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Afterglow Reflections of the Full Moon

Yesterday’s Full Moon carried some lovely and powerful energy.

How did you experience the energies merging into your life?

Hopefully you took the opportunity to set intentions, create sacred ritual, perhaps a Reiki Healing Attunement or two (for all of you out there who know how to do those), did something special and nurturing for yourself, allowed yourself to dream and imagine bigger than ever, or simply immersed yourself in the waves of energy and Nature all around you.

In the afterglow of yesterday’s illuminating Super Moon – which was stunning in the night sky here – golden, huge, and at one point sitting atop a mantle of clouds, as if on a pedestal amidst the otherwise clear night sky – I am sitting in reflection and gratitude, while integrating my experiences.

For myself, I was blessed to experience sweet surprises, heart-warming messages, conclusions, invitations, challenges and ease, integration, mysticism, and lots of magick indeed.

I was feeling a deepness and lots of gratitude, even when things appeared one way on the outside, but were telling of something more on the inside.

diablo brussels sprouts

Baby “Diablo” Brussels Sprouts on the way

arcadia broccoli

A second round of Arcadia Broccoli bursting forth

I made discoveries in my garden of new growth emerging.

I completed another special sacred tattoo design co-creation – each being so unique.

Nurtured myself with some beach relaxation where I finished reading a favorite book of mine for the second time that left me in tears of rich openness.

raven beach

When magick is near, Raven appears. ..the magickal forces are presenting themselves, reminding of our power to create alchemy in our lives

Had a Raven visitor stop by my beach towel bringing magick medicine with him.

spider web3spider webspider web5And later, by the moonlight of the Super Moon, stopped to watch Spider weave her web of life.

I know that others may not see the gifts in things the way I do or hear the messages as they whisper to me.

I know that I have a different approach, mind, and way of feeling that aren’t always understood.

But I do know that I love how I experience life, as it brings me great joy and sense of inner peace.

So even if that means I’m the only one experiencing it as such, that to me doesn’t take away from the value of my experience, nor will it stop me from continuing to be who I am.

As ultimately, if you are following your heart’s truth, hold intention that all things are for the highest good of all concerned, and do no one harm, then nothing else matters.

Planting Seeds of Intention

butterfly11Yesterday, the next piece of the journey showed up and began manifesting.

As I’ve mentioned, we decided to move forward into the reality we want to create even though we don’t know how the rest of the pieces will come together.

I just knew that if we did, they would. And they ARE!

butterfly16It’s important to take actions in support of your intentions and not just sit back waiting. That said, it’s also important to make those moves in aligned timing with the energy presenting itself, following the rhythm of natural flow.

When you receive the signs and messages, feel the nudge or tug, or feel your intuition subtly or loudly guiding you forth, it’s time to take a step.

So when you ask for something you need to also engage it on your own end.

And when you want something you need to be aware that your mind and ego will run amuck giving you every reason why this, that, or the other thing needs to be in place before you do anything – inevitably holding you back and losing opportunities that keep presenting themselves because they aren’t appearing in the form you’ve attached to as being ideal and yet ARE in fact ideal and for the highest good, but you’re too fixated on controlling it.

butterfly9Anyway, I knew the timing was now for beginning the new adventure and getting the RV. And so we got it when the alignments lit up, and immediately rented the house on a 3 year lease and moved forward.

The rest of when and how didn’t need to be known in my book. I absolutely knew that things were aligned…I have been so strongly living the new reality in embodiment in all ways. And so this was the physical step to take to get the rest in motion.

And since, things have been lining up one by one.

butterfly8We also, just a week and a half ago, reserved the RV spot at the beach park here we’ll be living in until the next pieces fall into place, giving time for adjustment and integration into the new lifestyle and providing time for the animal companions to get comfortable.

And now the rest of the pieces are starting to show up.

butterfly6Yesterday was a big day for an integral piece of the puzzle to present itself and fall into place.

Without going into details, as I can’t, 50% of the last part came together, unofficially at first, (in a way I knew possible, but was quite surprising for Dave and would be a “wow!” factor for many indeed) and shed very exciting light on the last 50% potentially happening very soon – sooner than maybe would have been thought and that means that the adventure of traveling the U.S., Canada, and Mexico may begin not long after moving out, as opposed to perhaps taking several months.

So when I said I wouldn’t be here that long, I meant it!

butterfly5Right now move out and in to RV is October 15th. The final departure date from the area is still a specific unknown, but now is looking to be not long after that. Date to be announced. It at first was completely an unknown with total openness of perhaps even months, but now it is closing in and could be as soon as end of year or before! We will see! I just know it will be perfect, regardless.

It’s been about patience and continuing to move forward…not trying to control, sending energy for the highest good of all concerned, and believing without doubt it was happening.

When I got word yesterday that things were looking like they were happening quite quickly and magickally, I was just about to go out front and plant more Sunflower seeds all around.

And so I used that as opportunity to both literally and symbolically plant seeds of intention.

butterfly4I brought my fresh seeds I’d retrieved from the two giant Sunflowers that had bloomed and passed already, along with some more of my Heirloom seeds outside, with a watering can, and my gloves and went at it.

It was so hot I could barely sit on the cement or walk on it, but I managed to hang in there to get the job done.

With each seed I planted, I actively stated my intentions in conjunction with the news I’d just heard that possibly was happening, to support them into manifestation. I then watered all of my seeds/intentions to help them grow. The Sun was in full effect, so the light of life itself was igniting the activation of these intents.

This act of connecting my intentions with an actual ritual is something I do all the time in varying ways. It makes the process more potent and integrates it deeply, plus connects me with the divine rhythm and harmony of nature.

butterfly10While I was seeding, a lovely butterfly friend decided to appear right next to me on the Bougainvillea and just wanted to hang out. At first she was just sitting very present with me amidst the leaves and then at the end began pollinating the blossoms.

butterfly19This seemed symbolic of being present and patient with the journey, making sure to take time for rest and taking things in. And then her act of pollination was the alchemy of creation.

I did not have my cell phone/camera with me, as I was simply working in the front garden, but when I was done with seeding one side and just sat with the butterfly for a while, I got the distinct feeling she wanted to be seen in a bigger way to share her messages with others.

butterfly17Butterfly medicine is quite wonderful…bringing magick, transformation, joy, and promise to the seeds I was literally and symbolically planting. Butterfly was given to me as my life path symbol when I first began my conscious spiritual journey…so this was a lovely nudge, and I’ve enjoyed that each time I go out into the garden I’m greeted by a butterfly. I have a white butterfly that has a very ethereal quality that comes to me out back, and also a giant Swallowtail that appears daily.

So I went inside to get my cell/camera and returned to find her still just hanging out, waiting for me. And mind you I didn’t go fast either.

butterfly2I started snapping photos of her (she was so lovely and my artist’s eye just couldn’t get enough of the images they saw – they are laced throughout this post) and she seemed to dance into different positions in the light and shadows, amidst the blossoms and leaves, posing for me.

butterfly13She didn’t mind me being an inch or two away from her with my hands. She was never worried I’d do anything and just sat very still. I had the instinct feeling she would have come on my hand, but I also didn’t feel it was necessary.

I rather just share energy and a close partnership where I respected our mutual independence and choice to be together sharing the same space very intimately.

butterfly21And so she lingered quite a long that in fact I ended up leaving her first, as I wanted to complete the planting of seeds on the other side. So I got up and left to do so, and I noticed when I turned to look back at her, she had disappeared.

Cool synchronicities happened after I returned inside.

I went to go back to my work and saw that I had a message on Facebook. So I went on to read it. When I did, my feed showed me a photo and quote I had posted two years ago that day.

butterfly3And what do you know? It was a photo of me with a giant butterfly on my finger (taken in Cancun, Mexico back in 2006), as I’m blowing it a kiss.

The quote I had shared with it was:

“There are many things that seem impossible only so long as one does not attempt them.” ~André Gide

And here is the photo:tania butterfly

Talk about being in the zone!!

Then I went to read the message and it was from my sweet Pisces Faery Brother in Seattle who was sending me good wishes and magick, in his shared excitement about my upcoming adventure, and asking me some questions about the RV.


I then was texting with my Faery sis, Laura, sharing the news. She is also experiencing the same manifestations, openings, and pieces unfolding in her life, just in her own relative ways – we did after all do some big time activating when we visited in person back in May 😉

I discovered that my message went to her at 1:11 my time – 4:44 her time! And she chimed in noticing at 1:44 my time.

butterfly12A couple of hours later I got word that the “unofficial” piece became official, hence locking in being half way there with the last pieces needed.

Plant the seeds and they grow!

I decided to do a Reiki Healing Attunement (again, I’ll reiterate to anyone who has learned these – if you aren’t using this tool you really are missing out on a powerful gift you have at your fingertips) for the rest of the 50% to come together officially and added a few other goodies in as well….of course adding “for the highest good of all concerned” and using my ritual mantra that opens me/everyone involved to something even better, not being attached to it happening any one certain way.

And I was so excited that I decided to treat myself to some special gifts, ordering them as celebration and to lock in the next portion energetically.

I had been lingering for several weeks on whether or not to get them for several reasons, and I realized that they represented my essence I was wanting to embody more of, in all ways. So, I took the plunge and literally felt this joyous ease and excitement right away, as well as an energetic shedding of skin take place that was going to reveal the new that much more quickly.

butterfly14I’ve planted many seeds of intention over time and with every experience I continue to learn how to integrate the process more deeply and naturally…so that it is becoming a seamless dance of life with Earth and Cosmos, and literally “creating life as a work of art,” as my personal motto goes.

The more we listen and follow the flow of energy moving through, in and around us, the more easily life becomes to navigate, understand, partner in the creative manifestating of, and all done with more grace and natural harmony.

When the energy calls…I heed the call – no matter what that means in terms of the way life may need to look like. I just need to show up and realize it is always reflecting my truth and deepest heart’s joy when I get out of its way.

This is just another reason why a daily connection to nature in some way where you form an intimate relationship and understanding of her reflections and mutual giving and receiving you can share in honor of how they move you into living, is important and invaluable.

Also, creating sacred ritual around your life on a daily basis and inviting it in when you are wanting to create things in your life can be so powerful.

I see everything as a sacred process and relationship, even if that simply is with myself – the most sacred relationship there is.

Life is a walking meditation, as I always say.

If you have an intention you want to manifest, think of ways you can deeply connect that to a sacred process where you are mutually giving and receiving and connects you to the nature of life itself.

You may find that planting some seeds in your own garden of life will open you to a magickal realm of living and invites a divine partnership to blossom where limits are only possible to the extent you don’t dream, believe, and imagine.butterfly15

Celebrating the Old & the New as One ~ The Natural Cycle of Closure & New Beginnings

In yesterday’s last Reiki workshop I’ll be hosting from this lovely space I’ve called home now for nearly four years, the group of souls that joined and the energy we shared together really provided a beautiful, fun, invigorating, and perfect closure to all that has been cultivated, integrated, shared, received, and grown while living here.

It was definitely a bitter sweet day, which much of the rest of the next almost two months will be before heading out of here into a new adventure of RV living beginning October 15th.

This home has provided a wonderful sanctuary space, which we’ve had privilege to call home.

And I’m happy to share, however, that the spirit of Reiki will live on in this amazing sanctuary home that has provided us peace and support for all the things in our lives we’ve been creating, as the wonderful family/friends renting from us are both trained Reiki Master Teachers that I’ve had honor to teach and will continue teaching from this space. Yay!

And not only that, but this lovely couple and their two sweet and tuned in children will continue with the care-taking of the garden, Garden Tower, and all of the lovely fruit trees, plants, and flowers we’ve nurtured here. Plus will add some more of their own. I hear a pomegranate tree is in the works. 😉

This home has been the sacred container for so much in my life in terms of expansion, deepening, and opening to my most truest nature ever. I can only imagine what will evolve from the next mobile abode.

So while yesterday was a wonderful affirmation for the souls who all came and chose to say “yes” to living a more gracious, magickal, and empowered life, it was also a blessed affirmation of the “yes” I’ve chosen to say to another experience of life on a whole new level myself.

After everyone left yesterday I took a refreshing shower to “cool off” from all the energy and spent the evening until dinner enjoying the backyard and garden.

back patioThat’s my favorite grounding and integrating spot after teaching high vibed classes.

Yesterday’s incredible group of people really activated a lot. Our internal furnaces were on fire and everyone left feeling so pumped up.

It’s all so exciting, wonderful, special, connective and yes…magickal to be a part of that journey with people and observe the life-enhancing transformations that take place. I love seeing people’s eyes light up and faces beaming from the light within.

How can you not fall in love with each soul and life itself when you get to see and experience that miracle?

Last evening and this morning I wandered the front and back yard to check on all the new growth taking place.

Alongside the amazing sunflowers out front that have blossomed, I have found so much more that is beginning to really take off, and in some cases also about ready to be enjoyed, including more lovely pickling cucumber blossoms.pickling cucumbers

It’s like all of the plants are seeing me off with a bang and not only are mirroring the big changes and new beginnings, but also that all things are possible with patient, loving care, nurturing, and unwavering belief.

My Garden Tower is looking amazing and will provide several harvests before I leave. The loquat and persimmon tree are abundant so I’ll see them get close to readiness. The plumeria are all flowering and all of the seeds I planted out front have grown into healthy little plants that will continue on. I just planted some more sunflower seeds to see if they sprout before heading out. (hehe that rhymes!) 😉

applesThe apple tree is LOADED with fruit so much so that the limbs are bowing down to touch the Earth. So it definitely appears I’ll be getting a bunch of apples before moving out of the house.

And another mystery guest made an appearance.

tangerineWell hello surprise hidden tangerine #3! I discovered a third totally out-of-season tangerine on our tangerine tree that is also going to be ready to enjoy before moving out. They aren’t supposed to come until February, but like me they are going against the grain and proving anything is possible.

New beginnings are blossoming everywhere. I love seeing the fruits of my labor growing.

And so much is already in gear for when I return from my three month sabbatical, as December is already quite filled with a continuation of work, but also new focuses.

I’m preferring to stay focused on the now however, as things can and will constantly evolve if the flow is followed rather than trying to create against that, or try to jump ahead too fast.

So, one-by-one I’m focused right now on finalizing the rest of my work as I’ve done with my last workshops, finishing out with still a hand full of designs and last coaching sessions. And then focusing on the fun of cleaning out fully (I so love that part), selling and letting go of everything but the essentials, and handling all the details of the move.

Then it’s Tania time!!

I can’t wait to work on my own creative projects, especially my writing, as a story has been channeling through and sitting in my crown’s storage bank for when I can fully immerse in the realm I’ll need to go.

Having the uninterrupted, full focus will provide me the ability to create a lot and write the full book. I’m not sure how many other projects I’ll get through during my time “off” – which simply means not working for others, and only working for myself – as I have a lot of things knocking at my heart’s door. However, without anything else pulling at my energy, I can accomplish quite a bit.

But I have promised and assured myself that I’ll continue with their focus as long as needed. And I’m also being shown glimpses of where I’m to focus thereafter.

It’s been a little bit odd living in two realities at once…one that is ending and one that is beginning, but it’s also been exciting and helpful in fueling it all and finally has become more natural and easy than it was at first.

Peace with the old has fueled invigoration of the new and invigoration of the new has created peace with the old….simultaneously.

While the mind wants to rush through it all and speed up the process, which only creates frustration, it’s been more helpful to allow both realities their fullness as they are one and the same, connected, and necessary to the natural cycles.

Much like nature and the plants and animals innately know….it’s a continuous and fully connected experience that only takes place by journeying the full cycle with embrace and trust in the eternal fluidity of consciousness and new creative sparks of life that always are within every experience.

Health Benefits of Gardening

How gardening supports overall well-being and is “a metaphor for life.”

Goes along with my post:

Nature does a body good!

Thanks for sharing Laura ❤

Laura Bruno's Blog

Via Off The Grid News, this short video shares some very cool information:

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Growing Your Own Food Is A Powerful Metaphor For Your Life ~ Maxing Out My Garden Tower & Birthing The New

garden tower2

One angle view of my Garden Tower – it swivels fully around to ensure all plants receive equal sunlight time. This is after having already heavily harvested things.

I think I’ve likely won the prize for maxing out a Garden Tower, but who knows? Perhaps others have gone a bit plant crazy with all the excitement of growing some of Nature’s goodness.

If I counted correctly, my Garden Tower now is home to 96 plants! LOL!

While that may not be the “right” gardening protocol, it sure is working for me and I keep learning as I go along simply by experimenting, following my intuition, and through actual hands-on experience…valuable ways to really learn and grow.

If everything we do is a mirror of us, I guess the abundant maxing out of my Garden Tower reveals to you what has been birthing inside of me ready to blossom – A LOT!

garden tower

Another view of the Garden Tower

My plants are thriving and happy and somehow, without any gardening know-how and knowledge, I’ve been cultivating quite the little mini garden of a variety of fresh goodness. They go through their challenges, but then I adjust things and they shift in return.

habanero peppers

Habanero Peppers are going crazy

tomatoes and peppers

Top of the Garden Tower loaded with goodies

Some of the newer additions include Blue Lake Pole Beans, Japanese Cucumber, Red and Green Bell Peppers, Habanero Peppers to add to my three other spicy varieties, and Pablo Lettuce, Celebrity and Roma Tomatoes to add to my varieties of each of those.

pablo lettuce

Pablo Lettuce – these were super yum and I’ve gotten 2 harvests from them in the last couple of days with more on the way

I constantly have a little or large harvest of veggies, which is always so fulfilling to enjoy and know that I’ve cared for, honored, and shown gratitude to each of them for their blessings.

lettuce and peppers

One of my harvests of Pablo Lettuce, Serrano Peppers, Cayenne Long Slim Hot Peppers, and a Jalapeno

I know many of you have been interested to watch my journey with my Garden Tower, before jumping in yourself. So if you’re waiting I say jump!

You won’t regret it and it will add to your quality of life on many levels, not just providing you organic, non-gmo nutrients for your body, but also overall well-being as you spend time with Nature and develop a deeper relationship to yourself and Earth through the experience.

Once again, if I can do it, anyone can, as it REALLY IS easy and you can have one anywhere there’s sunlight hitting a corner of your balcony, patio, or yard.

garden tower3

Another view of the Garden Tower

I don’t have a lot of extra time in my life with the creative projects and life transitions I’m making, so I opted for something easy, but that actually created more balance and time, giving me an extra excuse to get down and dirty with my hands, feet, and sometimes legs and butt in the dirt (I’m usually wearing a short sundress) when I’m in planting mode and have all the soil on the ground under and around me. I get really messy before I clean up. 🙂

And every time I go outside to work with, or check on, my plants, it never fails that my White Butterfly friend is there to greet me. The first time it was a full on dance and like an invocation of mystical energy between us that lasted a long time. And ever time thereafter has been shorter little acknowledgements just letting me know she is there, watching over me and the plants, and is happy about what I am doing. She will stop on a plant for a length of time so that we can get a good look at each other and then she flutters around me and disappears.

There are many other insects that like to come and greet me too and I get to see my worms now and then in the Garden Tower – all happy and well-nourished, as they take care to support my plants.

I hope you enjoy these little updates and that they might inspire you on some level to try your hand at growing your own food. Even if that means a few potted plants, a Garden Tower, a full on garden or greenhouse, or you decide to dig deeply into permaculture and more.

You can even try planting a few seeds somewhere and watch as they grow and blossom from your care.

I know I’ve enjoyed that both in my Garden Tower and out front. I have Moonflowers and Malabar Spinach starting to flourish, and of course my amazing Heirloom Mammoth Greystripe Sunflowers that have blossomed right in time to see me off.


My two Sunflowers in bloom

My second 41-inch Sunflower blossomed today, right on cue as I knew she would. She still has a few little demure petals shyly still unfolding, but I now have two beautiful blossoms welcoming the sun and anyone that passes by with their warmth and cheer.


My second tallest Sunflower revealing herself

As you plant your seeds, realize that they mirror the intentional seeds you plant in your own life and how you nurture, cultivate, and care for them will determine what blossoms into manifestation.

Gardening is a good metaphor for life and the cultivation of your dreams. As have I found the same to be true of the caring for my animal companions and the cultivation of our relationship.


My first Sunflower keeps getting more beautiful by the day…in full glory here

Your connection with Nature in all her glorious forms will enrich, enhance, and deepen the relationship you have with yourself and what you share with the world.

It’s All About the Peppers! ~ Spicy Anyone?

Every morning I go out to check on how my babies are doing in the Garden Tower.

I’ll be harvesting some more variety of Lettuce, Kale, Chard, Arugula, Parsley, Italian Oregano, Rosemary, Chives, Basil, a few Golden Cherry Tomatoes, Peppermint, Chocolate Mint…AND a variety of peppers later today!

serranoI’ve gone a bit pepper crazy, as I recently added five Bell Pepper plants to my Heirloom Jalapeno Peppers, Cayenne Long Slim Hot Peppers, and Serrano Peppers.

I love SPICY! And the Faeries must have heard me on that, as I wondered if these peppers would actually BE spicy, or spicy enough, as I’ve tasted a lot of so-called spicy peppers and freshly cut raw ones that were, well, eh!

But not MY Jalapeno Peppers…OH BOY! They ARE S-P-I-C-Y!

jalapenoYay! Thank you Faery friends for aiding with your magick.

I harvested a few a couple of weeks ago and have another awaiting. Along with my Cayenne Long Slim Hot Peppers, which I’ve been waiting to turn red, and my Serrano Peppers, I’m anticipating some spicy stuff there too. I guess I’ll find out later today.

cayenneI’ll have to figure out some kind of “hot” dish (Mexican or Spicy Thai? hmmmm) with these or garnish to a salad from all the rest of the yums coming in today.

Fellow spicy lovers, I know you share in the excitement about this.

For those of you preferring mild, this likely will push your limits.

Flowers & Fruit ~ Lessons of Life Reflected

Thought is the blossom, language the bud, action the fruit behind it. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


It’s all about stopping to smell the gardenias here…time in my garden and with my plant spirit friends has enriched my life.


This beautiful broccoli bouquet made it into last night’s pasta creation. It was so beautiful I didn’t want to eat it. I purposely let some of the flowers bloom before harvesting, as I learned how the flowers are the most nutrient rich parts and actually a delicacy. So we ate it as a whole. The little flowers are deliciously sweet tasting.


The plumeria are in bloom and as you can see there are a bunch of buds about to blossom. These two leaders decided to burst forth first and are like protective sentinels to the baby buds awaiting maturity.


Perfect five-pointed star center of the plumeria – reminds me of our starfish friends.

tangerine surprise

Guess what? I wrote a post about the giant, hidden, surprise tangerine that we found a week or two ago that symbolized anything being possible since it is over half a year off-season! Well…I just discovered another one that is getting ready. As you can see in the photo there are other tiny tangerines all over the tree getting ready for February, but this big momma (hard to tell in photo) is already starting to turn and will likely be ready in a few weeks. Crazy little tangerines!

oranges and plums2

Our plum tree is doing absolutely fantastic! It went from a tiny little stark branchy tree to a lush and large tree yielding tons of plums. These were just a few yesterday that literally fell off the tree. And as you can see, this is a special little plum tree that likes to produce a lot of heart-shaped plums. I also got these four big oranges from the yard too, with others soon to come. Sweetness abound!

Homegrown Yum for Me and the Buns

yesterday's harvest

Yesterday’s heaping harvest bowl

It’s been so much fun and so rewarding to be able to grow and eat our own food. While I may not have some huge garden, I do have one that is perfect for my level of time and commitment, as well as our needs.

Thank you Laura for your inspiration. I so honor the commitment you have to creating your piece of Heaven on Earth with your amazing garden.

For us, between the low maintenance fruit trees and bushes, herbs, flowers, lush greenery, and now my Garden Tower, the garden supplies us with a perfect little supply of goodness that the whole family can enjoy. And I only take as much as I need daily and there seems to be exactly that amount ready so far, as in 2 strawberries at a time that are ripe – one each for the bunnies and at start a couple more for us.


This morning’s strawberries for Joy and Cosmo

This will of course increase over time, but it’s perfect for our needs, while also providing a channel for Nature nurturing and reverence time that tends to both Mother Earth and ourselves through that loving engagement.


Cosmo enjoying his fresh veggies – parsley and carrot tops from the garden with some cilantro (mine is still sprouting) and dandelion greens from Mother’s Market. Soon I’ll have more for them, as I’m going to plant some extras.

One of my specific intents for the Garden Tower, which I told the bunnies when I first got it, was to grow fresh veggies for them – all their favorites like parsley, cilantro, carrot greens, strawberries…. And I’m doing just that!


Joy munching away on her garden parsley

Just yesterday, the Garden Tower yielded a big bunch of parsley and carrot tops for them.

I haven’t had the Garden Tower for very long and within about 2 months, and in some cases less, I’ve already been harvesting a bunch of good stuff.

lettuce and rosemary

Fresh mix of lettuces including Petite Rouge along with fresh Rosemary for our salads

I’ve been enjoying the afternoon breaks saying hi to my plants, watering, pruning, planting new seeds…

I love the smell of the fresh plants, especially the tomato plants that remind me of our garden when I was a little girl. We used to have tons of giant tomato plants, eggplants, you name it! And I remember my grandparents from France coming to visit for the Summers and working our front and backyard, as well as the garden and then mom and meme (my grandmother) cooking up my favorite eggplant dish. Mmmmmmm! I do remember the frightful giant tomato worms though. They were a bit scary 🙂


My first Heirloom Anaheim Pepper, which will find its way into tonight’s dinner – there are a bunch more getting ready soon

Luckily all is well with the Garden Tower and although I have the occasional raccoon or opossum critter coming to share some of the strawberries, and a family of birds that like to sit on the very tall branches of the Mesculun Mix Lettuce and bend them, it’s a harmonious circle of life. Even the bees and butterflies are around, as well as the worms, caterpillars, and spiders.

homegrown veggies

Another harvest of lettuce including Mesculun mix, more chives (I got some for my cheezy quinoa kale burger patties on Summer Solstice too), basil, sweet little Paris Market Carrots (I love these bite size morsels perfect for salads or casserole or curry additions, plus the stem greens are then food for the bunnies), and a big bunch of parsley that went to rabbit tummies.

And I’m excited about the surprises growing out front. I went a little seed crazy after my first round didn’t take so well, throwing a bunch of seeds around. Then suddenly late bloomers came out from the first round and now a bunch of new sprouts are popping out. I have at least 15 flowering plants beginning to grow in the front by the garage, which includes Sunflowers, Moonflowers, Red Malabar Spinach, and a variety of perhaps Orange California Poppies, and garden and butterfly flower mixes. Super fun!


My first little Heirloom Sun Gold Tomatoes – cherry sized! So sweet and love their little 5-pointed star tops. A bunch of tomatoes are still to come, as they’re all getting close!

I’m going to pick up a few more things or the Garden Tower this week, as I want to replace some things and add.

Again, it’s not hard to do this, as I know absolutely nothing about it and it doesn’t take a lot of time either. Although I promise you that the time you do spend will be rewarding and you will look forward to every day and loving your plants into blossom.

heart plum

A perfect heart-shaped plum from our tree. Love being mirrored from Nature. ❤

There is a Faery gardener, farmer, Earth lover, and life nurturer in all of us. You can choose what supports your needs best, but don’t neglect your time deepening your relationship with Mother Nature.

The Plants, Trees, Earth, Water, Air, Sun, Moon, Animals, Minerals, Stones, Crystals….all reflect the Nature of You. I can’t tell you how your time spent with any or all of these will enhance your life and bring us collectively back to natural harmony.


My perfect little Gardenia that has front row honor on my desk right next to me and my Crystal friends. Oh the fragrance!! Totally intoxicating. Totally something to be grateful for.

When ever I need an unplug and recharge, I know what supports that the most. Nature time. One of my favorites being snuggling and playing with the bunnies, but also just sitting on the deck listening to the birds and smelling the flowers, or having a check-in with the new growth each day that mirrors my own.

Garden Tower Update ~ Joyous Abundance Flourishes!


Sun Gold Heirloom Tomatoes

I thought I’d share some photo updates of what’s happening with the Garden Tower and in the garden in general. Since I know nothing about gardening, this is my way of sharing how possible IT IS for ANYONE to grow their own food and create their own sacred garden sanctuary in whatever small space you may have to work with. Even if that means simply a small window area or balcony.

garden sanctuary

Our garden sanctuary at sunset

I love waking up each morning to go see what magick has taken place with my plant friends. Everyday is a new surprise, including finding that I’m not the only one who cherishes the strawberries when they are ripe for the picking, as it appears either our raccoon or opossum friend also eagerly awaits just when the strawberries are ready to share in the bounty. That’s okay, as we’ve created the garden to share with not only us and the bunny loves, but to welcome in more of our critter friends and create a space we offer in harmony to all – including, of course, the Faeries.


My beautiful gardenias flourishing in the violet rays – my favorite fragrant flower! Sunflowers are my favorite flower


Garden Tower

I hope you enjoy these photo updates that reveal the abundance that is flourishing here. I took them right after a good watering, so everything is fresh in moist nurturing, with some lovely light playing magickally here and there with these gifts of nature. So grateful!



Garden Tower from the other side

cilantro sprouts

Cilantro sprouting


Grace of the Gardenias


Gardenia beauty


Lovely Gardenias


The Gardenia bush starting to bloom and with bunches of buds about to awaken


Not knowing plants that much, I’d been wondering what happened to my Gardenia plant. lol…then they just started blooming in the last few days. I’m about to have a plant full of my favorite fragrant flower here shortly. They are not only beautiful in their purity, but their smell is the perfect alchemy for me.


The beautiful Foxglove and Star Jasmine in the backyard garden


My two very healthy, getting tall (about 6-7 inches now) Heirloom Mammoth Greystripe Sunflowers – these I started out in my Garden Tower originally. There were three. I had to transplant them out front because they will grow too big for the Tower. In the process I lost one, but these two are doing great and are next to my two Moonflowers growing. Love the Sun and Moon energy together!

moonflower and malabar

My two Red Malabar Spinach and one of my Moonflowers together


This is my second Moonflower that it already is glowing


And this is one of my Moonflowers sprouting!


I needed to plant some new things in the front yard, so Laura also gave me some seeds that would be good for the very sunlit area that were edible, as well as matched my magickal needs – this is one of my two Red Malabar Spinach sprouting. I also just planted some Orange California Poppies, a Bring Home the Butterflies Mix of blooms, a Grandmother’s Cut Flowers Garden Mix of Blooms, and more Sunflowers out front. We’ll see how those seeds take soon.

georgia collards sprouts

Georgia Collards sprouting


Tons of cucumbers! I have both Burpless Garden Sweet and White Wonder Heirloom Cucumbers

blue scotch kale sprouts

Blue Scotch Kale sprouting

arugula sprouts

Laura gave me some seeds when I visited her that I had wanted to plant. 4 of the 5 of them have sprouted, which includes these sweet little ones – Arugula!


Arcadia Broccoli


Tiny baby tomatoes flourishing!


Tomatoes everywhere!


Long Slim Cayenne


More Strawberries!! The bunnies will be pleased 🙂


Mmmmm Strawberry babies growing everywhere!


Lots of Strawberries! I have both Loran Strawberries and Strawberry Alpine White Soul


Weeeeeeeeeeeee cucumbers!


Cucumber fun continues!


Heirloom Anaheim Peppers & Heirloom Tomatoes (either Old German or Cherokee Purple)


More Cucumbers


Heirloom Anaheim Peppers

Garden Tower Fun Begins!

garden tower projectSo, I finally got my new Garden Tower up this weekend. I had ordered it back in December, supporting the Garden Tower Project Kickstarter with this awesome venture that would help anyone anywhere to grow their own organic food.

Thanks goes to Laura Bruno, my little amazing gardening Faery, for sharing this with me when the first Garden Tower came out, which I ended up forgetting about, but then they came out with the Garden Tower 2 with new upgrades that include the ability to rotate to catch the sunshine.

Mine was shipped out in February and arrived just before I left for Iceland, so I hadn’t had time to even open the box and with all my travels and crazy schedule, it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I was able to jump in on the garden fun.

garden tower2I discovered it had actually been damaged during shipping, but the Garden Tower Project is awesome and they shipped another new one out immediately, which was perfect! So this weekend we were able to set it up and put it together.

So now for the really fun stuff in deciding which 50+ yummies I’ll be growing, then we’re off. I’m working on a list right now and researching things in my spare time.

I know I’ll be learning as I go, and will be exploring what works and what doesn’t, so there will be a lot of trial and error along the way, but will be a great way to play in some Earthy goodness, as I cultivate my little garden adventure.

I’m quite the explorer and need my life to be efficient, easy, and simple. I spend a lot of time outdoors, but don’t have that much time to garden at this point in my life, so this is the perfect way I feel that I can still enjoy getting my hands in the dirt and growing my own love-infused, organic food.

And so can you!

garden tower3Stay tuned, as I’ll be documenting this journey with updates on how this awesome little home gardening project goes.

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