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Time for a Personal Sabbatical

Lizard that greeted me upon returning home today

I’m usually a soul of many expressive words, as a visionary artist and deep heart sensitive and feeler. However, today I am moved to keep this simple and brief.

Today I experienced a divine incident (some may call it an accident, but to me it is soul synchronicity in how I communicate with myself) that carried with it profound messages for me in a combination of pain, trauma and yet laughter and an a-ha moment.

Regardless to say, I am now heeding my soul’s request and taking a personal sabbatical for two weeks until May 21st. I’ll be listening, being and at that time will reassess.

I share this, as those that know me and have worked with me, know that I am always available and return messages and complete commissions and service requests in a very timely matter – usually right away or with little down time. But down time is calling me now.  I just want everyone to know why I will not be doing so and provide an understanding of why you are not hearing from me in blogs and posts and announcements and sharings for a little while.

Today, as I returned home via Allison’s generous Tania shuttling and supportive service, we saw a very large spotted lizard that looked just like a snake, but in fact it had legs that were very well camouflaged. I immediately, after the morning’s events of messages felt called to look up Lizard Wisdom, feeling it held another message for me and it indeed did. A few of these REALLY stood out and I especially resonated with the regenerative energy, especially in this collective 5 year of major transformational shifts both personally and collectively and after our 5-5-5 Full Moon energies.

Today was indeed a literal shattering of the old in order to move through the portal of the new, in a completely transformed way.

Snake-like lizard we found as I was returned home

Lizard Wisdom:

  • Detachment from ego
  • Power to regenerate that which is lost
  • Facing fear
  • Controlling dreams
  • Moving in the otherworld

That being said, I will not be taking on any new work during the two weeks I have off. If you do have a commission request – whether sacred tattoo or painting – you may email me the request, but I will not be able to begin until after I return. You can still make purchases and inquiries via my website:

If you have a custom crystal pendant commission you can contact to present your request. Pendants are available for purchase and any questions you may have you can also direct to Allison. The new batch of Lemurian L.O.V.E. Seed Crystal sphere pendants are still available. (I apologize I won’t be continuing to share their individual photos for now, but one will be intuited for you if you make a purchase). About half are already gone, but half remain of this lot. They can be purchased here, along with other beautiful, loving and empowering creations:

Even though I can’t take on any new tattoo designs clients right now, you can still view my work and learn more about sacred body art through my website and purchase of my book, Spiritual Skin –

Reiki classes or treatments cannot be scheduled until I return 5/21. If you are in need of a class or treatment before then, I can offer referrals. For information about Reiki visit:

In loving gratitude for your understanding and loving support,



Rabbit Symbolism – The Magic They Bring to My Life

I keep being nudged to share about rabbits, so when last evening a group of friends were talking about animals and rabbits came up, as one person mentioned them being the most amazing little ones to have in your life, I felt the call to dedicate a little blog to them.

I have been blessed with three dear little bundles of love in the form of rabbits in this life. Always having been drawn to animals more than most anything else since birth, and communicating with them telepathically since a child, I so soulfully desired an animal companion, which we were not allowed to have in the furry form I wanted. We had fish and parakeets and turtles and fun little amphibious friends, but it wasn’t until I was about 13 that I found my first little love bunny, Twinkie. He only graced my life for a summer, but oh how I loved and adored him and we were inseparable.

Then came Nestor for five years, at age 30 and Joy, when I turned 36. And life has never been the same.

I adore at my core being-ness, ALL animals and have special places for many in my heart experience, but for whatever reasons, I find myself so drawn to rabbits as companions. Therefore, I would have to agree with that remark my friend made that they are such amazing little ones. Synchronously, I have been contemplating this a lot since my connection in Bali with the little one in my profile photo on facebook and here:

Bali bunny and me

and feeling deeper communication with Joy and Nestor lately. They truly are magical and require a certain kind of person to allow their potent mysteries and teachings into your life, as they do require more intuitive presence to care for.

Joy and me

Normally, I’d write some long expression from my heart, but I’m choked up with the love and emotion that these little ones bring me and will let my photos speak for themselves.

Nestor and me

I find a theme of total love and joy these little ones bring to me, by looking at these photos, and that I always hold them close to my Heart Chakra. mmmmm….I know I have a photo of Twinkie somewhere, but not loaded on my computer, as it was pre-computer days! LOL! Will share one day when I get them from my parents. Interestingly I had short hair in it, just like in Nestor’s photo. And interesting all three of my bunnies were lop eared.

But I did find this very cool article by Sandy Koi for House Rabbit Society that I felt compelled to share. I LOVE what she expressed and perhaps others will find it of interest and value too:

Rabbit Symbolism

And here is a little rabbit wisdom from a favorite animal shamanism site:

Rabbit/Hare’s Wisdom Includes:

  • Guile
  • Paradox and contradiction
  • Living by one’s own wits
  • Receiving hidden teachings and intuitive messages
  • Quick-thinking
  • Humility
  • Moving through fear
  • Strengthening intuition
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