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Inviting Animal Companion Healers & Helpers Into Your Life – My Story About Joy Plus Bonus Rabbit Wisdom

bunnyI saw this rabbit a couple of days ago and its showing up, the way it did, and the message that came through to me, inspired a long over due post today. Rabbits often appear in my life and of course are in my life literally, as I have a special affinity for them. I’ve had three rabbits in my lifetime as animal companions – the first only graced my life for a few months and was the only male I’ve ever had – his name was Twinkie. Then of course there was Nestor (male name, female body, but androgynous in essence) and then Joy Julianna (aka Jules and Tiny) who is with me physically now.

me and tiny

a precious moment shared between me and joy

When I saw this rabbit I was reminded of a post I wanted to share about Joy and how she is an amazing partner I’ve been graced with in my life, plus reiterate rabbit wisdom to you again because I feel they are very poignant in message for us right now.

The part I loved the best about seeing this rabbit out in the wild, aside from the cute nose twitching, hopping, and its little round butt and amazing ears, was seeing the magical and adorable interaction that happened when she and another rabbit stumbled upon each other “accidentally.” Right before she disappeared, she was quickly hopping towards the bushes and suddenly another rabbit came out of the same bushes, seemingly out of no where, so quickly that there was a meeting of noses and a jolting response and sound that had them leaping off in opposite directions. It happened so fast it was like an igniting of energy that took place in a flash that felt like this cosmic collision. I remember thinking…was that a large butterfly that she collided in dance with? As it felt so magical and literally electric in a transformational sort of way, as if something had swooped in and caused an alchemical reaction.


joy and gaia – best buds

Instantly this brought me to think of Nestor and Joy and their powerful connection, both to each other, and to me, seeing this cosmic collision. I happened to also be with a friend who also had more recently lost her female bunny, Isis, so this was a very powerful moment in my opinion. And I felt as if the rabbit that came from a flash out of no where, seemed like an etheric manifestation.


joy and her stuffed bunny companion she adores

Needless to say, it reminded me of the alchemical relationship shared between the three of us – Nestor, Joy, and myself – (no I’m not forgetting you Gaia, my amazing Russian Tortoise, but you’re a whole other story sweetie) and to stress the importance of recognizing our animal companions and animals in general, for the powerful souls that they are, and to invite them with honor and respect, more into your life. The more grounded rabbit that first caught my attention, reminded me more of Joy, still with her magic, but attuned to walk both worlds easily. And the rabbit that came out of no where of course was like Nestor who showed up in eerie and mystical ways, always had tons of very big energy that she needed to release all the time by racing around the house and tables and jumping and dancing in the air because she was more at home in the Cosmos, although loves Earth.

I didn’t think I’d get another rabbit, or animal for that matter, after losing Nestor, but as I’ve shared before, Nestor had other ideas for me and knew what would help my healing and integration into the next phases of my life – and so she brought Joy to me after very discerningly choosing and testing her in her ability to telepathically communicate with me and be open to channeling Nestor and more.


my favorite pose of joy’s – this is when she is resting behind her stuffed bunny and she holds her head up irresistably sweet and regal, full of joy and magic

I always thought that I would likely just have a soul in bunny form, after Nestor, that was more about the simple things in life – love, the experience of the physical, integrating things from other lives and living the sensuality and instinctual processes their body affords them. However, much to my “joy” and surprise, Joy was much more than this, as some souls that incarnate as animals are very powerful beings, healers and have poignant missions too.


joy feeling out the tarot cards

I have come to see Joy flourish over the few years she has been in my life and what fun it is to see her reveal more and more of the depth of her gifts. In many ways she mirrors the things Nestor used to do with me – telepathically communicating, being with me all day when I work, supporting and assisting in Reiki healing and intuitional sessions by distance, teaching Reiki classes, physically noses people in person to transfer Reiki energy, helping me to channel when I paint, helping to channel the inspiration and messages for all aspects of my work, does Tarot card readings with me – picking cards with her teeth, and sometimes signs my paintings at the corner with a little tooth imprint where I sign.

And then she has her own unique gifts, which are her ability to work with crystals and create and program crystal grids, being more balanced and connected to the Earth with calm serenity and in devotional work, has adorable humor and keeps me laughing with her sillyness, and is a channel and messenger between the Cosmos and Earth. She can even fully give over her body to channel Nestor and she acts as the bridge between both worlds to help me with integrating what comes through in a tangible way.


joy caught in action as she bites the tarot card of her choice for the reading – she chose 2 for this one from different places

Yes, she is truly a blessed gift of grace in my life. And she exhibited much of this immediately to me from the moment I took her home and it’s just increased over time as she has flourished and I have supported and loved her every step of the way.

Joy, like Nestor, is a Reiki Master Teacher as well. Yes, you can attune your animal companions to Reiki and I highly support this, if you are receiving that your little one is on the path of a healer. I believe that souls choose to incarnate in the form that best supports the given contracts they have chosen to experience. So, I believe I have many times been an animal, just as souls that are animals may have at one time, or more, been human. Then of course that’s not to mention all of the other “experiences” we have had and have, but that’s another story.

The point of this is, I value all of life, understanding that at the essence of it all, we are all the same and unified. I honor my “animal” companions just as I would anyone or anything sacred, in relation to that Oneness.


a very content and pleased joy with her two cards chosen for the day’s question

So, I take care of my little ones with utmost respect on all levels of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs. That being said, again, yes our animal companions can be very supportive healers to support our work and in their own right. They are able to assist others (animal and human alike, as well as global and cosmic experiences) as equal partners. I’m not going to go into the details on the hows here, but if you are interested more in this and in supporting your animal companions on the path of Reiki (something they are very naturally connected with), you can get in contact with me or other Reiki Master Teachers to learn more.

All I know is that I have seen and experienced profound and magical things take place with both Nestor and Joy in terms of their Reiki “practice” and teaching. There could be a book alone, on all of the adventures with my magical little ones indeed. 🙂 Joy loves to be present in all of my Reiki classes and I always call upon both Joy and Nestor, as well as Gaia, to assist in sessions.


joy with raja seraphina (my crystal skull) – joy’s favorite new spot i find her in lately

There are too many stories I could share (so I hope you enjoy the photos of Joy in this post), but I wanted to honor Joy’s work and who she is here today, as I’ve been wanting to talk a little more in detail about her special gifts and the gratitude I have for her. And this was also something Joy has wanted me to write a bit about to help encourage others to “see” the truth and value of the animal companions in your life and how much they have to offer you and the collective.

This is the main reason I wanted to share about this, was to provide some insight on how our animal companions can truly be powerful supporters and integral parts of our lives in more ways than we think. We already know they bring us a lot of joy and love, for which we mirror, but they carry the same intelligence and gift abilities as we do.

And just as we are all unique, they are as well, with their own individual personalities and their own paths. So not all animal companions are necessarily destined to certain things, but you can still treat them with the honor they deserve and invite them more into the experience of your life. You might be surprised at what happens when you do. 🙂

And animals in general are amazing messengers carrying with them pieces of magic and gifts that can help transform our lives when we recognize and listen to them, as they show up for us.

joy (4)

joy loves to work with and be with her crystal friends and receive their energy too

This brings me back to the rabbits I saw a couple of days ago and to close with sharing rabbit wisdom with you in case they are showing up, or will be, in your life.

Rabbits are sacred and magical beings that not everyone understands and when you see them show up in your life, cross your path, or happen to be a rabbit lover/keeper yourself, there is a lot to learn from them beyond the hare and tortoise symbolism that we have all come to know. They embody some beautiful energy mirroring of the now, the Full Moon energy we’ve just experienced, and are supportive to the Divine wholeness within that is merging forth from the creative heart.


joy helping me while i paint

Aside from their embodiment of agility and quick-thinking maneuvering, they are grounding, teach us we do not have to be victims and can listen to our instincts and intuition in times of fear to guide us as empowered individuals, and they share the balance of times we are capable of and will need to move with great speed through life in leaps and bounds with wise discernment and precise maneuvering gained from listening within.


joy playing and being silly

Hares/Rabbits are powerfully profound in their transmutational energies. The Ancients found them to be one of the most mysterious and perplexing beings, thought to be hermaphrodites (male one month and female the next), with powers of self-impregnation. Since Hares reflect the idea of balance between masculine and feminine they are highly regarded as sacred, mediators of the sacred, and embodying actual creative powers of the Universe.

Hares are also associated with the Moon, lunar cycles, and cyclical life, are considered creatures of fire – the “Sacred Fire” that is the same regenerative fire of the Phoenix – thus destruction and recreation of the heart of all life. They are connected with the dawn, enlightenment, Spring, the Cosmic Egg from which the Cosmos is produced, and embody balance, creative potency, eternity, androgyny, genius, and inspiration.


joy with her beloved giant amethyst rabbit


joy meditating under the altar


joy playing with our septarian cosmic egg


joy under another altar sanctuary


joy and sweet pea, her female kitty companion hanging out


healing for the healer – lots of love for my sweet joy

Rabbit Symbolism – The Magic They Bring to My Life

I keep being nudged to share about rabbits, so when last evening a group of friends were talking about animals and rabbits came up, as one person mentioned them being the most amazing little ones to have in your life, I felt the call to dedicate a little blog to them.

I have been blessed with three dear little bundles of love in the form of rabbits in this life. Always having been drawn to animals more than most anything else since birth, and communicating with them telepathically since a child, I so soulfully desired an animal companion, which we were not allowed to have in the furry form I wanted. We had fish and parakeets and turtles and fun little amphibious friends, but it wasn’t until I was about 13 that I found my first little love bunny, Twinkie. He only graced my life for a summer, but oh how I loved and adored him and we were inseparable.

Then came Nestor for five years, at age 30 and Joy, when I turned 36. And life has never been the same.

I adore at my core being-ness, ALL animals and have special places for many in my heart experience, but for whatever reasons, I find myself so drawn to rabbits as companions. Therefore, I would have to agree with that remark my friend made that they are such amazing little ones. Synchronously, I have been contemplating this a lot since my connection in Bali with the little one in my profile photo on facebook and here:

Bali bunny and me

and feeling deeper communication with Joy and Nestor lately. They truly are magical and require a certain kind of person to allow their potent mysteries and teachings into your life, as they do require more intuitive presence to care for.

Joy and me

Normally, I’d write some long expression from my heart, but I’m choked up with the love and emotion that these little ones bring me and will let my photos speak for themselves.

Nestor and me

I find a theme of total love and joy these little ones bring to me, by looking at these photos, and that I always hold them close to my Heart Chakra. mmmmm….I know I have a photo of Twinkie somewhere, but not loaded on my computer, as it was pre-computer days! LOL! Will share one day when I get them from my parents. Interestingly I had short hair in it, just like in Nestor’s photo. And interesting all three of my bunnies were lop eared.

But I did find this very cool article by Sandy Koi for House Rabbit Society that I felt compelled to share. I LOVE what she expressed and perhaps others will find it of interest and value too:

Rabbit Symbolism

And here is a little rabbit wisdom from a favorite animal shamanism site:

Rabbit/Hare’s Wisdom Includes:

  • Guile
  • Paradox and contradiction
  • Living by one’s own wits
  • Receiving hidden teachings and intuitive messages
  • Quick-thinking
  • Humility
  • Moving through fear
  • Strengthening intuition
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