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Faery Succulent Gardens

Mini Faery Succulent Gardens (2)

It’s been a very busy time, but balance is important to keep your vitality on high, so in the middle of it all I stopped to take time to create these beauties and felt to quickly share them to spread their energies of inspiration, creativity, planting seeds, manifesting intentions, magick, love, and harmony. I’m SO in love with my mini Faery succulent gardens I can’t take my eyes off of them and so I’ve surrounded myself with them! (They’re even more lovely in person) I had exactly the perfect time needed yesterday to create these magickal little sacred garden sanctuaries for our space with intention to create a more inviting energy for my Faery friends, for this Faery’s writing inspiration, and to welcome the new bunny love that will be entering my life in June. They’re created with 15″ diameter Faery garden mossy baskets, lined with succulent/cactus soil, planted with perfectly placed succulents, covered with Reindeer Moss, Clump Moss, Spanish Moss, Forest Moss, Faery Bark, Crystals, Sea Glass, Faery, Sea Turtle, Faery Portal Door, Rabbit, and sparkly Dragonflies. It was incredibly fun to get my hands in the dirt and channel these homes and playgrounds for my friends. Can’t tell you how much joy they bring me. ✨💚🌈🍃🐇🐢 I even had enough succulents to create two potted mini gardens too – one of which had a sprawling succulent growing already, but was lonely and now has friends. These are perfect, mobile, enchanted gardens for my bohemian lifestyle, need for ease and mobility, and yet satisfies the artist in me and inspires my loves and passions. Speaking of which…..back to my writing and focuses here! Enjoy!

Mini Faery Succulent Gardens (6)Mini Faery Succulent Gardens (3).jpgMini Faery Succulent Gardens (7).jpgMini Faery Succulent Gardens (4).jpgMini Faery Succulent Gardens (8).jpgMini Faery Succulent Gardens (5).jpgMini Faery Succulent Gardens (9).jpgMini Faery Succulent Gardens (1).jpg


Activating the New with Gentle Intention & Release


A little crystal grid activation and anchoring on this enchanting snowy day of the New Year.

Creating an intentional, Reki charged altar for my creative projects I choose to cultivate, nurture, and manifest for 2017.

I’m leaving the candle to burn all afternoon and evening after gently placing intents in it and releasing them for the result most aligned with greatest good at heart.

Ritual that feels natural to your essence is a symbolic and tangible way of integrating your intents with spiritual potency and focused commitment.

Anything you can do to create sacred space for things will enhance your experiences, bring greater presence to your life, help you to be more thoughtful with what you are choosing to create and with your beliefs around it, and draw in support from more resources you have available to you.

Always remember to release your intentions to All That Is, without attachment to specific outcome, but with intent for it to be for the highest good of all concerned.

You don’t have to be forceful about putting your intentions out there…you simply need to embody what that feels like to have them and to feel and believe it with all of your heart.

Then continue forward with actions that support your intentions, as you are the bridge to getting to the result most in alignment with your essence.

Creating a Sacred Sanctuary – Your Personal Space Makes a Difference

As I live a very richly symbolic life, of course I find it very important the things I choose to surround myself with on a daily basis. This includes the things I choose to wear and adorn myself with, put in my body, people I choose to surround myself with, and especially the daily work space I spend most of my time in to channel all of the creations I share with the world. I feel that it crucial to have a space that you can make your own, even if just a corner of a room, or your desk, and to decorate and surround it with the things that are energizing and supportive to you to aid in your daily inspiration and empowerment to your highest potential.

My new home is very energizing and supportive to the things I want to create more of in my life, but I am extra grateful for and in love with my sacred office/studio space I have created for myself. It is my most favorite space to date and I am enjoying the energy of all that I have surrounded myself with here. It is the first time that all of my most potent crystal friends are all in one room (minus two 150 lb crystals that we have in the dining room) and I can commune with them daily, along with specially selected pieces, statues and decor choices. Care was taken in choosing just the right ones that would be in my life, as well as with the other adornments and symbols I’ve put into the interior decoration of this very potent room.

One of which is a beautiful tapestry by artist, Nene Thomas. This tapestry is created from her limited edition painting, and she also has a new doll out called “Emerald Enticement” that was released and produced by the Bradford/Hamilton collection. (One cool synchronicity after another being that my company name is “Emerald Bridge” and I have a strong connection to the Faery realm and Dragons). This beautiful tapestry fills one wall that faces where I sit each day at my desk and drawing table and draws in both earthy and magical qualities of my beloved Faery realm. I am summoning in the Faery Queen Astranaithes who resides over my daily domain each time I sit across this portal tapestry doorway and can feel myself drawn into the magical forest realm. Earth magic is perfectly energizing for me right now and it is no wonder I was called to this tapestry piece. It is great energy for the plans of action I am intending and the wave of creations about to come forth.

Here is a cropped close up of the about 6’x10′ tapestry and a short biography description of Astranaithes from Nene’s husband, Steven C. Plagman.

“The Dragon Witch known as Astranaithes is the oldest and wisest member of her immortal race, and it is to her that all other Dragon Witches look for guidance and wisdom. No one knows for certain how long she’s been alive, for her birth pre-dates the written record, but what is known is that she was old long before the others of her kind began to emerge. It is said that “with age comes wisdom,” and that is certainly true in her case, for she has earned no less than four names among her own kind.

Astranaithes is known alternately as “The Queen of Fate”, “The Queen of Wisdom,” “The Norn Queen” and “the Oracle.” Though she could easily be a ruler among her kind as is Kaizenerimakagi, the Lord of Snows, Astranaithes has chosen instead to live a solitary existence, preferring a quiet, modest life in a hidden grotto far from civilization to the trappings of worldly power. Despite this voluntary solitude, her stature has given her great influence, and she is always willing to aid others when her help is requested, or when she senses the need.

As attuned as she is to the winds of fate, she can always sense the coming of the most powerful creature in existence: the Harbinger. It is only when a potential Harbinger emerges that she sets aside her peaceful ways and becomes more active in the shaping of events, in order to guide the Harbinger to where it must eventually go to complete its task, whatever that task may be. Furthermore, she knows better than anyone the true power of the Harbinger, and that after it emerges it is no less than a force of nature, and as such it cannot truly be controlled…it can only be stopped. To that end she also guides the opposite force of the Harbinger, the Champion, to his or her destiny, and brings them together when the fates decree.”

One corner of my office/studio sanctuary

I was just going over Feng Shui yesterday with my mom and discovered some crazy cool synchronicities with how I intuitively set up my room for the perfect supportive energy towards what I am creating. It is so amazing to uncover the magic we intuitively already know when we listen to our hearts. All the things close to my heart I have surrounding me daily in my space. And with all this supercharged energy, it sure is important to keep grounded, like yesterday’s post was about, as otherwise I’d be swirling out in the Cosmos somewhere with all the amped up energies in here! So I am anchoring some grounding techniques, meditations, earthy food choices, keeping my grounding crystals and rabbit love, Joy, near by, as well as embarking on an exciting venture of crystal and gem elixirs to add to my daily potions of balanced healing magic.

Whatever you can do to create your own sacred sanctuary really DOES make a vital difference in your daily energy that supports your intentions. What one thing can you do today, to start empowering your personal space more? It is an easy thing to do and an invaluable step that will help your desired direction.

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