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Light of Foot & Faery Free ~ Crossing the Stream to Morning Glory


Yesterday we concluded our time here in Moab and in Utah altogether with a lovely four mile round trip hike to Morning Glory Natural Bridge – the sixth largest natural bridge in the U.S spanning 243 feet.


Just the name brings up visions that entice a Faery, and the trail did not disappoint.


This trail takes you through a beautiful canyon cut into the Navajo sandstone and winds along a small perennial stream that you will need to cross several times (symbolic of purifying renewal and crossing new emotional cycles), and which creates a gorgeous, Faery filled oasis of cottonwood, willow trees, and varieties of plants, cactus, and wild flowers.


The stream rippled along gently and at times was very still, with a few tiny falls over rocks.

This felt symbolic of my emotional journey, gained wisdom, and peace that I’ve traversed through my experiences with Nestor and so much since her passing.

There is also a lot of poison ivy in this canyon to be wary of and a few uphill climbs, so the journey is always an adventure.


At the bridge you can hear the water flowing from the rock wall from an underground spring.


Truly a gorgeous hike and some of the most lushness we’ve seen in a while.


The energy was light and I felt light of foot, as we wandered along and across the stream.

Definitely felt in the Faery zone and Dave never fails with his candid shots I find out later he’s taking.


And this felt like a perfect hike to end our time here with and to transition into Colorado. Not to mention, provided a great and supportive backdrop for my communing with Nestor on the day of her passing, eight years ago.

Rather than say too much, I’ll just allow you to wander along yourself, via the photos of the journey.


Perhaps you’ll find yourself experiencing the energy of the Faeries, smelling the freshness and flowers in the air, and feeling cleansed.


We did have an interesting evening and night, as after we returned home, I was guided to shoot a video message for May’s newsletter and not long after the rain started again.


After dinner one of our alarms inside kept going off for no reason so we had to unhook it after exploring there was no danger, the rain came pouring down all through the night, and the electricity went out AGAIN in the middle of the night – the third time in five days.


Our time here is definitely done and we are ready to move on and forward through a new door.




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