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Miracle Wishes & Autumn Delights


Yesterday was a beautiful celebration shared with Dawn and Miracle on our last day, for now, together on her Tahoe adventure. Astrid got to meet Dawn in person, deepening their connection, I got to share my home made butternut squash soup with Dawn for lunch overlooking the lake from our tree house, and we then went on two different forest hikes filled with Faery gifts, intentions ignited together, and light galore dancing with the trees and Nature all around us.


I was able to share our forest backyard with Dawn, which was delightful and had Miracle enjoying the water for her second time.


She loves to wade in if her mom does – so cute! And upon our hike we found incredible little golden, coral, and pink sparkly quartz just laced “randomly” in the forest left behind by the Faeries for us to find. I love finding them right behind our home, feeling like a trail of gratitude from them for the promises I’ve made in caring for and activating the land here.


Before leaving, we found a single dandelion on our lawn (the only one I’ve seen anywhere), which we decided was meant for making wishes together. So we sat intentfully with what we wanted to create and then blew away. Each time we blew – which was three – Miracle would turn around and add to the intents, facing the dandelion with us.


There was one single seed left after that and Miracle turned around and removed it with her nose. It clung there for a minute, as you can see below, so that not only Miracle could put intention toward her wishes, but completed the triad of our intentions. It was the sweetest thing!


We then went on another forest and meadow walk, which took us near the lake as well, finding giant hallucinogenic mushrooms, sweet blossoms that were still hanging around (some pink and purple ones), discovered more heart shaped stumps, and were drenched in light dancing with Nature and beaming activations through.


Giggles filled the day and love was abound.


Dawn and Miracle extended their stay, being led to soak in and work with the energies here through Monday, which truly makes me happy to know they are receiving the nurturing of this beautiful area and are deepening their bond and roots to a place I love, so that they will be a part of things here long after they depart.



Although we will be busy with Birthday celebrations for Dave and his visiting mom and step dad this weekend, Dawn and Miracle will be in heart and as always, it’s only a farewell for now since the connections in spirit are forever.

I’m so grateful for my Faery family and friends, as they truly make life giggly fun! I love being able to just relax, take in the magick, see the miracles, and laugh and enjoy life’s beauty. The friends I have that enjoy the same are truly cherished, as when I want to just play that’s all that is on my mind…not work, not being of service, but truly just living and loving all the way and living as an expression of simply being! Thank you Dawn and Miracle!

What Are You Afraid Of?

What are you afraid of? What holds you back from asking for what you truly want and declaring your dreams out loud? Why is it that you feel uncomfortable in wanting something for yourself, in voicing what you desire, or that what you desire is bigger than you’ve allowed yourself to accept as possible?

I’m wishing and dreaming bigger than I ever have and am no longer uncomfortable with asking for the things I really want to create in my life no matter how crazy they may seem to others. Claiming our abundance and innate worthiness helps us step into greater wholeness and empowerment. I speak my truth, own my path, and surrender into the flow and alignment of actualization that is in the highest good of all concerned.

We’ve been conditioned to put our desires and dreams on hold… that they aren’t important, can never happen, and aren’t right to want because we must do for others first.

But what if you learned that your dreams and gifts are expressions of the collective’s highest good making themselves known through your desires?

You have a purpose and those nudges and urges you feel deeply are tied into a need that will nourish us all.

But you need to feed it in order to see it.

You will understand how those dreams gift others as well, once you follow that stream of energy all the way through.

Field of Stardust Dreams

Cosmic puffs of dandelions consumed me in wondrous inspiration.

Like whirling dervishes of eternal magick, they enchanted me into the dance.

The portal to a field of stardust dreams was opened and enchanting mysteries invoked alchemy within.

A rich truth was awakened without need to understand.

Any wish I had, I could command.

Welcome back the Faeries giggled.




Making Wishes in Canyonlands

making a wish

On the three hour drive to Moab, Utah yesterday I spent the time intuitively mapping out our extended journey across North America for likely the next couple of years, finalized the route for the next four months, and allowed myself to explore my heart callings and dreams without boundaries.

Everyday I’m in awe and grateful, but some days just seem to deepen those experiences and within that expansion of heart, I know the presence of limitless potentials.

dave view.jpg

And so I allowed myself to continue dreaming as big as my heart wanted and with each vision I explored, an intent automatically imbued it like a magickal wish.


What a perfect day for this journeying deeper within and beyond, as our time in Moab for the next almost two weeks will be for exploring both Canyonlands and Arches National Parks.


Canyonlands reflecting the depth and expanse of our inner and outer Cosmos and Arches taking us through portals and creating paths that cycle from intent to manifestation.


Our RV site is also pretty spectacular at Archview where we have this huge expansive view out the front and sides, as we look out at the snow capped La Sal mountain range and Arches, along with other rock vistas all around.

side view

Since we face due East, we get to catch the beautiful sunrises here, which I imagine will be incredibly different each day, including the sunsets behind us.


This morning I watched the sunrise and just before the sun peaked over the horizon, a little rabbit hopped out to say hello.


But yesterday took us to Canyonlands first to set our intents and get our first introduction to this expansive area, much like the Grand Canyon.


We learned that there are three Districts to Canyonlands, but the one we will be focused on for this journey is the “Island in the Sky” District, as it is the closest for us to explore, even though it still is 25+ miles in and then extra miles to get to the trails you are drawn to.


I like the name Island in the Sky, as that feels appropriate to the energies I’m feeling.


So, on our first day we explored the four miles total of Grand View Point, Upheaval Dome, and Whale Rock Trails, which provided us the opportunity to become acquainted with the energy here.


I smiled wide when we came across this one rock formation along the path of the stunning vistas at Grand View Point that both Dave and I immediately said looked like Aladdin’s Lamp. But only from this one angle, as it shifts in form from all other vantage points.

aladdins lamp.jpg

We both felt drawn to go rub it and make a wish….well I may have made a bunch in one!

Afterall, I’d been focused on expansive dreams earlier, so this felt to be opportunity to receive a little help. 😉

I couldn’t resist having Dave capture the moment of wish-making and dream visioning, which is the first photo I shared.


Grand View Point offers panoramic views along the canyon edge, echoing the Grand Canyon, as mentioned, but with its own unique features.


The area you walk out on has vistas on both sides and lovely red blossoms along the way.

trail dave.jpg


Then we were off to Upheaval Dome, which is a shorter steep trail leading to clear views into the Upheaval Dome structure and its unique geologic features that have yet to be confirmed as to how the remnants of this impact crater was created.

upheaval dome3.jpg

The exhibits at the end offer two theories – Meteor impact or that it is a Salt Dome, which occurs when a salt diapir is pushed up by the weight of overlying rocks.

upheaval dome.jpg

Either way, the colors here were stunning (and don’t really show up in the photos), as the sandy looking piles were a sea green and bluish gray color inside of the crimsons all around.

upheaval dome2.jpg

There are vistas along the entire drive that are spectacular and places you can get out to take it all in.

view on drive.jpg

We finished off with Whale Rock, which is a giant sandstone dome rock that ends with broad views of the Island in the Sky in all directions.

whale rock.jpg

Here we climbed to the very top and sat for a while, taking it all in.

dave whale.jpg

We also laid back on the sandstone and looked at the clouds above us.

sky whale.jpg

It did in fact feel like we were on an Island in the Sky and this whale was our nurturing friend who let us hitch a ride for a while.

I loved the energy here so much and felt a song just had to come through.

me whale

And being that no one else was around and I had purposefully let Dave descend so I could be with the energy of the whale on my own, I instantly began to sing what I was feeling as the essence here.

I’ll share the sound channeling video separately.

The song felt like a communing, reverence, and deep healing, as well as a celebration. I was swimming in the cosmic abyss with these ancient giants and sharing their wish along with my own.

I felt complete after that and like there was much support around the wishes and intents created today, which is always the case when I get the urge to do sound work. I just “have” to let it flow through or I won’t feel right and when I do it is like a huge release that centers and clears me.

Can you see and feel the difference between the energies in this photo of me below at our first trail vista on Grand View Point and the one above on Whale Rock?

tania view

After our first day of exploring felt complete, we said our goodbyes for now to Canyonlands, as we won’t be back until next weekend, since the drive is too far for us during our half work/play days during the week.

So we’ll be off to Arches exploring until then.

us whale.jpg

We then drove into Moab to pick up some groceries and found an amazing little treasure of a natural grocery store there – Moonflower Community Cooperative. I loved the name right away and then got so giddy with all the wonderful all organic produce, vegan, raw, etc. goodies in this store. What a treat!

One thing that makes me really happy is good food and lots of fun variety and options.

We stocked up indeed and will return.

Today was a reminder of revisiting our dreams and intents and asking ourselves if they reflect the shifting energies within us and if they are big enough.

Dare yourself to take down the walls around your hopes and intents to allow for greater possibilities.

Allow yourself the vulnerability of exposing your heart’s dreams to All That Is that loves you and won’t judge you for the things you wish.

The expansiveness of Canyonlands and the giant Whale Rock reminded me to go bigger.

And just as time has been needed to erode these lands and formations, so too might it take time for us to manifest, but that isn’t reason to stop dreaming, or to give up, as along the journey many other things will manifest and you and your dreams will take on continuously new forms that will be equally as magnificent every step of the way.

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” ~Lao Tzu


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