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Light of Foot & Faery Free ~ Crossing the Stream to Morning Glory


Yesterday we concluded our time here in Moab and in Utah altogether with a lovely four mile round trip hike to Morning Glory Natural Bridge – the sixth largest natural bridge in the U.S spanning 243 feet.


Just the name brings up visions that entice a Faery, and the trail did not disappoint.


This trail takes you through a beautiful canyon cut into the Navajo sandstone and winds along a small perennial stream that you will need to cross several times (symbolic of purifying renewal and crossing new emotional cycles), and which creates a gorgeous, Faery filled oasis of cottonwood, willow trees, and varieties of plants, cactus, and wild flowers.


The stream rippled along gently and at times was very still, with a few tiny falls over rocks.

This felt symbolic of my emotional journey, gained wisdom, and peace that I’ve traversed through my experiences with Nestor and so much since her passing.

There is also a lot of poison ivy in this canyon to be wary of and a few uphill climbs, so the journey is always an adventure.


At the bridge you can hear the water flowing from the rock wall from an underground spring.


Truly a gorgeous hike and some of the most lushness we’ve seen in a while.


The energy was light and I felt light of foot, as we wandered along and across the stream.

Definitely felt in the Faery zone and Dave never fails with his candid shots I find out later he’s taking.


And this felt like a perfect hike to end our time here with and to transition into Colorado. Not to mention, provided a great and supportive backdrop for my communing with Nestor on the day of her passing, eight years ago.

Rather than say too much, I’ll just allow you to wander along yourself, via the photos of the journey.


Perhaps you’ll find yourself experiencing the energy of the Faeries, smelling the freshness and flowers in the air, and feeling cleansed.


We did have an interesting evening and night, as after we returned home, I was guided to shoot a video message for May’s newsletter and not long after the rain started again.


After dinner one of our alarms inside kept going off for no reason so we had to unhook it after exploring there was no danger, the rain came pouring down all through the night, and the electricity went out AGAIN in the middle of the night – the third time in five days.


Our time here is definitely done and we are ready to move on and forward through a new door.




Breaking Through & Bending Our Way to New Realities


As we sipped hot tea and listened to the sound of pouring rain this morning (which we’re doing again right now), I peered out from my desk and saw a blanket of fog between us and Arches National Park, just revealing the silhouette of the rocks, but covering the portal arches from sight – a veil between worlds emerged to allow only inner sight to lead us through to a new reality.


The power went out again this morning – the second time in three days – and the raging winds of change have turned to downpours of cleansing sky tears mirroring a time for more unplugging, reviewing, releasing, and readying for new actions.

At times it has felt like things weren’t happening, but a lot has been in very deep ways with old programming getting an upgrade.

One must come to terms with letting go AND letting in, not just in idea and theory, but actualization.

Times of breakthroughs to the other side of the portals of experience rather than needing to make literal breaks are here, as we realize that not only have we changed immensely, but our processes do not resemble the old ones any longer either.

We can bend time and reality, and we can transmute through our flexibility and embrace.

Today has been another more quiet day with less outward doing, but more downtime to let the realizations of change take root.

Our last days in Utah are proving to be integrative, readying us for the journey forward into Colorado.

We’ve been in Utah for six weeks of deep exploration and the winds, rain, and electrical outages seem to be mirroring a complete rewiring and recharge, as we will literally be moving from one energetic realm to another and crossing the state lines into a different reality.

Yesterday was filled with symbolism too on the three mile Corona Arch Trail.

It’s set atop a stunning slickrock setting and you get two arches for the price of one hike, as you get to also see Bowtie Arch, which sits adjacent to it.

There’s an old ladder harnessed to the rocks at one point to help you climb up the pour-off and metal ropes in a couple of areas to help you climb up and not slide off the slickrock.


On topographical maps Corona Arch is often times called Little Rainbow Bridge. You can see why in the photos of it and this name felt more resonant with its energy to me.


It feels so alive and almost like the cliff has extended its leg and taken a step forward, anchoring it on the Earth to create a bridge to the other side.



Both arches were pretty amazing, creating two gateways to enter.


The first more like a cave into the sky with a visible opening sitting atop a mirroring, but cave-like indentation that would seem impassable, but that’s merely what the physical eyes would have you think.


It’s almost like a male and female counterpart of portals at Bowtie Arch where two portals stand in unison, connected at center and are both accessible if you know the key.


One might seem more obvious, but my sense is to get through it, you must understand them both.

So, the obvious becomes the deep mystery of alchemy and knowing how to work both of your parts together.


I was wearing my braided pig tails, so I decided to have some fun with them at this arch.


While these energies are potent and yes, at times takes some serious reflection and commitment, it’s important to also have fun with it all.

Each of the arches we’ve seen have felt initiatory.

And these were no exception.

There are active train tracks you must pass on the hike and are warned to do so with extreme caution.


Dave made sure that our passing was safe, literally listening for the vibrations. Hehe!


You also pass this field of cairns, which is super cool. I’ve never seen so many in one place. From tiny to large, people have built cairns here from the broken rubble of fallen rock from the canyon cliffs.


Some of them made into mini arches too. It was like a miniature Faeryland.


On this hike I also saw more wild flower varieties than I’d seen in any one place at one time. I didn’t photograph them all, but there were varieties in each of the colors of pink, purple, white, yellow, and orange.


That felt very richly fertile for new opportunities and growth emerging and the ability to choose from many possibilities – or doorways.


On the way back, after our time at the arches we passed a blind man hiking with his wife. He had two poles he felt along the ground with and she was ahead letting him know what was coming.

That was really potent and reiterated the power of our inner eye to guide us, rather than only looking at the surface of things.

We could all do a little more “feeling” of our way through life than we are currently.


On our drive back, we stopped at two petroglyph walls that sit along the Colorado River. These were incredible with much more intricate depictions than we’d seen, and a variety of new images.


The petroglyphs have increased in detail along our journey and these were quite elaborate, and also so well defined.


They included a very large Bear (I intuited it was a bear right away and after we saw a sign that confirmed this feeling), which was pretty cool given the Bear symbolism I’ve had over the months.


The Bear was drawn showing all five toes on each foot, which is pretty detail specific. I placed my hand in them and it was an exact fit, as if they’d been molded after mine.


There were some other cool markings as you can see, different animal depictions, energy movement, and things like tracks, calendars, or pathways.


We then came across two wild turkeys after the petroglyphs, which ended off the day.

Turkeys symbolize abundance, connection with and honor of Mother Earth, harvesting the fruits of your labor, being nourished and satisfied with life, blessings from Earth, revealing your true self, endings, and beginnings.

Although we still have tomorrow before leaving, yesterday felt like a preparation of closure and bringing all things together. Today grounding that, as we’ve been more quiet and allowing action to take place on the inside while the rain clears way with our intents of release.

And after the hike yesterday I spoke with my parents on the phone to see how they are and what they shared went along with the symbolism of the turkeys and the abundance of flowers I’d seen.

They shared that they have started their own veggie garden.

A man they knew was getting rid of crates and they took a few of the two-by-two crates, filled them with soil and planted three varieties of tomatoes, red, green and yellow peppers, different lettuces, and strawberries.

I thought that was very cool that they were going to start growing their own food. They’ve also gotten a sun oven since I told them about mine and they do a lot to be self sufficient if needed, not to mention have been doing their own explorations and journeying to discover new places, as well as taking more time to do things they love.

The more we integrate and embody the changes, the more others around us will also start making changes and doing new things relative to their experience.

And so I continue on this journey with open arms and steady foot to greet the new with humbling honor and to step forward with deliberate and intentional action.



20160419_173652_resized.jpg“Mountains seem to answer an increasing imaginative need in the West. More and more people are discovering a desire for them, and a powerful solace in them. At bottom, mountains, like all wildernesses, challenge our complacent conviction – so easy to lapse into – that the world has been made for humans by humans. Most of us exist for most of the time in worlds which are humanly arranged, themed and controlled. One forgets that there are environments which do not respond to the flick of a switch or the twist of a dial, and which have their own rhythms and orders of existence. Mountains correct this amnesia. By speaking of greater forces than we can possibly invoke, and by confronting us with greater spans of time than we can possibly envisage, mountains refute our excessive trust in the man-made. They pose profound questions about our durability and the importance of our schemes. They induce, I suppose, a modesty in us.” ~Robert Macfarlane





“Long, blue, spiky-edged shadows crept out across the snow-fields, while a rosy glow, at first scarce discernible, gradually deepened and suffused every mountain-top, flushing the glaciers and the harsh crags above them. This was the alpenglow, to me the most impressive of all the terrestrial manifestations of God. At the touch of this divine light, the mountains seemed to kindle to a rapt, religious consciousness, and stood hushed like devout worshippers waiting to be blessed.” John Muir





Making Wishes in Canyonlands

making a wish

On the three hour drive to Moab, Utah yesterday I spent the time intuitively mapping out our extended journey across North America for likely the next couple of years, finalized the route for the next four months, and allowed myself to explore my heart callings and dreams without boundaries.

Everyday I’m in awe and grateful, but some days just seem to deepen those experiences and within that expansion of heart, I know the presence of limitless potentials.

dave view.jpg

And so I allowed myself to continue dreaming as big as my heart wanted and with each vision I explored, an intent automatically imbued it like a magickal wish.


What a perfect day for this journeying deeper within and beyond, as our time in Moab for the next almost two weeks will be for exploring both Canyonlands and Arches National Parks.


Canyonlands reflecting the depth and expanse of our inner and outer Cosmos and Arches taking us through portals and creating paths that cycle from intent to manifestation.


Our RV site is also pretty spectacular at Archview where we have this huge expansive view out the front and sides, as we look out at the snow capped La Sal mountain range and Arches, along with other rock vistas all around.

side view

Since we face due East, we get to catch the beautiful sunrises here, which I imagine will be incredibly different each day, including the sunsets behind us.


This morning I watched the sunrise and just before the sun peaked over the horizon, a little rabbit hopped out to say hello.


But yesterday took us to Canyonlands first to set our intents and get our first introduction to this expansive area, much like the Grand Canyon.


We learned that there are three Districts to Canyonlands, but the one we will be focused on for this journey is the “Island in the Sky” District, as it is the closest for us to explore, even though it still is 25+ miles in and then extra miles to get to the trails you are drawn to.


I like the name Island in the Sky, as that feels appropriate to the energies I’m feeling.


So, on our first day we explored the four miles total of Grand View Point, Upheaval Dome, and Whale Rock Trails, which provided us the opportunity to become acquainted with the energy here.


I smiled wide when we came across this one rock formation along the path of the stunning vistas at Grand View Point that both Dave and I immediately said looked like Aladdin’s Lamp. But only from this one angle, as it shifts in form from all other vantage points.

aladdins lamp.jpg

We both felt drawn to go rub it and make a wish….well I may have made a bunch in one!

Afterall, I’d been focused on expansive dreams earlier, so this felt to be opportunity to receive a little help. 😉

I couldn’t resist having Dave capture the moment of wish-making and dream visioning, which is the first photo I shared.


Grand View Point offers panoramic views along the canyon edge, echoing the Grand Canyon, as mentioned, but with its own unique features.


The area you walk out on has vistas on both sides and lovely red blossoms along the way.

trail dave.jpg


Then we were off to Upheaval Dome, which is a shorter steep trail leading to clear views into the Upheaval Dome structure and its unique geologic features that have yet to be confirmed as to how the remnants of this impact crater was created.

upheaval dome3.jpg

The exhibits at the end offer two theories – Meteor impact or that it is a Salt Dome, which occurs when a salt diapir is pushed up by the weight of overlying rocks.

upheaval dome.jpg

Either way, the colors here were stunning (and don’t really show up in the photos), as the sandy looking piles were a sea green and bluish gray color inside of the crimsons all around.

upheaval dome2.jpg

There are vistas along the entire drive that are spectacular and places you can get out to take it all in.

view on drive.jpg

We finished off with Whale Rock, which is a giant sandstone dome rock that ends with broad views of the Island in the Sky in all directions.

whale rock.jpg

Here we climbed to the very top and sat for a while, taking it all in.

dave whale.jpg

We also laid back on the sandstone and looked at the clouds above us.

sky whale.jpg

It did in fact feel like we were on an Island in the Sky and this whale was our nurturing friend who let us hitch a ride for a while.

I loved the energy here so much and felt a song just had to come through.

me whale

And being that no one else was around and I had purposefully let Dave descend so I could be with the energy of the whale on my own, I instantly began to sing what I was feeling as the essence here.

I’ll share the sound channeling video separately.

The song felt like a communing, reverence, and deep healing, as well as a celebration. I was swimming in the cosmic abyss with these ancient giants and sharing their wish along with my own.

I felt complete after that and like there was much support around the wishes and intents created today, which is always the case when I get the urge to do sound work. I just “have” to let it flow through or I won’t feel right and when I do it is like a huge release that centers and clears me.

Can you see and feel the difference between the energies in this photo of me below at our first trail vista on Grand View Point and the one above on Whale Rock?

tania view

After our first day of exploring felt complete, we said our goodbyes for now to Canyonlands, as we won’t be back until next weekend, since the drive is too far for us during our half work/play days during the week.

So we’ll be off to Arches exploring until then.

us whale.jpg

We then drove into Moab to pick up some groceries and found an amazing little treasure of a natural grocery store there – Moonflower Community Cooperative. I loved the name right away and then got so giddy with all the wonderful all organic produce, vegan, raw, etc. goodies in this store. What a treat!

One thing that makes me really happy is good food and lots of fun variety and options.

We stocked up indeed and will return.

Today was a reminder of revisiting our dreams and intents and asking ourselves if they reflect the shifting energies within us and if they are big enough.

Dare yourself to take down the walls around your hopes and intents to allow for greater possibilities.

Allow yourself the vulnerability of exposing your heart’s dreams to All That Is that loves you and won’t judge you for the things you wish.

The expansiveness of Canyonlands and the giant Whale Rock reminded me to go bigger.

And just as time has been needed to erode these lands and formations, so too might it take time for us to manifest, but that isn’t reason to stop dreaming, or to give up, as along the journey many other things will manifest and you and your dreams will take on continuously new forms that will be equally as magnificent every step of the way.

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” ~Lao Tzu


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