Custom Tattoo Design

As a visionary artist and intuitive, Tania tunes into a person's essence and brings to life ideas to mirror your creative visions. After countless requests to create custom tattoo designs, and in response to people desiring to have her creations on their skin, she offers this as a service.  If you have an idea and are not sure exactly how to bring it to life, contact Tania for help so that she can support your visions, infused with spiritual potency. She will need to know what you have in mind, whether specific or abstract, and anything about yourself to help Tania tune in to what would best and most powerfully mirror the energy and image your intents desire.

It is Tania’s passion to create a resurgence of the ancient sacredness of tattooing and to help transcend the enculturated ideas and beliefs that have been projected onto this once symbolically honorable and spiritually beautiful process. It is her joy to support others in creating their own symbolic canvas of spiritual skin. Tania believes that tattooing is a very spiritually alive process that helps you embody certain energies, create yourself as the living portal that you are and supports the unique expression of those energies in a very meaningful way. Timing, placement, image and symbol choices are all integral parts to this sacred process in creating your body canvas art and Tania is here to support that process for you.

The rate for design work is $175/hour.

Click here for more information about what you can expect from the process of sacred tattoo designing with Tania Marie and to place your deposit to get on her waiting list to begin the process of creating your ôLife Changing Tattoo": Tattoo Design Consultation

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