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Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas On Sale – Crystal Illuminations to Light Up the Holidays

If you’re looking for that last minute special and unique Christmas gift for someone, or perhaps for yourself, today and maybe tomorrow are likely the last days your order will make it in time to arrive before the big day (if you live in the U.S.).

Due to the Closeout Sale, everything has moved fast and I’m beyond happy to see these pieces going to their loving new homes for the holidays. And enjoying seeing a piece off today going all the way to Latvia to a dear soul.

There are ONLY 2 amazing items left in the shop, which includes these rare crystals featured below. All Crystal Illuminations paintings, crystal jewelry, and other crystals have moved on to their new keepers.

The series of over 30 Crystal Illuminations paintings (I lost count, since I made others I didn’t post), has come to close. I so enjoyed creating these and have put much love into each of them. I am grateful and honored to have been able to steward these crystals and express their essence.

This is a Closeout Sale with hugely reduced prices, as I will no longer be offering any more crystals and crystal creations for sale. So what you find in the shop are some of the special and powerful ones that have been looking for their perfect partners.

These crystals have been marked down to below cost and since shipping is also included FREE if in the U.S., these are an amazing bargain. And both are available with a payment plan. Simply message me with inquiries. You won’t find a giant Lemurian Seed Crystal or Aquamarine like these.

I choose each crystal intuitively and lovingly infuse each crystal and creation with Reiki.

You can read about all of the energetic support each of your potential new friends will bring to your life, here:

Crystal Illumination – Holiday Giving Closeout Sale

Here are the 2 items left that you can choose from below. Please check out the link above to read about them and see more photos of each.

The shop will remain open only until all crystal friends find their new homes.

aqua (1)lemurian

Last Chance Holiday Gifts Starting At Only $38 + Free Gifts

Still looking for a special and unique Christmas gift for someone, or perhaps even yourself? There’s still time to order your unique Crystal Illuminations painting, rare crystal, or enchanted crystal necklace and receive it in time for Christmas.

There are only 10 crystal essence pieces of art left, only 2 crystal necklaces, and 2 crystals still looking for the right person to welcome them into heart and home. All of which have been hugely reduced by up to 50% off, and include some of my all-time personal favorites.

Each piece holds its own unique energy signature frequency and commands a particular person to resonate with what they have to offer.

This is a Closeout Sale, as I will no longer be offering any more crystals and crystal creations for sale. So what you find in the shop are one-of-a-kind pieces and some of the special and powerful ones that have been looking for their perfect partners.

Items start at only $38. Several are under $50.

All are WAY under their value since shipping is also included FREE if in the U.S.

Everyone that has received their Crystal Illuminations painting have all shared how the beauty and energy is unmatched by any of the photos I am able to take of them and have also shared that they can feel the essence that comes through the crystals right away (both in paintings and stand alone pieces), as being different from any others they have experienced.

I do choose them intuitively and lovingly infuse each crystal and creation with Reiki. Like with the Faery-infused crystal necklaces I made, you will experience an enchantment that emanates from each.

The larger crystal items have been marked down to below cost. You won’t find a giant Lemurian Seed Crystal or Aquamarine like the ones available. And for the right person, there is the option of a payment plan on these.

So don’t wait too long if you’d like to receive one of these by Christmas, as you know how busy the carriers are at this time of the year and aren’t always able to make any guarantees, but do their best to make sure your package arrives in time.

You can read about all of the energetic support each of your potential new friends and sacred meditational pieces will bring to your life, as well as place your Christmas orders here:

Crystal Illumination – Holiday Giving Closeout Sale

FREE gifts will go to the first 3 people that place an order.

These are surprise Santa gifts that you will receive in your package sent out for Christmas. 😉 Isn’t Christmas fun?! You shouldn’t know everything you’re getting right?! And if you’re purchasing for someone else, your giving energy should be reciprocated with some receiving. At least I think so.

Here are the 10 Crystal Illuminations paintings you can choose from below. They each have either metallic silver or gold paint sprinkled around the crystals that will light up in person under the light. Please check out the link above to read about them, see more photos, and to also check out the crystal necklaces and crystals.


Holiday Giving Blowout Sale – Crystal Shop Closing & Announcements About Crystals & Paintings

amethyst-and-blue3I love change and love when it calls. I also love new regenerative inspiration. It makes life such an adventure with something new always around each twist and turn. Like all of you I have been experiencing my own major shifts and am embracing where that flow is taking me. In doing so, once again many things within my world are shifting form, as well as calling for new expressions to come forth. So while everything I do is always authentic to who I am, at any given moment, the way the energy chooses to channel will always be different, if I am truly honoring the current natural flow.

That being said, there are many aspects of my life and work evolving, which means some things are fading, while others are taking the spot light, as other layers of myself are asking for my energy, time, and expressive attention.

This means that I am shifting focuses and with that, will no longer have my online Crystal Illumination shop, as well as will be ceasing any new “original” Crystal Illuminations paintings or any other paintings.

So what does this mean about crystals and painting for me?

The only crystal work I will be doing is my own or within my healing practice, or taking some special, custom requests for particular crystal procurement. For now, I feel that my larger work in helping to unite crystals with their keepers has wound down to close and any crystal help I do now will only take place on individual, private levels for people that seek me out for this. And if I happen to have a crystal that does come through as ready to move on, you can let me know that you are a crystal keeper that is open to receiving a special crystal, and I will add you to my “special crystal client” list and can contact you when/if that happens.

And as my creative self-expression is also sharing new needs, the only new paintings I will be creating are custom commissioned requests. I will no longer be creating an output of original paintings at this time. So the series work and a few other originals are of course available, along with prints, but no new work in sight unless you commission it.

That brings us back to the Holiday Giving Blowout Sale taking place in my Etsy Shop where you will find some “rock” bottom prices (pun intended) on crystal items, which reflect largely discounted prices on all unique items for the gift-giving season PLUS FREE SHIPPING within the U.S.!

Once gone, there will be no more. So if you’ve been eyeing a special piece, especially the one-of-a-kind Crystal Illuminations paintings (there are only 12 remaining – a little over a 1/3 left), you’ll want to snatch them up now whether for yourself or as special gifts for Christmas. People who have purchased these have shared that the energy and beauty in person far out-does the photos. And at these prices, where not only do I pay processing fees, materials, and shipping, I am practically giving them away in terms of their retail value and the time and energy put into each.

You will find a wide range of gift items for every budget with prices starting at $9 and up. Everything you see is intuitively chosen for its unique energy, quality, and infused with Reiki love and special goodies from my heart to yours.

There are two very rare, large crystals in the shop that many people have marveled over and have wanted to welcome into their home. The prices have been dropped as far as possible on these, which may not seem like much, but they are basically now at cost. What I am willing to do is create a payment plan if you feel truly called that one of these are meant for you. This includes the rare, giant and pristine Aquamarine and the powerful, giant “Twin Warrior” Lemurian Seed Crystal. Photos never do anything justice, as each piece is an energy to experience. These two crystals are not only amazing to work with, but are fantastic for your overall space, having the ability to shift the energy in your entire room, home, center, or any sanctuary. If interested in these with a payment plan option, please message me with your requests at

And here are some other gift-giving ideas for this holiday, and all year-round, that carry meaning, including: unique merchandise featuring my art, a free Reiki Healing Attunement with purchase of 1, “The Empowered Visionary” intuitive email support, signed and inscribed “Spiritual Skin” books, $100 off your upcoming Reiki Renewal Retreat ~ Spring Equinox in Laguna Beach, CA this March if registered by 12/12 (just 9 days away), any original paintings and prints, or gift certificates for any service as a way to support someone you love.

Enjoy some Holiday shopping fun for self or others at:

Crystal Illumination

Tons of love, inspiration, and empowered experiences to each of you!!

Holiday Gift Ideas at Special Discount & Free Offers: Crystals, Creative Expressions, & Integrative Healing

winter wonderlandSeasons change quickly and so we find ourselves at the holiday season once again. I’m the kind of person who likes to celebrate each day and likes to gift myself or others things throughout the year, whenever the heart inspires. Yet, I know that having a special time where perhaps you may save up to do something extra special for people in your life, or even yourself, is meaningful to many, along with valuing traditions that are important to you.

I love Christmas time for its extra enchantment and magick, as I know many others do as well. There’s something about a winter wonderland, snow faeries, elves, enchanted creatures, and lights that tickles the heart. (111 word count there – haha!! Or rather…hoho!!) 😉

There’s something fun about unwrapping a present given to us…perhaps it’s also the symbolism I love of clearing away the surface to get to the authentic core gift we receive by that digging.

So for all of you gift-givers and gift-receivers, I do have some possible ideas you may enjoy for this holiday season and all year through.


I just stocked up my Crystal Illuminations Etsy Shop with new magickal friends (although several have already gone to their loving new home while in the midst of writing this).

You will find a wide range of gift items for every budget with prices starting at $9 and up. Everything you see is intuitively chosen for its unique energy, quality, and infused with Reiki love and special goodies from my heart to yours.

If you’ve visited the shop before and had your eye on something, you may be excited to find that I’ve created special Holiday Pricing that ranges up to 40% off on all items through 12/31/13.

sphere11You can choose from a wide variety of crystals including stand-alone friends, some mojo bag combos, some crystal healing tools, there’s even a Chakra set, a couple of enchanting necklaces, and new L.O.V.E. Seeds (yes, everyone’s favorites are back)! I have three of these available, which are large Quartz L.O.V.E Seeds. And of course, Crystal Illuminations paintings that embody the essence of each crystal to fill your space with their energetic support. There are a couple of prints of two favorites people love, also available – Eternal Harmony: The Journey Home and Cosmic Sunset over the Ocean.

amethyst-and-blue3Included in the new crystals are a couple of Andaras, along with some new finds that are rare and powerful including Satya Mani Quartz, Dream Quartz, and Gold Azeztulite that is part of a 5-piece mojo bag set.

I did also have an amazing new crystal, Fenster or “Window” Quartz and the awesome, rare Tibetan Quartz, but they were among some that went quickly. If I come across more of these, I will add them to the shop in the future, as they are both amazing crystals of these times. (I’ll likely also do an upcoming blog on some of these amazing new crystals to share about their energy and introduce them, if you don’t already know about them)

I do hope you’ll enjoy exploring the crystal friends and take the time to read their properties to learn about them and see if they would be a supportive companion for you or someone you know and love.


Along with Crystal fun, you may also find a creative expression to be a wonderful gift that carries meaning.

At my Cafe Press Shop, “Heart Creations, you’ll find 8 of my paintings from the series, Universal ARKitecture featured on unique merchandise from as little as just over $4 to only $39.

These make great gifts for the animal lover in your life, as each item features a unique animal, most of which are endangered species – art that conveys compassion, awareness, and insightful wisdom that each animal shares, infused into your daily life experiences.

You’ll find these images available on t-shirts, baby clothes, bags, yoga pants, yoga mats, tea light candles, everyone’s favorite keepsake boxes, mugs, Sigg water bottles, calendars, greeting cards, key chains, jewelry charms, animal companion heart tags, stuffed animals, cell phone, kindle and ipad cases, and more. Most items are available in all 8 painting choices, but some have a few different item options. So have fun exploring!


And if that wasn’t enough fun supportive choices, I will also be offering this special on empowering Reiki Healing Attunement distant sessions.

Between now and 12/12/13 if you purchase one Reiki Healing Attunement for $55 you will receive another one free. You can use one for yourself and gift the other, gift both to someone else, or use them for extra support with something you want to receive yourself. These are specifically focused and can be done by distance and set up by email. Limit of 2 can be purchased per person, which would give you 4 for the price of 2.

Email me at if interested in purchasing one of these as a gift or for yourself.

GIFT CERTIFICATES are always available for Reiki treatments or any other service I provide, which includes:

And of course any of my original paintings and prints that are available would make a cherished and timeless gift of art to someone dear.

But wait! That’s not all! 

family room leading to rear deck and fantastic viewUPCOMING RETREATS:

Retreats, as well as any workshops, are gifts that keep on giving. The experiences and tools you gain are invaluable, empowering, and life-lasting. I will soon be announcing more of the 2014 Retreats including some more Bimini, Bahamas fun (I just confirmed and secured dates for July 7/20 – 7/25 – details to come in the next week or two).

In the meantime, the year kicks off with our first one in March and here’s an addition to the gift I’m already offering.

deck with panoramic viewRegister for the upcoming March Reiki Renewal Retreat – Spring Equinox in Laguna Beach, California by 11/30/13 – that’s just 10 days away – and you’ll not only receive the 12/12/13 Early-Bird special of $100 off, but also receive a free 12″ x 12″ with 1″ Border Giclee on Fine Art Paper, chosen just for you, of one of my paintings in the special series, “In Lak’ech” – this has a retail value of $99. So that’s like receiving nearly $200 as a gift from me.

There is very limited space, so be sure to let me know, as I can only take a certain number of even locals for this retreat.


Yes, I’m super inspired to do what I can to help motivate people to step up and commit to their personal healing journey, as it has profound effects not just for you, but everyone you encounter, and the collective at large. Saying “maybe later” will provide the exact results of your level of commitment. Every moment is precious and vital. We have to make it count in whatever way we possibly can, as we only are guaranteed “right now”.

Happy “Holistic” Holidays!

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