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Exploring Watson Lake in the Granite Dells

As you know we’ve finally moved out of California and are now in Arizona since Thursday and will be here through the 24th of the month before moving on to Utah.20160303_141051_resized.jpg

For now, I’m really enjoying the change of energy and our first stop has been a wonderful way to kick things off here, not to mention a surprising gift.

We just took out the map and chose a spot based on length of drive from where we were and natural landscapes that looked interesting to explore.

The RV park we landed out turned out to be really cool situated in Prescott Granite Dells right by two lakes – Watson Lake and Willow Lake, which are both man-mad reservoirs situated in 1.4 billion years old exposed bedrock and large boulders of granite known as Granite Dells.

Even the RV park here (Point of Rocks Campground) is so cool with the same beautiful rock formations all around and that you drive through passageways of to get to your site.

Here are the front and back yard views we have….we can basically climb on rocks right from our Magick Bus.20160303_174344_resized20160303_174132_resized20160303_174154_resized.jpg20160303_174212_resized.jpg

There’s a little passage through the trees up the rock behind us….and of course wouldn’t you know right across from our door step when we arrived, I found this heart rock welcoming us.20160303_174255_resized.jpg

Yesterday we set off to explore Watson lake, which we are able to hike too, also, directly from the RV park – very cool and convenient!

The trail that leads there is just two minutes from our site and within about five minutes you get your first view of the stunning lake landscape.watson lake.jpgwatson lake3.jpg

So, yeah, basically our home is surrounded by these ancient rocks and indeed I’ve been dreaming a lot.

Rather than share too much I’ll briefly say this and a short story of an experience I had, then let you take in the energy through the photos of yesterday’s stunning hike.

We came across a lot of animals on the hike include many lizards, a beautiful peachy tan rabbit that was only feet away just peering in our eyes for two minutes (I of course was so mesmerized I decided on a photo, as he decided to show me his cute butt and tail), a variety of water birds, and amazing natural rock sculptures that included more hearts, guardians, pyramids, a nestled swan-like sculpture, an alligator/dinosaur, and even an E.T. rock. There was also an area below the dam that we hiked to that had a lot of mystical and Faery magick amidst the trickling water under the trees from the dam run off.

But it was lizard that I wanted to share a brief experience about. As mentioned, lizard energy was strong and there was one point where we veered off the trail and were doing some free climbing and decided to go up to see the lake view from a different perspective.

I got to a point where I felt like it was best to stay where I was, as I honor when I start to feel uncomfortable without pushing myself. So I told Dave to finish the last leg on his own and bring back photos. I stayed with the rocks, but wasn’t alone for long.

The next thing I know, the minute he leaves, this lizard comes out from the rocks and sits directly in front and above my head peering down at me. He stays with me the whole time and doesn’t move, as I talk to him telepathically and close my eyes to receive anything he wants to impart. I then open my eyes and he slowly lifts his tail, curving it from the base of his body to a third way down his tail. I wonder what he is doing.

Then I giggle when I next find out. He poops!

After doing so he lowers his tail again and sits with me.

I had never seen this before and immediately got that he was telling me to release anything and everything old and unnecessary to carry with me anymore to the rocks and the Earth. To let it all go with ease and then to receive Earth’s nourishment and recharge, as she transmutes the energy for me.

And so I did…standing with my feet solid and my hands touching the rocks at my sides, as I was in a little crevice platform.

I had worked with lizard energy before and did a post on it that shares just what took place between us yesterday in my blog: Lizard Medicine ~ Trust, Detach, Let Go & Move Into Immediate Change With Confidence

What a gift to understand how we can receive messages instantly for our evolution if we are present and open.

I then realized that where I stopped and right directly below the lizard was an etched heart in the rocks. Wow.watson lake30.jpg

Thank you lizard and beautiful Terra Mother.

Here are the photos of our day.watson lake5.jpgwatson lake4.jpgwatson lake6.jpgwatson lake8watson lake9.jpgwatson lake10.jpgwatson lake11.jpgwatson lake12watson lake13.jpgwatson lake14.jpgwatson lake15.jpgwatson lake16.jpgwatson lake17.jpgwatson lake18.jpgwatson lake20.jpgwatson lake21.jpgwatson lake35.jpgwatson lake22.jpgwatson lake23watson lake24.jpgwatson lake25.jpgwatson lake26.jpgwatson lake27.jpgwatson lake28.jpgwatson lake29.jpgwatson lake31.jpgwatson lake32watson lake33.jpgwatson lake34.jpg

Lizard Medicine ~ Trust, Detach, Let Go & Move Into Immediate Change With Confidence


Sedona Lizard friend

Lizards have been around a lot recently, especially since Sedona, and when I explored their symbolism in more depth I realized just why. Just yesterday four showed up very prominently and in one case was walking alongside us for a while.

With everything in my life changing, reminding me of the conscious life transition I made when I lived in Sedona some 18+ years ago, it is no wonder they are supporting the journey with their medicine.

I love what Ina Woolcott shares in her article:

Lizard Power Animal Symbol Of Dreaming And Conservation

The reason being is that it is SO on-point and reflects EXACTLY what I/we’re experiencing that it is a fantastic reflection and made me just that much more absorbed with these little lizard friends. She basically reiterated the same words I’d just finished sharing right before I saw her article. Love it!

Here’s what Ina shares in case you are also finding Lizard showing up in your life, or have Lizard as your power animal, have been dreaming about them recently, or are going through similar life shifts that calling upon Lizard can assist you with:

“…Lizard medicine is the companion of every day waking reality, where our dreams are studied before they are manifested physically…

If Lizard is your power animal, heed your own intuition before anyone else’s. Lizard will aid you in becoming more detached from situations in your life. Now and again it is required to be detached, to separate yourself from others, to succeed in what is necessary. Lizard will also show you how to leave the past in the past! To move on and quit being attached to what has been. Lizard is proposing immediate change in one or more areas of your life. You may need to let go of old ideas, patterns, belief systems, habits, actions or lifestyle because the old may threaten you in some way now. It is time to let go. Lizard prompts the need to go within and examine your present reality and then, move with confidence and utmost assuredness into a new chapter of your life.

One of the most interesting traits of the lizard is the ability to break off their tails to escape predators. The tail is left behind writhing, to take the predators attention off them, in order to flee. However, they are only able to perform this feat once, as the new tail which grows to replace the old one consists of cartilage instead of vertebrae. Lizards power lies in the quality of being able to rescue himself from danger by leaving a part of himself behind. As lizard only has the ability to lose his tail once, you need to make any choices wisely as the consequences may be experienced for a very long time hereafter!

Lizards are very sensitive to vibrations from the ground, they are adept at subtle perception. They have amazing hearing capacity, and with their sharp eyes they are able to sense the most minute of movements. If lizard is your power animal, you have the ability to utilize all aspects of psychic perception.

The psychic characteristics to be found in the lizard teaches us how to awaken our abilities by choosing one path over another that honour every part of our lives. Lizard is a powerful power animal to have, revealing your weaknesses, your strengths and prompting the energy of change.”

Thank you Lizard for your supportive wisdom and guidance with the immediate and major life changes I am embracing.

Time for a Personal Sabbatical

Lizard that greeted me upon returning home today

I’m usually a soul of many expressive words, as a visionary artist and deep heart sensitive and feeler. However, today I am moved to keep this simple and brief.

Today I experienced a divine incident (some may call it an accident, but to me it is soul synchronicity in how I communicate with myself) that carried with it profound messages for me in a combination of pain, trauma and yet laughter and an a-ha moment.

Regardless to say, I am now heeding my soul’s request and taking a personal sabbatical for two weeks until May 21st. I’ll be listening, being and at that time will reassess.

I share this, as those that know me and have worked with me, know that I am always available and return messages and complete commissions and service requests in a very timely matter – usually right away or with little down time. But down time is calling me now.  I just want everyone to know why I will not be doing so and provide an understanding of why you are not hearing from me in blogs and posts and announcements and sharings for a little while.

Today, as I returned home via Allison’s generous Tania shuttling and supportive service, we saw a very large spotted lizard that looked just like a snake, but in fact it had legs that were very well camouflaged. I immediately, after the morning’s events of messages felt called to look up Lizard Wisdom, feeling it held another message for me and it indeed did. A few of these REALLY stood out and I especially resonated with the regenerative energy, especially in this collective 5 year of major transformational shifts both personally and collectively and after our 5-5-5 Full Moon energies.

Today was indeed a literal shattering of the old in order to move through the portal of the new, in a completely transformed way.

Snake-like lizard we found as I was returned home

Lizard Wisdom:

  • Detachment from ego
  • Power to regenerate that which is lost
  • Facing fear
  • Controlling dreams
  • Moving in the otherworld

That being said, I will not be taking on any new work during the two weeks I have off. If you do have a commission request – whether sacred tattoo or painting – you may email me the request, but I will not be able to begin until after I return. You can still make purchases and inquiries via my website:

If you have a custom crystal pendant commission you can contact to present your request. Pendants are available for purchase and any questions you may have you can also direct to Allison. The new batch of Lemurian L.O.V.E. Seed Crystal sphere pendants are still available. (I apologize I won’t be continuing to share their individual photos for now, but one will be intuited for you if you make a purchase). About half are already gone, but half remain of this lot. They can be purchased here, along with other beautiful, loving and empowering creations:

Even though I can’t take on any new tattoo designs clients right now, you can still view my work and learn more about sacred body art through my website and purchase of my book, Spiritual Skin –

Reiki classes or treatments cannot be scheduled until I return 5/21. If you are in need of a class or treatment before then, I can offer referrals. For information about Reiki visit:

In loving gratitude for your understanding and loving support,



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