Nature is Helping Me to Embody the New

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I thought I’d hop on briefly after being away from blogging the last ten days, just to share some of the beauty, special moments, and reflections I’ve experienced during this time. Maybe you’ve felt similar things or this little burst of nature’s inspiration may be exactly the breath of fresh air for you right now. In any event, I hope that you had a beautiful Summer Solstice, however you chose to welcome it in.

I’m still spending most of my time within the inner landscapes, but that is reflected in an increased deepening with nature and immersing even more in her realm.

This mirrors the time we lived in the Magick Bus exploring nature and National Parks for nearly a year and a half when life called me in a new direction. It’s only now that I’m getting what it all meant and where the embodiment of that change was leading.

It’s almost been like getting my feet wet again in body, from what was a resurrection of sorts from the waters of life – actually most literally. I have needed the last couple of years to reacquaint myself with things from a new perspective, which has had me dipping in and out of some things from before, tried out in the now.

Some clothes just haven’t fit, either feeling too tight or too loose – meaning they were still too tied in with the past and the energy I had completed, or they were so new that I wasn’t sure how I felt about them and hence all the extra room to explore.

It’s been a time of allowing what ever wants to move through, letting go of to-do’s, and softening the reflections so that even my process with things doesn’t mirror how I used to process stuff. Life is a soft and gentle focus now. In this way, not only will what ever the new is that comes through be different than before, but the journey will be too.

I find it important for me that nothing mirrors the past, although can weave in the possibilities it held.

It still feels very fresh and I’m only beginning to immerse, as last week was more about the surrender, continued nurturing, and letting nature guide me.

So, with Solstice ringing in Summer, there’s been a ton of outdoor activity. It started Wednesday of last week while we explored a new hike to Cascade Falls – a shorter one, but climbs technically quite a bit. That felt invigorating and perfect for allowing the flow just like the gushes of water cascading down the mountain. Both the climb and the being with the water were perfect metaphors for things.

That same day we went to Baldwin Beach – another new beach for us. There, a mother duck and her seven ducklings visited and after they explored the higher activity of people down a ways from us, they came to rest in peace in front of our umbrella. Another beautiful reflection.

Thursday was a very special day – the two year anniversary of Astrid’s coming home to me at the gateway of Solstice. That’s what these first three photos celebrate. Since Astrid is such a huge part of this new life journey for me, I felt it important to capture some beautiful moments between us in the forest portal backyard of our house.

She was a surprise to me, but as I navigate this next part of my life, Astrid is my greatest guide. Where I have no example for the new I reinvent, she emulates the potential I most admire.

tania marie (2)

I love this photo below where she and I look merged as one – almost creating a Yin/Yang effect in how her body curves into mine.

tania (4)

Solstice is a very special time of the year for me ever since three years ago my beloved bunny, Joy, transitioned through its portal on that day in a place very dear to me – Montana. She and Astrid came from the same rabbit rescue and I feel that their entering and exiting at this gateway is significant.

The Mayans celebrated Solstice for spiritual initiation and change, creating ceremony to be in harmony with the Earth and Cosmic energies.

I remember the words from my dear shaman friend Amaru in Peru, “Nokan Inti Kani” – meaning “I am the Sun.”

Solstice extends an invitation to join the Sun’s energy and connect with your Higher Self, follow inspiration and dreams, and tune inside to the alchemy of “as within, so without.”

I find nature to be that gateway for me, as are my rabbit companions, and the Cosmos.

The Solstice gateway gifted me this beautiful golden hawk feather that I’m so grateful for.



So every day since Wednesday, nature time increased with tons of mountain biking, hiking, and beach time, as well as late afternoon/evening gardening time upon returning home from the physical activity.

To say I slept well is an understatement, as the deepening into body and moving a lot of energy in a grounding way was both nourishing and took me through cycles of decharge and recharge.

Solstice saw us in Squaw Valley where I enjoyed an intentional walk in the gorgeous meadows by myself anchoring in that new while Dave enjoyed his last day of skiing on the first day of Summer. You’ll see photos below of how beautiful this area is, reminding me of both the Swiss Alps (where I haven’t yet been, but seen photos of) and adored Iceland, as well as my favorite spots in Montana.

Seventeen miles of biking along the Truckee River that day was a way to move the energy and flow like the river.

Twenty two miles of biking the next day continued moving that energy along more gorgeous vistas.

All the while during each ride, allowing visions, thoughts, and feelings to flow, as my body did the integrating.

Two back-to-back hikes to different lakes Sunday followed by a vegan potluck picnic provided continued anchoring and as I said, each day I’d come home and plop myself in the garden planting perennials to create a low maintenance, inspiring, and beautiful backdrop that blends wild with a little intention.

I promised the Faeries of the land many things when moving here and I’m happy to create a special sanctuary for them to play in.



I’ll share more of the front and side gardens, as things blossom, but for now here are my beautiful Portulaca blooms that I adore!

The forest out back is in early stages of bloom, but as you can see they are already creating a welcome carpet to our home for the Faeries.

our house.jpg

I just love how the wildflowers are blooming with joy everywhere – and it’s just the beginning. They feel like a love spell on my heart.

And as you can see from the below photos of Squaw Valley meadows, the Truckee River, and Cascade Falls, there’s been an abundance of inspiration all around from Mother Earth – the best nurturer there is.












As mentioned, I’m just beginning to immerse into a new realm of exploration within, so all of these good nature vibes are very nurturing to the vulnerable parts feeling safe to come through.

Because I feel that I haven’t much example to draw upon for that new, I feel nature provides me the best template and reflection for the journey.

Cultivating the garden is also very supportive, as my heart guides its creation in reflection of me as well – mostly wild, with woven threads of cultivated pockets that create synergy and harmony.

This last Wednesday I went to my third meditation group meeting that ended in a lovely picnic dinner at the beach with everyone who joined, however I feel it will likely be my last time going (at least for now) because I’m clear my work at home is more aligned for me at this time. I did leave the group with a few book recommendations to help with the “self love” topic, so they at least have some tools for any exploration they may decide to embark on past this month’s theme.

I feel called to explore on my own for now, dipping in and out when the moment calls.

The good news is (at least to me), I feel like I’m in greater alignment with the new path I’m creating than I was before. Remember I mentioned those clothes that felt too tight or too big and loose?

Energetically the ones that felt too big are now taking root and feeling more like home.

And on the literal, tangible level, the continued cleansing of, and weeding through, my closet leaves me with what feels to be the perfect essence of a place I now feel comfortable in heading to.

What’s fascinating is that the five Portal Paintings that found their new home, only just departed from Nevada on the Solstice – Yes! The Solstice of all days! Talk about divine alignment. Even though I dropped them off a week and a half earlier, they didn’t get crated and shipped out until then and so that also feels reflective of this anchoring in and clarity beginning.

The whole wild journey to get them to that point has mirrored so much of the changes I’m going through.

I’m excited for them to arrive in their new home across the country in Athens, Georgia with their amazing co-guardian where they will be open to anyone who wants to visit and meditate/work with them. This new home is being created into a form of a mini healing center welcome to people wanting to immerse in a conscious journey. As things evolve with that, I’ll keep you posted. It’s a way that people can experience them and more, and if at some point they are ready to journey on, they will be available via that portal.

I leave you now to return to my garden so I can complete the last planting I didn’t get a chance to finish yet. It feels integral to the next phase beginning.

What I love is that although the future is unknown and the vision is yet to be seen of how things look, the journey is so much more gentle and peaceful. There are those ebbs and flows, but it’s all naturally unfolding if I listen, allow, honor, and observe.

Do you experience reflections in your life that mirror the changes you’re going through?

My guess is we all do and if we stop to observe things, we’ll see it and make those connections.

If not, how might you create intention around something – like a project, gardening, etc. – to embody the potential you’re being guided to?

It will be interesting to see where the journey leads all of us.

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:
    As a child, I spent some time in Squaw Valley/Truckee, Tahoe City area. Beautiful country!

    • Oh that’s wonderful Eliza! I don’t think I knew that. What lovely memories you must have. I’m happy to share that connection with you, although for me it’s been my experience as my inner child in an adult body living here 😉 ❤ lots of love

  2. I love reading about your process Tania. I admire your ability to listen, tune, and flow with life. You give me a good example, one I understand and value. Most people who strive to teach come off too perfect and formulaic. Thank you. May your good examples rub off on me to better listen, observe, align, and flow with life. I love the photos of you with Astrid too and what a beautiful forest home and mountain valley area you live in. It looks like a wonderful place to live and connect with nature.

    • that is one of the sweetest and most meaningful comments ever brad, especially coming from you – someone i admire and respect greatly. truly, thank YOU for sharing that and sharing yourself through your beautiful, creative, thoughtful, and kind-hearted posts. i always look forward to reading them, as you have a way of expressing the heart of things so clearly. ❤ i often don't know if what i'm sharing makes sense, since it's my own experience and often feels nebulous, but i have grown in confidence to just share anyway. so thank you so much for that reflection and the sweet words about the photos with Astrid and our home. being from boulder, i know you love and value the kind of landscapes and surroundings i do too. you're always welcome to visit! warmest hugs and a bouquet of giggles 🙂

      • Thank you dear Tania. Your posts certainly touch and inspire me. I’m grateful to know you find value in my posts. I’ve grown tired of them. I don’t feel I’m saying or expressing anything new or useful, Maybe I will find the heart path forward listening, observing, and flowing as you do. Hugs. A visit sounds wonderful. 🙂

      • aw you’re so welcome! ❤ i'm very grateful to hear that. i do find your shares meaningful and i can see that others do too, very much. i do understand how you feel though. i go through similar feelings as well, but then i hear from someone who has been touched by something and i realize that there is a wider scope out there than how i'm experiencing it. sometimes when we're so close to our own things we don't realize the value it has for others. and while i would go as far to say that there really isn't much "new" out there – it's simply that we each have different ways of expressing things and different perspectives that freshen it up and speak to people in a way someone else can't. i still feel that what seems like simple things such as joy, beauty, inspiration, kindness…. are quite powerful gifts that have much value for individuals and in a world where so much harsher stuff is out there, it's much needed even if just as a reminder and seed. warm hugs to your heart! 🙂

  3. How beautiful your process is ❤ It's so interesting to me how changing what we wear can help so much to embody certain new energies. I am doing much the same just now – purging, re-arranging, and re-defining myself for the next, magnificent leg of my journey, and clothes really help me ground that down into my body and get a sense of what that new me really looks and feels like. I love how you point out the the effects of the wider energetic goings-on on yourself…that helps me understand how such things play out in "real" time. Big love and hugs to you and Queen Astrid ❤

    • thank you so much for sharing this linette. i have been feeling you and all of this amazing new energy you are moving through. i agree, it’s fascinating about how clothes can almost make or break you energetically. at least i feel that way hehe! i love that you are also cleansing and reimagining with your wardrobe and personal items. it really makes a difference! i’m so excited for you and this new journey coming through. it’s awesome that we’re going through similar in our own relative ways. i’m really glad to hear that sharing how i’m experiencing these things helps tie-in connections and understanding between tangible and non-tangible. huge love, warm hugs, and snuggles from Astrid and me! ❤

  4. RJ in Truckee

    Your pictures are gorgeous as always. The picture of the path really seems to glow, along with the pictures of the feather. I found out yesterday that my job will be changing and I will be in a new department with a new boss. So I’m clearing out things to get ready for that. My intention is to simplify things at home as much as I can because I will be busy learning new things at work.

    • aw thank you so much RJ! and thank you dearly also for the oh so lovely rabbit card with your sweet message. it really warmed my heart. i’m so happy that your magick rabbit orb and gift are being enjoyed and bringing you daily inspiration. ❤ congratulations on the new position! seems like a lot of good change is in the air. this is wonderful. best wishes to you as you transition with this new energy in your life. lots of love always and warm hugs!

  5. Everything gorgeous: pictures and text! You have been to lovely places!

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