Growing Your Own Food Is A Powerful Metaphor For Your Life ~ Maxing Out My Garden Tower & Birthing The New

garden tower2

One angle view of my Garden Tower – it swivels fully around to ensure all plants receive equal sunlight time. This is after having already heavily harvested things.

I think I’ve likely won the prize for maxing out a Garden Tower, but who knows? Perhaps others have gone a bit plant crazy with all the excitement of growing some of Nature’s goodness.

If I counted correctly, my Garden Tower now is home to 96 plants! LOL!

While that may not be the “right” gardening protocol, it sure is working for me and I keep learning as I go along simply by experimenting, following my intuition, and through actual hands-on experience…valuable ways to really learn and grow.

If everything we do is a mirror of us, I guess the abundant maxing out of my Garden Tower reveals to you what has been birthing inside of me ready to blossom – A LOT!

garden tower

Another view of the Garden Tower

My plants are thriving and happy and somehow, without any gardening know-how and knowledge, I’ve been cultivating quite the little mini garden of a variety of fresh goodness. They go through their challenges, but then I adjust things and they shift in return.

habanero peppers

Habanero Peppers are going crazy

tomatoes and peppers

Top of the Garden Tower loaded with goodies

Some of the newer additions include Blue Lake Pole Beans, Japanese Cucumber, Red and Green Bell Peppers, Habanero Peppers to add to my three other spicy varieties, and Pablo Lettuce, Celebrity and Roma Tomatoes to add to my varieties of each of those.

pablo lettuce

Pablo Lettuce – these were super yum and I’ve gotten 2 harvests from them in the last couple of days with more on the way

I constantly have a little or large harvest of veggies, which is always so fulfilling to enjoy and know that I’ve cared for, honored, and shown gratitude to each of them for their blessings.

lettuce and peppers

One of my harvests of Pablo Lettuce, Serrano Peppers, Cayenne Long Slim Hot Peppers, and a Jalapeno

I know many of you have been interested to watch my journey with my Garden Tower, before jumping in yourself. So if you’re waiting I say jump!

You won’t regret it and it will add to your quality of life on many levels, not just providing you organic, non-gmo nutrients for your body, but also overall well-being as you spend time with Nature and develop a deeper relationship to yourself and Earth through the experience.

Once again, if I can do it, anyone can, as it REALLY IS easy and you can have one anywhere there’s sunlight hitting a corner of your balcony, patio, or yard.

garden tower3

Another view of the Garden Tower

I don’t have a lot of extra time in my life with the creative projects and life transitions I’m making, so I opted for something easy, but that actually created more balance and time, giving me an extra excuse to get down and dirty with my hands, feet, and sometimes legs and butt in the dirt (I’m usually wearing a short sundress) when I’m in planting mode and have all the soil on the ground under and around me. I get really messy before I clean up. 🙂

And every time I go outside to work with, or check on, my plants, it never fails that my White Butterfly friend is there to greet me. The first time it was a full on dance and like an invocation of mystical energy between us that lasted a long time. And ever time thereafter has been shorter little acknowledgements just letting me know she is there, watching over me and the plants, and is happy about what I am doing. She will stop on a plant for a length of time so that we can get a good look at each other and then she flutters around me and disappears.

There are many other insects that like to come and greet me too and I get to see my worms now and then in the Garden Tower – all happy and well-nourished, as they take care to support my plants.

I hope you enjoy these little updates and that they might inspire you on some level to try your hand at growing your own food. Even if that means a few potted plants, a Garden Tower, a full on garden or greenhouse, or you decide to dig deeply into permaculture and more.

You can even try planting a few seeds somewhere and watch as they grow and blossom from your care.

I know I’ve enjoyed that both in my Garden Tower and out front. I have Moonflowers and Malabar Spinach starting to flourish, and of course my amazing Heirloom Mammoth Greystripe Sunflowers that have blossomed right in time to see me off.


My two Sunflowers in bloom

My second 41-inch Sunflower blossomed today, right on cue as I knew she would. She still has a few little demure petals shyly still unfolding, but I now have two beautiful blossoms welcoming the sun and anyone that passes by with their warmth and cheer.


My second tallest Sunflower revealing herself

As you plant your seeds, realize that they mirror the intentional seeds you plant in your own life and how you nurture, cultivate, and care for them will determine what blossoms into manifestation.

Gardening is a good metaphor for life and the cultivation of your dreams. As have I found the same to be true of the caring for my animal companions and the cultivation of our relationship.


My first Sunflower keeps getting more beautiful by the day…in full glory here

Your connection with Nature in all her glorious forms will enrich, enhance, and deepen the relationship you have with yourself and what you share with the world.

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  1. Reblogged this on Laura Bruno's Blog and commented:
    Another one from Tania today — I especially want to reblog this one since it shows her continued journey with the Generation 2 Garden Tower Project.

    Like her, I know many people have wondered whether or not to take this leap. Everyone marvels at my Generation 1 Garden Tower Project, which, unlike the new one, does not turn. Even with one side getting shade, the growth still impresses. The new one turns, so each side gets adequate light, and — as with the original — includes its own integrated worm composting bin. David and I met with the inventor, Colin Cudmore, and we’re so excited for the accessories he has in the works, including mini greenhouses for the Garden Towers.

    In this time of uncertain weather affecting food supply chains and the absurdly difficult battle to know what’s in our food, it never hurts to learn how to grow your own organic food. More than preparedness, though, gardening brings such beauty, joy, freshness, good taste and empowerment to life. Even if you only have a window sill, grow a pot of herbs or spring onions. Just start somewhere. Your taste buds, tummy and soul will thank you.

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