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White Butterfly, Garden Delights & Magick Ovens

white butterflyYesterday I took my lunch break out back on the deck before doing a little pruning and watering of my Garden Tower, which is almost about ready for some more harvesting.

cucumbers and tomatoesI had just enjoyed a plate of Heirloom Sun Gold Cherry Tomatoes, Heirloom Golden Tomatoes, and Heirloom White Wonder Cucumbers from the Garden Tower the night before, which was incredible. I sliced them up and created little bite-sized morsels with others, drizzled with shitake sesame dressing and ground black pepper. Everything is just so beautiful and fresh.

kale saladAs I sat outside for lunch enjoying my delicious garlic tahini kale salad with avocado and ground black pepper, along with carrots and hummus, I listened to the birds and watched the little insects flying around.kale

That’s when White Butterfly appeared.

She stayed with me all lunch and after, as I was tending to my Garden Tower. As I sat eating, I watched her go to each of the plants on my GT, spreading her grace. Fluttering like a whisper and coming to softly land only for moments on each of the plants. It was like she was sprinkling her magick upon all of them, just as I’ve asked the Faeries to do.

white butterfly gardenShe would also briefly go over to the plants I have sitting next to the GT, my Lavender, Peppermint, and Chocolate Mint, as well as the Star Jasmine. And when I ventured over to her, she would dance around me and air-kiss me with her whispers of lightness…coming into the aura of my cupped hand, but the two of us remaining free to explore one another in continual dance.

I watched her float like a feather, and drop into these free-falls of trusting partnership with the breeze delicately supporting her ease of grace.

It was so beautiful. She was so beautiful.

Not only did it feel like she was there nurturing my plants, but she was there to connect with me and reflect this new place I find myself in.

Butterflies symbolize ecstasy, playfulness, and lightness of being – some of my message reiterations from my weekend with the horses at Epona Rise.

They are about powerful expansion and growth, the kind that comes from a very deep transformational process that is more internal and has the potential of completely changing your life as you know it. The changes can be done with grace and lightness, however, which she reminds us.

Butterflies in Native American Indian traditions are also considered the “bringers of dreams” – helping to manifest those that you have and providing clarity in dream time.

They are also about freedom transcendence, the Divine Feminine, magick of believing, helping you to release fears, the experience of transformation by going very deeply into your cocoon, moving through life cycles, grace, beauty, and even Reiki healing.

Not to mention, they remind us to tune into our emotional or spiritual depths to see what is messaging us there.

They are from the world of the soul, symbolize immortality, and herald a time of renewal and rebirthing.

White butterflies especially so.

White butterflies have been seen as good luck, angels in disguise, past spirits and souls visiting us, ancestors, purity and a pure soul, a guardian spirit to usher you along your new path, to some it is the soul of a child, and to others the sign of death – both literal and symbolic.

It’s interesting that white keeps showing up for me so much, as I’ve had the very powerful and important dreams with White Jaguar and White Conch, and then of course White Unicorn energy around this last weekend and connecting with Tareena the Unicorn in embodiment at Epona Rise, followed by my sighting of White Peacock on my way to the airport and then White Feather showing up on Tuesday at the beach.

Butterflies live a miraculous life from beginning to end and their lifespan is very short – typically a few weeks to months at most – which messages us about the importance of this now moment and embracing all the sweetness and beauty life can offer.

I was grateful for this private lunchtime interlude with her, as I’m experiencing an increase in the magickal – if you can believe that. It stems from a deeper drop and embrace into that part of myself. Since I’ve returned from British Columbia, things have been manifesting and unfolding quickly.

Yesterday, while I was out in the garden I also received the delievery of my new Sun Oven! I’m so excited and grateful to Laura for the inspiration. She’s been hugely a part of inspiring my version of easy gardening by Faery heart and intuition, and inspiring all of these off-grid cooking methods that feel so aligned with me and my lifestyle.

I fell in love with her Sun Oven while I was visiting and felt it would be perfect for my adventures ahead, and not to mention makes food taste amazing, while receiving the Sun’s pure energy infused into it. While I own a dehydrator, I’m guessing this Sun Oven will outshine that quite quickly. As even the names – dehydrator vs. Sun Oven – just has more resonance right now. Anything natural and naturally energy infused just simply matches the purity and freshness I am feeling.

Funny synchronicity too, as Hillary and I both shared this last weekend how much we’ve always been drawn to the Moon, which we still are of course, but that having done so much work with her, we have shifted into Sun energy more recently. This has also been evident in the Crystals I’ve been drawn to and the energies/Chakras I’ve been working with. I actually was drawn to wear Sun gold yellow nailpolish for our retreat weekend with gold sparkles. 😉

Needless to say, between my wonder oven (aka wonderbox/bag that the lovely Laura made and gifted me for Christmas and I’ve made yummy, easy quinoa in so far, as well as kept soups warm), Garden Tower (I actually have two, but the other I’m saving), and Sun Oven, I’m feeling the Sun-shiny goodness! Everything ready for off-grid cooking now and on the adventures to come! I’ll share more about how things go with my Sun Oven, as I explore it.

For more information on the Sun Oven and Wonder Oven please visit Laura’s great post on these here:

Preliminary Review of Off-Grid Cooking Methods

So much increased alignment into my essence is taking place and I’m so grateful for all of the beautiful gifts, messages, synchronicities, and inspiration dancing through.

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