ever been, she’s been super attached to me, wanting to snuggle and immerse in loving connection, and even wanted me to hold her when I came home. She’s excited about the next level of work she and I will be doing, as in just two days I will be receiving back my manuscript from my editor – EEK!! – and the next challenging, but exciting step will kick in, as I review feedback and get cracking on the new plan in order with revision work.

But being back with Astrid has been very special and I’m loving our deepened connection and her continued softening into the love that she is. Our communication is impeccable and we are SO in tune!

She’s been extra excited running around in the morning and evenings, and watching me through the door, as I took care of my Garden Tower and plants and flowers outside. She’s actually been pawing at the window while watching me and anxious for the green yummies I just harvested for her yesterday.

Garden Tower Updates:

My small garden is doing so beautifully and is abundantly producing. I even have my very first two pumpkins ever (called Wee B Little pumpkins) starting to grow, which excites me greatly, along with another four tomatoes on the Charlie Brown Christmas tree-like tomato plants I saved, and nine Ring of Fire sunflowers all coming in – I smell Autumn just around the corner!

We and Astrid have enjoyed so many harvests and yesterday’s was no exception, as I filled a gigantic heaping bowl with every variety of herbs and greens and still there is tons on the Tower remaining. I gave everything a good pruning and watering and we have happy plants! Since the strawberries and lettuces are done, I no longer have to net the tower or any of the plants, as the forest critters are not interested and being entertained and indulged with other yummies.

And speaking of Garden Tower, my original one that used to be at our Orange County home, just found a new loving home with my dear friend and vegan cheese connoisseur/creator and her husband. The friend I mentioned who pampered me with this:


I couldn’t be happier! I can’t wait to see the Garden Tower flourish at their beautiful home, which is like a little Italian villa.

Somehow that feels full circle too, that my original one I loved so much and was one of the joys that kept me going while living there, has come into the right hands – the last thing I had a tie with in OC that always was in the back of my mind, is now put to peaceful rest and will assist my friend in the blossoming of her new business and intentions, as the metaphor for her experiences created in the garden of life.

Writing & Workshop Updates:

As mentioned, I’ll be receiving my manuscript back in two days, but since I’m teaching on Saturday and will need time to digest all that I hear back, I’ll likely not be starting back on revision work and the next stage until sometime next week. That said, it WILL be my main and only focus outside of life and shared ventures with Dave. Likely even more so now, as every step gets increasingly demanding and challenging. So, while I will continue to blog now and then, as inspired, it will still remain on the less side and not like my once daily shares.

As always, you can catch more inspiring and fun, quick updates on my Instagram page though, which has included the photos you see here in this blog, plus many more!

The day before I left, I received some new bunny additions to my Wonderland office and upon returning I had two new dragons awaiting me. These all anchoring in new energy to inspire my writing again, along with some small shifts in redecorating I often do here and there. Astrid also has a very special birthday gift arriving tomorrow – all just in time for beginning the book adventures next week.

I do feel rested and rejuvenated from our little vacation and the last month off from writing while its been with my editor, so I’m ready to dive back into writing with my wise partner, Astrid, and the rest of my spirit guides.


This Saturday ends my Reiki teaching days, as I put closure to that with the last Reiki 3 Master Teacher workshop held here. It will be a lovely day, as one of my first students joins to finally get her last level in, while another lovely soul comes to both review and cultivate her teaching skills, helping out as she feels so moved. I have some ideas percolating for this workshop that will make this a fun ending. I know a few people were sad not to be able to join this and the last Reiki 1 & 2 workshop, but I do firmly believe that all things flow in alignment and there is a beautiful reason yet unseen that will reveal itself in perfect ways.

And lastly, today marks exactly 1 month remaining to register for the upcoming Fall Equinox “Living a More Magickal Life” with Laura Bruno and myself.

The last day to register is September 15th – synchronously that’s also Astrid’s birthday. ๐Ÿ™‚

To reiterate, this is the first and last time she and I will be teaching together and this event will end and celebrate my own closure with teaching in this format at this point in my life. So, it will be a special event with inspired topics that will assist all joining with how to move into that new with wings! We continue to tune in and be open to what wants to come through for this, but as with all gatherings of this kind, not only do surprises always show up, but the effects of what takes place on the seemingly subtle planes will continue to unfold long after the day in potent ways. So keep those keen senses about you, as magick increases before your eyes.

There are still a couple spots remaining. If you feel called to join, you may register here:

Living a More Magickal Life


Keep believing and may all possibilities be open to you!

Forest Portal Magick ~ Astrid & the Animals

When Astrid first came home to us, nearly a year ago now on Summer Solstice, we were living in the treehouse up above the lake. She loved the views of the forest, lake, and having the Moon shine in on her from the wide open Cosmos, as well as seeing the squirrels and chipmunks climb up to our deck, with bear and deer visiting down below. However, now that we live on the forest and her viewing windows bring her face-to-face with the animals, she has truly shown herself to be quite the guardian of the little ones here, drawing in all creatures to our Wonderland realm on the Forest Portal.

I have seen every variety of bird come visit, including Robin, Steller’s Jay, Chickadee, Woodpeckers, and more. Some of which I’ve been able to capture photos of when Astrid is lying on her bed and they are just outside the door or on the tree in front of our room. Here you can see her with a black and white Woodpecker sitting on the tree trunk and a Robin sitting on the tree stump.

astrid and woodpecker.jpgastrid and robin

Also tons of squirrels and chipmunks love checking in on her. But it wasn’t until several weeks ago that that I finally saw our resident Mountain Cottontail bunnies. I knew they were here, as I’d seen their footprints in the snow during Winter, but now they have become a daily visit we get to enjoy in the physical.

I learned that we have a momma bunny and one baby bunny.

This is momma.

momma bunny.jpg

She is quite the wise one, reminding me of Nestor and Astrid, but with that nurturing of Joy and her little one reminds me of Cosmo…he’s just a bouncy little bundle of love and purity.

This is baby.

bunny lawn.jpg

It was sad to me to know it was only the two of them, as that means her other babies did not make it. She watches over him with great care and has taught him to hide in the bushes outside my office, which I also believe houses their home.

I have recently only seen him, however, which makes me sad. I am hoping she is still around, but I haven’t seen her since right before I planted the Foxgloves, Delphiniums, and Salvias. I did manage to get one photo of Astrid and the momma at around that same time, which you can see here.

astrid and momma bunny

If you look right between the tree stump and the tree trunk you can see momma sitting. I am wondering now if perhaps she was asking Astrid to watch over her baby, knowing she may not be around much longer. The last time I saw momma I noticed her looking a bit scruffy around one eye, so she definitely was getting into things more.

And now it has been a regular sighting of baby bunny, playing, eating, and connecting with me and Astrid. There is chance we are now his surrogate family, so I am extra mindful of him and sending him lots of love and protection.

He is very trusting of me and will let me go outside and talk to him, as he sits and listens. And like the other animals of the forest, he is very curious about Astrid.

Yesterday was an incredible day that had my heart pounding with love and all a-flutter, as if butterflies were swelling inside.

It started with what was at that time, the absolute cutest thing that involved a big squirrel that ran over to the deck off my office and crept to the left of the sliding glass door, then got up on hind legs, leaned against the glass with hands and fingers open, and peered in looking for Astrid. It was right after she’d left her spot.ย It was too adorable!ย 

The rest of the day, the usual sightings of animals continued and then baby bunny started making his appearance.

baby bunny lawn.jpg

I’ve caught him some mornings eating the grass alongside a Robin, and jumping and running back and forth with joy, as if inviting Robin to play with him. And this day he was again eating the grass, exploring out front, by going under the gate (we have lots for him to eat there too including wild strawberry plants), and coming back to safety in our side yard. He then sat atop the tree trunk pedestals next to the flowers and continued his exploring.

baby bunny with flowers.jpg

He likes to eye my very lush garden tower and has given it the bunny approval.

baby and tower.jpg

I know he’d love at it, but it is critter proof now and likely for the best, as I wouldn’t want him relying on it, since he needs to learn the ways of the wild.

garden tower.jpg

And then, in the late afternoon/early evening I turned from my book I was working on at my desk and caught baby right up against the sliding door glass while Astrid lay on her bed – both a foot a part and only separated by the glass and screen door.

I only caught this one photo of them together, where you can see the top of the bunny and his ears, as not long after Astrid got up, which allowed me to connect with little one.

astrid and bunny.jpg

You can see how he peered inside looking for Astrid and not afraid that I was now only a foot or less away behind the glass. I couldn’t get enough of him moving about, chewing on the welcome mat, and stretching out his little body with legs and butt extended, as he continued to hang out and peer inside.

welcome bunnywelcome bunny2welcome bunny3welcome bunny4welcome bunny5.jpgwelcome bunny6.jpg

I am in love!

It’s incredible to see how much the little animals are drawn to Astrid and our Wonderland realm. They are very curious and quite aware of the Rabbit Queen who resides here and is spreading her wisdom and love. Astrid communicates so much with all of them and it seems interesting that her ear healing has come up when things have amped up the most the last week or two. Listening within and communicating from the heart is something available regardless of physical challenges. And Astrid has alerted me with this of my need to continue to do so about what my heart is telling me.

Perhaps even, the animals are all coming to assist her.

There is so much magick happening here daily at the Forest Portal and it’s only increasing. I found it interesting that the day baby bunny connected most was after my having a dream of a rabbit the night before. And no coincidence that the first time I saw him and momma was on Cosmo’s birthday.

In the dream there was a blueish gray bunny, similar to Nestor, but a male, whose name was Blueberry and we were thinking about adopting him. In that dream I also found a very large feather that appeared to be from an Eagle’s wing. Hmmm!

Then baby comes knocking at the door, sitting atop our “Welcome” mat while I’m writing and Astrid is connecting. Interestingly, I shared these photos on Instagram yesterday and the second I published them, the clock turned 5:55 pm – my magickal sign connected to my twin soul rabbit, Nestor.

For now it seems the bunny we’re adopting is him and I’m happy to see that our portal has felt to be a welcoming invitation to join our family. Who knows what is yet to come!

Earth Day, Bones & Other Dimensions


It was a beautifully immersive Nature weekend here and the weather aligned perfectly making Earth Day and the time surrounding it, to be one of gardening fun for me. It also continued to add to the powerful experiences happening lately in both waking and dream life – a bit more on that below. So spending most of the weekend outdoors between hiking, enjoying our new outdoor furniture we just set up, getting my hands in the soil planting, being barefoot, and even spending hours in my bathing suit, really was balancing.

deck furniture.jpg

We want to keep our yard low maintenance, so we plan to just have it cleaned up, getting our sprinkler system up and running again, and basically that’s it at this time. We do still want to create a labyrinth, but I think that will evolve in aligned time, as I don’t see it being something we just quickly throw together.


In the meantime, I get to enjoy the daffodil and iris bulbs I planted in Fall AND the tons of bulbs I discovered around the perimeter of the backyard this weekend that seem to also be daffodils.


Apparently the previous owner planted these, so I’ll have lots of blooms (to add to my first you see here) without the work each year and soon all of the trees and bushes will also be blooming and producing berries, so between all of that and the forest, I feel fulfilled.

forest view.jpg

The only time I want to devote to anything will be with my Garden Tower, but even it is an experiment, as the weather and seasons are far different from California where my other tower was a success and seeds were easy. So it will be a daily intuitive process, as even still we have frost nights and can get surprise weather. I’ve taken the steps for that already (which I utilized last night), and for the critters galore we have, but I’m just going to feel it out, learn on my own, enjoy the journey, and see what magick might happen. I’ll do my best, but don’t have intention to force anything, nor try things more than once. So we’ll see how it all goes. For now, it’s fun and easy and either way, is incredibly rewarding – especially to nurture goodness I’ll get to share with Astrid for her first home-grown experience.

potted plants.jpg

I decided to put my seedling plants in pots for now until they’re stronger and bigger, but wanted to get going in case they don’t get big enough. If they continue strong I’ll either get larger pots or transplant them in the tower if room becomes available. I have veggies and herbs growing on the tower and then in pots I have strawberries, two variety of mint, and basil (I’ll share them another time as I forgot to snap photos). Other than that, my plants are all low maintenance indoor ones (all thriving too!) with a couple versatile indoor/outdoor plants. Just enough to keep this faery happy.

And that takes me back to the powerful experiences lately including some synchronous events that have happened since receiving and wearing a new necklace from a very magickal and eco-friendly artisan in Colorado. It’s a potent turquoise, Tibetan bead, and ethically sourced python vertebrae bone (from natural cycle of life) necklace.

After receiving it I found a smaller vertebrae bone in the forest on one of our hikes.


And yesterday, I felt it was perfect to wear for Earth Day, and this day I found a shell in the forest on our hike, which was odd, and later I saw a white owl flying with my mom while my parents were visiting, just ahead of our back deck that landed in a tree a little less than a quarter of a mile ahead.


I felt compelled to go see if I could find it and set course on my own for the tree I saw it land in. As I approached, the energy shifted greatly and felt very other-dimensional. I did not find the owl that now seemed to disappear, but I did find a strange and much larger bone that was older and porous, right near where the owl should have been.


It might be another vertebrae, although it would be from a very large animal. I’m not sure, but this along with strange events lately, all point to a shift and cosmic activity.

Owls are usually connected with extraterrestrial energy, sightings, experiences, etc. and white owls especially. Actually, come to think of it….these sightings, findings, and experiences all point to dreams I’ve shared as blog posts before that included one on White Owl, White Conch, and perhaps even the White Jaguar one plus encounters and death energy experiences on our RV adventure. Recent discussions have even pointed to everything I experienced two+ years ago where things were headed on a different trajectory at the time that would have placed me elsewhere.


Anyway, this more recent stuff, added to the night stuff I’ve been experiencing, all points to heightened activity again and a splitting of veils to alternate realities.

Dreams have been prophetic and high in telepathic/psychic energy, as well as providing access to parallel realities and inter-dimensional activity happening all around me where what is thought to be reality is merging with all the usually unseen ones that are becoming easily accessible now. I wake from feeling awake and experiencing a lot of activity in our home and around us that is wild. Both realities feeling as real as the other and not able to discern sometimes.

This happens on my hikes at times too, where my mind is going to very expansive and transcendent thoughts that suddenly feel like a rip in the matrix and where I’m suspended and almost floating because I crack the code.

Many of you are likely experiencing these time-line merges and openings, alongside your own version of awakenings and significant insights that point to a pivotal transformation underway. Even my tailbone speaks to some energy activation underway.

faery creek.jpg

In any case, Earth Day was immersive in more than one way and a new week points to new directions unfolding.


Growing Your Own Food Is A Powerful Metaphor For Your Life ~ Maxing Out My Garden Tower & Birthing The New

garden tower2

One angle view of my Garden Tower – it swivels fully around to ensure all plants receive equal sunlight time. This is after having already heavily harvested things.

I think I’ve likely won the prize for maxing out a Garden Tower, but who knows? Perhaps others have gone a bit plant crazy with all the excitement of growing some of Nature’s goodness.

If I counted correctly, my Garden Tower now is home to 96 plants! LOL!

While that may not be the “right” gardening protocol, it sure is working for me and I keep learning as I go along simply by experimenting, following my intuition, and through actual hands-on experience…valuable ways to really learn and grow.

If everything we do is a mirror of us, I guess the abundant maxing out of my Garden Tower reveals to you what has been birthing inside of me ready to blossom – A LOT!

garden tower

Another view of the Garden Tower

My plants are thriving and happy and somehow, without any gardening know-how and knowledge, I’ve been cultivating quite the little mini garden of a variety of fresh goodness. They go through their challenges, but then I adjust things and they shift in return.

habanero peppers

Habanero Peppers are going crazy

tomatoes and peppers

Top of the Garden Tower loaded with goodies

Some of the newer additions include Blue Lake Pole Beans, Japanese Cucumber, Red and Green Bell Peppers, Habanero Peppers to add to my three other spicy varieties, and Pablo Lettuce, Celebrity and Roma Tomatoes to add to my varieties of each of those.

pablo lettuce

Pablo Lettuce – these were super yum and I’ve gotten 2 harvests from them in the last couple of days with more on the way

I constantly have a little or large harvest of veggies, which is always so fulfilling to enjoy and know that I’ve cared for, honored, and shown gratitude to each of them for their blessings.

lettuce and peppers

One of my harvests of Pablo Lettuce, Serrano Peppers, Cayenne Long Slim Hot Peppers, and a Jalapeno

I know many of you have been interested to watch my journey with my Garden Tower, before jumping in yourself. So if you’re waiting I say jump!

You won’t regret it and it will add to your quality of life on many levels, not just providing you organic, non-gmo nutrients for your body, but also overall well-being as you spend time with Nature and develop a deeper relationship to yourself and Earth through the experience.

Once again, if I can do it, anyone can, as it REALLY IS easy and you can have one anywhere there’s sunlight hitting a corner of your balcony, patio, or yard.

garden tower3

Another view of the Garden Tower

I don’t have a lot of extra time in my life with the creative projects and life transitions I’m making, so I opted for something easy, but that actually created more balance and time, giving me an extra excuse to get down and dirty with my hands, feet, and sometimes legs and butt in the dirt (I’m usually wearing a short sundress) when I’m in planting mode and have all the soil on the ground under and around me. I get really messy before I clean up. ๐Ÿ™‚

And every time I go outside to work with, or check on, my plants, it never fails that my White Butterfly friend is there to greet me. The first time it was a full on dance and like an invocation of mystical energy between us that lasted a long time. And ever time thereafter has been shorter little acknowledgements just letting me know she is there, watching over me and the plants, and is happy about what I am doing. She will stop on a plant for a length of time so that we can get a good look at each other and then she flutters around me and disappears.

There are many other insects that like to come and greet me too and I get to see my worms now and then in the Garden Tower – all happy and well-nourished, as they take care to support my plants.

I hope you enjoy these little updates and that they might inspire you on some level to try your hand at growing your own food. Even if that means a few potted plants, a Garden Tower, a full on garden or greenhouse, or you decide to dig deeply into permaculture and more.

You can even try planting a few seeds somewhere and watch as they grow and blossom from your care.

I know I’ve enjoyed that both in my Garden Tower and out front. I have Moonflowers and Malabar Spinach starting to flourish, and of course my amazing Heirloom Mammoth Greystripe Sunflowers that have blossomed right in time to see me off.


My two Sunflowers in bloom

My second 41-inch Sunflower blossomed today, right on cue as I knew she would. She still has a few little demure petals shyly still unfolding, but I now have two beautiful blossoms welcoming the sun and anyone that passes by with their warmth and cheer.


My second tallest Sunflower revealing herself

As you plant your seeds, realize that they mirror the intentional seeds you plant in your own life and how you nurture, cultivate, and care for them will determine what blossoms into manifestation.

Gardening is a good metaphor for life and the cultivation of your dreams. As have I found the same to be true of the caring for my animal companions and the cultivation of our relationship.


My first Sunflower keeps getting more beautiful by the day…in full glory here

Your connection with Nature in all her glorious forms will enrich, enhance, and deepen the relationship you have with yourself and what you share with the world.

It’s All About the Peppers! ~ Spicy Anyone?

Every morning I go out to check on how my babies are doing in the Garden Tower.

I’ll be harvesting some more variety of Lettuce, Kale, Chard, Arugula, Parsley, Italian Oregano, Rosemary, Chives, Basil, a few Golden Cherry Tomatoes, Peppermint, Chocolate Mint…AND a variety of peppers later today!

serranoI’ve gone a bit pepper crazy, as I recently added five Bell Pepper plants to my Heirloom Jalapeno Peppers, Cayenne Long Slim Hot Peppers, and Serrano Peppers.

I love SPICY! And the Faeries must have heard me on that, as I wondered if these peppers would actually BE spicy, or spicy enough, as I’ve tasted a lot of so-called spicy peppers and freshly cut raw ones that were, well, eh!

But not MY Jalapeno Peppers…OH BOY! They ARE S-P-I-C-Y!

jalapenoYay! Thank you Faery friends for aiding with your magick.

I harvested a few a couple of weeks ago and have another awaiting. Along with my Cayenne Long Slim Hot Peppers, which I’ve been waiting to turn red, and my Serrano Peppers, I’m anticipating some spicy stuff there too. I guess I’ll find out later today.

cayenneI’ll have to figure out some kind of “hot” dish (Mexican or Spicy Thai? hmmmm) with these or garnish to a salad from all the rest of the yums coming in today.

Fellow spicy lovers, I know you share in the excitement about this.

For those of you preferring mild, this likely will push your limits.

White Butterfly, Garden Delights & Magick Ovens

white butterflyYesterday I took my lunch break out back on the deck before doing a little pruning and watering of my Garden Tower, which is almost about ready for some more harvesting.

cucumbers and tomatoesI had just enjoyed a plate of Heirloom Sun Gold Cherry Tomatoes, Heirloom Golden Tomatoes, and Heirloom White Wonder Cucumbers from the Garden Tower the night before, which was incredible. I sliced them up and created little bite-sized morsels with others, drizzled with shitake sesame dressing and ground black pepper. Everything is just so beautiful and fresh.

kale saladAs I sat outside for lunch enjoying my delicious garlic tahini kale salad with avocado and ground black pepper, along with carrots and hummus, I listened to the birds and watched the little insects flying around.kale

That’s when White Butterfly appeared.

She stayed with me all lunch and after, as I was tending to my Garden Tower. As I sat eating, I watched her go to each of the plants on my GT, spreading her grace. Fluttering like a whisper and coming to softly land only for moments on each of the plants. It was like she was sprinkling her magick upon all of them, just as I’ve asked the Faeries to do.

white butterfly gardenShe would also briefly go over to the plants I have sitting next to the GT, my Lavender, Peppermint, and Chocolate Mint, as well as the Star Jasmine. And when I ventured over to her, she would dance around me and air-kiss me with her whispers of lightness…coming into the aura of my cupped hand, but the two of us remaining free to explore one another in continual dance.

I watched her float like a feather, and drop into these free-falls of trusting partnership with the breeze delicately supporting her ease of grace.

It was so beautiful. She was so beautiful.

Not only did it feel like she was there nurturing my plants, but she was there to connect with me and reflect this new place I find myself in.

Butterflies symbolize ecstasy, playfulness, and lightness of being – some of my message reiterations from my weekend with the horses at Epona Rise.

They are about powerful expansion and growth, the kind that comes from a very deep transformational process that is more internal and has the potential of completely changing your life as you know it. The changes can be done with grace and lightness, however, which she reminds us.

Butterflies in Native American Indian traditions are also considered the “bringers of dreams” – helping to manifest those that you have and providing clarity in dream time.

They are also about freedom transcendence, the Divine Feminine, magick of believing, helping you to release fears, the experience of transformation by going very deeply into your cocoon, moving through life cycles, grace, beauty, and even Reiki healing.

Not to mention, they remind us to tune into our emotional or spiritual depths to see what is messaging us there.

They are from the world of the soul, symbolize immortality, and herald a time of renewal and rebirthing.

White butterflies especially so.

White butterflies have been seen as good luck, angels in disguise, past spirits and souls visiting us, ancestors, purity and a pure soul, a guardian spirit to usher you along your new path, to some it is the soul of a child, and to others the sign of death – both literal and symbolic.

It’s interesting that white keeps showing up for me so much, as I’ve had the very powerful and important dreams with White Jaguar and White Conch, and then of course White Unicorn energy around this last weekend and connecting with Tareena the Unicorn in embodiment at Epona Rise, followed by my sighting of White Peacock on my way to the airport and then White Feather showing up on Tuesday at the beach.

Butterflies live a miraculous life from beginning to end and their lifespan is very short – typically a few weeks to months at most – which messages us about the importance of this now moment and embracing all the sweetness and beauty life can offer.

I was grateful for this private lunchtime interlude with her, as I’m experiencing an increase in the magickal – if you can believe that. It stems from a deeper drop and embrace into that part of myself. Since I’ve returned from British Columbia, things have been manifesting and unfolding quickly.

Yesterday, while I was out in the garden I also received the delievery of my new Sun Oven! I’m so excited and grateful to Laura for the inspiration. She’s been hugely a part of inspiring my version of easy gardening by Faery heart and intuition, and inspiring all of these off-grid cooking methods that feel so aligned with me and my lifestyle.

I fell in love with her Sun Oven while I was visiting and felt it would be perfect for my adventures ahead, and not to mention makes food taste amazing, while receiving the Sun’s pure energy infused into it. While I own a dehydrator, I’m guessing this Sun Oven will outshine that quite quickly. As even the names – dehydrator vs. Sun Oven – just has more resonance right now. Anything natural and naturally energy infused just simply matches the purity and freshness I am feeling.

Funny synchronicity too, as Hillary and I both shared this last weekend how much we’ve always been drawn to the Moon, which we still are of course, but that having done so much work with her, we have shifted into Sun energy more recently. This has also been evident in the Crystals I’ve been drawn to and the energies/Chakras I’ve been working with. I actually was drawn to wear Sun gold yellow nailpolish for our retreat weekend with gold sparkles. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Needless to say,ย between my wonder oven (aka wonderbox/bag that the lovely Laura made and gifted me for Christmas and I’ve made yummy, easy quinoa in so far, as well as kept soups warm), Garden Tower (I actually have two, but the other I’m saving), and Sun Oven, I’m feeling the Sun-shiny goodness! Everything ready for off-grid cooking now and on the adventures to come! I’ll share more about how things go with my Sun Oven, as I explore it.

For more information on the Sun Oven and Wonder Oven please visit Laura’s great post on these here:

Preliminary Review of Off-Grid Cooking Methods

So much increased alignment into my essence is taking place and I’m so grateful for all of the beautiful gifts, messages, synchronicities, and inspiration dancing through.

Homegrown Yum for Me and the Buns

yesterday's harvest

Yesterday’s heaping harvest bowl

It’s been so much fun and so rewarding to be able to grow and eat our own food. While I may not have some huge garden, I do have one that is perfect for my level of time and commitment, as well as our needs.

Thank you Laura for your inspiration. I so honor the commitment you have to creating your piece of Heaven on Earth with your amazing garden.

For us, between the low maintenance fruit trees and bushes, herbs, flowers, lush greenery, and now my Garden Tower, the garden supplies us with a perfect little supply of goodness that the whole family can enjoy. And I only take as much as I need daily and there seems to be exactly that amount ready so far, as in 2 strawberries at a time that are ripe – one each for the bunnies and at start a couple more for us.


This morning’s strawberries for Joy and Cosmo

This will of course increase over time, but it’s perfect for our needs, while also providing a channel for Nature nurturing and reverence time that tends to both Mother Earth and ourselves through that loving engagement.


Cosmo enjoying his fresh veggies – parsley and carrot tops from the garden with some cilantro (mine is still sprouting) and dandelion greens from Mother’s Market. Soon I’ll have more for them, as I’m going to plant some extras.

One of my specific intents for the Garden Tower, which I told the bunnies when I first got it, was to grow fresh veggies for them – all their favorites like parsley, cilantro, carrot greens, strawberries…. And I’m doing just that!


Joy munching away on her garden parsley

Just yesterday, the Garden Tower yielded a big bunch of parsley and carrot tops for them.

I haven’t had the Garden Tower for very long and within about 2 months, and in some cases less, I’ve already been harvesting a bunch of good stuff.

lettuce and rosemary

Fresh mix of lettuces including Petite Rouge along with fresh Rosemary for our salads

I’ve been enjoying the afternoon breaks saying hi to my plants, watering, pruning, planting new seeds…

I love the smell of the fresh plants, especially the tomato plants that remind me of our garden when I was a little girl. We used to have tons of giant tomato plants, eggplants, you name it! And I remember my grandparents from France coming to visit for the Summers and working our front and backyard, as well as the garden and then mom and meme (my grandmother) cooking up my favorite eggplant dish. Mmmmmmm! I do remember the frightful giant tomato worms though. They were a bit scary ๐Ÿ™‚


My first Heirloom Anaheim Pepper, which will find its way into tonight’s dinner – there are a bunch more getting ready soon

Luckily all is well with the Garden Tower and although I have the occasional raccoon or opossum critter coming to share some of the strawberries, and a family of birds that like to sit on the very tall branches of the Mesculun Mix Lettuce and bend them, it’s a harmonious circle of life. Even the bees and butterflies are around, as well as the worms, caterpillars, and spiders.

homegrown veggies

Another harvest of lettuce including Mesculun mix, more chives (I got some for my cheezy quinoa kale burger patties on Summer Solstice too), basil, sweet little Paris Market Carrots (I love these bite size morsels perfect for salads or casserole or curry additions, plus the stem greens are then food for the bunnies), and a big bunch of parsley that went to rabbit tummies.

And I’m excited about the surprises growing out front. I went a little seed crazy after my first round didn’t take so well, throwing a bunch of seeds around. Then suddenly late bloomers came out from the first round and now a bunch of new sprouts are popping out. I have at least 15 flowering plants beginning to grow in the front by the garage, which includes Sunflowers, Moonflowers, Red Malabar Spinach, and a variety of perhaps Orange California Poppies, and garden and butterfly flower mixes. Super fun!


My first little Heirloom Sun Gold Tomatoes – cherry sized! So sweet and love their little 5-pointed star tops. A bunch of tomatoes are still to come, as they’re all getting close!

I’m going to pick up a few more things or the Garden Tower this week, as I want to replace some things and add.

Again, it’s not hard to do this, as I know absolutely nothing about it and it doesn’t take a lot of time either. Although I promise you that the time you do spend will be rewarding and you will look forward to every day and loving your plants into blossom.

heart plum

A perfect heart-shaped plum from our tree. Love being mirrored from Nature. โค

There is a Faery gardener, farmer, Earth lover, and life nurturer in all of us. You can choose what supports your needs best, but don’t neglect your time deepening your relationship with Mother Nature.

The Plants, Trees, Earth, Water, Air, Sun, Moon, Animals, Minerals, Stones, Crystals….all reflect the Nature of You. I can’t tell you how your time spent with any or all of these will enhance your life and bring us collectively back to natural harmony.


My perfect little Gardenia that has front row honor on my desk right next to me and my Crystal friends. Oh the fragrance!! Totally intoxicating. Totally something to be grateful for.

When ever I need an unplug and recharge, I know what supports that the most. Nature time. One of my favorites being snuggling and playing with the bunnies, but also just sitting on the deck listening to the birds and smelling the flowers, or having a check-in with the new growth each day that mirrors my own.

Garden Tower Update ~ Joyous Abundance Flourishes!


Sun Gold Heirloom Tomatoes

I thought I’d share some photo updates of what’s happening with the Garden Tower and in the garden in general. Since I know nothing about gardening, this is my way of sharing how possible IT IS for ANYONE to grow their own food and create their own sacred garden sanctuary in whatever small space you may have to work with. Even if that means simply a small window area or balcony.

garden sanctuary

Our garden sanctuary at sunset

I love waking up each morning to go see what magick has taken place with my plant friends. Everyday is a new surprise, including finding that I’m not the only one who cherishes the strawberries when they are ripe for the picking, as it appears either our raccoon or opossum friend also eagerly awaits just when the strawberries are ready to share in the bounty. That’s okay, as we’ve created the garden to share with not only us and the bunny loves, but to welcome in more of our critter friends and create a space we offer in harmony to all – including, of course, the Faeries.


My beautiful gardenias flourishing in the violet rays – my favorite fragrant flower! Sunflowers are my favorite flower


Garden Tower

I hope you enjoy these photo updates that reveal the abundance that is flourishing here. I took them right after a good watering, so everything is fresh in moist nurturing, with some lovely light playing magickally here and there with these gifts of nature. So grateful!



Garden Tower from the other side

cilantro sprouts

Cilantro sprouting


Grace of the Gardenias


Gardenia beauty


Lovely Gardenias


The Gardenia bush starting to bloom and with bunches of buds about to awaken


Not knowing plants that much, I’d been wondering what happened to my Gardenia plant. lol…then they just started blooming in the last few days. I’m about to have a plant full of my favorite fragrant flower here shortly. They are not only beautiful in their purity, but their smell is the perfect alchemy for me.


The beautiful Foxglove and Star Jasmine in the backyard garden


My two very healthy, getting tall (about 6-7 inches now) Heirloom Mammoth Greystripe Sunflowers – these I started out in my Garden Tower originally. There were three. I had to transplant them out front because they will grow too big for the Tower. In the process I lost one, but these two are doing great and are next to my two Moonflowers growing. Love the Sun and Moon energy together!

moonflower and malabar

My two Red Malabar Spinach and one of my Moonflowers together


This is my second Moonflower that it already is glowing


And this is one of my Moonflowers sprouting!


I needed to plant some new things in the front yard, so Laura also gave me some seeds that would be good for the very sunlit area that were edible, as well as matched my magickal needs – this is one of my two Red Malabar Spinach sprouting. I also just planted some Orange California Poppies, a Bring Home the Butterflies Mix of blooms, a Grandmother’s Cut Flowers Garden Mix of Blooms, and more Sunflowers out front. We’ll see how those seeds take soon.

georgia collards sprouts

Georgia Collards sprouting


Tons of cucumbers! I have both Burpless Garden Sweet and White Wonder Heirloom Cucumbers

blue scotch kale sprouts

Blue Scotch Kale sprouting

arugula sprouts

Laura gave me some seeds when I visited her that I had wanted to plant. 4 of the 5 of them have sprouted, which includes these sweet little ones – Arugula!


Arcadia Broccoli


Tiny baby tomatoes flourishing!


Tomatoes everywhere!


Long Slim Cayenne


More Strawberries!! The bunnies will be pleased ๐Ÿ™‚


Mmmmm Strawberry babies growing everywhere!


Lots of Strawberries! I have both Loran Strawberries and Strawberry Alpine White Soul


Weeeeeeeeeeeee cucumbers!


Cucumber fun continues!


Heirloom Anaheim Peppers & Heirloom Tomatoes (either Old German or Cherokee Purple)


More Cucumbers


Heirloom Anaheim Peppers

Garden Tower Update

garden towerI had a little hiccup when I arrived back home from my visit with Laura, which I then made the decision to cancel this week’s trip and stay home to care for.

My two bunny loves were in need of me and since they are my priority, it was an easy choice to make. I’ll share a separate update on the babies later, but needless to say, being home with them was so valuable in many ways including integration of last week’s powerful energy to prepare me for Sedona’s vortex energy explosion next week. It also drove home decisions I had come to last week, which I’ll also share in an upcoming update too.

So, I have remained off work this week since my time has been very full with the children and I’ve been wanting to give them my full, quality attention, but yesterday I had the opportunity to spend two and a half hours gardening, after appointments with them, which was really nurturing, balancing and grounding for mom after everything.

While visiting Laura we got to share some fun gardening time together and we even got to do a little seed sharing. There were a few things I had wanted to plant still in my Garden Tower that I hadn’t found at the store, and there were some special needs our front yard had that Laura so graciously advised on. In the end, I came home with seven new types of seeds – added to one she already had sent me a while back makes eight. Five for the Garden Tower and three for out front.

garden tower 2So yesterday, after my refreshing lunch break outdoors in the peace of our lovely garden sanctuary, I spent my gardening time cleaning up my Garden Tower, removing any plants that didn’t make it and tidying up the ones that did.

lunchAs I enjoyed my yummy lunch, I thought about the joy of soon being able to have my salad fresh from the garden. In the meantime I was just grateful to be enjoying a simple, healthy pleasure – best experienced outdoors. It was an organic kale salad with tomatoes, avocado, spicy wakame ginger kimchi, sweet and spicy chili lime hemp tofu, with ground pepper and shitake sesame dressing with a side of rainbow baby carrots, hummus and gingerberry kombucha. All shared with my flourishing Peppermint plant and two curious kitty babies that were watching mom from their outdoor cat playhouse behind me. ๐Ÿ™‚peppermint

We had a lot of rain for several days on and off, which I think combined with having just been planted and watered by me may have been a bit too much for a few of them. Out of the over 60 goodies I planted, I only lost 4, which I’d say is pretty darn good for someone who doesn’t know anything about gardening and just does things by intuition – gardening by heart I call it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Laura had also advised that the type of Sunflowers I had planted ย from seed (now lovely, thriving sprouts) would probably not be best for the Tower when they got full grown and said I should transplant them. So between the four I lost and the Sunflowers I was removing to replant, I had five slots for new goodies.

And wouldn’t you know it, so synchronously, the amount of types of seeds Laura gave me that could be planted in the Garden Tower were……five!

These include Blue Scotch Kale, Georgia Collards, Arugula, Cilantro, and Elves Blend Sunflower Mix, which is a much shorter plant more suitable for the Tower than my large Heirloom Mammoth Greystripe Snack Seed Sunflowers.

caterpillarWhile I removed the plants that didn’t make it, and cleaned up, I found so many beautiful surprises, including my sweet red wiggler worm friends, a lovely little green caterpillar, and caterpillar2one that had cocooned! Yay! That means a butterfly is in the making and this so feels beautifully symbolic of the phase of things in my life right now.coccoon

But what I also discovered while caring for my plant friend beauties was that I had fruits and veggies blossoming!ย My Heirloom Tomatoes and Peppers are all emerging with lovelies and my Strawberry Alpine White Soul and Loran Strawberries are too! So, so exciting!!tomatoestomatoes2tomatoes3peppers and tomatoespeppers

strawberriesstrawberryAll the rest of the plants look really good too. Some are super flourishing, like my Arcadia Broccoli and Diablo Brussels Sprouts for instance, and others are still adjusting.

broccolibrussel sprouts

Potentially I might lose a few more, but I have plenty of seeds to keep reseeding.

All-in-all, however, I think I’m not doing too shabby for a first timer!

After I completed tidying up my Garden Tower, seeding the new goodies, and watering, I then took my three Sunflower sprouts to the front yard where they should be really happy, as long as they take after the replanting.sunflowers

The front gets tons of sunlight and they should be happy with the Lavender, Milkweed, and other friends, including our Solar-powered Cattails that look so lovely glowing in the evening and cattails

I then planted two of the three seeds I had left from Laura out front too, which include Yellow Calendula and Red Malabar Spinach. I planted eight Calendula – 4 in the front of the garage and 4 in the front of the house under the window – and 2 Red Malabar Spinach in the front of garage. The Red Malabar Spinach has red stems, green leaves and pink flowers and is edible. It also is a vine, so potentially it will grow up the trellised slats of the garage. We’ll see!

I then gave everyone lots of water and called it a day.

I have just one more type of seed to plant today – Moonflower! I had to soak them overnight to help germinate first, but will be planting the three seeds I have out front as well. They are nocturnal bloomers that create a huge beautiful white flower that glows all night in the Moonlight – hence the Moonflower name.

I just love some of the names of the plants I have – Elves Blend Sunflower, Cosmic Purple Carrots, Moonflower….lots of magickal fun!

Will keep you posted as things continue to unfold in the Faery garden here.

If I can do it, anyone can!

Garden Tower Power! ~ An Explosion of Organic Goodness Begins

garden6A quick little Garden Tower Project update:

It’s been fun to pick out what goodies I’d be planting this first go-around…and there will be a learning curve to experience along the way indeed, as I’m definitely no expert gardener. I simply plant by intuition and heart, sprinkle a little magick and water, and ask/hope for the Faeries’ assistance. ๐Ÿ˜‰

But I WILL say it’s been a really playful and enjoyable journey so far, which I feel is the important part of anything we set out to do – make it fun and light!garden3

I’ve been learning a few things along the way and Laura has given me a few helpful hints based on her own learning experience with her Garden Tower and gardening in general.

Plus, I’ve had the supportive energy of the little ones here, especially Cosmo whom I’ve had join me out on the deck during planting, nestled on a towel next to me to watch.

The bunnies are excited for what mom’s growing for them indeed. ๐Ÿ™‚gt8

Between the plants we already have here at the house and now the Garden Tower, we’ve got a lot of home-grown organic goodness to enjoy.gt5

Alongside the already peach, persimmon, loquat, tangerine, apple, and lemon trees, blackberries, lavender, sage, lamb’s ears, and recently added peppermint, I now have planted these awesome organic/non-gmo delights in my Garden Tower:

Long Slim Cayenne, Cosmic Purple Carrot, Trailing Rosemary, Chives, Paris Market Carrot, Strawberry Alpine White Soul, White Wonder Heirloom Cucumber, Old German Heirloom Tomato, Loran Strawberry, Heirloom Anaheim Pepper, Basil, Heirloom Sun Gold Tomato, Heirloom Cherokee Purple Tomato, Mesculun Mix Lettuce, Petite Rouge Lettuce, Romaine, Burpless Garden Sweet Cucumber, Curly Parsley, Arcadia Broccoli, Diablo Brussels Sprouts, Pink Gerbera Daisy, Yellow Snapdragon, Yellow/Red/Orange Marigold, and Heirloom Mammoth Greystripe Snack Seed Sunflower.gt3

I’m sure I may have already made some errors, but that’s part of the fun and growth!

gt2Besides giving them all a lot of love, Reiki energy, and nurturing, I’ve added a raw Quartz we found on a trip, that sits at the top center, where the composting goes, to help infuse some energetic support to all the Plant Spirits, and as an offering for the Faeries to assist with their cultivation too.gt4

I’ve been getting the compost going and added my red wiggler worms, which are the essential helpers to the whole Garden Tower system.ย gt7

It was a lot of fun lovingly planting the over 60 goodies. My hands were deep in rich soil and my nails were filled with Earthy goodness. The fresh smell is invigorating and caring for my new babies is another commitment I’m devoted to.

Looking forward to seeing how things continue to progress and what I’ll learn and discover along the way, but just look at how everyone’s flourishing!gt

And I’m happy to report that after a big downpour of rain all last night and continuing this morning, my Garden Tower is still looking beautiful and the plants are holding strong! Yay! And thank you Crystal and Faery friends!

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