Eternal Harmony – The Journey Home
30" X 40" Acrylic on Canvas

Commissioned Painting - Original Sold
Giclees Available Here: Heart Visions

Client Testimonial for Eternal Harmony – The Journey Home:

“Wow, I need to let you know that you created a master piece for me! I can feel the energy as I immerse myself in the painting, I feel peaceful, the messages I get when I sit with the beauty you created are incredible! Thank you, Thank you!”

Simone Yallouz-DiPrima, President, Planatek Financial, Inc.


Commission a Painting

Transforming Concepts into Living Visions

Tania Marie can be commissioned for Custom Fine Art Paintings and Murals

"Fine art" is a term used to distinguish artworks such as paintings considered to have rare and refined quality and exact skill that needs practice to perfect. Tania Marie is a visionary fine artist who provides an invaluable, unique custom service that infuses her inspired, creative intuition with that of resonance with her clients' needs and desires. She has an uncanny way of tapping into the essence of what people are feeling and envisioning, by bringing thoughts, ideas, and concepts to life. Her ability to express and manifest the heart of a concept through visual art is a gift that captures what words cannot. She works with people intuitively to help bring those challenging ideas into fruition, usually in a way that speaks the essence of the idea more clearly and with visionary creativity.

Tania also passionately creates original visionary paintings and murals

She can be commissioned for creations gracing private homes, businesses, interior design firm needs, healing centers, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, non-profit organizations and events that desire creative, visionary art fostering imagination, beauty, joy, spirituality, healing and conscious awareness.  

If you can imagine it, Tania can create it

Tania Marie’s creations are like living art, meditation tools and dream vision windows that are a result of freedom of expression without judgment, rules, or constriction. When she creates, she stays away from how things look with the physical eyes and instead sees through her inner eye. Energy swirls reveal themselves to Tania, as if she is seeing things translucent and not solid and lets the visions guide her as to what colors to use and how to portray the images. She celebrates and honors all styles and all artists, recognizing, encouraging and valuing every creative expression in life, yet chooses to keep within her own artistic experience to continue to not be influenced by others. Artistic expression has always been one of her untouched pieces that she’s managed to keep pure.