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Activating the New with Gentle Intention & Release


A little crystal grid activation and anchoring on this enchanting snowy day of the New Year.

Creating an intentional, Reki charged altar for my creative projects I choose to cultivate, nurture, and manifest for 2017.

I’m leaving the candle to burn all afternoon and evening after gently placing intents in it and releasing them for the result most aligned with greatest good at heart.

Ritual that feels natural to your essence is a symbolic and tangible way of integrating your intents with spiritual potency and focused commitment.

Anything you can do to create sacred space for things will enhance your experiences, bring greater presence to your life, help you to be more thoughtful with what you are choosing to create and with your beliefs around it, and draw in support from more resources you have available to you.

Always remember to release your intentions to All That Is, without attachment to specific outcome, but with intent for it to be for the highest good of all concerned.

You don’t have to be forceful about putting your intentions out there…you simply need to embody what that feels like to have them and to feel and believe it with all of your heart.

Then continue forward with actions that support your intentions, as you are the bridge to getting to the result most in alignment with your essence.

Continuing To Gratefully Receive Sedona’s Gifts


Since I may not blog again until next week, I thought I’d share a little update of things here at our mid-point of the two weeks we’re spending in Sedona right now.

Between very limited Wi-Fi, my focusing on my writing this week, and deepening into more embodiment of the transformations taking place here with me, this feels most aligned and nurturing.

A lot continues to release for me and become exquisitely clear, and for that I am truly grateful.

My parents came to visit this last Thursday and just left yesterday morning.20160311_180607_resized_2

We had a wonderful time connecting here in Sedona’s energy, sharing a lot, and nurturing major shifts for the four of us individually and collectively.

I even celebrated my 15 year anniversary of officially and legally changing my name on Saturday to Tania Marie (making my middle name my last name and aligning with myself fully), which felt so beautiful as a rebirthing while here, which is exactly what I first experienced when I lived here nearly 20 years ago.20160312_111005_resized

It was also the first time for my parents to return since they sold their house here in 2006, making it 10 years ago that that cycle ended and they were able to revisit things from a new perspective and experience their own expansion.

And it is nearly a perfect 19 year anniversary here shortly, that I lived here, as I moved with my parents to Sedona on March 26, 1997 and we’ll be leaving on March 20th.

I lived here for nearly 3 years at the time and my parents had their house here for nearly 10 years.

So lots of spiraling cycles we experienced.

While both my parents and I lived here there were many things we never did, since we were focused in a different way at the time with the energy. So for me, each time I’ve returned has been from a different perspective and the last two times have been about exploring all of the trails and vortexes I never did.

We have been doing a different hike or mountain biking trail every day while here and will continue so this week, heading off right after I post this actually, on today’s hike.

But my parents also got to do a couple of hikes, which was a first for them and it was fun holding my mom’s hand and assisting and guiding her up and down steep, rocky areas. I was really proud of them both, especially my mom, for welcoming the experience.

20160311_174903_resized_1We also for the very first time took a Pink Jeep tour, which we never did in all of these 20 years since first moving here. It’s like the most popular thing that visitors do here, but it took this trip for us to decide to try it.20160311_172518_resized_1

And we chose an amazing tour of Broken Arrow, which goes behind the Elephant Buttes, Chapel Rock, and Madonna and Child, on the opposite side of where we used to live.20160311_172732_resized

20160311_172826_resized20160311_173137_resizedSo it was really cool to get the back perspective we never saw, as well as visit Submarine Rock that we climbed out on, and a sink hole.20160311_180331_resized

Our guide, PJ, was also amazing and perfect being such a child at heart and a plethora of information. He played with us a bunch and indulged my loving all the crazy stunts he did with the jeep and making it the fun and wild ride I love. And a crazy ride it was going up and down steep rocks and a place called Devil’s steps. Weeeeeeeeeeee!20160311_175649_resized_1

We also were so fortunate to have an amazing sunset while we were on this tour.20160311_181250_resized

20160311_183402_resized20160311_183528_resized20160311_183701_resizedThere were just so many incredible things that have been aligning and gifting us. What a blessing!

Our guide, PJ, also took these two super fun photos of us with my cell camera, having us follow his instructions while we giggled, and put my phone on a mode I never knew I had!!

Here you see the four of us duplicated, which was done by us running in circles at his command of calling out our numbers.20160311_180812_resized

And here you see a super symbolic photo that I love…where he wanted me to play two parts of myself…the innocent, sweet child, and the mischievous, darker side.20160311_181001_resized

I love how it turned out, as it is the light and the shadow within, integrated.

And even nature was reflecting this, as there is light on the rocks behind the innocent me and the rocks are in the shadow behind the darker me. LOL!! This is so powerful. And we all had a good laugh at these photos!

We packed a lot in, in the few days they were here and of course they also got to visit our RV park and visit with the fur babies a bunch.

Dave had to fly back to LA to be interviewed and filmed for another upcoming documentary film while they were here, so that provided a full day and a half for me to visit with mom and dad just the three of us.

We had a lot of fun and being that I won’t see them for a long time again, until/unless they come out to visit us again at one of our destinations we will be at, it was really nice to have this time with them in a place so special for us.

20160312_144103_resizedWe enjoyed the day exploring, including a drive up the canyon and checking out the Indian artistry.

We each purchased some Navajo Indian jewelry from the outdoor markets where they sell their handwork at. Both of my parents got a turquoise ring – my dad got a “Sleeping Beauty” turquoise, which comes only from this area that he has had a huge shift from his connection with the stone and how he said it draws him into the cosmos within him.

My mom gifted me a beautiful aqua agate pendant with two silver spirals on it that I love. The spirals mirroring all of the ancient symbolism I’ve been seeing at the Intaglios and Petroglyphs.

And I purchased a simple copper ring with bear and bear paw symbols all around it because along with sea turtles that keep showing up, bears are too in my dreams and visions.

I had a recent dream of me with a brown bear where it was so drawn to me, playing with me, and not wanting to be away from me. A change from the black bears I was interacting with, moving into the grizzly bears….so that seems significant and integrating parts within myself in a dancing partnership. I love the symbolism of bear and the strength they impart. So the ring signifies the strength I’ll be supported in having for the next leg of my new journey.

My parents got to connect with all of our babies, as I mentioned, and this time I wanted to document the connecting for them, as you never know what time may bring and how much there is remaining.20160312_095139_resized_2

20160312_094727_resized_2I know my mom will cherish having these photos because of how much she adores them and will miss them.20160314_101859_resized_2

20160314_102138_resized_2It’s so fun to see dad with them too and how much our male cat, Boojum loves my dad, always jumping in his lap and purring as loudly as a panther.20160312_094650_resized_2

I also got to spend Sunday morning with my dear and special friend Dawn of Reiki Dawn, which was extremely cherished by us both. We shared a meal I prepared of vegan tofu scramble that had a Mexican flare to it with toast and blackberry jam, trying out a new Tahitian vanilla hazelnut tea I’d just picked up.

We both felt like we were in a time warp that extended time, as our two hours felt so much longer together and indeed was activating and reiterating for us both in sharing so many similarities we were experiencing and feeling for what is to come.

It was wonderful to have her meet the babies too and get to hold Cosmo. Joy and Cosmo have been connecting with Dawn for some time and so it was very sweet to have them engage together in person. Dawn shared that upon leaving she felt like she’d received an energetic upgrade….oh those Reiki Master Teacher Power House Bunnies at work!!

Dawn came to see why we nick-named Joy, Tiny, and Cosmo, Tiny Tim. She said that it’s incredible how tiny they are, but have such big energies. I said, “I know”…thinking of Nestor and how it was the same with her. It’s amazing how they get into those little, fragile bodies with such a huge presence.

Another very cool synchronicity was that we both exchanged gifts that were meaningful and synchronous to us each and the card that Dawn gave me had a large swallowtail butterfly on it.

That became significant because later that day we went hiking at Bell Rock, making a loop around the entire rock with my parents when Dave arrived back from LA.

And on our hike a huge swallowtail flew through us and later that evening we went to a pretty amazing restaurant called Mariposa (butterfly) where there was butterfly symbolism everywhere, as well as this swallowtail out front to take a photo with.

I couldn’t resist, as this was all so symbolic for me in a huge way.

For all of us, being our last meal together to celebrate before my parents left, it was symbolic of the transformations that took place.

And for me, it echoed what first took place for me in Sedona 20 years ago.

Butterflies were huge for me and showed up everywhere I turned. Several years before moving to Sedona I’d received that the butterfly was the symbol for my path in life.

And because of the huge transformation I went through while living in Sedona and the butterfly medicine all around me, I got my very first tattoo to mark this meaning in my life while living there.

So my first tattoo was done in Sedona, and was a butterfly.

And now this photo revealing the butterfly me emerging. LOL!


On our hike that same day we were connecting a lot with Cosmic energies in our discussions and what was being revealed to us in the rocks as well, including this dimensional looking stargate rock and the one below that was like a giant skull that at the right end had the head and face of a Native Indian human and on the left end had the head and face of an extraterrestrial, both connected by an elongated skull – human and cosmic integrated.20160313_154241_resized

20160313_154257_resizedNo one else was on the path we took, which was not as well traveled since most people go to the other side of Bell Rock.

But on this path we came to a natural altar rock that had fallen from Bell and this became the place we created a crystal grid and then each stood at the four directions and asked Great Spirit to assist us with releasing everything and walking through a new door of experience, placing our aspirations into the grid.20160313_154057_resized

Very beautiful and powerful to share with us all together and it really anchored the energy of our time here that was also very full circle for my parents who got to revisit our old house and see how much the trees have grown, nearly hiding it from view now, and how much Sedona has changed since we lived here.

We visited the Chapel at Chapel Rock where I used to walk to as my only connection to the outside world while I lived here, to take in the energies there. I used to wave at my mom when I got to the top at the Chapel. She would wait for me to get up there from the balcony of our house where we could see each other. 🙂

20160310_170132_resizedAnd we lit a candle…one for each couple…making it there just two minutes before they closed the doors.20160310_170057_resized

To top it off, I gifted my parents a reading while they were here, just like we had just before they arrived, which was also very powerful for them and they truly enjoyed.

So, there was a lot of things experienced that were all very nurturing and supportive to each of us and all of us as a whole as well.

And even though my brother wasn’t here, he was here in spirit, as we included him in our crystal grid activation with a self-healed crystal my mom got for him to bring back with the energies imbued within it.

I’ve loved our first week here so far and now we have another week remaining to keep integrating, shifting, and embodying more.

I sense, like with my parents leaving, that it will be bitter sweet to leave Sedona, but who knows what awaits us.

We have started to look at houses and land while here to see what calls us for when we land at the closure of our adventure.

Yet the journey urges us on, as a big part of the reason for this adventure is to move the energy in our lives literally, while we explore, play, channel the new, and allow the energies to guide us to our next home when this journey feels complete.20160310_173834_resized_1

I sense some more announcements may come after this week so stay tuned, as I’ll stay tuned in with the energies to see what that is.

Lots of love to you!


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