TLC, Resting With Angels On Cloud 9, & Rising Anew To An Even Lesser Traveled Road – I Love Alaska


View from Homer Spit

It is with bitter sweetness that I return home…missing Alaska even before I left her. I am grateful for the expansive, freeing, and peaceful energy that I have received from her. Alaska, for me, is one of those places that really resonate at heart and although I had twelve beautiful and very full days there, I’ve but barely scratched the surface of her abundant mystique and ever-giving, natural abundance.

The journey was exactly the adventure I had hoped for and was perfect in every way. Energetically, I just felt really at home and at peace there, but also excited and in wonder from moment to moment. I could never get bored of Mother Earth’s splendor and especially not in such a place as Alaska where there is an abundant overflow of amazingness.


Heavenly vista outside Seward

Alaska is one of the places that truly reminds me of the soul love I have for Terra (Earth) and why I return here often and am invested in protecting her and helping humanity return to natural harmony with her. The land and waters in Alaska are the epitome reflections of her exquisiteness. Thank you to the Spirits of the land, for the reflections of life through your natural cycles, and for the invaluable treasures you gift us.

I heard a couple of Alaskan locals comment once, “oh it’s just another Moose” and I thought to myself, “there has never been and there would never be a day I wouldn’t be in joy and excitement to see the wildlife that shows up when you least expect it, nor a day I wouldn’t marvel to see the ever-changing vistas that turn with each season, shift with each ray of light, and unwrap with every parting of mist and floating clouds.


Vista from Harding Icefield Trail

Before I had even arrived to Alaska I was taken in by the sweetness, caring, and helpfulness of the people that live there. Everyone I’d spoken to before going there had been so supportive and kind, going out of their way to help, even when there was nothing personally in it for them, just because being genuinely helpful WAS everything to them. And when I met the people in person, it was exactly the same experience, as over the phone. That was really the first thing I noted about Alaska, was the people, and the rest was icing on the cake.

I feel I got the best introduction to Alaska I could have asked for, moving around to four main areas, and seeing the countryside all in between along the way. In the past I had always wanted to do an Alaskan cruise (finding myself drawn there), but I’m glad that my first experience ended up being land-based, as much as I love being on the ocean. There was so much more to see this way and truly experience in an up close, intimate way with the land and the wildlife, not to mention the people and the culture.

Every day was packed with something for all of my senses and with the long days of light until 10:30 – 11:30 pm, depending upon where we were. This also kept me up longer, not because I couldn’t sleep, but the day was longer for doing things and naturally extended the experience.

tania in forest

Faery in the forest – Luthman Trail, Talkeetna

Energetically, Alaska just really felt good and aligned and I can tell when that is so because magickal things happen and light up when your vibrational frequency is aligning with the frequency of where you are – being in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing…and just being in your clarity of vibration.

The main areas explored were Anchorage, Talkeetna, Seward, and Homer – each with their own charm and uniqueness. We’d also set up quite a bit of adventures to really dive into the experience.


Rowing out on the lake in Talkeetna

I posted a couple of days ago how I really utilized this time away to inwardly explore what’s next – my dreams, what and where I want to go next, and tuning in to the heart of me – while I was outwardly exploring.  There’s no better place than the raw nature of the great outdoors to do so in, stripping away layers of all outside influences, being in rhythm with Terra (the Earth) and her cycles, and having nothing to do, think about, or worry about except relaxing into yourself and into Terra’s arms that desire only to nurture you into your wholeness.

When left with yourself, the only voice to hear is your own and it’s easier to distinguish the subtle truth of your inner wisdom apart from the ingenious logic your fears fabricate, as well as is easier to decipher distortions within the vibrations of other voices you may have been carrying as baggage. So I was able to look at more of that for myself and gain clarity on those voices, which then will assist choices I will make, once I explore the possibilities more fully upon integrative return.

tania boat

On Resurrection Bay in Seward for a Marine exploration aboard the Glacier Express

Being in Alaska daily reminded me of my most natural self and how to know and feel the difference of when I am being that natural essence, and when I am off balance and off-center. The more time you spend being natural, the more you can recognize when something triggers you and truly isn’t you, but a reaction, projection, and gauge to help you grow into that natural return once again. You can also recognize when you are doing things that really reflect you and your values, or if you are doing things as a societal response, behavioral pattern, or conditioned belief.

Coming back to life here in Orange County, California is an energetic shift, but when we are grounded in the peace of our hearts and centered in our natural frequency, we can move in and out of anywhere and still hold the same vibrational truth of our essence. That is the key.

When I am at home in Southern California, I still live in my own experience and create the reality I choose to have, along with staying on top of observing my energy and when something throws it off, so I can continue growing and expanding. But, for me, this journey took me deeper into my essence and the inner explorations I currently asked for for the next leg of my journey I’ll be leaping into. It also helped to deepen my truth to another level. And I have seen a lot of things shifting with things and plans already, that are readjusting with the new energy infusing. And I always follow the energy, rather than stick to plans.

That said, while it’s wonderful to find peace when you journey somewhere or take a vacation, the true gift is in carrying that with you always, knowing that no matter where you are, you are at home, you are at center. The experiences teach you the differences so that you can recognize when you are off, when you are not yourself, and not being authentic to your heart and soul. And then they teach you how you can always return there by choice, with presence, patience, and conscious awareness.

last view homer

Last view of Homer leaving back to Anchorage

While being in, or living in, a place that feels energetically aligned with you is a choice and can be very supportive to your growth, you can also be of your highest vibration where ever you are and you serve a purpose not just to your own evolution, but to the collective, by being exactly where you are right now. It’s all about the highest good and greatest responsibility, which when you ARE living in your truth will be clear are one and the same.

So, it’s not an excuse to say you can’t raise your vibration and live from your natural frequency because you live in an environment or place that isn’t conducive to supporting that. It just means that you are a capable soul that is surrounded by the best teachers and teaching experiences that you knew upon birthing into this life would provide optimal growth for you in this way, and to all those you touch. You just haven’t perhaps recognized this perspective yet, and when you do, your life aligns with you.

harding ice trail (3)

Harding Icefield Trail Panorama

This journey was a blessing all around and while I was doing my own personal work, you can bet I was also engaged in collective work for the Earth. I sent out a lot of love, harmony, and gratitude from this immense state that to me feels like a bridge between worlds itself, given it lies between Russia and Canada, is part of the U.S., and is included in the Arctic Circle Region at the North Pole. Definitely felt like a portal area to access a purity and clarity of energy to move in and out of experiences.

I do know that while there I was dreaming in what seemed like a fast-track of dreams. I dream a lot as it is, but it seemed like everything was on fast forward in dreamtime, trying to get through as many dreams/experiences as possible, as fast as possible. The dreams seemed to string from one to another and were just continuous threads trying to get everything in. A lot of people I know, or knew, were showing up and it was almost like not just a life review, but as if I was tuning in to everyone and everything from here and doing a lot of fast-paced work. It made it harder to remember the dreams because there were SO many, but I remember the feeling that it was like living lifetimes of experiences as I slept.


Angel’s Rest on Resurrection Bay – Cloud 9 Cottage

And I love how the places we stayed at told a story just in their names and the energy each would support, which you’ll see as I share in the daily journaling – starting at 11th Avenue, just briefly for a little masterful energy anchoring, then infusing some “TLC”, moving to “Angel’s Rest at Resurrection Bay” in “Cloud 9”, and ending at the “Road Less Traveled.” 😉 I am so grateful always for the divine guidance when I am journeying, as I am always led to aligned places and experiences.

Anyway, I can’t say enough about the beauty and magnificence of the land in Alaska, and how life-enriching it is to experience this “Heaven on Earth” that reminded me of times long ago – untouched land and the ability to stumble upon so many beings in animals suits around every corner. Again, like a bridge between worlds, life, and parts of self reflected.

heaven on earth4

Heaven on Earth – breath-taking and soul-reflective view across Resurrection Bay from our Seward cottage

I could write so much about how this journey made me feel and the beauty I had the opportunity to experience, but in many ways (which will seem ironically funny because I know this will be a very long post) I am at a loss for words to fully be able to capture the essence and feelings. LOL!

This was a very special trip for me and so I was drawn to journal down what I did each day and some of my quick thoughts, to keep record of my time. I felt like sharing the mini journaling of my days spent there would be a way for not only me to reflect and record what I had the chance to experience, but also a way for whom ever stumbles upon this and takes the time to read it, to personally explore what ever enrichment might channel through to you from the images or words shared, see how nature and sacred journeys can support your soul, and also to help anyone with ideas if you ever decide to visit Alaska yourself.


Harding Icefield Trail view

So, I kept a mini log of each day’s experiences and destinations and have put them together here now. I hope you enjoy and perhaps will feel some of the shifts I felt, just in viewing the images alone. I took tons of photos and so these are only a very small percentage of the best I felt to convey the experience.

My Alaska Journey:


Denver, Colorado Panorama from hike

August 7th and 8th – Departure: A long day of travel, which had a twist. There was a connecting through Denver, CO on this trip, which ended up pushing arrival in Alaska at midnight on the 7th to midnight arrival on the 8th. Things always work out if you remain peaceful and flow. The flight got delayed 6 hours, due to weather in Denver, which means missing the night flight out to Alaska that same day. So we didn’t get to Alaska until the following night, as there is only one flight out on this airline each day. A lot is shifting energetically and collectively, and weather patterns all over seem interesting right now (Hawaii had also been anticipating 2 potential hurricanes at this time), but everything worked out, as we we were able to switch plans and reservations on everything in Alaska easy with a few phone calls. And in fact, with the changes there was no availability for us in the first Anchorage B&B, which was basically a place to rest our heads for a few hours and have breakfast. I knew things would work out and didn’t rush on looking for another place to stay immediately, just taking things in stride. But the owner, Marilyn, called us back the next day while in Denver and said there had been some last minute cancellations with guests deciding not to stay the extra day they already had booked, and so the opening manifested.

And did I mention I love Alaskans?! They’ve been incredibly sweet with all planning from the get go – and with an open day we had worked in to the journey, we just moved everything forward and ended up getting a day hiking in Colorado before. I have never spent time in Colorado other than connecting flights, so that was a treat to get that chance and later I also discovered there was a collective, energetic reason I needed to be detained in Denver, especially at that airport to assist with some collective healing energy work. I was there to sprinkle some magick Faery dust and love bombs, as a good portion of my work here is energetics on the grid, as well as being one of many cosmic ambassadors.

I may set out on personal vacation time, but in fact it always is more than personal. And so, on a mission I was and I accepted with flow.


Picnic spot in the Rockies

The gift for embracing delay, a mission, and a one night lay over in Denver with peace ended up being a beautiful hike that provided this picture-perfect picnic spot we hiked to at 11,000 elevation in the Rockies. My first time exploring this area and it was so beautiful. Thank you!

breckenridge ski resort

Up the mountain on the tram at Breckenridge Ski Resort

There was also a free tram ride up to the Breckenridge Ski Resort where a little peace and live music ended the day before heading back to the airport for a second go at Alaska. All good things come to those with patience and the ability to see the aligned gift hidden in the “seeming” disarray.

colorado rainbow

Rainbow on the way to drop rental car off in Denver before heading out the airport

And the Rainbow energy that was prevalent from Bimini and upon return home, continued on the way out of Denver. I was lucky to catch this hint of a baby Rainbow on our way into the airport to leave for our original Alaska destination. And within like two minutes, after I saw it, it disappeared. Then a rabbit showed up out of no where in the parking lot, running across the rental car facility and disappeared behind a kiosk. I felt it was a message from my beloved and departed Nestor and that given her showing up and the Rainbow, that Mission 1 was accomplished.

August 9th –  Arriving at midnight and in bed at 1:30 am at 11th Avenue Bed and Breakfast started the Alaska journey a full day later. Got a good rest in and woke to a lovely vegan breakfast up in the communal dining/family room area where we got to meet other travelers over breakfast at a long table for 10 of us while the chef was preparing food. I always love to see the vegan options when traveling and it was really nice to stay at a B&B where they offered a vegan breakfast option – not just something you had to ask about being possible to accommodate. So it was a nice welcome to Alaska and I absolutely loved the fresh squeezed blueberry/pomegranate juice and fresh salmon berry preserve that was part of the morning’s indulgences.


Duck friend on Campbell Creek Trail

After a nice stroll along the Campbell Creek Trail seeing a lot of birds and ducks, we then stocked up at Natural Pantry Fresh Market, finding awesome vegan and raw vegan shopping for our time here since we are staying at rentals and cooking our own meals. We then enjoyed a vegan lunch at Middle Way Cafe – another great find for vegan options, including some desserts (It’s vacation so a vegan cupcake was a must) before heading to our first destination.


Talkeetna Lakeside Cabin – this one’s called “Hill Top”

Then it was off on the 3 or so hour drive to Talkeetna, the first long term stay of the journey. Originally would have been 4 nights at Talkeetna Lakeside Cabins, but luckily we’d worked in an open day, so we didn’t miss out on any activities planned. And Wayne, the sweet owner, was just awesome understanding all of the delays and didn’t charge for the night we missed and had pre-booked, which was super kind.


View from the “Hill Top”

I loved this cabin right away, set back away from everything on a lake. It was really enchanted and I could feel the Faeries all around. I also loved how the initials for the cabins were “TLC” and that you could find “TLC” written everywhere including on the life vests for the row boats you have access to while staying there. This particular cabin was called “Hill Top”, as it was up on the hill, as opposed to the two that were lower.

“Tender, Loving Care” indeed is what I was receiving from this place, and from Alaska in general. Alaska knew what would nourish and nurture my soul. ❤


Dock and TLC’s rowboats for guest use


Magick is abound! Friends of Faeries greeted me

After I got everything settled in and groceries away, I walked down along the lake to the dock on my own and was greeted by friends of Faeries there – large Dragonflies with about 4 to 5 inch wing spans. Not only was one just laying on the dock, as I talked to it, but others were dancing around, another was dancing with or trying to mate with the one laying there, and many would dart at me while rowing out in the boat. So there was a lot of Dragonfly magick and symbolism kicking things off.


Dragonfly friend on the dock


Loon couple on the lake in front of the cabin


Sea plane landing on lake while watching from the row boat

And I so enjoyed listening to the hauntingly beautiful Loon calls while playing with the Dragonflies, and each day and evening there. It was also exciting to find Beaver lodges and watch a sea plane land on the lake.

It was as if there was no one else in the world, as the water was still, and there were no sounds but the calls of the wild.


Heli-hike landing on Talkeetna Mountains

August 10th – Packed a lunch and made way to the little town of Talkeetna for a stroll before the first adventure of Heli-hiking (taking a helicopter to a remote area to hike with a personal guide) in Talkeetna Mountains.




Hand-fulls of blueberries, lingonberries, and crowberries to munch on

I so loved hiking the stunning tundra over-looking a Vista of Mt. Denali while being able to forage and eat wild blueberries, crowberries, and lingonberries with each step, as the terrain was covered in wild berries.

talkeetna mountains hike

Hiking Talkeetna Mountains with view of Denali


Wild berries everywhere

The tundra was so soft, spongy and welcoming to the feet, that I felt as if I could go barefoot and frolic like a true Faery would very easily 😉 I found myself bouncing along and gliding quickly through the terrain, more sure-footed than our guide, which brought a giggle. When I feel natural in a place, it really is as if I’m flying, or sometimes like an animal efficiently and instinctively making my way with ease.


Black Bear foraging and eating wild berries just like us


Momma Caribou on the tundra…her calf stopped to rest in the bushes

There were stunning views on the way, via helicopter, and during this hike. We got to see 2 Black Bears and a Caribou with calf in the distance – the first time for our guide to see Caribou on all of her hikes here.


View from my helicopter copilot seat


Tundra vista


View from helicopter

I really, really enjoyed this hike and also the helicopter ride, which felt so natural to me. Flying in the tiny helicopter just felt like where I belong – flying. And I so enjoy being right there by the pilot with nothing in front of me but open air! We had a really great tour guide, Toni, and an awesome pilot, Danielle. Each again, substantiating how people in Alaska are just so nice. Even those who don’t live there year-round and just work there for the season have a different air about the, which comes with doing what you love and spending time in the great outdoors.

After the heli-hiking we decided on a short hike crossing the bridge over Talkeetna River and through this fern forest to see some of the other side of the river.

seagreen silt

Sea green waters from the silt of the glacier run off

talkeetna river

Talkeetna River view after emerging from the fern forest

The waters all around in Alaska are these amazingly beautiful colors because of the silt in them from glacier run-off – my favorite being the vibrant sea green waters! This area with the ferns and waterways of the River was very tropical looking, as you can see in the photo.


Enchanting vistas I found on my walks in the surrounding area of the cabin in Talkeetna


Enchanting vistas I found on my walks in the surrounding area of the cabin in Talkeetna

This was a really special day, amplified by the Full Moon that evening. The light here would stay around well into and past 11:30 pm. So relaxing at night, taking walks, and staying up, became a joy even though I’m usually in bed early.


Spiff! Our rafting guide


Tranquility on Talkeetna River

August 11th – Today’s adventure in store was a 2 hour Talkeetna River Rafting journey with our guide, Spiff. 😉 Every day was meant to give us a taste of different sensory experiences, while exploring the variety that Alaska has to offer. And the forecasts always showed that it was supposed to rain every day, but so far we had amazingly perfect weather that supported all of the activities without cancellations. There were times when they’d say the day before that they may have to cancel due to weather, but the phone call never came the next day and the skies would open just beautifully either for the full day or just long enough for the adventure planned, then rain after or through the night. The people also shared that we’ve been so lucky, as other trips have cancelled before ours.

beaver scent mound

Beaver Scent Mound

But, back to the rafting – on this adventure we got to see a Beaver scent mound and a spectacular and impressive Beaver dam! I’ve never seen a dam in person and it was quite the architectural feat by this family of Beavers. Really amazing to see it and it was not small.

beaver dam (2)

Very long and impressive Beaver Dam that we pulled right up next to

bald eagle nest (3)a

Bald Eagle Nest

We also saw a giant Bald Eagle’s nest in a tree. These can be 13 feet deep and 8 feet wide and weigh up to 1 ton! We learned about a lot of the area, fauna, and local life, as well as the life of a guide from Spiff – he lives/works part time in St. Thomas and part time in Alaska and while in Alaska lives in a tent. I loved hearing from the guides, as they truly exuded joy, living each day to the fullest, embracing simplicity, and doing what they love.

We also got to pick and eat wild berries along the river banks, including raspberries and watermelon berries, along with Fireweed – both the blossoms and the leaves, which were really good!

watermelon berries and raspberries

Wild watermelon berries and raspberries

Fireweed grows all through Alaska and it is really beautiful with its deep fuchsia blossoms. We learned that they are used to make balsamic vinegar, among other things, but also used in salads like arugula. We also went under a bridge where a railroad track crossed and Spiff shared that this is the last “flag” railroad in North America where you can basically flag down the train and it will stop and pick you up and take you where you need to go. So cool!


“Flag” railroad crossing over the bridge

It was a really fun and relaxing rafting ride with Spiff taking us to different areas to see as much as we could of the river and it was like Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride where your car is following a path, but every time there’s something to see, your car turns directly at it, even though it’s moving forward, so that you can view everything while moving along.


Salmon in mirroring dance together

After we said thank you and goodbye to Spiff we drove back to the cabin, but stopped on the way to do another hike at Luthman Trail, which was very cool. Some of the trail was blocked by the river, so we climbed and balanced across on logs that had fallen across it, to get to the other side and join back up with it, which was fun and a bit tricky.

salmon (2)a



Salmon gracefully gliding

Then we took an off-trail that led to another part of the river where we came upon spawning giant Salmon, which I was hoping to see on this trip, among other animals. It was amazing to watch them in the water, as they seemed to glide together as mirrors and then make there way up the river then stop again and dance. Some were nearly 3 feet long too!



Following that off-trail led us to this great find, which also included a bunch of baby Salmon in one of the pools.

baby salmon

Baby Salmon

It was another beautiful day in Alaska.


View of Denali from plane

August 12th – Today we got an early start to embrace the next adventure – a Denali Fly Over with Glacier landing on Mt. Denali! We took a small plane that sat 12 of us including the pilot, Alex. I sat in the very back on the way there, but I wasn’t shy to raise my hand on the way back to get co-pilot seat!

denali rainbow glacierThis day I had woken up singing “Sunshine, on my shoulders, makes me happy” after a dream where I was about to perform a dance with my bunny love, Joy! And today the light definitely was shining brighter within and without. This song remained with me for the day and kept streaming in over the rest of the time in Alaska.denali glacier landing

I was so grateful for this most magickal day flying over Denali and landing on the Glacier. My heart was literally bursting from the sights I was viewing through the airplane windows. It was magnificent and awe-inspiring. There are so many experiences during this trip that literally took my breath away, had my heart bursting from my chest, and joyful tears swelling from my eyes. These vistas of the mountains and glaciers were stunning in every way. Reasons why Terra (Earth) is so beloved throughout the Cosmos.DSCF6313DSCF6291

DSCF6320And, as mentioned, things just kept aligning for us, as this flight almost wasn’t going to go due to weather forecasts. But not only that, the mountain itself – Denali – is only visible 35% of the time and we had the most stunning, clear sighting on this day! OMGoodness!

DSCF6324We also had been able to see Denali from the Talkeetna Mountains on the heli-hike, piercing through the clouds, which again, just doesn’t happen very often. I took so many photos during this flight and each are like paintings. You can imagine how hard it is just to share a few photos from this entire trip with sights like these.DSCF6332

DSCF6335DSCF6307The only time the rains started to hit, besides during the night, which I love, was after our Denali flight when we began our journey to our next destination of Seward. So we made our way back through Anchorage, stopping once again at Middle Way Cafe (meeting a friend there for lunch) and back to Natural Foods for some fresh produce. I didn’t mind the rain on the travels to Seward, as it just created yet another mystical vista for the drive. Parts of Alaska reminded me a bit of Ireland and other parts like Jurassic Park. 🙂

angel's rest3And so we said goodbye to Denali and hello to the Kenai Peninsula, arriving at the our Seward destination for the next three nights – Angel’s Rest on Resurrection Bay – Waterfront Lodging and Retreat Center. The cottage was named “Cloud 9” and with all of these symbolisms of Angel’s, Resurrection, and Cloud 9, you can imagine what it felt like being there – truly a piece of Heaven.mystic view from cottage

angel's rest4 (1)Cloud 9 was a little dream and definitely like something I would envision in my dreams to manifest. I could see myself spending huge amounts of time there immersed in my creations.

high tideangel's rest rockersIt was the perfect little cottage directly on the beach, with sea life abundant outside the door and Bald Eagles that glided by the front windows daily as you sat in the rockers that faced the windows looking out on the water and across the bay. I can’t say enough about how I loved this little place. It stole my heart to say the least. No one around, tranquility, nature, simplicity, total peace and harmony – food to my soul. Coming “home” to this little place was so amazing and that first evening after the 3 or so hour drive was all about relaxing in that rocker, making some popcorn and tea and listening to the seagulls, rain, and waves.

treeThere was this magickal little Raven couple that lived at the cottage and trolled the beach there as well. They seemed to watch/guard it all, as if this was their cottage and they were two soul mates who had once lived there and now returned in Raven bodies to experience it from a different perspective. They would take walks together on the beach side by side (no joke) and they would fly and swoop at dogs that were sniffing out things at low tide, warning them this was their beach. They hung out among the Sea Gulls and ate like them, then returned to their tree to the side of the cottage. When I went outside one of them would fly onto the railing of the deck and caw and talk at me. He had a lot to say and wanted to make sure I knew they were allowing us to stay, were interested to meet us, but to remind us it’s theirs. LOL! They would wait in the tree and then greet you upon arrival, as well as see you off when you left. They weren’t afraid to get close either. I really believe that this was their shared haven as a couple now, and once before.

August 13th – When we first arrived the day before, we couldn’t see across the bay due to the foggy mist, but upon waking in the morning, the mist started to break and we could see the peaks reaching through just a bit – enough to make it extremely mystical. So many feelings ran through me, as I filled with such joy with every moment’s gifts.

Again, we did not know if our day’s adventure would go, as we’d received call the day before that things might change, but low and behold, the rain/storms were breaking enough to allow it to proceed. 🙂 The weather has made for amazing mystical days with sun bursting through clouds and mists that reveal hidden gems as they part.

20140813_091418Before our day tour we decided to do some laundry at the local laundromat and discovered Sip-N-Spin – a little espresso shop/cafe inside the Suds’N Swirl Laundry. How cute is that? But to our surprise we found this to be quite the find in this little town of Seward, as the cafe has light eats for herbivores and carnivores alike. So, there were several vegan options on the menu, some gluten-free items, as well as smoothies, fair-trade, Alaskan-roasted certified organic bean coffees for those who enjoy coffee (I’m a tea person myself), and even some raw coconut “Shakaroons”. But they are also a specialty one-stop shop – not only can you enjoy healthy food, but you can also stay the night, do your laundry, and get a pedicure or facial, as there’s a spa, cafe, laundromat and lodging all on premise. Quite a unique little place that started as three mothers with seven children between them that saw a need for fresh and nutritious food options for their family and now is just one mother and three children, still serving, caring  and sharing their passion for food.

DSCF6359Well, after a laundry and snack stop we then continued on to catch our 6 hour marine tour on the Glacier Express. After driving in with rain the day before and a forecast of 100% rain today, we didn’t know what to expect. And so we didn’t expect anything, which is the flowing way, and were gifted an amazing day.DSCF6386

They said in the last week or two, because of storms, almost no boats had been able to get out, let alone out all the way, but once again, the weather was on our side and we were able to do the full journey, which went out to open waters of the Gulf of Alaska from Resurrection Bay and around into Aialik Bay to explore the Kenai Fjords National Park. The captain prepared us for a possible shorter tour, or turning back if waters were too rough, or if people got sick and wanted to turn around. And although quite a number of people were with bags in hand at the back of the boat, everyone braved it and the waters allowed us to do the full journey. I felt bad for the sea sick people (sending them energy), but I have to say, I sure do love me some rougher waters, which we hit a bit on the open ocean at the Gulf for about a half an hour each way.DSCF6390

I’ve never been sea sick and I’ve been on some pretty rough waters, including these, but the worst were crossing the waters between the Galapagos Islands. I’m just made for turbulence, whether air or sea. People find it odd when I say I love turbulence in planes. You know you can just hear me saying, “WEEEEEE!” 😉

DSCF6506Well, we got some short bursts of rain while on the boat, but I stilled stayed outside to enjoy it all. The weather was great to me. I’m usually cold, but bundled up, I stayed out on top of the boat for 95% of the time and felt refreshed and having tons of fun, only coming in to eat, bathroom, and get some tea). And the weather made for some beautiful viewing, mystical landscapes, fog, and tons of wildlife came out to play.

puffinIn all we saw many Horned Puffins, Kittiwake, Common Murre, and Double-Crested Cormorant, four Bald Eagles, other birds I can’t remember names of, Jellyfish, a large group of Steller Sea Lion, a smaller group of Harbor Seals, four Otters, about six Dall’s Porpoise, and a Humpback Whale.DSCF6489

otterottersotters2DSCF6515DSCF6407DSCF6409DSCF6493DSCF6534sealion1I’d say it was a great day for wildlife surprises. We also got to see Aialik Glacier, which is a Tidewater Glacier, different than the Valley Glacier we landed on in Denali, and sit in silence listening to it calving into the water below, which was spectacular. I’d seen this on National Geographic and Discovery Channel programs, but to see and hear it was a whole other experience.DSCF6448

DSCF6451DSCF6455panoramaOn the way back through the Gulf the waters had calmed a tad bit, but I was in my element with wind and waters rolling through, despite more sea sick people at the back of the boat.

On the way back to “Cloud 9” a Bald Eagle flew above our car and upon arrival, the mists and clouds lifted even more to expose the majestic and enchanted view that sat as a welcoming friend across the bay – simply stunning. We took a walk on our beach (me in my jammies with a jacket and my boots) and it was still like day time even at 10:30 pm. Then ended the day sitting cozy in rocker relaxing with some sparkling water, book and looking through the day’s photos – another Bald Eagle flew directly in front of the window, ending the day perfectly once again.our cabin from beach

glacierharding ice trail (1)August 14th – Today we woke to another gorgeous vista (that’s just normal around these here parts). It just gets more heavenly every day and is simply a living dream here in Alaska every moment with take-your-breath-away beauty. We decided to do a long hike today – The Harding Icefield Trail in Kenai Fjords National Park. It takes you up the mountain about 4 miles and back down about 4 again, for a round trip of just over 8 miles while you climb nearly 4000 elevation. The journey took 5 and a half hours with a few stops for photos and two snack/lunch stops.

glacierPhoto here is of Lowell Glacier, which we had views of for a good portion of the trail. Along the way the terrain included waterfalls galore, lush mountains, valleys, and forests, rugged, rocky climbs, beautiful flowers, and fields of gushing streams through rock and ice. Reminded me of Jurassic Park, but my goodness was it just gorgeous and when you hit the 360 degree view areas, it was like the Garden of Eden.

vista2Another great day for snacking on wild raspberries along the way and a chance to experience both perfect conditions long enough for the amazing vista points and photos, along with encountering a down pour of crazy rain, winds, mists and being completely soaked. And the gift for our making it to the top was the discovery of a few golden raspberries on the way down.wild golden raspberrywild raspberries

The climb was pretty strenuous, with very large strides up the rocks needed, but every step revealed a treasure making it so worth the effort. Half the climb up was perfect, sunny weather and then the rain rolled in, mists, clouds, and some winds. It made for quite the adventure, but we trucked along only stopping a couple of times to snack on the packed lunch and goodies we brought – once at an area providing 360 degree viewing, where I took a panorama shot. There was a mini shelter cabin just 3 miles from the top where we ate some more while keeping dry, while others on the trail caught up with us and gathered in to get warm. I was soaked all the way through to my toes, as I didn’t have waterproof gear, but amazingly I wasn’t really cold which for a wee Faery who always is, was quite extraordinary. We hit rain all the way back as well, until near the lots of wetness and mud and definitely a wild bundled up on harding trail after making it through the weather at top

It was quite the hike in many ways and truly gorgeous like no other, but my legs were very happy to be sitting on the way home and I immediately yanked those wet clothes off to take a nice hot shower, got in my jammies right away, made some tea, and sat in my rocker looking out at the high tide and watching the Bald Eagle that flies by the window each day on his daily hunt. When it is high tide here, the water literally is just at the edge of the outdoor deck – amazing.

Feeling grateful for the experience and sights – this icefield is the source of 40 glaciers in the Kenai Peninsula (20 by 50 miles large), but also very much enjoyed being in my jammies, all cozy inside and out.

vista homer2August 15th – Today we continued onward and reached our final destination and third home of our journey – Homer. I kept thinking to myself, “I wonder if this one has a name too, and how it will fit into the story of symbolism each has provided?” So far the experience had taken a path of self-nurturing with “TLC”, then “resting with Angels” on “Cloud 9”, as I go through a rebirth and rise anew (resurrection) – all kicking off from the 11th Avenue (11 being a master number) launching port.

This last place was a rental on the property of people who actually had only for the first time opened their guesthouse to others this summer, so we were like the 6th or 7th fortunate people renting it. When Steve’s wife, Robbie, handed me the key, I looked down and saw that in fact they had named their guesthouse – “Road Less Traveled.” 😉

That seemed fitting, as I’ve definitely been on the path of the “Road Less Traveled” and after this journey felt that I’d be taking another detour to an even “Lesser Traveled Road”.

view from homer houseThis day started with another 3 or so hour drive with continued beautiful sights along the way to Homer and again it rained for a good portion of the drive, which was perfect to have during transit. The gifts of welcoming at our new homestead were this view (seen in the 1st photo) and an awesome greenhouse and garden on the beautiful acres here (seen in the next photos).greenhouse

greenhouse5The neighbors even have horses, so of course I was smiling.20140817_141636

Our host greeted us with a tour of their greenhouse and handed us a bucket to pick any vegetables and fruits we wanted for during our stay (our first bucket full in this photo).veggies

rainbow4rainbow6After settling in to this really special place, a stroll along the Homer Spit was calling where we were graced with 2 rainbows and special gifts we found on the beach – truly like the Leprechauns, Faeries, and Elves left them at the end of the rainbow for me to find – special secret treasures. 😉 I was definitely feeling like Homer was a special place and that this was a welcome blessing.tania10

The rest of the evening was relaxing time, as I continued to take in every moment to the fullest with a heart full of gratitude.

museum homestead3August 16th – Every day in Homer was beautiful weather and sun shining, with only a brief drizzle once, I believe. Greeting the day again with childlike wonder, after a beautiful night falling asleep to the rain, and a hearty tofu and veggie scramble with the fresh veggies from the greenhouse, we leisurely embraced the first part of the day strolling a couple of museums – Pratt Museum (art, science, culture – including an original homestead) and Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge headquarters – walking the spit at low tide, and wandering the Farmer’s Market where we scored some sweet indulgences of vegan baked goods from a beautiful Russian family of Old market

They are vegan by religion and only use coconut milk in their goods. The baked goods included apricot danish and apple and cranberry scones and were infused with love – so delicious! My favorite was the apple scone, which was like a cakey apple pie. MMMMMM!danish

This was a more low-key day to relax after traveling and the big hike from the previous two days. So after lunch back at home, we continued with a quiet day of napping and checked out some of the area and the Wynn Nature Center to get info for tomorrow. A good evening for a bath too! and relaxing for our big day tomorrow.

wynn trail (2)August 17th – Today we returned to the Wynn Nature Center (where you can do your own hikes or guided ones during guide hours) in the morning and I’m so glad we did as it truly was a magickal and special trail site, with winding Moose-named loops and trails with viewing platforms and lovely log benches at beautiful areas to just sit and be.

nature hike2Although we saw no Moose, I was filled with excitement with every step, as there were fresh Moose tracks on many of the trails. So we knew they were close by and likely watching us, while we were looking out for them. 😉 I felt we were hot on their trail and that much was around in the forests and fields – more than just Moose.

wynn trail (9)But the trail itself was well worth it. I would enjoy returning and spending much more time there just picnicing, reading a book, and listening to the stillness.

wynn trail (3)

And, if you needed proof of magick afoot, check out this sign that reads, ” Fairy Barf Lichen”.wynn trail (8)

After that we had lunch back at the “Road Less Traveled” and prepped for our long and exciting day of Bear viewing with Alaska Bear Adventures.

bear prints2Everyday has been amazing beyond words and has captured my heart with favorite moments and sights of all time. However, today’s adventure was something extra special.

We got to fly in a mini plane with beach landing tires.

bear 35 (12)Six of us to a plane and due to my lesser weight, I got to be copilot both ways – balance is key in these smaller planes. Yay!bear pilot derek

And our pilot, Derick, was really awesome. I loved him. He doubled as guide for the bear viewing and I have to say that he is in the right work because his essence was total Bear. I couldn’t even look at him and think human. He just oozed Bear energy and also reminded me of Yogi Bear. He was so fun, always cracking jokes, positive, joyful, and dancing in the plane as he flew. He even said “weeeeeeeee” once, which sparked a smile from me.

bear vistaWe were briefed and fitted with waders to our thighs, told all of the safety guidelines, and off we went. The flight was just under an hour each way coming and going with spectacular views of the ocean, mountains, glaciers, volcano and beautiful terrain.

bear planeWe set ground on a beach in Lake Clark National Park and Preserve and as we were arriving in we saw Brown Bears galore all over the sand at low tide, as well as Bald Eagles on the sand bars, in the trees, and tons of other birds, including Geese.geesebear terrain

bear vista2They said there are 2-3000 of these Brown Bears in the area. Everywhere we turned there were Bears. There were several hundred easily in the vast area we flew over. After we landed we followed the guidelines on single file walking, staying close together and kneeling on knees as a group when we were within close proximity viewing the Bears.bear with glacier

wading through the muddy watersWe walked through marshy, muddy and rushing water ways. It was quite the adventure and a bit sticky, slippery, gooey, and weeeee fun! One time a few of us (me too) got stuck in a sand hole, like quick sand and it was quite the experience to feel yourself sinking down and a relief to receive assistance. 😉 Some of the waters were strong for this wee Faery, so the buddy system helped . 😉tania taking bear photos

But the Brown Bears were a true highlight and they were all around us.

bear eatingAt any given point we could see about 20 and during our 3 hours there we saw 10 Bear cubs, which they said is the most they’ve seen in any given day and season.bear cubs5bear cubs7bear cub3bear cub2

We had bear no more than 30 -50 feet away sometimes.bear male with group

bear male12I can’t describe the feeling and honor it was to literally walk among these powerful beings so close. Incredible!bear family1

bears playing with birdsI was reflecting a lot on the way back and extending gratitude to everything I’d experienced thus far on this journey.

baby bearsEveryday here in Alaska has been magnificent…beyond words.

bear with birdI’ve experienced some of my most favorite moments and breath-taking vistas ever.

bear standingToday, was one of those epic days that again was beyond describable.

bear soldiersI have more photos than I can dream of being able to have as memories, but this experience will be etched in my heart.

bear family2I went to bed with a heart full of gratitude.bear mom

August 18th – I am saddened to leave but magick was abound on this last day. We’d seen so much wildlife, but not yet a Moose and while we’d seen many Bald Eagle flying and on trees off a bit in the distance, not one close up. I saw them clearly with binoculars and through my camera lens, as well as just gazing at the sky as they soared and hunted, but never a chance to take a photo.

Manifestation is instantaneous when we are aligned in vibration and intention and I truly felt that magickal things were continually happening on this trip and it was one of those times and places where creation was in harmonious alignment.

I had said to the Universe, “I just want to connect with one Eagle close up and get one photo.” Well, while eating lunch, just before leaving, I happened to look up and to the left – “OMGoodness there he is!”

eagle3A beautiful large Bald Eagle was perched in the tree directly to the right of the deck of the house (we were on the top floor) and so I was able to go to the window and see him up close and then reached for camera and took one photo. As soon as I did he took off soaring, as if he awaited my doing so, gifting me with just what I asked for and for the chance to energetically connect eye-to-eye for a few moments.

Peering in his eyes was amazing and I thanked Source for the gift. But the day continued on with yet another finale.

driving view to anchorageWe had a 5 hour drive back to Anchorage for our very late 1 am flight out. So we were able to take in the sights along the way, stopping in areas like Ninilchik where we also thought we might see Bald Eagles and there perched in a tree above the sand, across the inlet, WAS in fact a juvenile Bald Eagle.

juvenile eagleThink it and it appears….everything I kept mentioning along the trip that I hoped to see, did appear.ninilchik

peace in alaskaContinuing along the way back to Anchorage we stopped at a few vistas like Potter’s Marsh viewing platform and others, seeing a lot of bird life, including large Sandhill Crane, a Swan, Ducks, and many birds I can’t remember their names.swan

ducksSince the flight was so late out, we decided to do a bike ride in Anchorage on this gorgeous, sunny day, to take in as much as possible before leaving – the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail – which has to be one of, if not the coolest bike trails ever.

It was an 11 mile trail, each way, that goes along the coast and through the forests and tons of wildlife sightings are possible. We had two hours and still held the intention of seeing Moose.

porcupineFirst we came upon a large Porcupine crossing the bike trail. I had only enough time to capture his cute behind wiggling on his way. That was a cool and unexpected surprise – although at one time during the trip I had asked if Porcupine were around. I guess I got my answer.

And then we kept going and said we’d go only 5 more minutes, as we had to have time to turn around and get back the 11 miles, so if Moose wanted to come out now’s the time. And right after saying that, and going about the 5 minutes we said, we stopped cold and there were our Moose!

moose3A Cow (female) a little deeper back in the forest and a huge Bull Moose with full antlers in all his splendor, just munching his dinner. It was so amazing and we were so grateful and feeling very in alignment and connected to our magickal selves. I didn’t get the greatest of photos, as I only had my cell phone camera on me for the ride, but seeing this huge creature with full antlers was quite the sight. You need to be even more diligent to honoring and giving the Moose space, as more violent incidents have happened with them than with Bears in terms of humans not exercising  their wisdom, nor respecting the Moose boundaries of comfort.moose4

On the return back we were feeling inspired, elated, and smiling in our hearts, while a Black Bear crossed the bike trail. And right after returning the bike we made our way back to the car and what do you know….we had one last surprise gift awaiting us – a pod of Beluga Whales were just off the shore!

beluga4The locals said it was the first sighting this season and largest group in a while.beluga

I was feeling so full circle complete…as if everything I hoped for had been created, received, given, and experienced. That’s not to say there isn’t tons more to experience in Alaska, as this was just a teaser of what is possible.

Alaska had proven to be a place for manifesting, as everything was always perfect, weather, people, the places we stayed, two rainbows in one day, wildlife galore, and our timing just felt always aligned. It was also a place of renewal, deeper connection, inspiration, and piercing clarity of natural essence. I feel a greater sense of readiness and support for the new road I will be walking.

I am grateful for the natural frequency infusion and soul nurturing I was able to immerse in and receive, as well as grateful for the opportunity to give of my heart and energetic healing out to the collective, as I infused the Earth through this bridge with my own love.

I love Alaska ❤

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  1. Wow – I don’t else what to say for such beautiful, elegant and classy blog! I would like to share one of my musical clips, I hope you will enjoy it.

  2. thanks for all the photos, narratives and joy. so good to see you in your peace hat, too! 😉

  3. Reblogged this on Laura Bruno's Blog and commented:
    Tania and I kept in frequent touch via photos and informative texts during her Alaska journey, but seeing ALL of these breathtaking images in context is quite the treat! One thing we both kept commenting on was that despite everyone calling Earth “Gaia” that we had both for a long time secretly been feeling led to say “Terra.” I know Clif High felt this, as well. In any case, this is a gorgeous collection from one of the most beautiful places on the planet. It makes me wish I’d moved to Homer, AK one of the many times I considered doing so. 🙂 Stunning vistas and warm people! Thank you, Tania for sharing these.

  4. gorgeous photos. scanned the text. wondering if you saw any impact from fukishima. mm

  5. Hi Tania,
    Absolutely beautiful. I traveled Alaska on a photo assignment a few years ago and I resonate with so much of what you said about this magical place. Alaska is truly the liminal land.
    Thank you for sharing all your encounters with nature, animals, spirit.

    • hello amanda! thank you so much. that’s so wonderful you also had the opportunity to immerse yourself in, and explore alaska. it really is a special place and i’ve been hearing much of the same from others that have visited. alaska definitely activates something within. thank you dearly for taking time to read and look through the photos i shared.

      much love to you

  6. Hello Laura and Tania. Homer, Alaska has been my home for 40 years. (My first stint in AK was in Fairbanks in 1975 while the oil pipeline was in the beginning stages of construction. It was 44 degrees below zero when I arrived in Fairbanks from Florida.).

    Tania, your travelogue of Alaska made me weep with tears of joy and immense gratitude. Your beautifully eloquent words struck a heart chord. You made me even more aware of how phenomenally blessed I have been for my son and I to have been here in Homer all of these years.

    Thank you for a wonderful start to my day.


    • oh how blessed you are to live in homer pamela. you must have seen a lot of changes there since 1975 even as untouched as alaska is in comparison to so many other areas.

      thank you so much for sharing this and for your sweet words that touched my heart equally. i am so happy and grateful that i could experience alaska, and that sharing that experience with others can bring a deeper connection in heart. i so look forward to returning again.

      love and hugs to you!

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